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UPDATE: I’m happy to report that Steve writes in with an update on the tragic accident that sent him to New Zealand. It is good news. – Anthony

UPDATE2: Steve asked me to intervene, saying he had issues with the renewal of the domain. I intervened with the domain registrar last night, paid the outstanding bill, and all is working again today (Sunday).  – Anthony

My inbox has exploded in the short time I went out for coffee this morning. Steve McIntyre’s Climate Audit is now going to a park page for Aplus.net

1. No, it hasn’t been hacked.

2. Steve simply forgot (or didn’t get a reminder email) to renew his annual domain name fee. I set it up for him back in 2009 after Climategate but he gets the email notices and is billed to pay for the fee. He must have missed them, or is traveling again and out of touch, or his credit card date expired.

3. Stuff happens. Patience.

4. For the moment, I have set it to use climateaudit.wordpress.com  rather than climateaudit.org. Simply click on the link above and you’ll see all is well. You may need to refresh / clear your DNS cache or reboot to see it.


5. Dr. Ross McKitrick tells me via email:

He’s in NZ dealing with an emergency. His daughter was seriously injured in a swimming accident and underwent lifesaving surgery. She’s recovering but they’ll be there for a while yet.

I’ll attempt to renew the domain name myself with the hosting company.

6. The domain appears to have been renewed, it appears Steve is on it already:

Domain ID:D105658560-LROR


Created On:31-Jan-2005 13:07:55 UTC

Last Updated On:02-Feb-2013 08:41:20 UTC

Expiration Date:31-Jan-2014 13:07:55 UTC

It will take about 8 hours for the DNS to update. I’ll set it back to the primary domain then in the wordpress.com dashboard.

I wish Steve and his family Godspeed, as I’m sure the entire Skeptical community does. I’ll have updates when/if I know anything further.


UPDATE2: Steve writes in to me (along with Lucia and Andrew Montford) with this update:

Thanks for the kind wishes. Here is an update on Emily’s excellent progress from a couple of days ago that we sent to family and family friends, in which I should have included you. It has been harrowing.  She broke and dislocated her neck (C5 vertebra) in a swimming accident plus concussion. Many people do not walk away from the hospital after such an injury; the risk was permanent paralysis.  She is an adventurous girl.  She spent last winter snowboarding in northern Kashmir near Taliban country, sometimes hearing gunshots.  The injury occurred in a relatively innocuous situation, horsing around on a beach.  We left Canada about two weeks ago fearing the worst. I’ll be returning this week. Emily’s recall appointment is in 2 weeks. She had a New Zealand health card and her direct costs have been covered.  

Cheers, Steve

It is unclear to me if Steve wanted me to include the much longer update or not, so in deference to privacy, I’m not including it. Suffice it to say that his daughter stands to make a full recovery and will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. – Anthony

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  1. The IP address takes one to the domain host, aplus.net, who is currently taking bids on the domain name due expiration. I suspect this will not escape the notice of the radical warmists, who will undoubtedly bid on the site name. Hope somebody can pay the fees before that happens.
    L in AZ
    REPLY: No worries, not only do they have a 30 day grace period, but the fee has already been paid. Just waiting for the DNS update. – Anthony

  2. You’re a good friend Anthony. Godspeed to his daughter and best wishes for him and his family. Please keep us posted on how things are going for them.

  3. The agony during the long trip over the pond to NZ must have been inexorable for Mr. McIntyre and his wife. God speed to his daughter’s recovery.

  4. Thank you, Anthony. You are a trooper.
    My thoughts are with Steve and his family. Nothing is more important than family.
    That said, it’s a relief to know he hasn’t closed down his website and retired, which was something I suspected given his posts in the recent past.

  5. Godspeed Steve and best wishes for your daughter recovery. I am always grateful to you and your endless search for the truth. The tenacity you shown, is in the family genes and will help in the coming healing, I can safely say we readers at WUWT are behind you in thoughts and prayers..

