Quote of the Week, down under edition

qotw_croppedMany Australians are celebrating the win of Tony Abbott and his coalition government as a vote by the populace against the much hated Carbon Tax ramrodded by former prime minister Julia Gillard.

David Elder of Australia, commenting on this event at WUWT, condensed what many of us feel about global warming and environmentalism into a single sentence.

A great victory over the radical green extreme. We here in Oz have found WUWT invaluable in this cause. There has got to be a better way of stewardship for the planet than by scaring the hell out of everyone.



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Well said.


Let’s start by scaring the hell out of the radical green extremists … oooH ! I can’t wait to see the defunding of the NGO’s, research funding directed to practical deserving endeavors, and the leftist MSM made to eat crow !! BRING IT ON !!

Jimmy Haigh.

They don’t scare me!


Aus now open for business, Now onto the next step of following through and axing the tax. For the bloke trolling youtube who said “carbon tax is the way of the future” and that we “WILL pay it whether we like it or not” How do those words taste mate?

I caught a quote on TV about the Coalition’s planned overseas aid cuts.
“We will reduce funding to unaccountable international agencies.”
I hope that includes the IPCC.

John Blake

Tony Abbott is entirely correct: The inconvenient truth is, AGW Catastrophism has precisely nothing to do with empirical scientific fact or even rational inquiry. Everything its sociopathic Green Gangsters do or say is one great big, fat lie.


My Take !
On its way down under>

“…the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” HL Mencken

ossqss said @ September 7, 2013 at 9:39 pm

My Take !

What a pity he didn’t bring his false teeth with him! I was almost as saddened to hear of his demise in April as I was that of Bill Putt (a mere one inch shorter) last month.

Larry in Texas

I concur with your sentiment, David. Awesome stuff.

Elections in NZ next year and hopefully the same result-Goodbye to Prime Minister John Key & the Greens


So Australia’s thermophobia appears to be in remission, while this debilitating progressive mental disease continues to afflict the U.S. and Europe unabated.

NZ Willy

No idea what “Kiwi Guy” is on about, the current lot that we have in New Zealand is the best we’re gonna get. The Greens are NOT part of this government. The alternative to the present National government is a Labour-Green coalition and we do NOT want that.


There has got to be a better way of stewardship for the planet than by scaring the hell out of everyone.
No unelected stewards. No public funding of pseudoscience. No taxation without a vote. No signing of international climate treaties. No loss of freedom. No installation of unelected Ubergovernments. No IPCC. No EU. That’s the better way.

Paul Westhaver

Oz and Canada… leading the way!!!
Canada backed out of the Kyoto Protocol officially June 29, 2012. And that was that.
Welcome to the land of reason Oz.
Regrettably some provinces are still in la la land and are punishing their citizens as if there was such a thing as carbon dioxide problem. Those provinces have leadership that use typewriters, pagers, and Volkswagen Westphalias (with flowers painted on the side)


To be honest whether you believe AGW to be true or not, the way that the Carbon Tax in Australia was implemented made it entirely ineffective in actually reducing emissions in the long run, hence it was not necessary to be a skeptic to vote liberal.

Well said, David – that’s something that should be heard around the world.
Thank you, Anthony, for making David’s comment a post. Cheers to all. 🙂


Ozzy! Ozzy! Oi, Oi. Oi!
Regards from Virginia, USA!


Philip Bradley says:
I caught a quote on TV about the Coalition’s planned overseas aid cuts.
“We will reduce funding to unaccountable international agencies.”
I hope that includes the IPCC.
That description would apply to the whole of the U.N. , should be interesting to watch.
Nice to see WUWT getting credit for providing information to the political process in Oz.


re. My Take !
That some impressive rhythm guitar work by Richie Haven. I’m sure it was all one chord but he turns the guitar into part of the percussion section.

