San Jose State University Meteorology decides burning books they don't agree with is better than reading them

From the Fahrenheit 451 department comes this indictment of California’s higher education’s “tolerance” for opposing views. When I first got the tip on this, I thought to myself “nobody can be this stupid to photograph themselves doing this” but, here they are, right from the San Jose State University Meteorology Department web page:


The caption from the SJSU website reads:

This week we received a deluge of free books from the Heartland Institute {this or this }. The book is entitled “The Mad, Mad, Made World of Climatism”. SHown above, Drs. Bridger and Clements test the flammability of the book.

Maybe they just can’t help themselves, note the pictures on the wall.

Here is a screencap of the website relevant section:


SJSU Meteorology page is here:

Fully archived here:

This is the link for book: The Mad Mad Mad World of Climatism

I think Drs. Bridger and Clements have proved the point of the book quite well.

if you wish to comment on their photo, here’s where:

Department of Meteorology

San Jose State University

One Washington Square

San Jose, CA 95192-0104

Voice: (408) 924-5200

FAX: (408) 924-5191




The photo and caption has been removed – gone from the web page.

But it is permanently archived here:


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Think of all the “black carbon” & evil poison gas pollutant CO2 those two will release into the atmosphere by burning so many books.

Pull My Finger

Those who burn books will eventually burn their people… but only with clean, natural, solar power I would imagine.

But seriously what on earth were they thinking? They might as well just hold up a sign saying “we’re authoritarian closed-minded fools.”
Once you start burning books to prove a point you lose. You lose because once you start, well, where do you stop?


maybe this is an experiment to see which way heat travels.

Steve Goreham

Notice the pictures on the wall. An interest in fire?


now Dan if I light this match and we both breathe out co2 this office will have a drought tomorrow with hurricanes and sea level rise.


Pull My Finger:
True, the Nazis started out filming themselves burning books & ended by filming themselves committing mass murder & burning or burying gassed bodies. Sorry to roll out the old Nazi canard, but in this case the new SS (Settled Science) Greenshirts are asking for it.


Seriously – – where’re their armbands and jackboots?
Doctorates awarded to those ignorant of even the most basic history. Lessens the value of that degree, that’s sure.

If you can’t debate them, burn them.

Theo Goodwin

What could they have been thinking? Did they intend to present themselves as Nazis? Do they not know that they are presenting themselves as Nazis?


Wasn’t this the tactic employed by none other than Adolf Hitler and his Brownshirt acolytes to purify the Aryan race? I believe it is. Seig Heil!!

john robertson

I thought the book was inflammatory enough, inside team circles already.
Why does the university allow these persons to play with fire? Have they no respect for the forests?
I have to laugh though, every time I think we have seen how low the team will go, they surprise us with another classy move like this.
When will they stop? When the bar falls into the hole they are still digging?


In fairness, the book may have been a witch. I hope they weighed it with a duck first just to be sure.

Bruce Cobb

Link for the book is here:
This stunt of theirs could backfire, resulting in further sales of the book. Steve Goreham should thank them. Or, at least send one of Josh’s calendars!

Vince Causey

Perhaps they didn’t actually burn the book. The photo only shows them holding a match underneath.

I just bought the book with Paypal, Thanks for the reference.

Snake Oil Baron

archonix says:
May 2, 2013 at 11:16 am
But seriously what on earth were they thinking?
Awareness that other people might have conscious minds is likely not a job requirement. Many University professors will attack a mirror thinking it is another professor mimicking them.

Those are people with such little development that they burn books.
Did nobody tell the University that it is wrong to let children play with matches?
Where is the Health & Safety Department at that University?!

Vince Causey says:
May 2, 2013 at 11:30 am
Doesn’t matter. They look like they intend to do it. That image is very powerful.


Ray Bradbury will be so proud.

Jim Clarke

Academia is making the Klan look like open-minded free thinkers!

Kon Dealer

Nazism is alive and well at San Jose State University.
Trouble is they’re too dim to realise.

Mark Bofill

It doesn’t get any clearer than that, really.

My experience with Academia tells me not to be surprised — no story here — though there should be! (Move along… nothing to see — nothing unusual anyway…!)

Bob Diaz

Our country was founded with the idea, “I may not believe in what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”
Today is has turned to, “I don’t believe in what you say so I’ll ban and burn it.”


The faces of the intelligentsia who will lead us to a Better World (TM),

Another sign that AGW is a “political” religion and not a science.

Joe Public

If that’d been in the UK, a full “Risk Assessment” would have had to be carried out prior to the action; and, deliberately starting a fire inside a premises would lead to someone being prosecuted under Health & Safety legislation.
Starting a fire inside a premises would also give their Insurer cause for concern.


Maybe they were just torturing the book to get it or Steve Goreham to admit funding by Big Oil.

