So far in 2014, record low temperatures outpace record highs nearly 2-1 in the USA

Numbers released today by NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center show that not only has July been abnormally cool in the USA, but so has 2014 in general. For the last 30 days, there have been 574 record highest temperatures in the USA, and 1,726 record lowest. A ratio of 3 to 1, indicating that July was very cool. But, the year so far has also been cool.

So far for the USA year to date, the numbers of record lows outpace the highs two to one.

This year, here have been been 12,644 daily record lowest temperatures versus 6,615 record highest temperatures in the USA, a ratio of 1.91 to 1.0.

For all types of high and low daily records for the year to date, there were 29,372 cold records versus  16,761 warm records, a ratio of 1.75 to 1.0

If all high and low daily record types are considered for the last 365 days, cold still outpaces warm. There are 46,712 cold records versus 36,650 warm records.

The ratios for monthly all time records also see cold records outpacing warm ones.

From the National Climatic Data Center:

The summaries below list the number of records broken for several recent periods is summarized in this table and updated daily. Due to late-arriving data, the number of recent records is likely underrepresented in all categories, but the ratio of records (warm to cold, for example) should be a fairly strong estimate of a final outcome. There are many more precipitation stations than temperature stations, so the raw number of precipitation records will likely exceed the number of temperature records in most climatic situations.

NCDC record high-low table

For all time records, cold and warm records are about evenly balanced for 2014, with 28 warm records year-to-date versus 32 cold records.

As mentioned earlier by NCDC recent records (30 days or less) are probably underrepresented.

NCDC record high-low table all time



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When global warming starts to make us cold…..that’s when I demand action! Someone….knit me a sweater!!!!

Rick K

Cooling temperatures are to be expected in a warming world.
(do I really need a /sarc tag?)



Changy-change is to be expected in a changy world. I may even change this theory if I need to.

For educated people, these CAGW devotees sure can be dumb. Did they not realise the entire gravy train relied on the climate/weather only going up in temp?
go figure,
That was always going to be a sucker bet…

I wonder if emulating the infantile weather as climate indicator of warming advocates is the best longer-term approach. At some point you would hope such superficiality would be more popularly rejected.


But, but, but … the USA represents only 2% of the surface of the world. Just wait when the final GLOBAL temperatures are released for 2014. It’ll be touted as one of top 10 warmest years since records have been kept. That is what the media will report, and that is what the public will drink in.


NCDC will find a way, I’ll bet. Before this climate business and the perversion of science, who would have believed that temperature records would be “cooked” for propaganda purposes? But now we see that as commonplace.

“Record temperatures are the one thing that NCDC can’t “adjust”, they are absolute and fixed.”
But what agency does keep all the records. For example, what is the record low for this date in Knoxville, TN and who keeps that official record? Or to put it differently, if I wanted to look at record lows for this date across the southeastern U.S. where is that data kept?


they’ll get right on fixing this data, just you wait & see.

Robert Wykoff

There could be a 1 mile thick sheet of ice stretching from the pole to the equator, and it will still be the hottest year evah

john robertson

Theme song for CAGW, Oh Susanna.

James Strom

john robertson says:
July 31, 2014 at 4:49 pm
Let’s have a rousing chorus:
It rained all night the day I left
The weather it was dry
The sun so hot, I froze to death
Susanna, don’t you cry.

John M

Boy, talk about bad timing.
Michael Mann writing in an op-ed in our local paper yesterday:
“If it’s seemed warm to you of late, you’d be right. It is warm — in southeastern Pennsylvania, throughout the state and around the world.”
Maybe someone sent him an e-mail saying “We’ve got to make this July cold spell go away.”
Or perhaps his mailbox his full of his “enlightened” supporters pointing out to him that weather is not climate.


Four biggest lies told in world today:
1) Liberals care about the poor and minorities
2) The economy is getting better
3) Man is creating global warming
4) Homosexuality is a form of ethnicity and not a behavior


What is the number of monitoring stations from which these data are derived?

Bruce Cobb

The iceman cometh. He doesn’t give a sheet about “carbon”.

R. Shearer

Outside of the EPA hearings in Denver yesterday, Gore’s “The Climate Reality Project” was giving out ice cream as part of its “I’m Too Hot” campaign. In real life, it should have been giving out hot chocolate instead, as the morning began in the 50’s and the record low temperature high (62F) set for the date was set.


My sister posted from Denver yesterday that it was definitely sweater and jacket weather.

It has been a pleasant summer.


Whatever it is a carbon tax will fix it.

The good news is the a/c was on twice this summer. Conserving power, sleeping at night and damning the GW crowd. Does it get any better than this?


