Some Christmas gift notes for Dr. Michael Mann

As reported this past weekend, we had a hilarious case of Mann overboard! Since then, it has become the #1 story on WordPress worldwide. It stems from a $10 calendar from COSTCO I sent Dr. Mann, Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Dr. Peter Gleick and Dana Nuccitelli of “Skeptical Science” as Christmas gifts. As I said then, a little good humor didn’t work on the humorless.

Not content to simply stay quiet or just admit he went overboard in his claims while the world laughs at his reactions, he goes further with this latest Tweet:


A few notes for Dr. Mann:

1. I never received $88K. The project it was for was to be funded in two stages, only the first stage has been funded. The second stage never materialized, mainly because I haven’t asked for it, I’m still working on getting phase 1 finished so I can show results. Note that the money didn’t come from Heartland per se, they only found a private donor for me.

See this (in comments for the original story via Roger Knights who explained it well):


Here’s the background on the Anthony/Heartland deal, which has been posted in one form or another widely enough that warmists ought to know about it. Watts isn’t paid for his blogging. A Heartland document describes a request he made last year for funding for a different project:

“Anthony Watts proposes to create a new Web site devoted to accessing the new temperature data from NOAA’s web site and converting them into easy-to-understand graphs that can be easily found and understood by weathermen and the general interested public. Watts has deep expertise in Web site design generally and is well-known and highly regarded by weathermen and meteorologists everywhere. The new site will be promoted heavily at Heartland has agreed to help Anthony raise $88,000 for the project in 2011. The Anonymous Donor has already pledged $44,000. We’ll seek to raise the balance.”

Watts later reported on the progress of this project. Most of the money, apparently, will go to a contract programmer and for equipment and internet fees:

“Using the funds provided with the help of Heartland’s private donor, I hired a specialist programmer familiar with NOAA systems to trap and convert the NOAA sat feed data to look like any other hourly station (like ASOS hourly stations at airports etc) so that we’d be able to start the visualization and comparison process. This is just one phase of the project before it is ready for public consumption. When finished, there will be a website free and open to the public that will allow tracking and visualization of temperatures from the CRN right alongside that of the regular surface network”



And the fabricated documents (which Dr. Mann apparently still thinks is factual) which lead to the sort of misinformation Dr. Mann uses, are here:

Some early output from the data visualization of the project are here:


and here:


Note that’s not a complete output, just two samples of many. The project is still not complete as any technical person who has done such projects knows, monkey wrenches and hurdles abound in the best made plans.

2. Dr. Mann, as a scholar of this debate, you should know by now that facts surrounding the Koch involvement with Heartland (stolen by his own admission and leaked by your buddy Dr. Peter Gleick) was $25K, and it was designated for a health care project.

See this via Megan McArdle at The Atlantic, emphasis mine:

But not a full understanding of those documents, because the memo made curious errors. Most notably, it claimed that the Koch foundation had given $200,000 in 2011, when the actual number was $25,000 ($200,000 is what Heartland’s fundraising document indicates they hoped to get in 2012)–and since that money was donated for Health Care News, Heartland’s health care newsletter, it’s hard to see why it would show up in the climate strategy document, rather than, say, a document about their health care strategy.  Given other anomalies surrounding the document, it seemed to me very likely that whoever had phished the authenticated board package had been disappointed by the lack of sizeable contributions from Big Oil and the Kochs, and so had written the memo to make sure that the documents told a nice, neat story about corruption and secrecy, rather than a boring, equivocal story about an issue advocacy organization with a spot of budget trouble.

Dr. Mann, please do show how this Koch donation for health care somehow found its way to me or kindly shut your π hole.

3.  As for the money from the calendar itself, it came from my personal credit/debit card as I previously demonstrated:


In essence, all WUWT readers funded it, because that debit card has a balance on it from previous calendar sales. It is used to pay COSTCO for producing and shipping the calendars, something that was obviously beyond Dr. Mann’s comprehension based on his initial reaction.

4. As Tom Nelson pointed out, similar questions could be asked of you:

Twitter / MichaelEMann: #WUWT minions out to defend …

#WUWT minions out to defend #Watts against having spent any of his 88K from #Heartland (i.e. #Koch et al) on calendar. So how did he spend?

Hey Michael: How did you spend the income from your climate hoax books?



