The 400 PPM FUD Factory: T-shirts now available

400PPM_FUDSteve Milloy at JunkScience points out what is above the fold in the NYT today – FUD

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

Here’s his scan of the front page at right:

Readers may recall my post What 400 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere looks like where I presented a meme to help people understand that 400 PPM is just a number. A lot of interest was expressed on this thread about t-shirts.

You ask, I provide, in a choice of sizes, styles, and colors:


Order yours here on your favorite garment, mug, or bag here:

UPDATE: I get email showing me that one of the haters has come up with a t-shirt design. this is from “Sou” (no real name given).

She seems genuinely happy that in her world view that her children will die.  How sick.


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Let’s celebrate 8th of May
as the International CO2 Day


Is that how the Times normally prints “CO2”? In the headline, it looks like “C02” (C-zero-two).

Anthony, I’m not seeing any products for sale at this webpage:

People pay $ 2.50 for the NYT . . ? Can we say a world full of Forrest Gumps? Might make us mow the lawn more often but not much else. Will we see more Polar Bears swimming?

I love these magic numbers : the speed of sound, where aircraft reaching that number of miles per hour will immediately disintegrate, or during the early days of motoring, when a speed of 100 miles per hour would kill you (lack of oxygen). Proof that people are really stupid and/or gullible.


“…the most important heat-trapping gas in the atmosphere ” – poor old water vapour; always the bridesmaid, never the bride.


“The level of the most important heat trapping gas in the atmosphere, carbon dioxide….” Why is carbon dioxide the “most important”, who decided that? Just more spin!

Thankyou , Thankyou, Thankyou for the T. One is for the UK, one is going to Oz. I’ve ordered a mug just to rub my village Greeny’s nose in it. The Sceptics, united, will never be defeated!

Robert of Ottawa

T-shirt link not working properly.


So is it widely distributed 😉

View from the Solent

arthur4563 says:
May 11, 2013 at 2:58 pm
I love these magic numbers : ….. or during the early days of motoring, when a speed of 100 miles per hour would kill you (lack of oxygen). Proof that people are really stupid and/or gullible.
Arthur, I’ll see your 100mph and raise you 15mph.
“Thundering along at previously unimaginable speeds, early steam locomotives were a frightening prospect for their Victorian passengers. Before the opening of the first major railway line, the Liverpool & Manchester in 1830, there were fears it would be impossible to breathe while travelling at such a velocity, or that the passengers’ eyes would be damaged by having to adjust to the motion.”
But not stupid in the main. Probably gullible, the average Joe hasn’t sufficient knowledge or education to recognise the snake oil.

John Trigge (in Oz)

I will wear my t-shirt with pride – many thanks


w*rks just fine for me w/Firefox, once i told the script blocker it was ok to let them run on that page.

Remember remember the 8th of May, the carbon treason and plot.
I see no reason why 400 PPM should ever be forgot.

A CO2 level of 0.04% is next to nothing. CO2 has been twenty times higher in the geologic past, with no problem.


Linkie for t-shirts working fine on Fox,and IE7.And as for the clowns worried about 400ppm,lets cut them to 0.

Pedantic old Fart

That’s diatomic (sic) cobalt


“I see no reason why 400 PPM should ever be forgot.”
I see no reason why one would ever bother remembering. Its meaningless and pointless.
403.17 on the other hand… !


Above the fear, uncertainty, doubt headline, and above the $2.50 price tag is the weather report calling for cooler temperatures, and confirming the lack of drought.

