Climateer Tim Flannery sacked in Oz

Flannery_scrA strong cold wind of reform is sweeping around Australia:

PROFESSOR Tim Flannery has been sacked by the Abbott Government from his $180,000 a year part time Chief Climate Commissioner position with the agency he runs to be dismantled immediately.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt called Prof Flannery this morning to tell him a letter formally ending his employment was in the mail.

In the letter, Mr Hunt tells Prof Flannery:

“The Climate Commission does not have an ongoing role, and consequently I am writing to advise you that the Climate Commission has been dissolved, with effect from the date of this letter.”

h/t to WUWT reader “New Broom”

The question now is, which NGO will pick up this fool?

178 thoughts on “Climateer Tim Flannery sacked in Oz

  1. This truly is a great day in Australia, I am glad I am one of the millions who helped vote this government in to rid us of this green madness!

  2. It’s good to see this happening so quickly and so decisively. Australia-wide Greens must be trembling in their boots – particularly the alarmist sort in positions of power. Nice, nice, nice! I’ve even got some champagne.
    A hearty cheers to all! 🙂

  3. He as had some years of fat wages , little work, and way to much power , so zero sympathy .
    And worse he will now sell himself as a ‘victim’ , if some green NGO want to keep him in the ‘style ‘ his become used to , let the fools .

  4. Flannery is the man who advised the Government that south-east Australia would be in permanent drought due to AGW, so no new catchment dams should be built, and the money spent on desalination plants instead.
    Outcome: South-East Australia awash with water, billions of dollars wasted on (mothballed) desalination plants, not enough catchment to prevent the kind of flooding which killed 38 people in Queensland, while Flannery pocketed a fortune.
    He’s getting off lightly, IMO.

  5. At last Flannery feels the Mad Monk’s boot where the sun does not shine. Only the Aussies can call their PM the Mad Monk! Bully for them.

  6. There is an article on the publicly funded warmist blog “The Conversation” I am banned from that blog but someone should ask the author Andy Pitman how long it would take the world to cool if human activity ceased tomorrow he has previously stated twenty to thirty years not the thousand claimed by Tim Flannery. When I asked Ian Chub the Chief Scientist who was right his answer was quote “I would not have a clue not a clue”. So ask Andy Pitman again and see if he has changed his tune.

  7. Sad news, really sad.
    I am currently receiving medical treatment and am unable to celebrate properly with champagne. 🙂

  8. Greg S says:
    September 18, 2013 at 11:52 pm
    Sad news, really sad.
    I am currently receiving medical treatment and am unable to celebrate properly with champagne. 🙂
    I’ll do it for you – I’ve got lots. 😀

  9. Rick Bradford says:
    September 18, 2013 at 11:50 pm
    good points. Perhaps someone (in Oz?) could put together a complete list of the OZ CC project comings and goings over the years of its existence? Plus a list of the various costings. Perhaps this would be a good way to ‘confirm’ that the science has been wrong and the money wasted has been truly horrendous? A good reinforcement for the 50:1 video?

  10. I’m reminded of an old saying
    “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”
    This priest in the Church of Thermagedon needs to be watched closely, where ever he resurfaces

  11. David Karoly and Will Steffen also went the same way as Tim Flannery.
    Three for the price of one, and it is only the day after the new government was sworn into office.
    Our new Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, already has his staff busy drafting legislation to repeal the Australian Carbon Tax laws put into place by the previous government.

  12. There’s a rumor doing the circuit that these impotent climate alarmists are going to revive their careers by forming a musical act called The Climate Cassandras. UN sponsorship and greenpiss funding has been made available under the Climate Alarmist Refugee Bill. TRZ has leaked details that the Cookser will be in charge of costumes.

  13. Perhaps it would have been more sensible to have kept the commission but staffed it with more intelligent people. Eco-loons don’t go away, and they never shut up. They need an organisation to take them on with suitable robust responses.

  14. Beer Holiday says:
    September 19, 2013 at 12:07 am
    Oh no they got rid of captain planet!
    But that won’t affect the planet the rest of us live on.

  15. I saw the “sacked” and just assumed it was another sceptic losing their job.
    So when I realised it was an alarmist … I felt a little hypocritical for a second … until I realised that unlike sceptics it is not that the individual was being targeted, but the job was going because the organisation was (rightly) being shut down.

  16. Just watched NikfromNYC’s video, hilarious.
    The man is ‘axiomatically’ some kind of one world communist, and assumes he will naturally be part of the ruling ‘brain’ of the global super organism that will ‘co-ordinate’ (ie control) the rest. Like an Orwellian pig he tells us we are all in this together and all equal but some of course are more equal than others – I don’t think he imagines his role as a gardener or a soldier ant.

  17. Expect a ‘visiting professorship’ in a University with a part time consultancy job with the EPA. He may even be able to make that US$180K tax free. (No sarc because we have already seen similar Australian ‘climate academics’ take that same path)

  18. @Max Roberts.
    That would be the “Mostly Natural Climate Change with a Tiny Bit of Hard to Detect Anthropogenic Influence Commission”

  19. I am sitting back laughing and having a wine or to . maybe when they sack 2000 more from the climate dep,t we will be drinking more wine its a great day for Australia

  20. American Congress take note – the amount of money Abbott will save, taking an axe to climate boondoggles and foreign aid, will make a serious difference to the Aussie economy.
    If you’re wondering how to avoid the next US debt limit crisis, you can start by finding the guts to defund all the cr@p the democrats have so far pushed you into accepting.