Gail Combs says:

MAC says:

December 22, 2012 at 7:01 pm

Flashy? Widely distributed? LOL.

Mann: “We know Anthony Watts received $44K/yr from Koch-funded #Heartland Institute….


WOW a one time grant for a surface station study for a mind boggling $44,000!

So how does that stack up to Mikey’s Moola?

Grants = Michael Mann brought at least $4,166,168 to Penn State

Rank and file “..atmospheric, earth, marine, and space sciences teachers, postsecondary” earn considerably more than the average university teacher ( @ $70.61 per hour)…. [normal] university lecturers and professors earn an average of $49.88 an hour From Salaries for all US Scientists by field – A Full Professor in Science $129,818


5. Since turnabout is fair play, one could ask the question of Dr. Mann if any of the grant money he’s brought to Penn State went to Christmas gifts this year, or perhaps expenses for his “Flashy, widely distributed” book, or other expenses?

The disparity of funding between Dr. Mann’s endeavors and my project for CRN data visualization is laughable, yet Dr. Mann is worried about $15.84 spent on producing and shipping a calendar gift to him, something people regularly give away, just as I did. His fixation on this seems almost like a line from The Caine Mutiny.

6. Dr. Mann and others who continually insist that climate skeptics such as myself are recipients of huge “big oil/big coal” funds as Dr. Mann is often fond of saying:

“There has been, for years now, a very well-organized and frankly well-funded effort to confuse the public about climate change.”

He (and others that think this)  should really take a moment to read this essay: Notes From Skull Island – why climate skeptics aren’t ‘well funded and well organized’

Within his multi-million dollar funded cocoon of academia, it must be impossible for Dr. Mann to understand that many climate skeptics are motivated by individual patriotism and concern for their country and the future of science, rather than the almighty dollar. In my conversations at AGU with Steve McIntyre, we both compared notes about how much better off we’d be financially if we didn’t have this climate issue diverting us. Steve has finally moved on to spending more time with his mining consulting business, and I’m likely to spend more time on my own business in 2013. We both have to work for a living, we don’t have tenure that allows us to take sabbaticals.

I sympathize with Dr. Mann’s plight, since by his reaction he obviously doesn’t understand COSTCO, likely never having shopped there. We all find it humorous. But, alas, Dr. Mann spins entertaining tales from his ignorance, much like the fabled (and false) claim that a U.S. president didn’t know what a grocery scanner was. It makes for a good story for people who want to believe you, but in the end, just like Dr. Mann’s hockey stick graph, when you examine the details, things aren’t as they seem.

7. In any event, now that Dr. Mann is on factual notice (since we know by his actions he monitors WUWT), any further emanations from him on this subject should now be factually based, otherwise they’ll just be purposely mendacious.

8. Right now, given the reactions, I think Dr. Mann and others in his climate clique are suffering from a “rat-hole problem”. Please note that is not a derogatory term. The meaning of “rat-hole problem” will become clear in the next posting (on Christmas day) and I think we should find a way to help him and others.

9. As before, I wish Dr. Mann, and the other recipients of the Josh/WUWT 2013 Calendar a very merry Christmas, and best wishes for the coming new year. I hope he’ll take a moment of respite from the “climate wars” to enjoy this most joyous of holidays.

(Posting and moderation will be light/nonexistent for a while, comments may go unpublished for an extended period of time during this holiday. )


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If he can’t be honest with something as transparent as a calender, where the history is known (never mind a Nobel), then why should he expect anyone to believe him when it comes to his tree-ring science?


This is what you get for associating with crazy people. 🙂
REPLY: Yes, many consider all skeptics crazy, worthy of putting to death ahead of mass murderers:
– Anthony

Green Sand

“WUWT minions out to defend”
Ah, such a goodwill response is of course manndatory.
Merry Xmas to one and all.

Gunga Din

Usually when people use the phrase “The gift that keeps on giving.” it’s as a figure of speech. Not literally true but it communicates the idea better than the literal truth. But in this case ….


DJ, that’s three ring science

Politics today is nothing more than the acquisition of Slush Funds. And Mr. Mann is nothing more than a politician, not a scientist.

Rhoda R

I’m beginning to wonder if Dr. Mann is as intelligent as he thinks he is since he has so consistently gotten this one issue wrong (and it is really very simple). If he demonstrably cannot handle as issue as simple as this, is it any wonder that he so consistently is wrong in his more complex projects?