Robert Wykoff

I know Godwins law has been used and abused and has been discussed and disparaged many many times on many sites including this one…But, there is no more perfect fit to use this comparison on, thus in this case Godwins law is not applicable, and comparisons to that regime are thus valid.
California Uuber Alles

Jarrett Jones

The book
“The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism”
The picture
Mad Climatists burning the book.


This came to mind;


I am a bit confused about this since Meteorologists are usually not “warm” to the concept of AGW.


What a great advertisement. That is going to be the next book I buy. Thanks for the heads up, San Jose!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..who needs skeptics with morons like this?? the only truly sad fact is these morons are employed to educated youngsters.
If the head of this University had any principles he would sack them as quickly as possible!


Remember when the radicals in Berkeley California were fighting for free speech on campus back in the 60’s? Now that they are in charge, it’s come full circle and the radicals are making certain there is no dissent.


Snake Oil Baron says:
May 2, 2013 at 11:33 am
……………..Awareness that other people might have conscious minds is likely not a job requirement. Many University professors will attack a mirror thinking it is another professor mimicking them.
That made me spit tea into my keyboard ;-))


Can there be any greater proof that the mad, mad, mad world of climate science is becoming even more insane and desperate? Well, maybe Al Gore’s recent speech might come close: “This is for real. It is not made up. The scientists are not in a conspiracy to lie to us,” Gore nearly shouted. (The Goracle doth protest too much, methinks.)

Peter Kovachev

Perfectly understandable; an unusually cold winter and what with the price of fuel nowadays….


Nothing like a really crappy Library. I’m sure the Administration must be very proud?


Have a feeling this picture will disappear soon, burning books is just has sooooo not PC,
Two sophomores could get away with it on the fraternity web pages but not two midlleaged academics on an official web site. Got a little carried away I guess.

Neil Jordan

Thank you, Anthony for keeping up with all this. I wasn’t aware of the book until I read this post.
Steve Goreham: The Streisand effect ( ) works – I just ordered a copy of your book. You are in good company. There is a collection of responses from banned authors:
Mark Twain to his editor on the Concord Public Library banning The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in 1885:
“Apparently, the Concord library has condemned Huck as ‘trash and only suitable for the slums.’ This will sell us another twenty-five thousand copies for sure!”


I’m sure they thought staging this photograph would be funny.
I’m sure they think a lot of things.

The obtuse arrogance of the orthodox. Because they can.

Mark Bofill

Well, this was my two cents:
Dr. Alison Bridger,
Your advocacy of the burning of books you disagree with is reprehensible, and you should be ashamed of yourself. I can’t begin to fathom what made burning ‘The Mad, Mad, Made World of Climatism’ seem like a good idea, having yourself photographed doing it, and having the photo posted on the San Jose University Meteorology web page. Another movement started with the burning of books by students in University in 1933; perhaps you should consider taking a break from your climate studies and review history. Nothing, and I can’t emphasize that enough, nothing justifies what you are doing.
I condemn your actions in the strongest possible terms.
Mark Bofill

Well, why not! It just going to show that they have lost the argument

JP Miller

That web page blows my mind! Here’s the email I just sent to the San Jose State President and Chairman of the Department of Meteorology:
Dear President Qayoumi and Chairman Bridger,
As context for this email, I would like to point out that I have a PhD in social science from Northwestern University, with an engineering background, and having taught statistics at the university level. I have carefully studied the climate science for the last 4-5 years because I find it interesting from many perspectives, including the sociology of science, which I spent some time studying as a PhD student.
I’ve been made aware of the following on your Department web page.
I have no opinion of the contents of the book Drs.Bridger and Clements are apparently burning, but the message this picture and caption sends is so wrong-headed and contrary to the purpose of higher education that I cannot believe this is coming from an American University, much less one in my backyard.
Any thoughtful examination of climate science will reveal two things: (1) that it is debatable whether man-made CO2 has much of an impact on climate — the data are equivocal and the models show no skill, (2) climate science itself has some very serious ethical and professional problems that cast doubt on what one can believe from many climate “scientists.”
Put my two points aside, however, and your photo and caption suggest that honest questioning of AGW — from a scientific perspective — deserves to be burned. In other words, “Don’t dare question our viewpoint.”
Is that really the message you want to send to students, prospective students, and the community at large?
I’m shocked and dismayed.
Yours truly,
JP Miller
Portola Valley, CA


If this picture had ben taken in a cave in the Bora Bora, featuring Godless, anti-Progress, Hate-filled, medieval lunatics burning a book, I would not have been much suprised


How long before this picture disappears?

Stephen Richards

Steve Goreham says:
May 2, 2013 at 11:20 am
Notice the pictures on the wall. An interest in fire?
Those pictures must be the other fires they have started. They are obviously proud of them.