  21. The IPCC are going to need a replacement for soft porn novelist Pachauri in the not too distant future. Flannery could do much more economic damage there than just in his native Australia.
    In a sane world Flannery would be unemployable, but in our world he will emerge somewhere determined to spread alarmist doctrine far and wide. My guess is we have not heard the last of this purveyor of bad science and scary fiction.

  22. Watched that video no wonder that Bob Brown (last departed leader of the greens) had a great rapport with Flim Flannery, what with Bobs Aliens and Flims organisms and ant colonies, they could have ruled the world.
    I heard Tim Flannery on radio today he was tipping a bucket on the C.S.I.R.O. as a political directed organisation, unlike his “independent” Climate Commission – gosh the rabid turn on each other when their snouts are dragged out of the trough of public funding.
    Still a long way to go as the radio presenter didn’t even have the smarts to remind him of his outrageous (and wrong) climate predictions. He was a useful and malleable personality willing to say whatever the government of the day seemed to want and one that thinks he “earned” his $184,000 salary – glad to see him go and hope for the reinstatement of David Bellamy who was so badly treated when he declared the Mann and Gore claims as rubbish.

  23. We need to put on trial all those who deceitfully spread warmist propaganda, including Tim Flannery. Those that gave the orders and those that followed the orders to deceive the people and cause economic loss must be held to account. It is unfair that the taxpayer has to fund ideology based on fraud and self interest. Just hope the cat starts to come out of the bag on the whole AGW fraud and the motivations behind it.

  24. Such a good day for all our cousins in Australia.
    From all here in England…wishing we had a similar government!

  25. What a wonderful, wonderful day, not only for us Aussies, but for EVERYONE on Earth.
    The boondoggle is coming to a screeching halt, and slowly the herd individually shakes their head, and says “What was I thinking?”
    The decline (and they tried to hide the decline!) started with ClimateGate in November 2009, and has increased in tempo ever since.
    A fabulous day, and we will continue to grind these lefty carpet-baggers and hand-out experts into the dirt.
    Congratulations everyone! Well done, and eternal thanks Anthony, your personal efforts are at the absolute forefront of the rational destruction of the great global warming caper.
    Well done!

  26. Quote from the Grauniad:-

    “I believe Australians have a right to know, a right to authoritative, independent and accurate information on climate change,” Flannery told a press conference in Melbourne.

    Well yeah, Timmy. I’m guessing that’s why you got sacked.

  27. The latest revisions to AR5 are to bring back the MWP thereby consigning Mann’s Hockey Stick to oblivion, and to reduce climate sensitivity still; further:
    What this indicates is a propaganda machine in full retreat as the scientists seek salvation in reality rather than hyperbole. This always happens at the end of such periods. Thus the collapse of the Phlogiston Theory has Priestley emigrating to America. At the end of Lysenkoism we had the development of the Samizdat movement.
    So, to some degree, we also have Samizdat in out academic institutions. Thus 2nd year physics’ students in a top UK university were given a project to find out how a ‘reverse heat engine’ could be made to work, powered by ‘back radiation’ received on a car roof!
    The purpose was of course to show that Climate Alchemy claims science which breaches the Law of Conservation of Energy, expressed in Maxwell’s Equations which presumably none of these dorks has heard of let alone used.
    Look in Goody and Yung ‘Atmospheric Physics’ and the transfer of energy to and from matter to the EM world is summarised as qdot = – Div Fv.
    qdot is the monochromatic heating rate of matter per unit volume. Fv is the monochromatic radiative flux density per unit volume. Integrate it and you get the difference between two S-B equations. Climate Alchemy and far too many mediocre scientists imagine the individual S-B equation denotes an energy flux instead of a radiation field. Virtually all scientists iI have met forget about the negative sign and physicists imagine a stream of photons bouncing off filled site.
    Photons do not exist except at the instant of energy transfer OR measurement, the same thing. Extending Planck’s theory gives the coupled net radiation field as a carrier for photon holes from the acceptor to the emitter. Back Radiation does not exist except as a measure of the radiation field.

  28. Not a man that I would pay $180 grand for his thoughts or ideas. A self-promoter, and a rather nutty academic. Who hands out our money to these people?

  29. Oh well, I suppose that since he was only part time he has his other job to fall back on. (Unless he is a sword smith, of course.)
    Anyone know what the other job is?

  30. Good news for Australia.
    Maybe not for the UK.
    We “inherited” the second rate shill, Lewandowsky, after our Royal Society paid him a large bung to continue [his] “ground-breaking” research.
    I kid you not!

  31. 180 k for a part time job! These days that is normal in these elite parasitic circles, but it is still conspicuously expensive and part of a culture that looks to outsiders who work hard for modest income from which they pay taxes to be immoral. Furthermore this is given to a man who believes that the only responsible way to life is by conserving natural resources, especially fossil fuels. So what on earth is he doing with this huge quantity of money?
    I suppose he could put it under his bed and not spend it, thus reducing consumption, or donate it to green charities charity, but in a way the peoples tax’s are there to be spent for the common good of the community. He was a advisor who directly advised the government on green policies and spending, he should have taken only a modest wage and refused this huge income that he did not need to support what should have been (considering his opinions) modest.

