Climate Craziness of the Week: Economist Tom Schelling makes NYT's Paul Krugman look rational

Steve Milloy writes at about this off the rails Nobel prize winner:

Nobel Economist says skeptics are deniers like Holocaust-denier Ahmadinejad

University of Maryland economist Tom Schelling goes off on skeptics… er…”deniers”.

Would Schelling feel better knowing that Ahmadinejad believes in catastrophic manmade global warming?

Also of note from Schelling:

  • Global warming is worse than an Iranian nuclear bomb
  • The president will soon have to take a boat from the White House to go to Capitol Hill


Watch this nutcase here, note the Earth killing bottled water. Gleick will have a cow.


Tom Schelling’s CV is here:

When/if Iran detonates a nuclear device, we should probably ask the surviving people affected which is worse:

a. Instant carbonization of your town and family

b. About a degree of warming over the last century


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Harold Ambler

Dr. Schelling, I am quite confident, is unlikely to visit WUWT. Nonetheless, on the slightest of slight chances that you are glancing through this thread, sir, I would like to invite you to a public debate between yourself and myself on the subject of climate change. As you have deemed yourself fit to make such forceful pronouncements regarding climate, surely you know enough about it personally to come teach a humble scribe such as myself, one sorely duped by the various minions of Big Oil, a lesson. It can be at your own academic institution, moderated by fellow-academics of yours, with an audience mostly made up of people on your side. Just a friendly debate on where we are now, climatologically speaking, how we got here, and where we may be headed next. Thank you for your consideration. I can be reached via the comments at my own blog,

Harold Ambler

Or if you simply express interest here, I will reach out via UMD.

I’m glad they’ve de-cloaked on the holocaust denial / climate denial meme – after years of denying the relevance, when challenged about why they call people who disagree with them “deniers”.


The governor of Maryland is Martin “windmills” O’Malley. The University of Maryland is funded by the State of Maryland. Do we honestly think any U. of Md. professor would say anything but “global warming/climate change caused by man is real” or man-made global warming/climate change skeptics are anything other than “holocaust deniers or tin-foil hat wearing kooks”?

And exactly why does an apparently senile economist think himself qualified to dispute
eminently respected skeptics?

Bill Kruse

A few years ago, Schelling was heard HOPING for some kind of climate disaster to wake everyone up. Krugman, though, is still the champ in this category–his pompous-ignoramus pronouncements are far more frequent and, like RFK Jr., he regularly uses Unabomber-ish rhetoric.

Sean Peake

Schelling is an idiot. The fact that he has a Nobel prize only makes it official

Mike M

People like Schelling are a disgrace to science and people who promote people like Schelling are worse, a disgrace to society.

Gunga Din

When/if Iran detonates a nuclear device, we should probably ask the surviving people affected which is worse:
a. Instant carbonization of your town and family
b. About a degree of warming over the last century

Hmmm….When I was a kid they talked about the threat of a “Nuclear Winter”.
So maybe the answer to CAGW for this guy is a nuclear Iran?


Schelling is another denier of truth.


I believe Ira Glickstein is from U of Maryland? Perhaps he could be teased out of retirement for a rebuttal comment?
As for “carbonization of your town and family”, that hardly captures the magnitude of the danger. Israel has a massive second strike capability. If they were hit with a nuke, they’d hardly be in a position to defend themselves against a conventional attack, and they have plenty of neighbours who would likely exploit that opportunity. So chances are that the second strike capability would be used to ensure no one else in the area is in a position to fight a conventional war either. Color the mid east aflame and the world’s oil supply completely disrupted, perhaps for decades. Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen and others in the mid east are already teetering on the edge of disintegration into sectarian warfare, there should be no doubt that there’d be a tipping point on that front that would engulf most if not all the mid east. The nuke would kill millions, the energy poverty that followed would kill billions.

Lars P.

