Live feed for Obama's 'Climate Speech' today at 1:55PM EDT

Due to other obligations, I won’t be able to watch, (see the live feed link below) but I hope that WUWT readers will watch (if you can stomach it) and make notes in comments below to see where it deviates from the posted plan available here.

From the White House PR:

Today at 1:55 pm EST, the President will speak on his plan to reduce carbon pollution and prepare our country for the impacts of climate change.

You can watch the speech live at

Following the remarks, Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy & Climate Change Heather Zichal will host a session of Office Hours on Twitter to answer your questions about the plan President Obama announced. Ask a question using the hashtag #WHChat, and follow the Q&A live, starting at 3:00 pm EST.

BTW the Twitter hashtag for this is #Obamaclimate



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Bloke down the pub

I think I’ll give it a miss. I can’t afford to throw my lap top through the window.


Due to a low threshold of nausea, I won’t be able to watch it, either.


…I’m out of Ativan


I’m another no-show: that man makes me want to puke.
I’m not sure whether it’s the lies, the “Transforming America” agenda, or the fact he’s clueless without his teleprompter.
Three strikes and he’s out.

I read the document and think the only important residual of the speech is that the “climate” for climate will be a bit improved and it will be easier to get traction for good programs. So that is a good step in itself. But the report will irritate everyone. The righties will hate it for the fact that he is doing anything, and the lefties will hate it because he isn’t doing enough. It scales up fossil fuel research and investment in “clean coal” lauds the switch from coal to natural gas as a “bridge fuel” and endorses “safe nuclear.”
Too much of the plan is about adaptation. “Get out the white flags mother, we’re going to WAR!”
Why doesn’t he put forward the aspiration to entirely decarbonize the economy as necessary to slow (or stop) sea level rise? Why doesn’t he call on Congress to act to implement a carbon tax with redistribution of the proceeds to the new low-carbon technologies? Why not initiate a HUD loan assistance program to put solar on 10 million roofs by 2020? Why not allocate Department of Energy funding to wind and geothermal projects? Why not a special SBA small business grants and loans program aimed at helping emerging businesses such as ours? We need stimulus in this sector.
Oh well. When the people lead the government will follow, so lets get to work.

If you like #Obamacare,
you’ll love #Obamaclimate.
Not just 1/6th of the economy, but the whole shebang.

R. de Haan

We clearly have an idiot running the asylum.
One thing is for sure, we’re being lied to. Some guy’s wrote a book about it.
Nobody reads books anymore otherwise we wouldn’t continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Hell, legislators today don’t even read Bills before they vote on them.
We should write Obama and his gang a note and tell him we hold them responsible for the consequences of these insane policies.
Transforming America = Destroying America

Mike McMillan

People won’t be watching in droves.

Done Gone Galt

I tried (to watch); I bailed.

Robert Prudhomme

To David Finnegan – Why not reduce CO2 to below 200. ppm { not possible } and we can kill all
all living things and save the planet. Of course if we were able to drop CO2 below 200-300ppm humans would stop breathing . Below that plant life would start dying – but anything for the greater good . If that doesn’t work why not declare O2 a pollutant .

Don’t want to boost his ratings – I’ll come to WUWT for a synopsis after his televised shitefest.


Dang! I have to wash my hair!

Bob Diaz

His war on coal will be a war on any hope of a recovery. Kiss the economy goodbye.


You gotta love the way he keeps whiping his forehead with a handkerchief. It’s just so globally warm in georgetown.

R. de Haan

Here come the rolling black-outs….

I think President Obama is pushing this now for the reason German prof Ulrich Beck laid out as the real purpose of all the AGW and climate change hype. To switch the rule systems governments must live by as supposedly necessitated by this global crisis.
He does want a Metamorphosis of the State. I think that’s why there has been such a hyperbolic overreaction to this morning’s overturn of part of the Voting Rights Act. The DOJ was using misinterpretations of the Civil rights laws to take away state electoral supervision ability.


Is the face-wiping scripted? He’s perspiring more than Tricky Dicky.