  32. Our shiny new quarter-right-ish government is fantastic, a real breath of fresh air. I’d recommend getting one, wherever you are.

  33. oldseadog, I believe his qualification is in quaternary geology (in which case he should know better) and he teaches/researches somewhere.
    Perhaps now he is not suckling on the public teat he will have to sell his house by the sea, which he no doubt bought to save some other poor soul from drowning.
    And the labour party wondered where Abbot might make savings.
    This is really quite funny. I especially like the bit about you can’t be a commissioner because the commission no longer exists – I will be smiling quietly to myself all evening.

  34. Paul Westhaver says: “OM Gosh. I enjoyed that. I need a smoke. schadenfreude.”
    I’m already there friend. This is truly a moment to exhale without a niggling thought that one day, morons like this would have been, if left unchecked, responsible for orchestrating a tax on your very exhalation. UN taxation on the basis of population was but a breath away.
    Flannel-face is gone. History will be merciless.

  35. Flannery, or as I like to call him Flummery, was an embarassment. Graduated in English Literature. Some how got a tax payer funded gig digging up Kangaroo bones, which resulted in him getting a PhD in paleontology, and then went on to be a museum bureaucrat.
    He knows bugger all about the climate, and bugger all about basic science and the scientific method.

  36. AlecMM says:
    September 19, 2013 at 1:10 am
    Photons do not exist except at the instant of energy transfer OR measurement, the same thing.
    As far as I remember, photons not only exists, they even do have a mass, as theorised by Einstein and observed as a change in path when passing the sun during a solar eclipse… See:
    Climate Alchemy claims science which breaches the Law of Conservation of Energy, expressed in Maxwell’s Equations.
    There is no breaching of any Law by assuming backradiation. The net transfer of energy by radiation always is from a hotter to a colder object. If you may remember Dr. Spencer’s “Yes Virginia” experiment at:
    I have made a spreadsheet which shows the effect of Dr. Spencer’s proposal, where you can experiment with any start temperature / heat input and watch what happens with the different radiation fluxes and temperatures over time:
    At no time there is a breach of the Law of Conservation of Energy, still the colder object heats up the warmer one, thanks to backradiation…

  37. What I’d really like Abbott do is to fund some counter research that gets the ball rolling for the rest of the world. If he set up a unit where non alarmist researchers could actually get some work done without fear it could really change things globally. Ideally just parachute people like Ward into the top positions and tell them to go for it.

  38. I dont mean Ward. But you get what I mean! Apologies I’m knackered – whens this baby going to turn up? I suspect my mental processes aren’t going to improve when it does.

  39. “Now we need the EU to come to their senses…”
    I could not agree more.
    However, the Aussies voted their lot out. Most of the EU bureaucracy seems to be not removeable by democratic means. We do have one political party in the UK intent on leaving the EU – maybe they have a point.

  40. Some great comments upthread. Roy Martin notes that Karoly and Steffen are also affected by the dissolution of the climate commission, I’m sure they have funding from other sources though.
    Peter Miller identifies Flannery as a potential replacement for Pachauri, that made me spit out the champagne rather abruptly. Omnologos asks just what has Flannery been doing in his part-time sinecure, good question and the anwer is ‘getting it wrong’ on every issue.
    Max Roberts has a great idea of keeping an official body staffed with intelligent people to counter the propaganda nonsense. That is a great idea, I’m sure that could be done on less money provided the carbon tax and all the green funding is ended.
    Finally, Peter N correctly identifies the psychological makeup of Flannery in true orwellian style, he wants us to be all equal except that Flannery and his ilk will be more equal, too right Peter.

  41. Plenty of slots, non-sequestered, in CA’s carbon program, then going further east, there’s all those slots at the EPA and, of course, there’s Brussels.

  42. I hope that no one minded. I ‘gave” Flim flam a notional $4,000 separation fee, in my last post, so he can either notionally buy a boat to commute from his flash seaside (Gorelike) Mansion or a land yatch, just in case his belief triggers a butterfly somewhere among the windmill perturbations!!
    Generous, yes as we are in Australia !! sarc / of course….

  43. Jannie, I too am a happy little Vegemite!
    Tony Abbott is THE Action-Man. I thought that he was a bit weak and circumspect during the campaign, but he has done himself proud in the early days of dismembering the Labor disaster.
    Happy, happy days!

  44. I bet there is some UK NGO who want him, Grantham Institute perhaps, another bunch of mad dogs barking at nothing.

  45. Here in Australia, The Greens have turned a wonderful shade of Blue. Tim Flannery, Will Steffan and David Karoly are now heading for the CentreLink employment branch to see if they can get a grant.

  46. Well done to the Aussies! Some consolation for the Ashes, perhaps??
    Meanwhile, back here in England, according to yesterday’s “The Times”, Professor Nilay Shah of Imperial College, has likened those who cast doubts on climate change, to the South African politicians of the 1990’s who denied the link between HIV and AIDS. Quite a leap in logic! He includes your new PM, Tony Abbott, in this despicable group.
    Mind you, he is the lead author for an organisation called the Grantham Institute for Climate Change. With a name like that, you can imagine they have a vested interest in keeping climate change as a scary scenario, lest their Institute should crumble.

