Over two-thirds of the contiguous USA covered with snow

Readers may recall our story from Dec 15th, 2013: Over half the USA covered in snow, the most in 11 years

Now, it’s even more. See the map and the 3D image:


February 7, 2014

  Area Covered By Snow: 67.4%
  Area Covered Last Month: 48.1%

The map is from NOAA’s  National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center

The 3D image is from this KMZ file and Google Earth:


h/t to Joe Bastardi of WeatherBell

UPDATE: Values of snow cover for this date show this is the highest in a decade.

February 7, 2014

Area Covered By Snow:    67.4%

February 7, 2013

Area Covered By Snow:    34.8%

February 7, 2012

Area Covered By Snow:    25.5%

February 7, 2011

Area Covered By Snow:    48.9%

February 7, 2010

Area Covered By Snow:    60.8%

February 7, 2009

Area Covered By Snow:    33.2%

February 7, 2008

Area Covered By Snow:    51.1%

February 7, 2007

Area Covered By Snow:    38.9%

February 7, 2006

Area Covered By Snow:    26.6%

February 7, 2005

Area Covered By Snow:    26.4%

February 7, 2004

Area Covered By Snow:    53.4%


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Alan Robertson

Some of the driest parts of Oklahoma and Texas received a foot or more of snow in the past week. We may be fortunate and even more precipitation will fall in coming days. The area around Wichita Falls is suffering from extreme drought.

OK, but how normal or abnormal is this?


Mike Jonas says:
February 7, 2014 at 3:36 pm
OK, but how normal or abnormal is this?
Eyeballing it, it looks to me like there is standing snow cover in parts of the country that are considered desert regions. I would call that pretty darn abnormal.

Berényi Péter

I bet it is rotten snow or turn to it soon. Warmth will return in vengeance in a short time, by July, this year, at the latest.

Looks exactly how I imagined the Ice Ages over the history of the earth that had them.
Global warmist— cool it!


This is due to Global Warming. Wind during the Spring = Global Warming. Heat during Summer = Global Warming. Leaves falling in the Fall = Global Warming

This is why we have to fight global warming!

P. Hager

Is it my imagination, but is there snow in the the Sierra Mountains now? What impact will that have on the CA drought?

Nothing but global warming would be capable of doing this? Right Algore??


2-4 feet of global warming expected in the mtns around here this weekend. Skiers in heaven.

Reblogged this on Public Secrets and commented:
If only we had listened to Al Gore and signed Kyoto, we wouldn’t be suffering this horrid warming! Wait…

Richard Sharpe

How much snow pack is there in the Sierras?

Mike Jonas says:
February 7, 2014 at 3:36 pm
OK, but how normal or abnormal is this?
First, one must define normal.


As usual little rock is right on the line but I just looked outside and it’s covered in a nice light dusting! Someone at work was going on about the climate being really different. Ugh

Normal is when a liberal complains that the increase in snow is due to global warming. What lemmings!


Here in Houston we’ve had 3 frozen precipitation events this winter. Considering that we average 1 every 5 years, it’s been a completely crazy winter. We usually have warm temps over the winter with periods of cold, this winter has been cold with brief periods of warm. I’m not the only person around here ready for this winter to end.

I think 2/3’s snow and ice cover is a tipping point. Welcome to the new ice age. Snowball earth, here we come!

I forgot the … tags.

Gary Pearse

So we can now snowshoe from Hokkaido Japan over ice and snow to central Texas, or even from Bangladesh to Texas, or how about Pyongyang N. Korea to Texas where it is below freezing, snow forecast for tomorrow and sea ice is along the northeast coast of N. Korea.
See NOAA ESRL northern hemisphere surface temperatures on Sea Ice page (I don’t get the link on the Sea Ice page by clicking on the graphic)

Nyall St. John Smythe IV

But…but…but Dr. David Viner said in 2000 that “within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event?”
He really let me down. I believed him and threw away all of my winter clothes. My mum has been buying books by the bulk at flea markets in order to heat our house because..because…because of Dr. Viner!
She locked me in the basement and is mad at me because I told her to sell her car and buy a boat because the sea level was supposed to be up to our house by now. I learned that from a movie about some kind of truth we didn’t or shouldn’t want to face. All I remember was some fat guy with a really big head had me and my friends really scared.
Well, she went ahead and sold the car and now I am in real trouble and she says I have to ride my bike five miles into town to buy the basic necessities. She won’t do it and blames me and not Dr. Viner and the guy with the big head.
Mum said when I turn 38 next week she’ll buy me a sled that I can use to drag the groceries back from the store. I found out bicycles don’t work too good on icy streets with lots of snow on them.
Anyone know where to find that guy the with big head?