  6. Zulu Bravo to you,Anthony.If only we had a few more like you around. Best wishes to Mr.McIntyre and his family,especially his daughter. I hate to ask,but shark or riptide?

  7. My best wishes for Emily’s continuing recovery and for Steve and family’s nerves to be a bit more soothed. You never stop worrying about your children, even when they are 25, 23 and 17 (as mine are) and are no longer children!

  8. A true Good Samaritan, for Steve and the McIntyre family. Best wishes, and I hope Emily has a full and speedy recovery.

  9. People, time to hit the tip jar at Climate Audit. My donation just made…
    Steve, I really hope your daughter makes a full recovery. Best wishes to you, and your family, from a humble admirer of your work.

  10. Best wishes from Norway, for a speedy recovery! I’m glad the news are optimistic. Take good care of your family, Steve.

  11. Yes, of course the tip jar at Climate Audit, AND the one at WUWT.
    Presumptuous on my part; but I think of Steve and Anthony, and so many others here, as family.

  12. I can only add my best wishes and hope that the flood of similar posts will show that the efforts of Steve and Ross are appreciated. I now check in to their sites on a daily basis. The numbers will swell as the months go by.

  13. Anthony: thanks for the news and for helping to bridge the gap with Steve. I am shocked and saddened to learn of his daughter’s injury but it sounds as if she may make a full recovery. What very good luck; and my prayers go to them all.

  14. We already knew that Steve is a tough cookie. Good to know that his daughter is too!
    May their gods go with them all.

  15. My best wishes, too, and well done Anthony. It just goes to show how close we all are, every day, to a major personal crisis. A few inches, in either direction, might have resulted in a far worse result. As one of the others said, incidents such as this put things into perspective.

  16. Steve, concentrate on your kid for as long as she needs. It’ll all be here when you get back and there’s more than enough pinch hitters around.
    Our thoughts and best hopes are with you and her.

  17. Good work ,Anthony, for stepping in to assist Steve’s site. Good news too that there has been a good outcome to what could have been a catastrophic accident. New Zealand medical services have come through and delivered again for Steve and his family. Good news all round.

  18. I sort of had hunch that the subscription fee renewal deadline had been missed , and could not help worrying and speculate if somthing serious might have happened to mr. Macintyre like car accident , stroke or somthing. Well I hate to say it seems I was not to far off, but I am awfully glad that he did not loose his daugther, and things turned out not to be as bad as they could have been . I wish him and his family all the best and I with all my heart hope his daughter makes a speedy and complete recovery.

  19. There’s no such thing as a “New Zealand health card” in this context, the NZ tax payer (through ACC) picks up the medical bills for all accidents.

  20. Steve,
    God bless. Your daughter is in our prayers.
    While living here in the Caribbean, my wife and I once got a call from a son that his brother had just been airlifted to the Albany NY Trauma center after a motorcycle accident — not know if he would live or die — harrowing is the right word.

  21. Adding to all the goodwill out there for a speedy recovery for your daughter, to Steve and family.

  22. Thanks for the update, Anthony. Whew! Glad she’s going to be OK. I’m sure it’s been a harrowing time for the whole McIntyre family. Happy to hear the good news.

  23. In case it’s helpful–I too had a swimming accident that resulted in avulsing nerves C5 and a nearby one. From that moment I was unable to lift my arm above my shoulder, and the shoulder muscles gradually atrophied. The doctors said all I could do was hope the nerves would reconnect, but if it didn’t happen in 6 months, the likelihood was permanent damage. 9 months later, they apparently did reconnect and a full recovery ensued. Sounds like Emily is doing fine, but if there is any similarity to our cases and a long period of no apparent improvement occurs, there is still hope.

  24. Best wishes to you and your family. I lost my son and daughter-in-law to a accident 14 years ago. I am so glad that your daughter’s accident turned out better.

  25. Best wishes to Steve and his family from a fellow Torontonian. Varco’s idea is a good one – I’ll follow suit, perhaps it will help pay a few unexpected bills.