  47. Funny how the sea rise alarmists have a penchant for sea front property.
    Australia heading to sanity, just as it was becoming the most climate nutty nation on earth. There is hope yet!

  48. “Julian in Wales says:
    September 19, 2013 at 1:46 am”
    That’s right, 3 days per week apparently. He was also a few years ago espousing the benefits of geothermal energy, while at the same time investing in a geothermal energy company. I understand now he sold his investments as, I imagine, would be seen to be a conflict of interest. Must have taken advice from the likes Al Gore and “Oxy” and Ross Garnout (An economist and the architect of the “price on carbon”) and the Ok Tedi copper an gold mines in PNG.

  49. the first head on a post!
    finally it gets real.
    bravo, bravo!
    don’t stop now- line em all up against the wall.

  50. Ferdinand Engelbeen says: September 19, 2013 at 2:22 am
    … As far as I remember, photons not only exists, they even do have a mass, as theorised by Einstein and observed as a change in path when passing the sun during a solar eclipse…

    As far as I remember, the bent path is due to the curvature of space, occurring regardless of any mass.

  51. My wife and I have just returned from an evening out celebrating the start of the Enlightenment .. Flannery is the first and there are many to follow … quite mellow now after a bottle of the finest of Penfold’s Grange.
    The socialist appointed Commonwealth public servants who have supped at the pig trough for the past 6 years are busy peeing in their pants awaiting their pink slips. You know what ? They are of no concern the the majority of Australians as they are essentially the welfare dependents who voted for the Labor losers.
    I hope that our victory and swift action against alarmism will be inspirational to our conservative and otherwise logical brethren in the USA to similarly take action. Colorado, from what I read, has already exercised some democracy made it known that they won’t be taken for mugs.
    Hallelujah !!

  52. Thank you for putting this news on your blog, this commission was instituted as a propaganda vehicle to sell the carbon tax to the tax payers. It served no worth while purpose, the propaganda was taken on board by our state governments who were also labour at the time. It cost us billions in boondoggles. Flannery was also head of a company for power generation from hot rocks that was given 90 million dollars of tax payer money that failed spectaculary. He has proved to be an absolute nutter in his ramblings. I tell all this to show the absolute absurdity of the things our previous government did.

  53. Bloody EXCELLENT NEWS!!!!
    Three of the mongrels culled
    and now?
    ABC Science show.(jha ha what science??)
    R Williams needs retiring permanently no guest spots no nothing finito!

  54. “As a result we have developed a reputation as a reliable, apolitical source of facts on all aspects on climate change,” Professor Flannery said.
    What a complete load of crap from the $180,000/yr part timer.

  55. @Ferdinand Engelbeen.
    Radiation pressure exists, it has momentum so can be bent by gravity, but that pressure is from the gradient of the radiative flux density which is continuously altering due to the thermal noise so the ‘photons’ are continually rearranging: think of it as delocalisation so the photons are transient during conversion of form from EM to mechanical and vice versa.
    As for ‘back radiation’, it is the radiation field and has to form a net radiation field before it can transfer energy to matter. To claim as in Climate Alchemy that it is an energy flux triples the real flux. About half of the extra is then removed by assuming Kirchhoff’s Law of Radiation applies at ToA when most of the energy is emitted from inside the atmosphere. Then the models use double the real low level cloud optical depth in hind casting.
    The net effect is to heat up sunlit parts of the ocean increasing evaporation whilst exaggerating cloud cooling. Hence the positive feedback from high evaporation is an artefact of the modelling. The reality is that surface average temperature and TPW are decreasing and there is no ‘hot spot’.
    You then have to correct all the other mistakes, e.g. Tyndall’s experiment has been misinterpreted so there is no thermalisation of the gas phase by absorbed IR from a higher temperature source – the energy pseudo-diffuses to heterogeneities: clouds and space. Sagan’s aerosol optical physics is wrong – the second optical process is a large droplet phenomenon so the cooling from pollution is rally heating due to inhibition of droplet coarsening kinetics. Virtually all the basic physics of heat generation and transfer is wrong which is why the models perform so badly.

  56. Flannery is on record in the Melbourne Age claiming that Global Temperatures had increased by 25%. How did he arrive at that figure… well he claimed that average temp has increased from 15C to 20C so that’s 5C/15C which (he claimed) is 25%. An economist pointed out it was more like 30%…. Apart from the unsupported numbers and the arithmetic… can anybody see where Prof. Flannery got this completely wrong? (Tip… If this were an exam question Tim would have received and Absolute Zero score)

  57. PS in 1981_Hansen_etal.pdf the claim of 33 K ghe forgets that taking out ghgs from the atmosphere increases SW at the surface by 43%. The real ghe = ~11K; ‘positive feedback’ via lapse rate change cannot exist except at very low water vapour levels. the cause is the self-absorption of IR emission > 100 ppm [H2O].