Peter Pond

I would like to be confident that the election win by the Liberal/National Coalition will bring some sanity to the (non-existent) climate change debate in Oz. Realistically however, ALL the scientists in the critical positions in the relevant government bodies/educational institutions are AGW (or even CAGW) true believers. And all of them owe their power, influence and incomes to perpetuation of the CAGW fear. When the incoming government asks them for “frank and fearless advice”, what do you think the new government is going to be told?
In addition there are large numbers of bureaucrats at all levels of government whose very positions are dependent upon there being some climate crisis that needs attention. How many of them are going to suggest to the new government that their own position is not really needed?
When academics and bureaucrats are so entrenched it will require a major effort to winkle them out. Not many politicians/governments can afford the time and emotional energy for this task and it is often less troublesome to apply gentle pressure only.
Each month and each year that goes by without a resumption of global warming will make the task a little easier – but I am not holding my breath.

NZ Willy

Gaia is on our side. That and popcorn are all we need.


This woz one of the things wot dun it :- http://imgur.com/a/VxYDn .

Watts the big deal?

Randall_G – you missed out an Ozzy! But I understand exactly how you feel.


‘Never in the field of human ideological conflict has so much been destroyed to so many by so few’?


Great to see that WUWT gets a well-deserved credit!
Warm thanks also from the far north.


Perhaps worth remembering one of the first websites to campaign effectively against the global warming scam was Australian. The pioneering “Still Waiting for Greenhouse” run by the late John Daly first opened my eyes to the nonsense & lies of the global warming fraudsters.
The site has been inactive for many years now, with the last posting in 2005. How sad that John never saw his pioneering work so conclusively vindicated.

Hector Pascal

I like this quote from Abbott in this Piece in Spiked.
Time’s up for this Ruddy Technocracy

Abbott’s vision reaches beyond the knowledge class to draw wisdom from the crowds. As he said recently: ‘My vision for Australia is not that Big Brother government knows best; it’s that our country will best flourish when all of our citizens, individually and collectively, have the best chance to be their best selves. Government’s job is rarely to tell people what to do; mostly, it’s to make it easier for people to make their own choices.

That could almost be the POUSA speaking. Oh wait………

Hector Pascal said @ September 8, 2013 at 12:45 am

That could almost be the POUSA speaking. Oh wait………

Is that the same Senen Pousa accused of raising at least $53 million from investors with false claims that he ran a group of elite foreign-exchange traders who could generate 78 percent annual returns?
Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/business/us-authorities-accuse-brisbane-firm-of-53m-fraud-20120920-267mu.html#ixzz2eHoJ34IC


The official “Australian Electoral Commission’s” web site, the “Virtual Tally Room” which lists the up to the minute national vote and a quite comprehensive breakdown of the national voting patterns can be found @

David W

So Labor got thrown out of office due to the carbon tax? It wasn’t anything to do with them being the most incompetent government in the history of Australian politics?
What do you do when both sides of the debate are full of it. As Mulder would say. Trust no one.
Some of you guys make me ashamed to be on the sceptic side.
Queue the feral attack dogs.


Peter Pond says:
September 7, 2013 at 11:28 pm
You might not quite realize how we work down here.
When we clean house, we usually go right down to the bedrock.
There will shortly be a lot of unemployed scientists looking for work.


macattack says:
September 7, 2013 at 9:13 pm
Aus now open for business, Now onto the next step of following through and axing the tax. For the bloke trolling youtube who said “carbon tax is the way of the future” and that we “WILL pay it whether we like it or not” How do those words taste mate?
Don’t forget Good ol’ Tone (PM Tony Abbott ) still has to get it through the Senate who are turning out to be Rag bag of “all sorts”. Referred to by one our previous PM’s as the “unrepresentative swill”.


Abbot said carbon tax abolition would be this first act as PM. Let’s see how gets that through a Senate that he does not have fully on his side before jumping with joy.
It’s good to see that this climate BS is becoming toxic politically.
Perhaps that what Obama meant

David W said @ September 8, 2013 at 1:20 am

So Labor got thrown out of office due to the carbon tax? It wasn’t anything to do with them being the most incompetent government in the history of Australian politics?