For you that aren’t listening let me sum it up for you.
“We are going to spend your money until our hands turn green from all that cash. Our plan is to spend so much money that the economy will eventually collapse under debt and the U.S. will then emit as much CO2 as Angola.”

Kevin Kilty

He’s got his sleeves rolled up, and the hanky is out to wipe his brow. I’ve been listening for about 10 minutes–longest of my life. I swear he spoke of carbon accumulating in the atmosphere–not CO2, but carbon. I wish we wouldn’t speak about things he doesn’t understand. Makes him sound like the Goreablabber.
He is proposing a lot of infrastructure projects to protect against increasingly hostile weather. They are needed to protect against increasingly idiotic coastal development–oh, sorry, he didn’t say that, my mind wandered off.
There is a lot of sleight of hand. In speaking aboput wind energy, he spoke about the Germans taking the lead in clean energy, but he didn’t actually say wind. I suppose he just forgot about Germany building new coal fired power plants. What’s this nonsense about him having met with young people in Turkey, and finding them being most concerned with climate change? Recent news suggests otherwise.
Can’t see the crowd, but its tepid applause from what seems like a small group of enthusiastic supporters–his mention of new EPA head suggests these are enviros and EPA types..
He’s making the case that all this green energy is going to make new jobs, new jobs, new jobs; but also mentioning that we are going to spend a lot of money protecting communities that are unsettled by this new economy.
Finally he wants to eliminate tax breaks for oil companies. What can I say? New pablum same as the old pablum.


Obama says Tricky started the EPA. That makes sense.

RE: KeystoneXL pipeline State Department approval analysis
“Our national interest will be served only if this project does not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution,” he said. “The net effects of the pipeline’s impact on our climate will be absolutely critical to determining whether this project is allowed to go forward.”
With Senator Kerry, perhaps the biggest pipeline opponent, now as Sec. of State, the disapproval is all but assured.


Dave Finnigan says:
June 25, 2013 at 10:32 am
=========’s a half of a degree Dave

Kevin Kilty

“God Bless America” and then parade music….is he beginning to wrap himself in the flag?
That’s a half an hour I won’t get back.


Dave Finnigan says:
June 25, 2013 at 10:32 am
Dave please remember the /sarc tag at the end of your comments. I almost took you seriously.


A dang good start. Now let’s keep moving.


I kept expecting a marine to appear with an umbrella.

Bruce Cobb

I dub him the Liar-In-Chief. I managed to suffer through the entire 40-minutes of pablum, hand-waving, disinformation, and finally, evangelism. It was awful, and, if half of what he proposes implemented will have dire consequences. I just hope Republicans have the backbone and intestinal fortitude to hold the line against it.


Same ole stuff , 2012 was warmest year on record, last week it was 90 degree in Alaska, 97% Consenus on Human caused Global warming, Climate change deniers same as Flat Earth Society members, push back on Climate change misinfomation(That one was really rich), save the children and make your voice heard at Town meeting and petition your big goverment reps that you want a green future for all those to come.Massive amounts of Liberal feel good BS.

@Dave Finnigan
He (we) can control the climate and stop the seas from rising? I find that very difficult to believe. Why not use our abundant resources to increase average wealth? 76% of the US lives from paycheck to paycheck, no cash reserves. Over 23,000,000 unemloyed or underemployed and our dear leader wants to increase the cost of energy by making the inexpensive forms less available in favor of more expensive, less dependable forms. We want to increase the use of food production for less efficient energy needs.

How hot was it there anyway, must have been in the 100’s the way he was acting.



Elmer, it was 90°F, the average June temperature is 89°F, so obviously global warming is indeed a fact. 🙂

Jim Ryan

I’m with the President on this. We’ve got to do something about the climate. It’s spinning out of control! Yesterday we had this huge downpour and I got drenched! Came right out of nowhere. I mean, what the heck is that?! Look, I’ve see Koyanisqaatsi, I’m no fool. They looked at some tree rings and found the evidence. And we’re already seeing the results of climate change in countries like India and Nova Scotia. Plus, green stuff will be an enormous boon to the economy, with green jobs by the million being created all the time if we just fund it.