  58. Flannery: Kinko the Climate Change Clown. Sacked. Now a dole bludger.
    I never thought I would cheer someone becoming a dole bludger but…

  59. Hey Tim, on the way out, take the bloody Tugun desal plant with you, it is a blot on the Gold Coast landscape, and leave the $90million for the hot rocks at the door.

  60. Josh’s cartoon has me baffled.
    It makes him sound like a skeptic IMO. ??????
    “What has CO2 got to do with climate?”

  61. My profound thanks to the people of Australia. Your country leads the world in debunking the CO2 / global warming/ AGW / climate change myth. Keep up the good work!

  62. The article quotes Flannery:

    “I believe that Australians have a right to know. A right to authoritative, independent, accurate information on climate change.”

    That would be a good start. Bob Carter might be available.

  63. Harpo:
    He went wrong because, first and foremost, temperatures have not risen from 15C to 20C. Second, the most obvious fact is that little matter of K – to get a percentage you really need to be working in Kelvins, so his erroneous claim actually is that temps have risen from 288K to 293K, which is nowhere near any 5%.
    However, I’ll give them this: since water in gaseous phase is the main “greenhouse” gas, all that really matters is temperature above 273.15K, so if their way WAY out there claim of 5 degrees was accurate it could be significant. But it’s not, so that’s a moot point.
    Dodgy Geezer beat me to the quote that belongs here:

    In an odd way it’s cheering news!

  64. Flannery is a fool.. agreed, but Tony Abbott is far more dangerous. I would rather live with a climate idiot, than a medieval nut bag any day.
    I mean after 80 years he has gotten rid of the science ministry! On day one … and here you all are cheering him on.. On a science web site?
    “History will be merciless” on Tony Abbott

    • @D Lamingtone – What “science” is there in government? The US has no “science” minister, but what it does have (over the last 100 years) is a majority of the Nobel Science Prizes.

  65. Good news. The man has caused so much damage. Still, I would expect the screeching of the Australian climate gallahs to become ever more shrill as a result. Rational Australians should be on guard..

  66. Ric Werme says:
    September 19, 2013 at 5:03 am
    John Daly might toast to that!
    It is a pitty he doesn’t live anymore to see this first step in throwing out the more extremes of the AGW side… He certainly would have celebrated this day.
    His site was my first meeting with other skeptics, it was a sad day when he suddenly died.

  67. Interesting what Wikipedia thinks about changes to Tim’s page. See the latest history of changes.
    (cur | prev) 12:33, 19 September 2013‎ (talk)‎ . . (34,689 bytes) (+551)‎ . . (Edited section to indicate the sacking of Flannery from a position where he had milked the taxpayer for $180,000/yr to pontificate on the global warming scam.) (undo) (Tag: possible BLP issue or vandalism)
    (cur | prev) 06:13, 19 September 2013‎ (talk)‎ . . (34,138 bytes) (+1)‎ . . (→‎Climate Commission: Changed “is” to “was”, to reflect the catastrophic policy choices of the Abbot Government.) (undo) (Tag: VisualEditor)

  68. D Lamington,
    Can you name a country that has a Ministry of Science? I can’t find one!
    Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Argentina)
    Ministry of Science and Technology (Bangladesh)
    Ministry of Science and Technology (Brazil)
    Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China
    Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation of Denmark
    Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (Iceland)
    Ministry of Science and Technology (India)
    Ministry of Education and Science (Lithuania)
    Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (Iran)
    Ministry of Education and Science (Macedonia)
    Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Japan)
    Ministry of Science and Technology (Pakistan)
    Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
    Ministry of Science and Technology (South Korea)
    Ministry of Science and Technology (Sri Lanka)
    Ministry of Science and Technology (Thailand)
    Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology (Turkey)

  69. D Lamingtone well when Abbot has wrecked science as much as the climate lobby and Flannel has then I will kick him! but to start of with a prejudice ‘it’s all medieval ‘ on day one is well very poor form !

  70. Duncan says:
    September 19, 2013 at 2:25 am
    What I’d really like Abbott do is to fund some counter research that gets the ball rolling for the rest of the world. If he set up a unit where non alarmist researchers could actually get some work done without fear it could really change things globally.

    For me maintaining the same underlying principles regardless of whether the party you support is in opposition or in power is very important. In terms of a ruling party this also helps in terms of maintaining intellectual consistency in the eyes of the public, keeping them on board for as long as possible. The most odious thing about climate change science is the corruption of a scientific field due to politicisation (and special interests).
    The aspect that really needs to be addressed is the intellectual/ideological independence of bodies and processes through which state funded research grants are handed out. Maybe a commission would be useful to broach this area (to provide recommendations for reform).

  71. “A Great Day For Freedom”
    On the day the Left came down
    We threw Tim Flannery to the ground
    And with glasses high we raised a cry for freedom had arrived
    On the day the warming scam came down
    The Ship of Fools had finally run aground
    Tax savings lit up the night like paper doves in flight
    (with apologies to the inestimable Pink Floyd)
    Gd’onya Tony – keep it comin mate !! 🙂

  72. Some background on Tim Flannery from Wikipedia:
    ‘Commissioner of the Australian Climate Commission, a Federal Government body providing information on climate change to the Australian public.
    Flannery was named Australian of the Year in 2007 and is currently a professor and holds the Panasonic Chair in Environmental Sustainability at Macquarie University. He is also the chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council, an international climate change awareness group. His sometimes controversial views on shutting down conventional coal fired power stations for electricity generation in the medium term are frequently cited in the media.’
    He may well miss his $180k but he won’t starve unfortunately (neither probably will Steffen or Karoly, his co-commissioners, sadly).