  26. Yikes! Damaged vertebra from a swimming accident? New Zealand must have very hard water indeed!
    Best wishes, glad there was no permanent damage.
    Well done Anthony.

  27. I hope she recovers fully.
    Back in 1983 I worked a summer as an x-ray escort at a hospital. One patient that was in for testing was a young lady of about 20 that was a paraplegic. Senior high school class trip to Miami. Went head first into the ocean and a wave pushed her down and she hit her head on the bottom. Broken neck. She really was a remarkable person. She had been very athletic yet she seemed to have adjusted as well as one could to her life changing situation.
    I do not believe that I would have been able to do so if it had happened to me.

  28. Best wishes to Steve’s daughter and the whole family. “Adventurous” does indeed sound like an apt description of her and hopefully the spirit of determination and adventure with which she approaches her life will help her in making a full and speedy recovery from this accident.

  29. Our children never leave our hearts and no matter where or what they are doing we will do all we can for them.
    May God bless Steve and his family at this time.
    James Bull

  30. Here’s to you Steve, Emily and the whole McIntyre family and Anthony and your family – from the “Skeptical community” (I love that phrase!) in & around Cleveland, Ohio. I never broke a C5, or any vertebrae, so will simply wish all the best with Emily’s perilous recovery. I look forward to hearing only good news about brave Emily’s constant progress.
    The world owes an incredible lot to the Steves and Anthonys of the “Skeptical community”. Your families are particularly important to us all – and with the “community’s” tendency toward independence I know we all, well, will continue to contribute a fair amount of “color” to our “community” – heads up!

  31. Very best wishes to Emily for a rapid recovery, and to Steve and family that they get over the shock. That’s terrific news that Emily’s doing so well, she must be a pretty tough cookie.
    Accidents like this really put you back in touch with what’s most important in life, and never gently.

  32. Glad to hear Ms Emily is going to have a full recovery. The McIntyre family must have been horrified at the initial news.
    Best wishes for a speedy and uneventful recovery.

  33. Pray for a speedy recovery for Emily and hope she gets back to normal soon. Our prayers are with the McIntyre Family.

  34. Anyone who has been through a terrible family accident knows how it has been for Steve. It is very encouraging news that Emily is on the mend – the first few days are an excellent predictor of the long term outcome. His integrity is a model for the scientific community and his daughter seems to be as impervious to danger as he is to abuse

  35. May the adventurous lady long continue to have adventures, and her parents be blessed with the future absence of such harrowing emergency travel. Best wishes from Belgium and appreciation for true friends. Because friends help other friends when the need arises.

    • UPDATE: Steve asked me to intervene, saying he had issues with the renewal of the domain. I intervened with the domain registrar last night, paid the outstanding bill, and all is working again today (Sunday). – Anthony

  36. ralph selman says:
    February 2, 2013 at 5:42 pm
    Best wishes to you and your family. I lost my son and daughter-in-law to a accident 14 years ago. I am so glad that your daughter’s accident turned out better.

    How horrible. My God, that ache must never leave your heart. I can only imagine. . . .

  37. You are a great guy, Anthony. Very well done.
    Best wishes to Steve, his daughter Emily, and the family.

  38. I’m glad to see the posts about the tip jars. When I saw Anthony’s first note (about paying the annual registration), that was my first knee-jerk reaction. Of course, it turned out to be a logistics issue more than a money issue (which shows how silly my first thought was – domain registration is only, what, $10 or $20 a year?). But it still reminded me to hit the tip jars.
    I think it would be very cool to off-set, or even pay completely, the airfare to NZ, as a “thank you” from this community. (Frankly, I have very little idea how much these tip jars bring in, so I don’t know what is likely.) Regardless, I’m happy to contribute a modest amount, considering how often I come to both sites.
    I’m so very glad to hear that Emily will be recovering well. Godspeed.

  39. Quick PayPal donation just gone into Steve’s Tip Jar. Excellent suggestion and the most practical way to show my deep appreciation of his remarkable Climate Audit contributions over a long period.
    Good medicos in NZ, by the way…

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