Climate = THE WEATHER Prevailing in an area……THE WEATHER….Google climate definition… where are those Democlowns who keep trying to say climate and THE WEATHER are different????
Democrats are so dim that they have just now figured out that THE WEATHER changes…..
The synonym for Climate is THE WEATHER conditions……..wet weather = wet climate, dry weather = dry climate….THE WEATHER!!!!!!Of course manmade global warming is a lie.
The lying never stops with the whackdoodle alarmists….


It was 48 degrees last night when I was camping in central PA.
Can any global warming alarmist tell me which of the three laws of thermodynamics causes record cold temps IF it is WARMING ALL OVER THE ENTIRE GLOBE?
You alarmists do know what the term GLOBAL means right? I doubt you do, just like none of you knowthat Climate IS THE WEATHER prevailing in an area!


A very long time ago humans learned how to burn things. It allowed them to survive the last Ice Age and unwittingly postpone the next one. That is the most inconvenient of all truths.

To the person asking who keeps track of the records, when I used to write weather reports for a weekly paper, I would get all the temp data from the county road commission. They track highs and lows, precipitation, etc. They need to know what the weather is doing for road maintenance, particularly during snowy winters.


They will find a way to make the ‘necessary adjustments’. Record cold will be converted into a tropical heatwave.

Richard Day

As pleasant as this summer has been, it will be proclaimed as one of the hottest summers on record. I have dibs on #6.

Where’s Zeke, Mosher and Stokes when you need them to explain this away? 😉

When the temperatures are unusually cool the climate alarmists attribute it to weather instead of climate. When the temps are high they say it is climate change or global warming.


Just this July we had this wonderful story from heatwave ravaged Russia.

“Swimsuits for snow boots: Freak summer snow & hail hit Siberia, Urals (PHOTOS, VIDEO)”

It was reported today that here in Central Florida, our average temperature this July was dead nuts on to the 30 year average. We’re trending average.

Sun Spot

but, but, but the models show accelerating global warming. This dead stop for 17 years must be adjusted away until the weather reflects what the models tell us is happening.
btw; Ringo Florida being dead on 30 year average this July, is just weather not climate.

john piccirilli

Do these clowns ever go outside. This continues to be be the coolest year i can recall, and i’m no spring chicken.


The warmers want the carbon tax and the facts be D@$ned. Every year this plot to tax carbon based energy to make the rich richer and keep the poor, poor is more and more evident. MAN MADE GLOBAL WARMING IS NOT HAPPENING. NEITHER IS MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE.
Climate has been changing because of force way beyond the influence of human being millions of years ago. There is proof of it all over the globe. There have been cooling and warming trends over the millennia before man ever built his first campfire.
Wise up people… the warmer fear mongers must be confronted. This continued lie has become a cult, a religion of the left wherein facts are irrelevant….

Leon Brozyna

Summer … what’s that?
All this chill in the air … must be a spell of cold weather, except for that warm climate out Oregon way.

Anthony Watts says:
July 31, 2014 at 4:22 pm
Record temperatures are the one thing that NCDC can’t “adjust”, they are absolute and fixed. Either there’s a record high/low on a day, or there isn’t. No homogenization, TOBs, or other adjustments need to be done.

Wait, when there is a “record” temp, the data doesn’t need to be “adjusted”, but when the same station(s) record non-record temps they do need to be adjusted?
I’m so confused!


Jeeze, it’s almost like the weather varies, and it’s really hard to predict it more than a few days into the future. Of course, I do not have a super computer or a “climate model”, so I guess I’m just a “rube”, but it sure has been a bit “colder than expected” around these parts lately,
Like the old (really old) joke in Upstate NY; “What do you do in the summer ? Well… if the summer happens on a weekend, we have a picnic”…..
Ok, I’m off to tune up the snowblower now, I think I might need it in a few months….
Cheers, Kevin (Note; Al Gore, please stay the heck away from here…)

North of 43 and south of 44

Hey every one look —————————————>
ENSO Meter is headed to La Nina conditions.


See OBAMA’s programs are working 😉

Alan Robertson

North of 43 and south of 44 says:
July 31, 2014 at 7:41 pm
Hey every one look —————————————>
ENSO Meter is headed to La Nina conditions.
The ENSO meter is decidedly neutral, right now, but hasn’t moved in several days.


I have my own way of measurement. It is called the number of nights I sleep without a comforter. So far this summer in Canada, it is 3. Last winter in the Bahamas, I used a comforter 2 nights. Last summer in Canada, the total without a comforter was 5. The two summers before that were 4 and 4. The last nice summer was 2010, but I did not write down the number of nights without a comforter then. 2009 was cold and 2008 was cold. I don’t remember 07 but I do remember that 06 and 05 were warm but my mother in law was up from Florida in August in 05 and almost froze. I also remember as a kid in the cooling period, summers were warm from May to end of Sept. Somebody is doing something strange with our temperature records.