  73. J. Philip Peterson says:
    September 19, 2013 at 1:44 am
    Boy, wouldn’t that be great if similar stuff happened here in the good ole USA?
    Good luck with that!

    It won’t happen for at least another three years, until we can get The Puppet President and his socialist coterie (especially John Holdren) out of the White House—and get a conservative in there, and a conservative Congress. Then maybe we can get abolish the EPA (let the states handle real pollution) and allow the United States to enjoy a fossil-fuel-funded economic boom like none we have ever seen.
    In the meantime, just hunker down and watch how much more damage that crowd can do to the country.
    /Mr Lynn

  74. ***
    Mike McMillan says:
    September 19, 2013 at 3:26 am
    As far as I remember, the bent path is due to the curvature of space, occurring regardless of any mass.
    The curvature of space-time is caused by the presence of mass/energy. Space-time without mass/energy would be completely flat.

  75. Streetcred says:
    September 19, 2013 at 3:31 am

    I hope that our victory and swift action against alarmism will be inspirational to our conservative and otherwise logical brethren in the USA to similarly take action. Colorado, from what I read, has already exercised some democracy made it known that they won’t be taken for mugs.

    The political tide seems to be turning, and while Mr Lynn immediately above might be right (“It won’t happen for at least anothe three years”), there is this on the FoxNews website today:

  76. There is so much wailing and gnashing of teeth about this by greens taking to social media at the moment. Its hilarious. Good to see the new government cutting loose some dead weight.

  77. Hurrah!
    Not a blip in Canadian or US Media since this breath of fresh wind in Australia clearing out the smog of Climate Alarmism. It would hurt the Democrats(US)/NDP/Liberals/Greens (Canada) too much in the polls. People would actually start asking why they are doing the stupid things they do.

  78. Flim-flam Flummery has been sacked?!
    This is great news, although he will surely get a cushy academic or consulting gig to help him drown his sorrows.
    Or he can retire to his seaside home to watch the scary ocean tides……

  79. FerdiEgb says:
    “His site was my first meeting with other skeptics, it was a sad day when he suddenly died.”
    I agree wholeheartedly, Ferdinand. John Daly was a true skeptics’ skeptic. He is still greatly missed, and much credit to you for pointing out that many of us were made aware of his common sense science, which deconstructed the crazy, wild-eyed belief in runaway global warming.
    Mr Daly will always be missed. But his knife in the heart of climate alarmism remains, despite Phil Jones’ inappropriate celebration of his unfortunate demise. By comparison, Jones is an odious, disrespectful creature, unfit to be called a scientist…

  80. While here in Beautiful BC the madness continues. Schools and hospitals continue to flush millions of public money down the drain into the hands of the Pacific Carbon Trust and friends of the government.

  81. Here is what the Auditor General of BC had to say about BC’s carbon tax:
    This audit examined two projects which accounted for nearly 70 percent of the offsets purchased by government to achieve their claim of carbon neutrality: the Darkwoods Forest Carbon project in southeastern B.C. and the Encana Underbalanced Drilling project near Fort Nelson. However, this claim of carbon neutrality is not accurate, as neither project provided credible offsets.
    John Doyle, MAcc, FCA
    Auditor General
    Victoria, British Columbia
    March 2013

  82. “…if some green NGO want to keep him in the ‘style ‘ his become used to , let the fools .”
    Except that most NGOs are funded by taxpayers, directly or indirectly through tax “exemptions”…
    “Grantham Institute of Climate Change…”
    “Grantham” is Olde Englische for “Free Pork”…

  83. Just the fact that a government ministry is going to be dismantled is in itself is astonishing occurrence to us Americans. Imagine where the USA would be if we also eliminated unneeded departments and agencies.

  84. OldWeirdHarold says:
    September 19, 2013 at 7:47 am
    I hope the US GOP is taking notes.

    The Obama administration ignores laws it doesn’t like. Last year, funding was cut for some programs and they simply moved money around and spent it anyway. This is unconstitutional, of course, but doesn’t matter.

  85. “Paul Coppin says:
    September 19, 2013 at 7:33 am
    “Grantham Institute of Climate Change…”
    “Grantham” is Olde Englische for “Free Pork”…”
    If only more knew of “Olde Englische”. There are traits, diminishing, in the Scottish highlands and isles. Damn the Romans, French and politicians!

  86. Sounds to me like some Johnny-come-lately taking credit where no credit is due. The U.S. cleanup of PM was one of the first things the (then new) EPA started on in early ’70’s. By 1990 it was largely complete.
    Conclusions from all epidemiological studies like the China study, are tenuous. There may be correlations, but it is extremely difficult to show causation with no control over the variables. And we all know that correlation does not demonstrate causation.

  87. Well done Australia. Common sense is making a return and all you rational voters came together to vote the greenie-meanies out on their arses. Hopefully your tax dollars will now be better directed. I’m hoping the common sense will soon return to Britain. But regretfully, I feel this is quite a way off.

