Quote of the Week – 'global warming fear is damaging our young'


WUWT reader “Newty” writes in a comment in response to the National Geographic scaremongering at 2013/11/05 at 12:38 pm

Seriously though I was terrified before I first started coming here. I’ve recently become a father and we did question bringing children into the world when the threat of global warming seemed so certain and so imminent.

I work with children and many of them are seriously anxious as a result of just this kind of article that sits in the school library.

It reminds me of how I worried about nuclear war years ago. Fear is damaging our young who should grow up with optimism and hope.

I couldn’t agree more, best wishes to you and to your family – Anthony


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I keep harping on this point: Stop scaring the children. It is stupid and debilitating, leading to nihilistic attitudes that can be very damaging.

Steve Rodgers

Yep; as this recent German news report states about green alarmism, “Horror Scenarios Promote Depression”:
Nice to hear Newty’s story.


Global Warming Hysteria is child abuse?


Yeah, there is a good book out there somewhere. A good book to soothe our anxieties. A good book with all the answers we need. What is that good book?
Oh, yeah, the Bible.

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
(Frank Herbert’s DUNE, Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear)
Ignorance is the most powerful force in the Universe and, as entropy, is the death of the Universe.

John West

Pat Frank

Maybe it’s getting time for a civil suit against NGOs and other fear-mongering organizations. It’s not hard anymore to show that certain scientists have lied, and I’d expect a subpoena of Climate Action Network documents and minutes would show widespread collusion in planning to introduce fear-causing curriculum materials. There may indeed be a good, factual, and reasonable civil case here for knowing and deliberate psychological abuse of the young.


It is one thing to let the mainstream media (MSM) spout their scary stories.
To teach the same, is a failure on the part of our educational system.


Quote of the Week – ‘global warming fear is damaging our young’
Couldn’t agree more!
Perhaps this is what is meant ;
From P Gosselin’s skeptical and german NotricksZone blog
1st Nov
“Environmentalist Group BUND Releases Baby-Gassing Video…Shows Agriculture Gassing Field Of Babies With Chemical Pesticides!”
Or this from the same site;
23rd July
“Indoctrination At Schools In Germany Reaches New Level …Children Taught “Men Cause Climate Change” –
Or this again from NTZ
31st Oct
“Enviro-Psychologists Confirm Climate Alarmists Are Making Themselves Mentally Sick…”Doomer Depression”

When children are told lies by adults with ulterior goals they will almost certainly find out as they become adolescents or young adults that they were purposely manipulated and deceived. Then there will be countercultural attacks on those in the older generations that either deceived and manipulated them or those in the older generations that stood by silently and watched.


Those who embark on a course of deception and fear in order to maintain their personal beliefs and comfortable lifestyle must have no idea of the “ripples in a pond” effect of their insidious actions.
Let mighty shame be upon you all.


I used to be annoyed that my son would not always do what I said. Now I understand and am delighted that children are born with an innate distrust of their elders and that this is a necessary trait for the survival of our species. No doubt every generation has spread their share of garbage on their youth and the kids seem to do well at filtering it out… So all is not lost.

phillip drolet

Alarm heads don’t care how much harm they cause to people because people don’t matter to them. All that matters to them is their dogma. As far as i’m concerned these guys are no better than the Catholic Church during the inquisition.


Peter says:
November 5, 2013 at 5:48 pm
I used to be annoyed that my son would not always do what I said. Now I understand and am delighted that children are born with an innate distrust of their elders and that this is a necessary trait for the survival of our species. No doubt every generation has spread their share of garbage on their youth and the kids seem to do well at filtering it out… So all is not lost.
Guess what Peter, you get to believe that….

Alan Robertson

This thread touches upon an aspect of the magnificent consciousness within us, which those like All Gore would subvert and suppress.
“He betrayed this country! He played on our fears.”.- Al Gore, ranting (projecting) about a political opponent


Let us not forget the atrocity advocated by the “10-10” maniacs:
These people were actually advocating political genocide (in a very visual and blatant way) !
When informed of this, their spokeswoman actually said.
“Oh, well, you live and learn.”
They are that far out of touch with reality!