Jo Gregg

Meanwhile, in a surreal (albeit increasingly frequent) coincidence, the NYT has a column entitled “The End of Snow”…..Those guys are just too funny. Except for the billions of our tax dollars that their ideological (btw, theirs’ has nothing to do with logic) buddies in government have wasted on their Hoax of the Century.

Ed Clark

It’s all Bush’s fault!


Porter Fox’s article in NYT has a delusional moment of climate change , feeling that the planet has warmed 7 degrees, and soon there will be no cities that will be able to host the Olympics because the snow won’t be there. Now a days journalists really believe if you keep saying something enough times, it becomes the truth. No one can change the weather by charging taxes . Man can’t change the weather with money. Obama has spent 8 trillion dollars and it hasn’t made the USA any better.

Richard Day

god I hope those 350 nitwits are still standing in front of the WH. The key is to have gale force winds and -30c temps to really teach us a lesson about harmful CO2.


Will logic ever wake up the liberal mind. If we are being frozen out from the Northern Vortex, with sub minus temperatures, I ask them where do they think the cold came from, from freezer doors left open in many Canadian homes, ??? No , Could it be a Northern jet stream, blowing over the top of an enormous ice surface located in the Artic. Yeah,, could that be why they call it the polar vortex??? But you have sworn that all that ice has melted into the ocean. How can that be possible, that it’s back,,,, could it be a miracle, Praise the Lord , we’ve been healed.

Here in Eugene, Oregon, we have about 8″ of fluffy, white global warmening on the ground, and it just keeps coming down. This is the second major event of white, fluffy global warmening this winter, the first of which brought us our coldest temperatures in 42 years, down to -10ºF, which is really something for the Willamette Valley.
As true proof of global warming, however, the white, fluffy stuff is supposed to change to freezing rain and then real rain by Saturday. That will show us that this whole Gore Event is either an illusion or merely a pause in Real Global Warming, which is obviously happening to us right now, but we just don’t have the proper insight or fudged data to prove it.

John F. Hultquist

Inquiring mind: Are the Great Lakes and James Bay snow covered? The image shows them as black; likewise for some other large lakes. That has got to be a GIS mask.
For these area calculations are some or all lakes included depending on size?
P. Hager says:
February 7, 2014 at 3:50 pm
Is it my imagination, but is there snow in the Sierra Mountains now? What impact will that have on the CA drought?

And it is raining in many places. S.F. has received 0.27 inches in the last 24 hours.
Ack says “around here
I give up?

Leon Brozyna

Over 9″ snow still on the ground with yet another wind chill advisory in effect.
Give me some of that global warming … I’d not mind it in the least if all the snow and ice melted away.

Steve from Rockwood

At this rate it’s going to be too cold to host the Winter Olympics in North America.

JA Robles

I wrote my novel “Atlas on Ice” long before this cold snap. In the story, Seattle Sector is the northernmost inhabited conurbation in the Combined Territories of the Americas. The snow map in this article resembles the perimeter of the glacier I imagined in a future ice age. It gives me chills. Pass the hot cocoa, please!


That’s a lot of albedo.


For John F. Hultquist
Lake superior is nearing freeze up now.


Here in Vermont we call it winter. It lasts from October until the end of May/early June when the four months of hard sledding begins. You have to leave snow tires on until Memorial Day and put them back on in October. Most years now I run snow tires all year and put new ones on in the fall.
This report makes you shake your head. http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/viewart/20140207/NEWS07/140207006/Climate-expert-New-England-ski-resorts-vulnerable
The 2012-2013 ski season was a bad year for skiing up here. Jay Peak received 362″ of natural snow though the previous season was their worst when they only received 251″. Their best year was 2000-2001 when they received nearly 600″


From November, 2009, an article from Russia’s Pravda (the old Soviet propaganda outlet) actually published an article that you’ll NEVER see, ironically, in any of the current US Communist propaganda media outlets.
Anyway, it’s worth the read and is based on scientific facts, not opinionated crap put forth by the Al-E-Gore, man made global warming crowd…
ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

Steve from Rockwood

John F. Hultquist says:
February 7, 2014 at 4:36 pm
Inquiring mind: Are the Great Lakes and James Bay snow covered?
Lake Erie: 97% ice covered
Lake Ontario: 23%
Lake Huron: 67%
Lake Michigan: 38%
Lake Superior: 65%
Most ice at this time of year in 20 years.