  88. Max Roberts says:
    September 19, 2013 at 12:19 am
    Perhaps it would have been more sensible to have kept the commission but staffed it with more intelligent people. Eco-loons don’t go away, and they never shut up. They need an organisation to take them on with suitable robust responses.

    No. Absolutely not! The only way to put a stake through the heart of a government agency is to defund it completely and follow that up by passing a law that removes all authority from that agency. That way, when the opposition again surfaces (and when the opposition is liberal, it always will surface since these people love government jobs) they will have to win over both the legislature and the executive to get their pet agency re-authorized, and then funded.
    If you leave the agency in place, with all of it’s legal authorization, all that it takes to completely reverse all the good done by defunding it is a few closet bureaucrats who insert funding into an obscure bill, along with a compliant legislator or two, and an executive who is either clueless, modestly complicit, or completely complicit, and the agency will ride herd over us once again.
    That is how liberals always win, by gaining ground each time they’re in power, and going into hiding when they’re out of power, knowing that conservatives will be reluctant to shut the entire operation down. For example, imagine the uproar if the GOP in the U.S. de-authorized the Department of Education. They should, but they never will. And, over time, liberals will always set the tone, even though they will suffer inevitable setbacks from time to time.
    So, in short, you’re wrong. Your “sensible” suggestion plays right into their hands. I hope, on rethinking it, you come to realize that. You are right in saying that they need an organization. So, don’t leave one in place for them to commandeer. Destroy it, and all vestiges of it, and then document thoroughly the savings and the benefits, and publicize them broadly in the hopes that such an organization will never be created again by thinking people.

  89. I do hope Australia can export this common sense and accountability to currently depressed regions like the the U.S. and EU.

  90. Yes. Yes. Yes. Best news I’ve heard all week. Don’t like to gloat, but it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  91. It has been a joy and a delight watching the luvvies at the ABC and the Fairfax press going incandescent with rage about this. They are furious that a conservative politician has actually implemented the promises that he was elected on. It’s something new for them. The Labor government had no such inhibitions.
    Of course, if he had broken his promises, they would have been livid about that too.

  92. Gee Timmy you reckon only “10% of my body is made up of bacteria and fungi” . I strongly suggest you do a recount!!

  93. Listening to Flannery’s video (see NikFromNYC says: September 18, 2013 at 11:53 pm), I got the impression (a) Mr. Flannery is a one-world, socialist, communist, screw-the-individual,-it’s-the-state-that-matters do-gooder, and (b) he’ll ride any whore horse that might carry him to the finish line. He chose the whore name CAGW. CAGW turned out to be a rabbit out of the gate, but it looks like she may not finish the race. Too bad. Well Tim, you can console yourself that at least the ride was exciting at the start. Now it’s time to pay the bill. Put the money on the counter.

  94. FerdiEgb says: September 19, 2013 at 5:23 am
    … But there is an extra bent in the path when the photon’s pass near large masses:

    Gravitational lensing near galaxies isn’t extra; it’s the same curvature as near the sun, just much broader and weaker. It’s a curvature of space through time, and the photon spends a lot of time traveling past a galaxy. I haven’t checked, but I’d imagine the observed angular bend past the sun is greater than what we observe past galaxies.
    beng says: September 19, 2013 at 6:19 am
    … The curvature of space-time is caused by the presence of mass/energy. Space-time without mass/energy would be completely flat.

    Space-time without mass/energy would not exist.

  95. One correspondent had champagne.
    I’ve had a bottle of Mateus tonight on this. Not as good (but not bad!)
    Auto (In Southern Europe)

  96. NO!!! Don’t open all those bottles of champagne! Think of all the CO2 safely sequestered within each bottle. You wouldn’t want to let it all out into the poor, helpless atmosphere, would you?
    I know: most of you won’t listen to me. But if it saves just one bottle…

  97. I have no objection to stopping the Climate Commission, but failing to appoint a Minister for Science is just plain stupid, and will damage all research. A clear case of throwing out the baby with the bath water.

  98. When it comes to water, Professor Flannery certainly goes with the flow! (From the Oz Herald Sun). with an accompanying video slice)
    ‘Professional alarmist Tim Flannery in 1996 warned that global warming would drown beachfront houses eight storeys high.
    ”Anyone with a coastal view from their bedroom window, or their kitchen window, or where-ever, is likely to lose their house as a result of that change, so anywhere, any coastal cities, coastal areas, are in grave danger”.
    But the very next year he bought a house just four or five metres from the edge of the tidal waters around the Hawkesbury estuary [ East Coast of Australia].
    According to property searches, in 1997 Professor Flannery bought one house on the Hawkesbury with his wife, Alexandra Leigh Szalay, for $274,000.
    Five years later—even as climate scientists, including Professor Flannery, claimed evidence of global warming and rising sea levels was even more solid—the couple bought the property next door, for $505,000.

  99. jimmi_the_dalek says:
    September 19, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    It is part of a pattern by the new Government to depoliticise the term ‘Science’ and starve the media of oxygen, certainly they are not ignorant of or anti science. They will quietly go about their business and removing targets is part of the process.

  100. Brits – how is the BBC handling this ? I can guess, but want to get my facts straight before I post some vitriol on other widely read sites that I contribute to.