The greatest boon to AGW was the cessation of the cold war. Power seekers needed a new bogeyman, and they found it. To terrorize children, as bullies love to do.

M.C. Kinville

Creating a climate of fear has clearly been a long term goal of the CACW advocates.
The Physicians for Social Responsibility says this; “Global warming is acknowledged by scientists around the world to be a reality and to be caused primarily by human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels. As the earth warms, the delicate balance of climate, weather events and life is disrupted. Consequences emerge that threaten human health and, ultimately, survival.”
The National Wildlife Foundation printed a prime on how to create fear in children titled “The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States:
“Having the reality of the destructive forces presented by climate change fully register
with people, so they will to act with the needed urgency, is indeed a challenge. And,
while the physical and environmental effects of global warming are studied and
described, what has rarely been addressed, and is as compelling a topic as any, are the
psychological impacts.
This report aims both to fill in the gap in our awareness of the psychological impacts
of climate change, and by exposing the emotional side of the issue, to find the place in
our hearts that mobilizes us to fly into action, forewarned, determined, relentless. It also
is a call for professionals in the mental health fields to focus on this, the social justice
issue of all times, with their capacity to work through denial and apathy, to bring insight
and commitment before it is too late.”

TImothy Sorenson

OT, Mann will be happy, his guy won in Virginia.

john robertson

By their actions you shall know them.
The use of child soldiers, indoctrinating children to the state cause,manipulating childhood fears for profit.
CAGW follows in the loathsome footsteps of some of histories most notorious characters and fads.
But honestly, what does one expect from people who have a core belief that the sheer number of human being is the real calamity?
Secular Antihumanists?

Tim Groves

It’s past time we all began referring to these alarmists as what they really are: climate change terrorists. Terrorists are people who terrorize or frighten others, particularly for political ends. The appellation fits climate change alarmists like a glove. I for one am tired of pussy-footing around with these terrorists, of the authorities letting them scare the hell out of vulnerable members of the civilian population, and of the media aiding them in their terrorism and generously supplying them the oxygen of publicity.
This post brings to mind a story from three years ago when a couple shot themselves and their young son and daughter out of fear of global warming. The parents and son died and the seven-month-old daughter survived.
A seven-month-old girl survived for three days alone with a bullet in her chest after being shot by her parents as part of a suicide pact over their fears about global warming.
These people were victims of the fear instilled into ordinary people by the alarmists; a part of the ongoing collateral damage produced by climate change terrorism.

I used to be annoyed that my son would not always do what I said. Now I understand and am delighted that children are born with an innate distrust of their elders and that this is a necessary trait for the survival of our species. No doubt every generation has spread their share of garbage on their youth and the kids seem to do well at filtering it out… So all is not lost.
I could not agree more with this. Many of my right of center friends fear MOSLEMS. I take a longer view. Their system is based on a BRUTAL FAMILIAL CONTROL METHOD. As the world becomes MORE connected, there will be MORE AND MORE of their “youth” who rebel. I just pray to Baal, God, the devil…you name it… particularily in the USA, when the FIRST of the OPPRESSED defends themselves, violently and rightfully (i.e., FIGHTS back, “youth” against the “oppressing culture”…their RIGHT to do that (very AMERICAN) is completely upheld by the American justice system.
FORGET NOT that when the “Soviet Union” (dirty filthy swear words in my mind) fell apart in 2 years (1989 to 1990) Mother Russia found itself and 90 % of the Russians noted they BELIEVED NOT A WHIT of the <5% "ruling class". Bravo for rebelling and certain aspects of anarchy, which are needed to assure survival and progress.