Eustace Cranch

Eve, not cool. You can do better than that.

Kevin Kilty

He admitted in his speech that the planet would continue to warm and seas would continue to rise. He’s really tempering expectations. The speech was full of platitudes and simply wrong statements–yet it was dull and could not get me very riled-up. He did speak about conservation measures, but when he was done I had the feeling we would spend a lot more money than we would get back from the conservation because it’s gonna’ involve a lot of spending. I give the speech, overall, a C- in all regards. No more to say on this.

@elmer 11:40 am
How hot was it there anyway, must have been in the 100′s the way he was acting.
It worked for Hansen & Wirth 25 years ago… almost to the day. June 23, 1988


Someone has wrongly advised the president that carbon dioxide is a pollutant . As long as he blelieves in this false notion , his policy to reduce carbon dioxide will be misguided and a lot of money will be wasted with little value and money that is urgently needed for other more urgent needs like infrastructure , jobs and health care, etc., will be cut to pay for carbon control measures . There is nothing wrong with the other parts of his plan to help America better prepare for natural climate change and natural disaster which have nothing to do with Greenhouse gas levels [ like rebuild after floods, hurricanes , tornadoes , forest fires , etc ]


You can take this from an expert.

Flop sweat:
nervous sweat (as of a performer) caused especially by the fear of failing
But, have no fear, the ship is in the best of hands.
Let’s all just hope and change.
Lead from behind, with no rudder.

Doug Hilliard

93 degrees in Washington now; much more effective than announcing this in the winter!

He’s insane.


I watched and heard most of it and unlike many I find Obama very affable even though I want to strangle him when he comes of with this rhetorical crap.
Are we at a pivotal point with temperatures currently stagnant and even falling slightly -interesting coolness eighty degrees north at the moment So how long can this plateau last for and when changes whether it sup or down that will be the clincher in my view.

Wow, 93º in D.C. in the summer how unusual!!

Wayne Brannon

Watched one minute, then my blood pressure started rising on the CO2 traps heat comments and turned it off before I started cursing.

The real question: Obama is a shill – but for whom and what is the end game? I am not American and I really don’t understand what the heck in going on. How can a broke nation invest in anything? Unless the bond holders are giving direction ???? Isn’t that what the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” was about? I think I am confused.


I couldn’t be arsed watching in full, but the BBC has been bleating about it this afternoon and I note that ‘…Amercians are already paying the cost of climate change… by increased taxes…”
So you blokes need more windmills and solar cells to help mitigate the affects of carbon tax?
Enjoy great depression Mk2 boys and girls, and don’t forget to thank the watermelons who brought it on.


I saw ‘the plan’ on the website and noticed at the very last page at the bottom, it mentions REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation) as one of the ways it will work with other countries. (I just gave it a quick scan, I’m sure there more in it…)
Well, REDD is just a global wealth redistribution scheme. How it works is, rich countries will pay poor countries with huge forests billions of dollars to store our carbon. (What happens after those trees die and release the carbon back into the air is anybody’s guess. I would imagine we’d get our money back with interest…)
On the issue of climate, it looks to me like Obama and democrats (and some Republicans) are being influenced by foreign lobbyists (and probably NGOs funded by Rockefeller and other think tanks that want to control the world) to pass laws to preserve natural resources for the rest of the world (their nations) to use to develop as well as find ways to get a chunk of our illegally obtained wealth (that we stole via colonialism and capitalism) back to their nations.
In short, what I see is, global warming is really global equalization. Science is being used to drive policy that will result in wealth transfer and resource reallocation.
Since there is a carbon component in almost everything we do, controlling carbon means (I think Lindzen said this) control of virtually all aspects of our life. And since it is democrats who are the control freaks, this new world order will be under leftist Rockefeller corporate control. The paranoid voyeuristic control freaks at the NSA and IRS will be keeping us in line.


if Obama was leading for crap he wouldn’t get a smell…

Fred from Canuckistan

ObamaClimate . . . Because Bill Clinton failed to get Kyoto ratified.

Oh you know, Eve was only speaking figuratively, just like warmers do when they say diners should be killed.

deniers, that is.