Oh my. He is insulting on intend, using the holocaust deniers label.
He assumes he insults only “conservatives”, so that it must be ok – must he be thinking – as he seem to label himself a liberal. No, Mr Schelling, a Nobel prize is not a free letter to insult whom you dislike, and no, there is no party line in climate.
You should go and read a bit about sea level rise before you speak great tones Mr Schelling:
Did he brought any argument? I bet not, I bet only argument from authority, what a difference to Ivar Giaever.
Sad and dissapointing. But at least he seems to know what a hoax is, that is the only thing that he explained.

as the saying goes, there’s no fool like an old fool.


Why is it that so many intelligent people are apparently taken in by CAGW exaggerations? I assume Tom Schelling knows how to read graphs so what does he have to say about all the IPCC projection against reality and in particular their latest leaked graph of temp projections? I assume Tom Schelling knows a bit about models. What does he have to say about the skill of the climate models used by the IPCC?

Shame on you Anthony. Introducing me to another dolt I can’t speak my mind about in fear of banishment from WUWT.


Jimbo says:
June 10, 2013 at 3:23 pm
Why is it that so many intelligent people are apparently taken in by CAGW exaggerations?
Jim, I don’t think most people realize how many complete and total idiots are running around..
…has Guam tipped over yet?


Remember that the Nobel Prize has lately been downgraded: Gore and Obama. Both were strictly political in nature; I wot not but that science and literature are now contaminated as well.
[“would not doubt”? Mod]

kevin king

Another useless academic who completely lacks any common sense. Of course there are some academics who live outside their ivory towers and understand something about the real world. But this idiot isn’t one of them.


CAGW is a hoax as defined by the economist – The one world governance/dominance movement is the big push behind CAGW. They are using CAGW and as means to an ends and will continue the hoax until they get enough systems in place to sustain the control. Many scientist are only pawns in the effort to control/delegitimize free markets and people. It’s the fight of our lifetime and there is a good chance that they will lose so they are now trying to destroy the none believers/none conformers. My opinion of course….

Ian W

A more interesting question is why did he feel duty bound to make such a presentation now? At the point when there is wide agreement that the warming has leveled off for at least 10 probably 15 years. History will look back at these people in amazement, what a way to destroy your own reputation. There must be a reason for him doing this.


Yet another catastrophist projecting from his personal end of life problem. He reminds me of Marshall Applewhite of the Heavens Gate cult.

This video fragment was painful to watch for me, having experienced dear family members succumb to senility over the past years. Anyone with the slightest bit of compassion with the elderly would have made efforts to keep this disgrace out of public view.

Layne Blanchard

For that remark about boating to Capitol Hill, he must have meant AFTER DC capsizes. Now it all makes sense.

I can see his point. In order to avoid the president using a boat to get from the WH to Capitol Hill, let’s simply relocate both to a place where they can spend 16.3 trillion of someone else’s money. This will spare them the trouble of overspending, and the trouble of then prosecuting Americans for tax evasion, and also the trouble of taking a boat.

Green Sand

The nub:-
“Absolutely they know that the thousands of scientists who have been seriously working on this subject anywhere from 10 to 30 years, that they are not deliberately deceiving the public….”
Well, anybody who thinks it possible that joint effort of the greatest ever scientific minds could, over a miniscule 10 to 30 year study period, know for certain what drives our climate, has no concept or comprehension of our real world. As well as having no understanding of the very simple but extremely reliable scientific method.
Please how do I keep my children safe from the misdirection of these ill informed zealots?

I just figured he had spent too much time in the faculty lounge with Herman Daly. The whole premise for that steady state economics nonsense is Global Warming.
It’s so awful when reality gets in the way of a lucrative and influential model. Rise temps rise!
Next it will be the catastrophe models incorporated into the MMORPGs that will be seen as the “Truth.” If you get from level to level immersed in it it must be true.