Reblogged this on Climate Ponderings and commented:
Hey! Mr Mann So how did YOU spend?
The $541,184 grant is for three years and was initiated in June 2009.


The Mann is just sad I am really struggling to find a polite way to describe him.
Here are his latest tweets
Michael E. Mann ‏@MichaelEMann
Anthony #Watts still hasn’t told us (a) how he spent his 88K from #Heartland (#Koch et al) or (b) full $$$ he’s gotten from front groups…
7:25 AM – 24 Dec 12 • Details
how about this
Michael E. Mann ‏@MichaelEMann
Wow loonies out in force this morning. Guess #Heartland Institute attack dog Anthony Watts released his attack dogs for holidays #YuleTrolls
6:49 AM – 24 Dec 12 • Details
By the way Mann if I had the money, I would sue you, but since I am not paid by the government for producing fake reports. You have no right to call me a loony. It is so typical of people like you, when you lost the argument, if can call it that. You have to resort to name calling. I am not Mr Watts attack dog either, don’t even know the guy.
What I don’t like is a person like you that can’t separate fact from fiction. Except I forgot you just like fiction
By the way I got twitter account back. Thank you Mann for your suppression of free speech.

Baa Humbug

We don’t seem to understand the tactics of the alarmists. How is it that people like Mann can continue to repeat the meme of big oil funding?
The answer is simple. They know sceptics are NOT funded by big oil or big anything. Having vigorously denied this funding for so long now, what hope is there of EVER GETTING ANY MAJOR FUNDING FROM BIG ANYTHING should sceptics really need it in the future?
Sceptics have continually fallen for the alarmists tactics and we will continue to do so, so long as we play the game by the Neville Chamberlain Rules.
It’s time to wake up, Czechoslovakia, Poland and France (universities, science societies and government departments) have been invaded, yet our side is still waving around a gentlemans’ agreement of peaceful diplomacy.


Sounds like Manns on the ropes and wiiling to grasp anything…throw enough mud and some will stick.which why i think the calendar was and is a bad idea Anthony, you know what sort of person Mann is he’ll use anything to muddy your namesimply because you are a threat to the Cause 2013 will be an interseting year.lets no make it so for the wrong reasons keep them on the back foot
Merry Yule and Happy Newy Year to you and yours Athony and all WUWTers


I think Merovign was referring to you associating with Mann by sending him a Christmas gift. 🙂

Reg. Blank

Oh that Mikey’s such a card.
Just smile back at him, wish him a Merry Christmas, and hope he gets what he deserves from Santa.
That also goes for all of you boys and girls.

The tactic of the “Big Lie” is alive well and practiced by any and all who have only propaganda to spin for the that big PR effect. Ignore him. These bullies deflate like a balloon as soon as no one is looking at them.

Gunga Din

6. Dr. Mann and others who continually insist that climate skeptics such as myself are recipients of huge “big oil/big coal” funds as Dr. Mann is often fond of saying:
“There has been, for years now, a very well-organized and frankly well-funded effort to confuse the public about climate change.”
“Very well-organized”, reminds me of something Gail Combs once said about herding goats …..
“Frankly well-funded effort to confuse the public about climate change.” I was once accused by a commenter here of having a “fossil fuel agenda”. Why do I still have a mortgage?
Confused? I just paid attention to the record highs and lows for where I live. (This was before I found WUWT.) Most of the record highs were before 1950 and most of the record lows were after 1950. It didn’t take a hit on the head with a hockey stick to realize that where I live is part of the globe and temperatures must have something to do with “Global Warming”. (They were still primarily calling it “Global Warming” rather than “Climate Change” back then.)


Keep digging Mr. Mann, your already up to your neck in you know what. In the meantime I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.
And a Lump of coal for ALL [out]liers and cheats!