  101. Dissolving the Climate Commission and the jolly Tim is a wonderful thing. I’m so happy about that. However, when you all get over the endorphin rush. remember he’s doing it because it wasn’t his idea. He has a “better”plan to reduce CO2 emissions and save o.ooooooo3%, whatever, of the world while jacking up our price for power. So, @ basby 76, be reminded that some of the most important work to be done is habitat protection and conservation and Tony is already working to put the clock back on that. Remember that protecting the Great Barrier Reef, the Wet Tropical Rainforest and clean air were all won after prolonged action by conservationists.
    I an a an AGW skeptic AND a conservationist. I hate the fact that the majority of conservationsts have either swallowed the AGW meme or else are cynically on the bandwagon. BUT, I guess I don’t like being slagged as a “watermelon” any less than I do as a “denier”. A classic ad hominen.

  102. “I have no objection to stopping the Climate Commission, but failing to appoint a Minister for Science is just plain stupid, and will damage all research. A clear case of throwing out the baby with the bath water.”
    It will make absolutely no difference. The Minister for Science was always a junior ministry outside Cabinet, and the few functions of the portfolio were always subsumed into a larger Department under a senior Minister who was in Cabinet. There has never been a stand alone Department of Science.
    Abbott has got rid of a lot of titles for Ministers, because they had become ridiculously long. The science functions will be either in the Education or Industry portfolio (probably the former), and both are senior Cabinet positions.

  103. D. Lamingtone joins Labor and the Greens in making much of the Abbott government’s decision not to name a separate Minister for Science but also joins them in not mentioning the fact that the last Chief Scientist, Penny Sackett, quit in 2011, midway through her five year term, and revealed that she had never once been asked to brief then Prime Minister Gillard. Unlike Flannery, Sackett obviously felt her position had been shown to be unnecessary!
    Hopefully Australia’s Chief Scientist, Ian Chubb, who has been prominent among the climate change barrackers will also get his marching orders. Chubb was supportive of almost every Labor policy but when the Gillard government slashed university funding in the last Budget he was suddenly impossible to find and when the ABC’s Fran Kelly finally did interview him on Radio National, those cuts weren’t even canvassed.
    [” climate change barrackers” ? Mod]

  104. J. Philip Peterson says:
    September 19, 2013 at 11:42 am
    Saw this on the Drudge Report:
    New Australian PM abolishes climate watchdog…(link):
    Earlier today, I had made a comment regarding media sites that have stopped allowing comments on climate change related articles. France 24, it seems, is doing the same, also. There is a negative article about Tony Abbott getting elected, which allows comments, but not for the one on Flannery. This has to be a new tactic. They will shut down all commentary every time they want to make some new point regarding climate change proclamations.

  105. @Sid on the skids, ??? Why oh why did you have to spoil this night of joy?? “Dr.” S. is way worse than this guy ( and frankly if you Google Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s there are a few indicators and I am not joking I have 2 family members diagnosed.). But Canadians still have not got their heads out of CBC’s rear, sadly enough.
    But good on the Oz government right to the point . You have to cull the herd before the disease gets deeper and put them out to pasture rather then perpetuate the problem..

  106. The really sad thing is that he did a lot of good scientific work in the fields of mammalogy and palaeontology. If he hadn’t been sucked into the AGW scam, he’d have been remembered in the biological sciences field (the wider public would never have heard of him) as a top notch scientist. Now he’ll be remembered by the wider public as the buffoon in Josh’s cartoon. Still, he brought it on himself.

  107. Streetcred@3:41 a.m.:
    And so say all of us!
    Wonderful, wonderful times. I have been looking for this since ClimateGate, almost 4 years ago!
    Suffer the tears of desperation! Onwards!

  108. jimmi_the_dalek says:
    September 19, 2013 at 2:20 pm
    I have no objection to stopping the Climate Commission, but failing to appoint a Minister for Science is just plain stupid, and will damage all research. A clear case of throwing out the baby with the bath water.

    And just what precisely would you expect a Minister for Science to do? S/he would be a politician so presumably you think science to be politicised. That way Lysenkoism (and, of course, CAGW) lies.

  109. Lucky people down under! Pea GREEN with envy. Global warming was always a COMMIE stunt. 180 grand? There you have it. Scare the hell out of people and make them hand over their money. Commies – no talent envious thieves.

  110. Flannery said that in his travels around Australia acting as head of the Climate Commission, he only encountered 6 to 8% of people as sceptics. In typical CAGW scam speak, he did not say, they made it known they would not reply to sceptical questions, so there was no point in attending his talks.
    As usual he tells half the story or less when he can get away with it.

  111. orkneygal says:
    September 21, 2013 at 6:06 am
    “Joanne Nova offers safe haven….”
    Wow! Jo Nova shows what character means to the CAGW crowd. I would be surprised if they are open to this kind of debate. They haven’t been so far.

  112. This clown will show up somewhere for a while but this gig is over .Polish up those CV’s climate “experts” your career path is crashing .

  113. Certainly explains why Obama is tripling down on EPA regs to get the strangle hold permanent before the US wakes up..

  114. He and some cohorts are forming their own climate change gang, privately funded to continue the fight against climate change. Some people are funding it? I wonder who?

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