The climate debate was locked into stupid almost from inception. The very notion of the average surface temperature driving or a reflection broad climate is close to nonsense. At least in the recent time frame commonly debated which of course is a cherry pick as well.


North of 43 and south of 44 says:
July 31, 2014 at 7:41 pm
Hey every one look —————————————>
ENSO Meter is headed to La Nina conditions.
More like La Nada


So who are we to believe? For a final word, I turned to the greatest climate change scientist of all, Dr David Viner, one-time senior research scientist at the climatic research unit of the University of East Anglia, who predicted in 2000 that, within a few years, winter snowfall would become “a very rare and exciting event”.
However, he was trapped under a glacier in Stockport, so was unable to comment at the time the Telegraph went to press.

Alan Robertson

Here in central Oklahoma, at least 2 record cools have been recorded this month, with a daily low average, a daily low min. and I saw a reference that we’re about to set a record for the coolest July, in a state where 60+ days of 100+F heat waves have been seen. Tomorrow, the 1st of August is only forecast to reach 83F, Life is good.
None of this info amounts to much, though. Just 2 yrs ago, 2012 saw both the hottest day recorded in the state (113F) as well as the lowest (-20F), so the best that can be said for the weather out here in the middle of the continent is that it’s a crap shoot.

Ed Martin

Has it got Sunspot, New Mexico yet?

Ignore it, “global warming” is REAL and the earth is only getting hotter, all because of humans! Damn science! Believe the insane leftist lies instead!

William McClenney

Alan Robertson says:
July 31, 2014 at 8:31 pm
“None of this info amounts to much, though. Just 2 yrs ago, 2012 saw both the hottest day recorded in the state (113F) as well as the lowest (-20F), so the best that can be said for the weather out here in the middle of the continent is that it’s a crap shoot.”
There is room to agree and disagree here. But neither might be what you may presently think……
First, what kind of weather/climate are we supposed to be experiencing, were it not for the vaunted couplings of CO2 with climate? Well, that might be:
““In terrestrial records from Central and Eastern Europe the end of the Last Interglacial seems to be characterized by evident climatic and environmental instabilities recorded by geochemical and vegetation indicators. The transition (MIS 5e/5d) from the Last Interglacial (Eemian, Mikulino) to the Early Last Glacial (Early Weichselian, Early Valdai) is marked by at least two warming events as observed in geochemical data on the lake sediment profiles of Central (Gro¨bern, Neumark–Nord, Klinge) and of Eastern Europe (Ples). Results of palynological studies of all these sequences indicate simultaneously a strong increase of environmental oscillations during the very end of the Last Interglacial and the beginning of the Last Glaciation. This paper discusses possible correlations of these events between regions in Central and Eastern Europe. The pronounced climate and environment instability during the interglacial/glacial transition could be consistent with the assumption that it is about a natural phenomenon, characteristic for transitional stages. Taking into consideration that currently observed ‘‘human-induced’’ global warming coincides with the natural trend to cooling, the study of such transitional stages is important for understanding the underlying processes of the climate changes.”
But what if CO2 is the heathen devil gas it is presently made out to be? Well then…
“The possible explanation as to why we are still in an interglacial relates to the early anthropogenic hypothesis of Ruddiman (2003, 2005). According to that hypothesis, the anomalous increase of CO2 and CH4 concentrations in the atmosphere as observed in mid- to late Holocene ice-cores results from anthropogenic deforestation and rice irrigation, which started in the early Neolithic at 8000 and 5000 yr BP, respectively. Ruddiman proposes that these early human greenhouse gas emissions prevented the inception of an overdue glacial that otherwise would have already started.”
conclude Muller and Pross (2007)
which necessarily brings us to:
“Investigating the processes that led to the end of the last interglacial period is relevant for understanding how our ongoing interglacial will end, which has been a matter of much debate…..”
“The onset of the LEAP occurred within less than two decades, demonstrating the existence of a sharp threshold, which must be near 416 Wm2, which is the 65oN July insolation for 118 kyr BP (ref. 9). This value is only slightly below today’s value of 428 Wm2. Insolation will remain at this level slightly above the inception for the next 4,000 years before it then increases again.”
Which more or less confirms your “crap shoot” hypothesis.
GHGs either can or cannot mitigate glacial inception. It is no more complicated or simple than that. Period.
a) If GHGs can get us over the next ~4,000 years of glacial inception risk, then why are we having this discussion at all?
b) If GHGs can’t vault us across the next ~4,000 years of glacial inception risk, then why are we having this discussion at all?
You are right, it is indeed a crap shoot. But maybe not necessarily the one expected…..