Tom J

Children are amazingly practical little beings and if their significant caregiver gives them genuine reason to trust that caregiver the child will listen to them to the exclusion of others.
One child who was very fond of me, and still is (he’s now 24), was being taunted by the two next door neighbor boys who were about his age. At the time Brian (not his real name) was 5 or 6 and had graduated from a tricycle and had just gotten new training wheels put on a two wheeler for him that very day. The neighbor boys were mocking Brian’s bike, calling it slow. Brian started crying and pleading that his bike was not slow. I came up to him and said, “Brian, I think they’re jealous. You’ve got nice, shiny, new training wheels on your bike and they don’t.” Voila, that was it, Bryan suddenly ignored their taunts.
Of course, nature being what it is, he didn’t always listen to me. His father and I love hot food and his father had a small garden where he was growing Habanero peppers. We both plucked one each, taking small bites and cooing in masochistic pleasure. Six year old Bryan saw this display of ecstasy, plucked a Habanero for himself and … immediately his father and I, screaming stereophonically, went, “No, no, no, no, no Bryan, you’re not gonna like…”
Too late.

If Michael Crichton were still alive, he would be able to add to this thread on fear.
His book ‘State of Fear’ was an epic expose of fear induced by radical environmental terrorists; including those of the climate catastrophe variety found in CAGW movements.

David Ball

If you know ANYTHING about human history, you must realize this is ABSOLUTELY the greatest age in which to raise children. Anything before the 20th century was BRUTAL and SHORT. People have to learn their history and stop feeling guilty about modern conveniences.

I remember those anti-nuke petitions being passed around elementary school during the 80’s. I refused to sign and wrote Reagan a letter asking him to scare Gorbachev until he finally surrendered.

Mario Lento

“Global Warming Fear is damaging out young” – and the bills from reactions to the fear will need to be paid for by our young.
I just had another nice chat with a brilliant intern I commute with. She’s open – and loves to ask questions and discuss technical aspects of machinery, energy, physics and all sorts of stuff she’s learned in her first 3.5 years of college. We drive by a windmill at the Budweiser plant in Fairfield on our drive every day. I point out every morning and evening that the wind mill is not turning –seems it sits idle about half the time –sometimes for days in a row.
I told her to form her own opinion. I told her that when it does not turn, inefficient quick throttling backup systems must churn up to make up for the non spinning wind mill. I said when the wind blows, everything else must shut down enough to accept the costly wind mill energy. Windmills require close to 100% back up – and the back up power can not be as efficient because a plant needs to run continuous to be harnessed efficiently.
I asked her to think about what this generation is teaching today’s youth and how it’s borrowing money that will be paid in the future –because, it’s today’s youth that will need to pay the bills for this foolishness that makes Greenies wealthy today.
She gets it… and asks lots of good questions… her eyes are opening. She will make a difference one day. Seed planted.


Thoise billionaires such a Bill gates etc who trusted these Ba####ts will be very annoyed when they find out that they have been really had badly.


GeneDoc says:
I keep harping on this point: Stop scaring the children. It is stupid and debilitating, leading to nihilistic attitudes that can be very damaging.
Nihilistic indeed. I grew up no expecting to see the age fo 40.
The threat of imminent desctruction was probably a lot of the reason for “No Future” theme of the punk rock years.
However, the couple of times two very edgy super powers nearly frightened each other into a first strike means the cold war fear was perhaps not quite as baseless as the AGW one.
It is all about government by fear, of which the never-ending “war on terror” is also a part.


Sorry to say but that guy is a moron – if he had an open mind and didn’t mind doing a little research he would not be freaking out over global warming. That is pathetic – the very type people the Manns and Gores of this world use for their own ugly purposes. A semi-educated individual would recognize AGW for what it is – junk.

Graeme No.3

If I were their child I would choose different parents. These two would be too much of a handicap.

Eric Anderson

Welcome, Newty, and for sharing your thoughts.
I ran into a bit of an issue with my second son who kept coming home from grade school worried about carbon dioxide and how it was bad for the planet. I didn’t directly confront any of his teachers, but we’ve had many talks together and, fortunately, he is now starting to be able to see through the fear and take a more reasoned approach. Unfortunately, there is a real sense of fear that is being instilled in some young people, rather than helping them be excited and optimistic about the future.