Looks like there is after all a shelf date on Nobel recipients…


The liberal/conservative part reinforces to me that they’re getting seriously worried about this ship sinking. How many more liberal (as in totalitarian) claptrap “theories” (conjectures) are going down with it ?
This might be the first time in history that the voting public will actually see their shipwreck live as it happens, albeit slowly. The phrase “Ha ha, remember the global warming hoax” …….. (endless alternative next clauses).
So here you go Tom (and Jim and Kevin):
All your life is such a shame, shame, shame.
All your love is just a dream, dream, dream.
Open up your eyes
You can see the flames, flames, flames.
Of your wasted life.
You should be ashamed.
– Counting Crows

Anthony I’d be careful here
This is a hoax surely.
This is an actor masquerading as Dr Schelling a man reputed to have a brilliant intellect.
Given his appearance and the rambling, nonsensical content of his speech the hoaxers are clearly trying to portray him as doddering, vain (check the comb over),and possibly on the verge of dementia or perhaps reacting badly to prescribed medication.
I fear you will be hearing from the lawyers of the ‘real’ Dr Schelling before long.

Gary Pearse

He’s 92. James Lovelock is 94 and he recanted all his CAGW nonsense and criticized the models, the science, the hype…. – a gigantic feat for someone of an age when the brain starts to set like concrete. There is no question this man is senile. There is no question that he really isn’t and wasn’t that bright despite a tinkling chest full of awards. With the Nobel Committee completely commandeered by marxists, he received his prize in 2005, the infamous decade of asterisked prizes which I call the CrackerJack^TM prize period.
Wiki refers to it as being touted as the first junk food. I love the stuff. I was surprised to read the all natural ingredients on the package.


You sir,
have just jumped the shark.


Here is my stance.
The holocaust happened. Over 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. Many others killed too.
Co2 is a greenhouse gas without which life as we know it would be impossible.
I don’t smoke cigarettes but I do drive a diesel powered car.
I have never had any stocks in fossil fuel or tobacco companies (unlike Pachauri & Gore past).
I do not represent fossil fuel or tobacco companies in any way, shape or form.
I am a firm adherent of Charles Darwin and evolution.
I appreciate & am grateful for the energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power.
But I am sceptical of the IPCC projections for 2100 for temps, sea levels and climate in general. My perception is that there is a lot of climate exaggeration going on which is publicly funded. (Have you noticed how their predictions are almost always BAD not good?)


The truly sad part about this person is he is neither extreme nor uncommon to the doomsday cult of warming… the only uncommon thing is unlike say algore this person is willing to speak from the “heart”. He’s the poster child of the cult.


“Absolutely they know that the thousands of scientists who have been seriously working on this subject anywhere from 10 to 30 years, that they are not deliberately deceiving the public….”

Mmmmm. Interesting that. Lysenko et. al. managed the same thing.

Dr. Phil Jones – CRU emails – 5th July, 2005
“The scientific community would come down on me in no uncertain terms if I said the world had cooled from 1998. OK it has but it is only 7 years of data and it isn’t statistically significant….”
Dr. Phil Jones – CRU emails – 7th May, 2009
‘Bottom line: the ‘no upward trend’ has to continue for a total of 15 years before we get worried.’

Mike’s nature trick, keep the paper out somehow, stall FOIA, why give data so you can find something wrong with it, fire editors not towing the party line etc. There is absolutely no suggestion of deceiving the public. / sarc.
Public deception is precisely what this is all about.

TomRude says June 10, 2013 at 4:10 pm
Looks like there is after all a shelf date on Nobel recipients…

On at least the economists they nominate … no guarantee he was properly ‘bolted down’ to begin with. Look at the NYT’s Krugman …

If you have to make remarks about his age, please try to temper it by acknowledging the plain fact that some do their best life’s work past the age of 70. For example, Noah Webster. And being past 70 doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful right hook (:
(Bill Gates of course hates to have to point out that living into your 70’s isn’t really natural, and human longevity will soon cost too much to sustain…
“We’re inventing ways of doing new things that cost $300,000 and take people in their 70s and, on average, give them an extra, say, two or three years of life. And then you have to say, given finite resources, should we fire two or three teachers to do this operation?” )

Bruce Cobb

I’m sorry, but I just don’t see how the Skeptic side can ever recover from such an onslaught from such a brilliant man. His brilliance shines as the brightest star, a North Star to guide us to the RealClimate truth, keeping us from the certain destruction resulting from questioning said Truth.
Perhaps if we repent now, our sins may be forgiven.


