Teaching kids to hate mom and dad: "the atmosphere is frying… and we're kinda blaming you"

Guest post by Alec Rawls

Is this video below child abuse? Instead of children exploding or polar bears falling like victims of 9/11, this time it is spectral children hating on mom and dad from a supposedly desolate future. Such childish doggerel can only be the product of earnest adults:

We haven’t killed all the polar bears

But it’s not for lack of trying

Big Bird is sacked

The Earth is cracked

And the atmosphere is frying

Apparently it is an anti-Romney ad, listing destruction of the planet by global warming as just one item in a laundry-list of petty demagogic cliches. Was this paid for by Obama?

Full “lyrics” here. Nice propaganda to put in the mouths of the innocent.

Hurry up and unplug our existing coal-generation electricity infrastructure, for the children, to keep them cold at night.

“Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” for the children (Obama 2008), so they won’t have too much light.

Hurry up and quadruple gasoline prices, for the children:

“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

—Obama’s Energy Secretary in-waiting Stephen Chu in December 2008 when U.S. gas prices were below $2/gal and European gas prices were $8/gal.

And don’t forget that killing debt, for the children, the gift that keeps on taking.

Some kids will have good reason to blame mom and dad if they find the future impoverished (and cold instead of hot), like those kids in the video, who were undoubtedly put up to it by their own eco-leftist parents.

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  1. “They foreclosed your place
    To build a weapon in space”
    This jumped out at me, mainly because its my interest area, its not legal to have weapons in space, by International accord. It would never happen.
    Pretty disgusting the whole song.

  2. Where did you find this shite.
    It is not worth the wasted bandwidth.
    And that is all it was.
    You want to go political ?, just say the word.

  3. This is standard Green/Left guilt-based agitprop, and nothing new.
    Try reading Clive Hamilton’s (ABC Australia) truly nauseating open letter from 2009, which began:
    “Hi there,
    “There’s something you need to know about your father.
    “Your dad’s job is to try to stop the government making laws to reduce Australia’s carbon pollution. He is paid a lot of money to do that by big companies who do not want to own up to the fact that their pollution is changing the world’s climate in very harmful ways…”
    … more boak-inducing nonsense snipped….
    Barf bags at the ready, the full bucket of ordure is available at http://www.abc.net.au/unleashed/28372.html

  4. Most telling: comments closed for this video @ YouTube.
    While they’re at it how about a message from kids from the past telling us all about how great it is living without modern evil conveniences.

  5. I must say a pretty unprepossessing looking lot. And as agitprop a dismal failure. Whoever it was conjured that one needs to go and learn some basics.
    Kindest Regards

  6. Read ‘Childhood’s End’, by Arthur C. Clarke, then read Robin Eubanks blog invisibleserfscollar.com

  7. I’ve been reliably informed that these are lizard children.
    H/t Internet Conspiracy Theories.

  8. Geeezzzz is this attribution of co2 emissions a joke or what? Have a look at the EIA projections until 2035 showing OECD emissions increasing by 6% but non-OECD (China, India etc) emissions increasing by 73%.
    http://www.eia.gov/forecasts/ieo/emissions.cfm What is it that these clueless numbskulls don’t understand about reading simple graphs and understanding simple maths?
    The USA is heading back to 1990 levels and the rest of the OECD is not much more than flatlining.
    Meanwhile China, India etc emissions of co2 are soaring.

  9. one day these children will redirect their song to the architects & engineers of CAGW:
    27 Oct: UK Telegraph: Claire Duffin: Street lights turned off in their thousands to meet carbon emission targets
    Huge swathes of Britain are being plunged into darkness as more and more streetlights are switched off by councils and roads authorities.
    They are making the move despite concerns from safety campaigners and the police that it would lead to an increase in road accidents and crime.
    The full extent of the blackout can be disclosed following an investigation by The Sunday Telegraph – which comes on the day that clocks moved back an hour, making it dark earlier in the evening – and found that:
    3,080 miles of motorways and trunk roads in England are now completely unlit;
    a further 47 miles of motorway now have no lights between midnight and 5am, including one of Britain’s busiest stretches of the M1, between Luton and Milton Keynes;
    out of 134 councils which responded to a survey, 73% said they had switched off or dimmed some lights or were planning to;
    all of England’s 27 county councils have turned off or dimmed street lamps in their areas…
    Local authorities say the moves helps reduce energy bills, at a time when energy prices are continuing to rise…
    However some councils admit they may not see savings for another four or five years because of the cost of installing new lights, dimmer switches and complex control systems.
    And some councils – as well as the Highways Agency, responsible for motorways and major A roads – say that the lights are being turned off to meet “green” targets to cut carbon emissions, by reducing electricity use…
    if you have children evangelising about CAGW, due to brainwashing at school, etc., agree with them and say u r taking action immediately – take away their x-boxes, iPhones, tablets, laptops etc., cos they are responsible for adding to the “carbon” emissions.
    they will soon change their tune.

  10. More revenge of the watermelons. We are not communists these clowns keep insisting, as they propangadise children, suggest reruns of the great leap forward, i.e. rat out your deviant parents.And proclaim all who doubt the wisdom of their ways as crazy.Their ways are always for the collective good, power to the correct people for the good of the people.This kind of filth and propaganda makes me think Ellesmere Island in the Canadian Arctic would be the perfect location for the retribution camps.Forget reeducation.Forget providing any infrastructure we have already wasted too much wealth on these clowns.The polar bears are already onsite and the camera platforms will be available via US govt surplus about the time their trials are done.
    Sick I know but a man can dream of proportional justice.

