Akademic Shokalskiy makes it back to port, #spiritofmawson ship of fools still stuck in Antarctica

The comedy just keeps on coming. Plus, now it seems that Turney failed to get some approvals, and his welcome home may not be all the happy. Maybe he’ll stay in Antarctica.

After having to prematurely abandon their mission due to being stuck in ice, and having a weather forecast provided that said all they had to do was wait a few more days, which came true, freeing the ship, the intrepid Dr. Turney and his gaggle of global warming geese tourists were evacuated by helicopter to the Aurora Australis, which then sailed to the Australian Casey Station to finish the resupply operations that got interrupted by Turney’s distress call.

The #spirtofmawson people are still at Casey Station, waiting for their ride home, while the Akademic Shokalskiy has made it to port in New Zealand. See the current positions of both ships:


Source: http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:168.3123/centery:-46.88068/zoom:8/oldmmsi:273458210/olddate:lastknown (h/t to reader “itdoesntaddup”)

Here is the current position of the Aurora Australis:



Above: View of Casey base from the Aurora Australis webcam. Source: http://www.antarctica.gov.au/webcams/aurora

From the Aurora Australis sitreps reports:

Sunday 12-Jan-2014 We arrived at Casey this morning ready to commence cargo operations at 8am. We continued moving cargo between the ship and shore until 1330 when the refuelling hose was loaded on to the barge. The hose and anchoring system were deployed then the hose tested for any leaks. Once the leak test was complete pumping of SAB (Special Antarctic Blend) began. We are expecting that the completion of the refuelling of Casey will occur at around 6am tomorrow morning and we will have delivered over 850,000 litres of fuel during resupply part 1 and part 2. There is one remaining hold of cargo on the ship to discharge. When it is possible we try and transport cargo on the shore to ship as well as the ship to shore. This is not always possible depending at what stage of unloading we are at and what needs to occur to make room for the RTA cargo. It is a bit like a jigsaw but the pieces don’t always fit so neatly together. Cheers Leanne and Mark

Source: https://secure3.aad.gov.au/proms/public/schedules/display_sitrep.cfm?bvs_id=19327

What irony that the “trapped” ship has made it back, while the #spiritofmawson fools are still at Casey base, waiting for their ride home.

Meanwhile, all is not well back home. I suspect Turney won’t get a heroes welcome:


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“Maybe he’ll stay in Antarctica.” lol!


Finally, an actual irony.

“The Antarctic 52” now join “The Arctic 30” in the history books!


You are ignoring the purpose for them moving from one ship to the other – the bar was depleted on the Russian ship. Duh.


Antarctica strikes back.


“tourists were evacuated by helicopter to the Aurora Australis”
You are putting the wrong spin on things.
What really happened is that the crew of the Akademic Shokalskiy was rescued from the tourists by removing the tourists from the Akademic Shokalskiy.


That’s some Polar Vortex Irony!


Perhaps our green tourist friends will stage a protest about the evil Aurora Australis delivering 850, 000 litres of liquid poison ( SAB) into the Antarctic environment 🙂


So Turney’s call for help was 1) a waste of money and other people’s time and 2) very disruptive of actual scientific research. I hope that Turney has good insurance because some folks are going to want compensation.

Looks like the ship of fools are good at exaggerating dangers in every sphere. The greater the danger, the bigger the heroes they are. It’s when those dangers are shown to be mostly figments of their imagination that things get all gummy.

Rud Istvan

According to other blog site postings of apparently authentic communications, the expedition website also claimed approval from and support by two New Zealand institutions which they have explicitly denied earlier today their time. Looks like quite a problem is brewing.


As they say in certain newspapers, “You couldn’t make it up!”

You are ignoring the purpose for them moving from one ship to the other – the bar was depleted on the Russian ship. Duh.
Raise the bar or lower the bar?

Leon Brozyna

How sweet it is … and the consequences keep piling up.


Am I the only one surprised to see the interview tweet came from Andy Revkin? Nice to hear an interview where they ask straight forward questions, though.

In their defense, Anthony, they only really have experience with failed models and forecasts. 🙂


Leon0112 says: “So Turney’s call for help was 1) a waste of money and other people’s time and 2) very disruptive of actual scientific research. I hope that Turney has good insurance because some folks are going to want compensation.”
I don’t think Turkey had authority to “call for help.” The story according to Mikhail Voytenko is:
“They’ve been taken from Shokalskiy simply because they were already more of a nuisance staying on board of Shokalskiy, and eating away food supplies which are required for the crew remaining on board. Passengers were mostly scientists, or so they say, who were trying to get yet more proofs of devastating global warming effects. Well, if getting trapped in ice is a result of global warming, they definitely found what they’ve been after. ”
I don’t imagine the crew would want to spend any more time than necessary trapped on board with a bunch of self-anointed eco-messiahs who think the sun rises and sets around their keysters.


These poor people. They panick about everything. The sky is falling in… the ship is stuck… the ice is melting… the ice is growing… the globe is warming… the weather is cooling… I can’t get any banana and peanut butter milkshakes… the penguins have to walk farther…. the penguins have to walk less… global warming is causing earthquakes… tsunamis… typhoons… bla, bla, bla. Perhaps something happened to them in childhood that can explain their current personalities.

juan slayton

It’s a *** poor mind that can only think of one way to spell a word. –Andrew Jackson
I agree with Andy, but it’s still AntarCtica. Ref: title
: > )

M Courtney

This isn’t climate science.
This isn’t even news about climate science.
But it sure is funny.