The impact of climate change on obsessive compulsive checking concerns:

Chad Wozniak

@Pat Frank –
I would take it a step further and criminally charge these fearmongers with child abuse.

Old Ranga from Oz

Welcome from me too, Newty – one of Anthony’s lurkers who’s been visiting WUWT since 2009 and stayed sane throughout the whole madness as a result. Good people live here, and they aim for a world of logic and common sense for their descendants.
And if you haven’t read Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear”, as recommended by one viewer earlier, then grab it. Great read, best-seller, and full of good science (fully referenced as well).

Lil Fella from OZ

Fear, scare campaigns, bullying etc are typical ‘progressive left’ methodology while neglecting the facts and truth. Plus a good dose of propaganda. This will give you some idea, today in Sth Aussie the theme was a ‘scorcher’ plus extreme heat at 35 degrees C. Not even 40 odd which is not uncommon from now on in hotter parts of Australia. “Make people anxious and we have them!!”


Several years ago I gave a talk on the sceptical view of climate change to a group of British 10 year olds destined for a grammar school.
The good news was that they had never heard of Al Gore. The bad news is that they were on the verge of being nihilistic and were convinced that by the time they became adults the earth would be virtually uninhabitable.
This was based on astonishing misconceptions, firstly that the Atmosphere consisted mostly of Co2 and secondly that 90% of all Co2 was made by man. They had no conception of the real composition of the atmosphere nor of natures contribution to Co2 content


@ eliza 9.14 pm I am not sure if Bill and his wife even KNOW what is being done in their name, in some ways he has done tremendous good in others he is a bit just ” out of the garage” naive.


Survival of the fittest and the most intelligent – my four daughters have no fear of Global Warming and are breeding like rabbits. However, there is the little problem of Global Cooling……


Fear, uncertainty and doubt on an entirely different planet. Surrealism at its finest: “Letting people do damage for nothing”. Hmm, how to measure the long-term damage inflicted on world psyche by narcissistic dorks on a bender? The naivety and blinkered yet detached pomposity on display at this little shindig is simply breath-taking!

M.C. Kinville

Seeking to create fear in despair in children isn’t the only way that children are used as pawns by believers.
The Alaska Supreme Court is in the deliberation phase of a lawsuit that is seeking to get the courts to declare the atmosphere a public trust. It is one of 8 cases brought to various states, fronted by children and orchestrated environmental activists. Julia Olson, founder of Our Children’s Trust and architect of this strategy was featured in The Atlantic “Olson and other supporters of the suit believe that having kids as plaintiffs makes a particularly visceral appeal to adults to take action.” http://tinyurl.com/7cezy3f
I wrote an opinion piece for our local paper ( http://tinyurl.com/lvhld7m ), and dug into this case pretty deeply. In the court documents, two of the children state that they watched “An Inconvenient Truth” in school and became alarmed enough to seek action. “Kids Versus Global Warming” also had an impact. There is an industry out there designed to alarm our children.

Steve C

I entirely agree – I’m very glad not to be young now.
Not so much troubled by all the manufactured pseudoproblems, though; it’s more that this young generation is going to have to repeat, in spades, the dreadful struggle against fascism which my parents’ generation thought they’d won. God grant that “we” win this time round.

M Courtney

For those questioning why the original commenter hadn’t done the research: You need to read more carefully.
He did do the research. He came here.
If anyone is truly concerned they won’t be pacified by something written on the internet… not unless they critically evaluate it. There are a lot of voices on the internet.
The parents are doing fine and the kids will be alright.


The opportunity cost alone of wasting $1 billion per day on AGW hype is hurting our children.

Too right – adults tell kids there is no hope for the future, that they are doomed to a miserable existence at the edge of survival until the biosphere becomes totally uninhabitable, then we wonder why they smoke drugs and don’t bother with school.