There is a fine line between genius and madman … Schelling hasn’t achieved genius.


I believe that economics is the only self-styled “predictive” science that looks bad compared with astrology.
Schelling demonstrates why.

Mac the Knife

If his comments didn’t have the potential for real impact, I would just feel pity for this man and his rambling delusions.

Jason Calley

I note that there was a very moving documentary made about Dr. Schelling.


“Schelling is best known for his books The Strategy of Conflict and Micromotives and Macrobehavior.” Those interest explain almost everything.


Wow…. Just wow…..
Schelling and Krugman are the typical clueless “intellectuals” that are advising federal government officials on economic and environmental matters, which explains why the US economy is on the brink of collapse.
Hopefully, when CAGW is officially exposed as the hoax that it is, it will instigate a fundamental decentralization of Federal government control, leading to the abolishment of; The Federal Reserve, EPA, Energy, Education, HUD, Labor, FHA, Fannie/Freddie, Homeland Security and Agriculture.
ALL these functions should be turned over the states as the Constitution dictates in Amendments 9 and 10.
I’m just getting sick and tired of seeing people like Schelling and Krugman help destroy the US. If state leaders wish to listen to these nut jobs and implement destructive rules, regulations, taxes, and mandates, fine, people and businesses can move to another state but when central governments listen to these insane people, the only option is for people to move out of country.

Arno Arrak

An economist with a Nobel prize he is. No science education, learnt about climate in four weeks when he got a political appointment. Lacks ability for critical thinking and does not understand what he is talking about. He has a high opinion of himself and thinks that is enough to be a climate expert. I certainly would not take his course. Remind me that Nobelists do not know any more than laymen do of fields outside their competence. He is a living example of this.

John West

What I find most absurd is the ignorance of levels of disagreement of the loudly purported but hardly evidenced consensus view of climate science conclusions. How can one logically reconcile only recognizing the existence of two categories within the climate debate as if there are only climate scientists and “climate deniers” when there are climate scientists SKEPTICAL of the greatly asserted but pitifully evidenced consensus view? There’s a difference between “denying” the GHE and being skeptical that a small increase in GHG concentration necessarily raises the Earths temperature dangerously. To use his analogy, if a historian after considerable research announced a conclusion that a particular Nazi concentration camp had actually killed 20% less Jews than previous historians believed would he be a Holocaust Denier? Of course not, that’s absurd. Similarly it’s absurd to lump skeptics with deniers …. unless you’re a propagandist.


“Absolutely they know that the thousands of scientists who have been seriously working on this subject anywhere from 10 to 30 years, that they are not deliberately deceiving the public….”
No, like ulcers, they were deceiving the public by accident. It is human nature for those in authority to blame the common man, to separate them from their wallets. And for the common man to blame those in authority. to separate them from their heads.

davidmhoffer says:
June 10, 2013 at 3:09 pm
Color the mid east aflame and the world’s oil supply completely disrupted, perhaps for decades.
Luckily the US government will have foreseen this and ensured an ample supply of oil by building a pipeline to Canada. Otherwise, the US will surely be drawn into the mess trying to protect its supply of middle east oil. If you think the lineups during the Arab oil embargo were bad…. Think WWIII.

As their religion is attacked, they grow more and more desperate. We have already had suggestions of gassing, mass executions, and now we have a a-bomb comparison. Does anyone wonder how the Nazis did what they did now? We have learned nothing.

Looked up his age, and now I just feel sorry for him, and angry at the manipulators who rolled the wheelchair of this broken down 92 year old man up to the table so they could use his name.