The Josh/WUWT 2013 Calendar – the gift that keeps giving. 🙂


Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but my patience with this guy has worn completely through, it was thin, but is now non-existent. Obviously, I would not condone violent behaviour but I think it’s fair to point out that the man is almost daring for somebody to put him straight with that kind of ‘aggresion’. When I was a lad, we used to encourage those kind of folk (bullies mainly) behind the bike sheds at school, where the issues would be duly sorted out.
Clearly, some of the distorted elements of Man need similarly sorting out………


Well even with a ten foot pole, I’d hesitate to touch the likes of Mann and consorts. See what happen to good people when they rub to close with Connolley of Wikipedia. Come on Anthony, it was pure provocation from your part. Moreover, they did not need a calendar since they worked with the Mayan one, and will discover and publish in the next issue of Nature that in fact the Mayans meant next year plus or minus the following upcoming years, after having merged datasets from Manned and automatic stations showing today’s apocalypse is always for tomorrow. /sarc


Merovign says:
December 24, 2012 at 1:21 pm
This is what you get for associating with crazy people. 🙂
Actually, I am crazy, crazy about good science, as I think all who enjoy this site are. Good one, Merovign.
Merry Christmas to all and particularly to you, Anthony!


In summary Dr Mann , shut up while you’re behind…

Peter Miller

When you are as universally discredited as Mann, there is only one option left open to you: Attack and smear.
This is just another example of the above.

R John

Perhaps a full disclosure of his travel expenses for the year would be a start from him.

He must be having a bit of fun, really. He must be. Right?


Quite frankly, I think mann is too stupid to understand what we’re trying to tell him here.
I also think, once mann has been trounced and humilated by Dr. Ball and Mr. Steyn, Anthony et al ought to take it back to him, for defamation of character. By then even his government pals will have abandoned him.
REPLY: I’ll have to defend Dr. Mann here by saying that my impression is that he is not stupid, but simply caught up in a trap of his own making and is lashing out. He needs an escape hatch, as does climate science in general – Anthony

It may seem at first that we pay too much attention to the tweets and twists of little worms. Global Worming being a serious problem, though, we have to do something about it. Least the little worms become Conqueror Worms [triumphant cords of the Soviet anthem heard in the background].
P.S. Am I the only one who had noticed that the FIFA anthem (the one they play in the beginning of each World Football [Soccer] Championship) is shamelessly plagiarized from the Alksandrov’s bad old USSR anthem (still serving Putin with modified lyrics). Some German “resident composer” made serious money re-writing this pompous crap, not entirely untalented in its original version. Was it a Freudian slip of sorts? It is no secret that all important international sports organizations were firmly in the Soviet pocket. Long-time Olympic Committee Chairman, Juan Antonio Samaranch (Spanish Fascist Party active member from 1920s to 1970s — he was photographed giving a fascist salute to his comrades in 1972!) was Leonid Brezhnev’s favorite elbow-bender.

cui bono

Plus ca no-change.
Merry Christmas to the indefatigable Anthony, mods, and all the regulars here.


Well now that Mann has set the case for transparency he will not be able to argue against it when it comes to his own finances, for example in a court case…


I recommend for Anthony to have a Mann page each week. Just re-publicise all his public comments without further comment. None are necessary. He devalues himself with every post. And don’t allow 3 rd party comments as this will invite scorn that will allow Mann to claim he is being pilloried by Watt’s cronies. Again, not needed. Just let Mann speak for himself.

And pray tell us , dear Mikey, who is funding all of your law suits?

Mann needs to realise that a real tipping point is coming when the climate scare bubble bursts. Because then he’ll be trampled in the stampede by ex-warmista ‘scientists’ trying to get grants to study global cooling…
Happy Christmas to all, yes including Mann.
Maybe he’d like to read about himself – maybe… in
‘A Climate Carol, a fable for Christmas’

Alan Millar

You know when someone is intelligent, they are witty, urbane, self deprecating and self aware.
Then there are people like Michael Mann!

Gail Combs

Kev-in-Uk says:
December 24, 2012 at 1:58 pm
….Clearly, some of the distorted elements of Man need similarly sorting out………
Unfortunately like all big bullies Mann has his buddies (aka Lawyers) around to defend him so he feels completely free to descend to the type of behavior that would cause him to sue if he was the recipient as he has repeatedly shown.
If I wasn’t poorer than dirt I would love to foot the bill for some lovely big sharks in suits. Unfortunately it is a catch 22. If Mikey fields a big named law firm paid for by someone else that is acceptable. If a skeptic were to do the same he would be dragged through the mud in an instant.
I am really getting sick to death of the mudslinger double standard.
That alone would have cued me in to the truthful side if I was just researching the topic.


