Denier land: How deniers view global warming

Thanks to Skeptical Science and ScienceFrontier for making this video possible. We can now see the error of our ways.

Consider this a bonus Friday Funny. h/t to Josh.


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Mike Maguire

That’s the most hilarious video ever!!!

The art of humor! Josh is a prize! LOL


Larry Ledwick

I think I hurt myself!
That is the best laugh I have had in a long time.


Ha ha! Cute. 🙂

Mac the Knife

….No! Don’t Go There!…Think Of The Children!….. (in that funky, whiny voice….)
Gads! Just about coughed clam chowder across the display monitor!
Too funny!


Succinct & funny!

At first they had me going — I ran to my bookmarks and found this.
But then I saw the article was a Cook parody.

Wonderful, people!

Tom G(ologist)

Very effective. When I lecture on this topic I show similar graphs for the past 250 years, 25,000 years, 250,000 yrs, 60,000,000 yrs and 600,000,000 yrs. I then hold out my pointer and invite (I actually DARE) anyone to come to the stage and draw the horizontal line across the graph which would represent the temperature the Earth SHOUD be. It is the first thing I do in every presentation and I have yet to get a taker. It is a really effective way to preclude any heckling about unprecedented temperatures or rates of warming as I go through the rest of the graphs..

john robertson

The proper and civilized method of dealing with delusional zealots.


That’s pretty funny!

Bloke down the pub

Unfortunately it sounded all too realistic.


Best ever. Easiest Nobel Prize win. Well, it should be…

The squeaky, nasalized voice reminds me of Richard Alley.

That’s funny.

David, UK

I genuinely laughed out loud! Thanks for sharing!

Brilliant, just brilliant.

David, UK

Duly shared on Facebook!

David, UK says:
December 6, 2013 at 12:31 pm
Me yo FB and Twitter should get some flack from a couple of friends and followers ;>)

William Astley

Josh illustrates in 2 ½ minutes (with humor) why the warmists will not participate in a scientific debate.
Best wishes,

Andrew Harding

Brilliant, the bigotry, condescension and the wiser than thou attitudes shone through, like a gold plated turd!
Makes me proud to be a “Denier”!

Tim Walker

Love it. I might have to watch it again and again.

Brian H

The Troof hurts!

Lady Life Grows

I clapped my hands with delight. Nailed it again.


If one of you missed it:
Global Warmiing is real and it is happening now “TM”.
I had to to laugh at the TM part.
Just in the beginning of the video.


[it is humor, get over yourself – mod]


Comparing global mean temperature to data from just one location is not valid. If you want to refute SkS refute this:

Ralph Kramden

Very funny, I liked it.

jai mitchell

[it is humor, get over yourself – mod]


Still looking for the Goldilocks Line

Dave H-O

Such an awesome tool to get true believers to lower their guard a bit and be exposed to some real data.

Ok, so global warming is real and happening when global cooling, which is also real, is not happening, according to the graph I wasn’t supposed to look at.
[Vinnie Barbarino]”I’m so confused!”[/Vinnie Barbarino] *


Overlaying global temperatures on a time series of the temperature from one location? You’d have much bigger anomalies in the recent era if you used a time series that matches the location of the longer time series.
[like with the previous posters, it is humor – mod]

Loved it.

lurker, passing through laughing

I am wondering how they got Dana to narate this?


I had to stop laughing before I could type this. Bravo!!

John W. Garrett



BEST EVA!!!!!!


Felix says:
December 6, 2013 at 1:24 pm
Comparing global mean temperature to data from just one location is not valid. If you want to refute SkS refute this:
Well, we can start with this:
Global average temperature since the last ice age (20,000 BC) up to the not-too distant future (2100) under a middle-of-the-road emission scenario.
What does “NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE” mean? It means it hasn’t happened yet. It is projected to happen. You have to accept the premise that CO2 drives warming for that to work. Otherwise, the temperature, you know “actually has to warm up”. The fact that its’ been stagnant for the last 17 years means it better hurry up and start actually warming in order to make the amount of projected (not the actual amount of warming).

Walter Allensworth

Didn’t even show the REALLY scary part… if you zoom back just a little farther where the temperature drops 5C and New York is covered by a mile of ice.

Scott Scarborough

Felix says:
December 6, 2013 at 1:24 pm
Comparing global mean temperature to data from just one location is not valid. If you want to refute SkS refute this:
Don’t need to refute it. Marcott himself said that the last vertical part of the plot was not robust (and it was not on his PHD thesis).

Scott Scarborough

But you’re right about comparing global data to data from one area.

Arno Arrak

CO2 pollution did this. No science. No pseudo-science. No religion. No superstition, No nothing, just babbling morons.


Willis here plotted Marcott’s input proxies, none of which show a hockey stick outside of noise:
Yet mathematician Mike Mann actively promoted this mere artifact result that the study authors promoted to the NY Times as a “super hockey stick”:
I thus refute the whole of alarmist climate science peer review and policy advice and thus the whole of alarmist climate science, using your own reference.

I have to say it again:
It sounds like someone took control of Richard Alley’s computer while he was trying to explain his thinking to followers.


Strange that most people don’t know we actually live in an ice age right now. A warm moment, an optimum but ice age.

jai mitchell

The reason that those proxies have no hockey stick is because they all end well before 1955 If you look at the supplemental data you can see the column that has years before present (present is 1955)
this is the same error that the author used when making this “humor” video.

Stephen Brown

I started watching this and went into “Gobsmacked” mode, then I started laughing, and laughing some more. Each switch to the longer time-frame graph brought on more hilarity! The “Think of the children” comment floored me!!
Abso-bloody-lutely BRILLIANT

Felix is almost as dopey as jai mitchell. Here is the long view of global temperatures. Notice where we are today.
The planet is now in a protracted cool period. It could warm up by several degrees, and still not reach average temperatures. Thus, the entire alarmist scare is based on nonsense.