Bill H

Where I live we just set new records two days in a row… New lowest temp (recorded for the day) of -28 and -30 respectively along with the highest (low) temp of -7 and -1 deg F…. This was a full 11 deg F BELOW the previous lows/highs that were recorded in the 1970’s…. But it is Wyoming and on top of the Continental Divide. Go Figure…

Bill H

I forgot… the next storm starts tonight and will last three days or so… expecting about a foot of new global warming….

Jo Gregg

Every single prediction that the climate warmists have made has failed to materialize. And no one ever holds their feet to the fire (pardon any apparent pun) and asks them to defend all of the misinformation they have been pumping into the national and international conversation about this topic. Meanwhile, any scientists that don’t toe the line can’t get promotions or tenure or grant money. And then the warmists run around doing polls on the subject, having successfully intimidated almost the entire science community, and then they tell us that the science is “decided” based on their “poll” results.
On a lighter note, given the warmists’ dire predictions of warming over the last 20 years or so, God certainly has a keen sense of humor, there hasn’t been any.

Steve from Rockwood

John F. Hultquist says:
February 7, 2014 at 4:36 pm
Inquiring mind: Are the Great Lakes and James Bay snow covered?
Hudson Bay and James Bay appear to be completely covered in ice.

Snow and winter is the reminder that this planet is still very much in the grip of a brutal Ice Age. Which is by no means “normal” historically on a geological scale.

Matthew Dunnyveg

Sorry, but the case is being overstated here, at least somewhat. I live in Texas behind that alleged snow line and we don’t have a bit of the stuff on the ground, although it’s definitely cold enough. We could sure use the moisture too.

Funny comments. I enjoyed reading this after reading the NYT article slated for Sunday opinion “The End of Snow?” by Porter Fox. You can’t comment on Porter’s article but after reading his diatribe, I made up my mind he is a 1% who is paid to write the garbage. I about threw up reading it. No wonder the NYT is going under, they print garbage such as Porter Fox.

Ever notice snow is white just like Tea Party folk, well if the shoe fits and according to the ‘new’ Democrat party we hear about every other day, snow is a racist.


Anthony: Headline error: “Continental” (which includes Alaska) should not have been used. “Contiguous” (as in CONUS) was the right word.
REPLY: Yes, continental USA: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continental_United_States Old habits die hard.
No biggie though and probably not worth making a fuss over (except for the pedantists), but I’ll change it. 😉 -A

Al Hoove

Oh, but remember, weather is NOT climate. So just because we’re all freezing our patooties off doesn’t mean the globe isn’t in a dangerous long term warming trend. Unless today’s weather is warmer than usual, in which case the alarmists tell us warm weather is a symptom of global warming. Piers Morgan made precisely that point on a warm day in NYC in 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWT-EWKIR3M
Cold weather means global warming is caused by man. Warm weather is the proof. Forget falsifiability. This is SCIENCE! Which is settled. Irrevocably. So shut up and do what the Al Gore type politicians tell you. Send them all your money. Now. Before the polar bears drown in… ice.

John M

Erie and Superior now >90%, Huron closing in on it.
(Click on either West (Sup & Mich) or East (Hur. Erie & Ont), hit submit, and then click on the most recent jpg file (old to newest going from tip to bottom.)

john robertson

We are doomed.
DOOMEd I tell yah.
We will never be able to shovel our way out of all this global warming..
At least snow melts in the spring, political BS, senseless regulations and lying stealing weasels never seem to go away.


I don’t see Alaska on the map. It is also on the North American continent. Perhaps, you meant contiguous.
REPLY: perhaps you need to refresh – A

Frank Warmer

Hey, why don’t we send a shipload of Global Warming scientists down to Antarctica to see how much ice is there??? With GW it must all be gone because Al Gore said it would all be gone by this time. Oh, wait….we already did that…oh snap.