So who’s paying Mann’s legal bills ? The puny professor’s salary sure ain’t !


“In essence, all WUWT readers funded it ”
I so glad my paltry donation to WUWT has been put to good use. Now can I donate $10 to send a calendar to that guy in Austria? Oh yea woof woof 🙂


Nothing wrong with poking a bully with a stick, or calendar,, and on past observations Mann undoubtedly fits my understanding of “bully”*.
As for his reaction, it may play well to his sycophantic followers but anyone else seeing it won’t be able to miss the straw-grasping involved. He’d do well to remember that t’internet is a very big place with a very long memory and most people tend not to take others who rise so pathetically to a good-natured jab terribly seriously in the long run.
Merry Christmas one and all!
* If you’re reading this, Mr Mann, feel free to sue me for that if you honestly believe a Court wouldn’t find some of your past tactics “bullying” 🙂

Doug Huffman

I am pleased to be a WUWT minion, I believe loyal students are included in the meaning. Contrarywise, I suggest warmists are distemperate termagant myrmidons.
It’s Lutheran Hour and I’ve had a nice glass of wine. I fat-fingered myrmidon and wrote MIRK MIDONS, my fingers are smarter than my besotted brain, your mirkmidons.


There seems to be a universal misunderstanding among skeptics that Mann believes his own utterances. Mann is an expert in his field, his work is widely known, therefore when he speaks people listen. He is a preacher. He knows there are still countless true believers that read his books, his tweets and his Facebook. They look to him for guidance. He will use any and all opportunities to perpetuate the meme that skeptics are well funded and well organized, which is exactly what he did in regards to the calendar. We skeptics are now in the position of defending ourselves once again.
We must place Mann’s reaction in the proper context, which is, a deliberate fabrication to fool the fools, divert attention and cover for his shoddy science. If we accept his reactions as forms of imbecility, self delusion or lack of sense of humor, then the joke is really on us.

michael hart

I’d rather be a minion than a drone.


Although I don’t think he’ll [trimmed = bad taste], provocation of the unstable is unwise.
And calendars are particularly obnoxious as you can use them to chart date, e.g. showing no hockey stick.

Anthony—you are too charitable. Even pro football linebackers have more literate tweets than the one given by Mann in the entry line.


Reg.Blank, I have just the gift for mickey, a piece of coal. Brown coal for jimmy.

Dave N

If you were as low as Mann, you’d be filing a suit, though there’s much more satisfaction in watching him make a complete fool of himself. It sincerely beggars belief to the extent that he does; I guess I just shouldn’t be surprised any more.

Reg. Blank says:
December 24, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Oh that Mikey’s such a card.
Just smile back at him, wish him a Merry Christmas, and hope he gets what he deserves from Santa.

Santa delivers 8 x 8 steel and concrete penitentiary cells?


I’m looking forward to my Christmann present tomorrow – When I find out watt the next WUWT Mannian exposure will be ….

David Jones

Dennis Nikols says:
December 24, 2012 at 1:46 pm
“The tactic of the “Big Lie” is alive well and practiced by any and all who have only propaganda to spin for the that big PR effect. Ignore him. These bullies deflate like a balloon as soon as no one is looking at them.”
It comes, of course, from a much earlier practitioner of the art, a now deceased but well known German who also delighted in the soubriquet of “Doctor.” There is some resemblance in their styles.


Poor old Mann having to spend time blocking all those nasty Tweeters. Guess he shouldn’t be so offensive in his own tweeting huh? Pot and kettle come to mind!

Everybody knows that the best way to get out of a hole you dug is to keep digging.
I think the good Dr. Mann needs a friend that tells him when to shut up. We all need such friends because at some point in time when say something we shouldn’t have and then make it worse by trying to fix our verbal mistake. I think, however, that Dr. Mann will only surround himself with “yes” men, those that hang on his word like he it was gospel. The way he censors and pretends to be someone he isn’t, I just can’t see him surrounding himself with true friends.

Just how much rage and frustration can you squeeze into 140 characters?
(See Michael E. Mann’s tweets)
Just how much value for money can you get out of a $10 calendar?
(See Michael E. Mann’s tweets)
You do know Anthony that you HAVE ruined his Christmas, and now so does the rest of the Twatosphere™
(See Michael E. Mann’s tweets)
I just love that squealing sound!