“The English think incompetence is the same thing as sincerity.”
Quentin Crisp

David Chappell

Caution before you all cheer too loud. Abbot is first and foremost a politician and a politician is someone whose electoral promises rarely translate into deeds. Remember Obama (just one amongst many)?
I shall cheer on behalf of my daughter and grandchildren, who recently became fully-paid-up Australians, if and when…


Re David W’s comment, The carbon tax was a large part of being incompetent. No argument there.

D. Lawrence

Global warming alarmism is extremely useful as a form of employment for those that have failed in everything else.


A bit of quite useless information on an Australian electorate whose 90,000 voter’s are represented in the lower of our bicameral system’s House’s of Parliament, the House of Representative’s by just one elected member.
The electorate of Durack in Western Australia covers some 1,587,775 sq kilometres or 613,044 sq miles.
[ http://vtr.aec.gov.au/HouseDivisionProfile-17496-312.htm ]
Alaska has an area of 570,833 sq miles.
Texas is somewhat puny in area compared to this one single WA electorate represented one one single elected representative at 262,015 sq miles.
The Durack electorate is approximately equal in size to the combined American states of California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Washington state.
For Europeans, the Durack electorate is slightly larger in area than the combined West European countries of France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.
Western Australia of course, if it was a country in it’s own right, would be the 9th largest country in geographical extent on the planet and is larger than any single country in all of Africa since Sudan was divided.

Carsten Arnholm

Congratulations to Australia.
Here in Norway, we also have an election today and tomorrow. The “Red-Green” government is likely to lose after 8 years. However, the Conservatives are committed to CAGW as every single party is in Norway, minus some few “climate deniers” (word used by PM Stoltenberg on TV two days ago) in the Progress Party. To top it all, we now have another, new “Green” party of zealots.
It is an overdone parody.

Stefan v

A note of caution….Abbot & Co are also mere politicians. The lesser of two evils is still evil.


It is interesting to see how people react to a democratic verdict they don’t like. For those who rather enjoy it when democracy (for once) gives the human-hating so-called “greens” a kicking, you should see the anguished yelling and screaming in today’s Guardian comments at the bottom of their article:

wayne Job

Being a politician and an honest straight forward person is usually an oxymoron, our new prime minister is such a person, thus despised by the left for he will not follow BS. We are blessed for now, but the left will start a concerted hate and villification campaign continuing a process they have been doing for years. Most have stopped listening and his good nature and character will win over many and we will have a stable and sensible government for many years.

Gillard was much more convincing in the silence of the lambs.

The important thing here is that there were only two significant groups supporting any kind of revival to the Kyoto treaty when it died at the end of last year.
1. The nutcase EU
2. Australia
As long as Australia backed Kyoto the EU have the thin veneer of credibility that it was an “international” obligation that was forcing the EU to destroy the economy. Now when Australia also dumps Kyoto there will be no place to hide the fact that it is the self-destructive twats in the EU who want to destroy themselves.


Well done Australia. I have always said ‘vote that woman out’ so voting does work (in a democracy). Now we wait to see if our new man is as good as his word, unlike Gillard.

James Allison

Kiwi Guy says:
September 7, 2013 at 10:11 pm
You twit! The Greens are in opposition to John Key and the National Gov.


Hmm. Listened to BBC radio news this morning and MOST SURPRISED that there was ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION of this. Can’t quite understand why not (sarc off, or in the case of the BBC, naff off!)

Abbott will get what he wants through the Senate for one very simple reason; a lot of the minor parties that have come in now would not survive a double dissolution. The magic of PR preferences is not likely to repeat exactly the same again. Also Palmer threw a massive spanner into the well oiled political machine and the green gear train got thrown out as a result.
Interesting times are ahead and I think Abbott is in a good position to deliver. Labor and the Greens know this, they just aren’t prepared to admit it. I reckon a lot of ‘nutty’ legislation is going to burn.