– If you are not a good little boy/girl and don’t work hard to stop every gramme of CO2, then the bogeyman will come & get you !
– Daddy, where is all the extra heat you said would destroy us ?
“It’s hiding …where we can’t see it deeep in the ocean
…but one day it’s going to jump out and get us ..whoaaa !”
– So a child that started school in 2000 was told : “when you grow up, it will be so much warmer than now and the planet will be on it’s way to catastrophe”
– So now in 2013 that child after 13 years of Eco-indoctrination has finished school, they find the temperature is still the same as when they started.
…… And you wonder why kids hate & despise adults ?

John R Walker

It’s child abuse but here in the UK it is extremely difficult/impossible to get top grades in a range of school subject course-work and exams without trotting out some of the ‘standard’ blatant lies ‘cos they are the required answers!
Eco-fascist indoctrination runs from age 5 right through into the Universities…
The thing that puzzles me most though is that some people with high-level science education who were educated before this organised campaign of lies and deceit set in can still believe this eco-crap… They have the tools to dissect and reject this nonsense but many choose not to use them! Most strange…


Goethe was right: “Nothing is more terrifying than ignorance in action.”
Unfortunately while terror sells magazines it also scars our children’s intellects.

Man Bearpig

It is indoctrination along the lines of a certain youth brigade from the 1930’s and 40’s and I don’t mean the boy scouts! By creating future generations of alarmists, worriers and botherers the only thing they will do is create confusion in children’s minds. They will be taught one thing and will experience something completely different.


The most important lesson to learn is that scaremongering is a tactic of control, diversion, subversion, subjugation and rabble rousing used by the more powerful on the less powerful.
A careful study of scaremongering tactics should be part of everyone’s education: sadly as most of us already grown up didn’t get it, we have to learn it on the hoof, starting from the position of credulity and eventually facing the life’s challenge of remaining decent, caring and generous after years of needing to develop a cement exterior to protect that decent, caring and generous nature from the fusillades of scaremongering from this side, that side and from within.
There are certain common factors to scaremongering waged over a longer time period (of greater than one political/electoral cycle):
1. The contentions are neither easily shown to be true nor easy to falsify.
2. The potential, if true, is genuinely scary.
3. The script is amenable to the messengers of scaremongering (huge headlines, dramatic pictures or videos etc etc)
4. Significant amounts of money can be made from riding this wave, whether or not the assertions are true or false.
5. A power coalition of interests can coalesce to form a united front which saturates the airwaves.
6. Strident intolerance on both sides is usually reached after widespread awareness raising is complete.
7. Employment ostracism can result from not following the party line.
8. The information necessary to confirm or refute the hypothesis is available only to the few, often only to the coalition of interest.
9. The expertise necessary to evaluate the contention may be higher than that of the majority of people.
10. The money is made not by being right or wrong, but through selling something or other during the period of the scaremongering (you’ll note that the total research spent on warmest hype is far, far higher than on the emerging truths of the more skeptical, carbon traders will have made money on South Sea Futures, large consultancy budgets existed for ‘greening the economy’, whereas none was available to do similar work using the cheapest energy available).
In my adult life, here is a list of some of the ‘bogeymen’:
1. The Iranians/the Iraqis are about to bomb us (change the country according to will from 1980 through to 2005).
2. BSE and vCJD: millions of us will die.
3. ‘Global Warming’: £100bn and counting wasted on fraudulent research.
4. Y2K bug – a mythical pile of shit akin to the scam of the century.
5. Bird Flu – probably engineered in a military lab somewhere and then released to create the scare, which allowed pharma companies to get millions in grants to make vaccines.
There are probably more.
What I’ve come to learn is that many people can only make money by creating dependency: they actually aren’t any good at human relations between emancipated adults. As a result, the way for them to get rich is for them to create scares. It’s not very nice, but it’s usually less bad than bombing someone for money, which our Governments have done rather a lot of.
Then there are the Government scams, false flags.
Those are the most difficult to elucidate, the least possible to get reliable inside information on.