Larry Hamlin

The climate fear media continue their propaganda campaign trying to push completely ineffective and unnecessary regulations down our throats to fulfill their fantasy visions of controlling fossil fuels while demanding the use of costly and unreliable renewables.
Climate alarmists are now desperate because of the clearly flawed performance of IPCC models which failed miserably in global temperature projections and grossly exaggerated increasing trends. Satellite and high altitude balloon data are well established over long periods and
have proven that water vapor in the atmosphere is not increasing contrary to climate alarmists claims with this outcome showing that IPCC models will project too high increases in global temperatures because positive feedback due to water vapor is not happening.
NOAA and NASA tide gauge and satellite data show no acceleration in global sea level rise again proving climate alarmists claims otherwise are wrong.
Neither tornadoes or land fall hurricanes have increasing trends and in fact the U.S. is experiencing some of the lowest numbers of tornadoes in history along with record long intervals since a major hurricane has reached our shores all of which are completely contrary to alarmists claims.
CO2 emissions in both the U.S. and Europe continue to decline with neither of these regions contributing any increases to global CO2 emissions which are completely dominated by the developing nations lead by China and India.
The European ETS cap and tax schemes are failing with economic challenges in this region likely controlling that no additional meddling will be allowed to try and rescue this contrived program.
Nothing is going the way of climate alarmists which is why the media has become increasingly desperate and shrill in trying to create new fronts in their phoney and contrived battle over climate alarmism.


“portending”; what a word.
No wonder its usage is limited.
Hate to waste a word like that, with overuse.

Don Mogstad

Its not the 400PPM of CO2 that I am afraid of…. I am terrified that the remainder of the atmospheric gases have now dropped down below 999,600 PPM.
I predict that when all the other gases, combined, drop to less that 999,580 PPM all sorts of terrible things will begin to be predicted to happen in the near future; and that unless/until we all pool our collective resources to stop it, the non CO2 portion of the atmospheric gasses will drop to 999,560 ppm.

Follow the Money

“400 ppm, it’s the new 350!!!”
A good new slogan for the emotionally damaged cadres/believers.

Werner Brozek

stuart L says:
May 11, 2013 at 5:08 pm
Off Topic
but can someone send me a link to a good graph showing the earth’s temperature has not risen in the last 15years

Why settle for 15? See the following where RSS has no slope from December 1996 to April 2013, or 16 years and 5 months.

Richard Howes

420 has a nice ring to me!


Its just like the doomsday peopel.
When nothing happens one year, they just say , “oh , we meant next year”
Its a joke and a fart.


oops, I meant “farce”… freudian slip, perhaps.

Anthony Watts says: “@Bob works just fine for me. Might be a browser issue…”
That was it. I changed over to my other browser and presto! All sorts of goodies for sale.

Mike McMillan

AndyG55 says: May 11, 2013 at 5:50 pm
…Its a joke and a fart.

You were thinking of the NYT headline “Heat Trapping Gas Passes”

Lady in Red

Sorry. Not classy enough. My favorite t-shirt is heavy, heavy white with a thick black collar and black *cap* sleeves…. (It’s a pit bull with pearls and lipstick…): Pit Bulls for Palin
I can dress it up, or play it down. I’d like one, but…. …Lady in Red


Rid’n that train.
High on cocaine.
Casey Jones you better … watch yo speed.
Troubles a-head ! ….
Troubles be-hind ! ….
Don’t ja know I think I … just lost my mind. ~~~~~


It’s a foolish error to focus especially on Y2K. Y2K was a real and potentially dangerous problem, largely fixed by the dedicated work of thousands of relatively junior IT people carrying out a mind-numbingly boring and thankless task. It had little to do with the roll over from 1999 to 2000: problems occurred both before and after that, arguably the most serious in 2010.
See this:
Getting this wrong risks damaging the sceptic position.

Bob Diaz

guenier, The Y2K bug was a lot of misleading news reporting. In order for software to have a Y2K problem several things must be true: (1) The software uses BCD (Binary Coded Decimal) for dates and only uses 2 digits for the year. Unix and the MAC OS encodes the date as a binary number and did NOT suffer from the Y2K problem. (2) The software must make use of a date to function. For example, if the software does not care what the date is, like a Word Processor, it does not matter.
Some software did need to be fixed, BUT the scope of the problem was far less that what the news media made it sound like and we never passed the point of no return. Even though many reporters kept saying it up to a year before the Y2K bug. In the case of an embedded system, setting the date back 28 years made the system work correctly as far as the day of the week.
In many ways, the 400 PPM is like the Y2K bug, the scope of the problem is exaggerated endlessly by the news media.