So the good professor Turney’s family expedition to Antarctica is still in progress. They must be eating rations intended for real scientists, at the Casey Antarctic station crew!
He should have, for a change, listened to Anthony’s forecast, they would be much closer to home by now….


Delicious – simply delicious irony.
Note to future “explorers: When on shipboard, you are either CREW or CARGO.


WUWT advice is based on computer modeling on the expected weather conditions for the next few days. Why should the tourists believe on the WUWT model when they have more expensive, high energy and carbon emitting and sophisticated that could predict the climate in the next 100 years?

Henry Galt.

The AS can re-supply, restock their bar and depart with their next flock of tourists eschatologists on schedule.
Nice little earner someone has there.

James Allison

And here I was thinking that the Ship Of Fools escapade was done.

lurker, passing through laughing

I see a Chevy Chase “Vacation” movie in the future stemming from this charlie foxtrot.


In the above pic of the Australis there is open water … on the sea ice page this area is covered with ice?


Send in the GreenPeace ship for rescue. Oh, it’s seized property in Russia.


Who was rescued? The Russians from the parasitic ‘scientists’

David L

The climate forecasters didn’t trust the weather forecasters!


Martin Hovland says:
January 13, 2014 at 12:26 pm

The Antarctic 52″ now join “The Arctic 30″ in the history books!

Don’t forget to add the 28gate participants.

Brian H

Are they still confined to quarters to keep them from being nuisances?

AP says:
January 13, 2014 at 1:04 pm
“…Perhaps something happened to them in childhood that can explain their current personalities.”
After reading AP’s clever post, I couldn’t help myself to post this video again. Perhaps they were on the stage when they were little and had to witness this live and up close:

Rob Dawg

It is my sincere hope that the real scientists speak out about their research was delayed. .


Idiots. I hope they are thoroughly miserable.
They did inspire me to try making a banana and peanut butter milkshake though.
In fairness they are delicious.

Terry Comeau

Well… maybe Turney’s Turkeys will get a look at how real scientists operate……

Oh good, I was hoping this would happen. Well, maybe for a couple of days. Looks like it might be a week. I wonder how many flights home are at risk of being missed?


Akademic Shokalskiy on new mission to re-stock 850,000 litres of alcohol in Antarctica.

R. de Haan

What we see here is the real down to the earth analysis of Anthony, Coleman and the Weather Bell team versus the hysterical attitude of the Antarctic Exploration Team read climate alarmists.
Anthony, Coleman and the Weather Bell Team are right and the climate alarmists are WRONG.
Case closed.

Radical Rodent

I would love to know what the other words below “Green” were on the Aurora heli-deck (no, not the snow angel). I have suspicion the message was not complimentary.

John V. Wright

It does not matter how the pathetic Guardian tries to dress this up. It is utter, absolute and complete humiliation. Utter humiliation. Perhaps the MSM turning of the tide stems from this moment in time.

Lil Fella from OZ

The trouble is, this is typical of the alarmist story. Now the problem is for them that people are now starting to see through all the hype.


If Putin were in charge of this operation, he would demand cash bonds from each tourist and pseudo-scientist before picking them up.

Gunga Din

“On the road again –
Just can’t wait to get on the road again.
The ice I loath is making laughter among my friends
And I cant wait to get on the road again…”


Rud Istvan –
do you have any link for the update from New Zealand?
good to see Revkin linking to Australian Antarctic Division director,Tony Fleming’s interview with ABC 666 radio’s Louise Maher. after all, ABC has not reported the Fleming interview nationallly, & no MSM in Australia has bothered to pick up the quotes, or talk to Fleming themselves. no wonder the dinosaur media is dying.
Fairfax media allows a different voice today:
14 Jan: SMH: Tom Switzer: Game finally up for carboncrats

I knew that when I saw that Akademic Shokalskiy made it back to port and the “rescued” scientists where still out to sea that It was a great story. It is the kind of story that newspaper men like H.L. Mencken would have told so very well once upon a time before the media in the USA became sycophantic government-worshiping drones.
I hope some very good member of the alternate media will take a crack at telling the whole tale in 2500 words or less. I’ll give it a shot myself someday when all the facts are in for the entertainment of the few score who will read it.
The biggest trouble we have in the skeptical camp is not that we need to marshal better arguments, come up with more telling data, or make our ideas more understandable. Our biggest problem is that the fellows who “buy ink by the gallon” are all telling the “CO2 will destroy humanity” myth day in and day out.
Breaking on through to the other side is going to be hard. (apologies to the Doors on that one)

Gunga Din

“The ice I loath is making laughter among my friends”
Should be
“The ice I loath is making laughter in the Press”


Very funny to hear the ship they were rescued from (by those evil biggest CO2 polluters the Chinese) is now home while the rescued are still stuck in the Antarctic. And – according to the interview – they are not allowed off ship at Casey – so more cabin fever than they had when stuck! Could it get any worse for them? Plenty of time for reflection I trust.


I’m still yet to hear back from his employer how they plan to ‘discipline’ their employee…………