Bob Diaz is right, the Y2K bug was about as big a problem as Alar on apples, or killer bees. Or for that matter, 0.04% CO2.

guenier says May 11, 2013 at 8:57 pm
It’s a foolish error to focus especially on Y2K. Y2K was a real and potentially dangerous problem, …

Right. Like banks hadn’t addressed the issue when generating (for printouts) mortgage and amortization / repayment schedules (into the FUTURE for years unto DECADES) and the like. WOW. I derided it then and I’m deriding it now … sry.



AndyG55 says:
May 11, 2013 at 5:51 pm
oops, I meant “farce”… freudian slip, perhaps.
Andy, very good. Your typical ‘farce’ is made up of 30% Nitrogen, 20% Hydrogen, 20% Methane, 9% Oxygen, 1% Odour . . . . and 20% CO2. Now that’s good inspiration for a T-Shirt . . . .
“Human ‘Bottom-Burps’ (Flatulence) emit 20% CO2. OMG!!! That’s 200,000 ppm!”
Oh, and It’s reassuring that, according to the sensational news spin in the New York Times, that we’re now called ‘Climate Change Contrarians’. Has a less hostile appeal than being branded ‘Denier’. See 3rd from last paragraph.

Bob Diaz says May 11, 2013 at 9:21 pm

In the case of an embedded system, setting the date back 28 years made the system work correctly as far as the day of the week. …

In the case of 99.999% of the ’embedded’ uC applications, the uP and the application could give a flip if the date was wrong, mangled or off by a century or a millennia. The date, if any, was used for administrative purposes or reporting functions, not intrinsic in operation or as an operational parameter. Many of the basic uP of the day may (indeed, did, in their support chip set at least e.g. the Z80 CTC chip) have contained within them timers, but these were millisecond-resolution scale timers whose function was more often than not used for timed interrupts or interval measurement for process or immediate operational control. The embedded day/date ‘time’ chips of the day (by the likes of Dallas Semiconductor and the like) also operated on two digits; it was assumed the embedded app could handle (or didn’t care) about the century; if upper echelon data processing couldn’t ‘figure out’ what possible century the ‘data’ was being reported from, there are bigger issues in the IT or data processing organization that need addressing (like ‘applying common sense’) …

Mike McMillan says May 11, 2013 at 6:17 pm

You were thinking of the NYT headline “Heat Trapping Gas Passes”

The brain read that as: “Heat-Trapping Gas-Passers” (the NYTimes staff et al) …

Poor must be apoplectic.

tobias smit

@Ritchard Howes : 420 is OK I agree, but my driver is 460. But thanks to all of you some of the comments are great!


CO2 ppm is more like the doomsday cults than Y2k..
At least Y2K was a possible theoretical issue.
Doomsday and CO2…….. pure imaginitis. !!
Nothing untoward happened at 350.
Nothing untoward happened at 400,
and nothing untoward will happen at 450,500, 550, 600 etc.
Just more plant growth. and I don’t really see a problem with that..
except it means I have to mow more often. Or get a goat.

Phillip Bratby

Where can I get some of that heat-trapping gas? I’ll never have to use my boiler ever again.

anyone else sick of seeing Voodoo science dross like this?? Notice how Stern is now feted as a CC expert. Appalling judgement.

It was in USA Today on April 24:
The plausibility of the claim rests on CO2 measurement from Mauna Loa back to 1958, and before that only CO2 concentrations from IPCC-certified ice core measurements (which are moving averages and therefore smoothed).
Otherwise there are literally thousands of chemical measurements – error < 3% – which clearly show that CO2 had surpassed 400 ppmv in the 1820s and 1930s:
Likewise, CO2 measurements based on stomata show concentrations above 400 ppmv less than 5 mil. years go:
So it is just another “news alert” based on the “we-ignore-data-that-does-not-fit-our-theory”.


My goodness, this Co2 alarmism has become worse than religion… it is now bordering on cult status!
Why don’t these poor sorry pessimistic ‘carbon-based life forms’ join us optimists and educate themselves on all the beneficial effects of having more Co2 in the atmosphere instead of living in a constant state of depression?