  11. Those poor kids.
    I wonder if they understand that they’re not only “holding the bag” but they’re damn sure gonna hafta’ pay the tab.
    We’re crushing our kids w/ debt.

  12. Leave the children out of it.
    They have not lead us into this …..quandary.
    Nor will they lead us out.

  13. It is truly sad that the adults behind this video hide behind the children. They should be ashamed of themselves for stooping so low. But I am sure the adults are very proud of their debasement of their own children. Sad indeed.

  14. This is the same tactic used by the Soviet to murder 35 million people. Students turn their parents into the teacher who relays the information to the commissar. Next morning mommy and daddy are gone.

  15. The thing is, it will be about 8 years and those kids will also be driving, flying, buying consumer goods, switching on air-conditioners and heaters etc independently of Mom and Dad. I didn’t watch the video I must admit, but I’m prepared to bet these kids were performing in it one minute and nagging mom and dad for the latest gadget the next – just like kids anywhere, given half a chance. Kids don’t stress about contradictions – it’s part of what we refer to as their innocence.
    My own son was a child just a few years ago, but now he out-flies, out-drives and out-consumes me by a frightening margin. So who exactly are “the children”? I think “for the children” is at best meaningless (the children won’t be children anymore when the supposed benefits kick in), and at worst a piece of cheap propagandistic emotional manipulation.

  16. Scott says:
    October 27, 2012 at 9:06 pm
    49 likes, 940 dislikes. It’s not going over well.
    Que ?

  17. I want to know where the switch is that will turn the thinking back on in these children, because looking into their eyes it had been switched off by their parents/guardians and teachers.

  18. OK I have watched it and as a child-lover I’m shocked to say it made me thoroughly dislike those insufferably smug holier-than-thou kids who I have no doubt enjoy all the benefits of the modern world and have more than their fair share of the latest gadgets and fashions.
    Give up your X-box or whatever it is you have these days and then lecture me on how you think I am deliberately killing polar bears. Sorry, I shouldn’t be so angry with the kids, just their parents and whoever put them put them up to this sanctimonious and offensive nonsense.

  19. Who is it that calls them “skulls full of mush”? I see now they are right, and I’ve no problem identifying the source of that mush. We need to overhaul the education system in the US – the last overhaul went off the wrong direction. Can you imagine how embarrassing it is going to be for those kids with they reach the age of reason and discover they were used like toilet paper.

  20. Well the dislikes have gone over 1000 now. But take heart who ever funded this in an attempt to boost Obama’s popularity, as against Mitt Romney, hasn’t done the President any favor really.

  21. Pat complains of: “Street lights turned off in their thousands to meet carbon emission targets…”
    Most street lighting is grossly excessive, and most street fixtures put much of their light straight into the sky without illuminating the roadway below. Worse, many fixtures shine into the eyes of drivers and pedestrians, interfering with their ability to ‘dark adapt’ enough to see at all.
    Carbon is not a good reason to cut down on the waste, but that doesn’t mean we should waste energy in the first place.

  22. Here’re the lyrics, shown with the “Show More” button”

    Imagine an America
    Where strip mines are fun and free
    Where gays can be fixed
    And sick people just die
    And oil fills the sea
    We don’t have to pay for freeways!
    Our schools are good enough
    Give us endless wars
    On foreign shores
    And lots of Chinese stuff
    We’re the children of the future
    American through and through
    But something happened to our country
    And we’re kinda blaming you
    We haven’t killed all the polar bears
    But it’s not for lack of trying
    Big Bird is sacked
    The Earth is cracked
    And the atmosphere is frying
    Congress went home early
    They did their best we know
    You can’t cut spending
    With elections pending
    Unless it’s welfare dough
    We’re the children of the future
    American through and through
    But something happened to our country
    And we’re kinda blaming you
    Find a park that is still open
    And take a breath of poison air
    They foreclosed your place
    To build a weapon in space
    But you can write off your au pair
    It’s a little awkward to tell you
    But you left us holding the bag
    When we look around
    The place is all dumbed down
    And the long term’s kind of a drag
    We’re the children of the future
    American through and through
    But something happened to our country
    And yeah, we’re blaming you
    You did your best
    You failed the test
    Mom and Dad
    We’re blaming you!

  23. Street light turn offs. You are lucky you have street lights, in our 20,000 population city in Northern NSW, we have a few lights in the streets outside the CBD. Non on the highways outside the city. One time a few years ago, after complaints of few street lights, some champions actually went out with a light meter of some kind, and few street even registered any light at all.

  24. SAMURAI says:
    October 27, 2012 at 9:12 pm
    Deja vu……all over again…..
    “Sickening and depressing beyond words.”
    Agenda 21, and that’s the 1st thing you should really know, and not be told you can’t research the topic, is Nazism in disguise.
    Agenda 21 For Dummies

  25. As a parent – this just is just sick; what sort of mental state must the parents be in to justify having their kids used in such a way? They do not want to be there, this has been forced upon them.. somebody call social services..

  26. Brian H says:
    October 27, 2012 at 10:58 pm
    That’s on the YouTube webpage. The red/green bar beneath the video.
    Thank you for that info !

  27. pat says:
    October 27, 2012 at 8:32 pm
    one day these children will redirect their song to the architects & engineers of CAGW:
    27 Oct: UK Telegraph: Claire Duffin: Street lights turned off in their thousands to meet carbon emission targets
    Huge swathes of Britain are being plunged into darkness as more and more streetlights are switched off by councils and roads authorities.

    Over the last couple of years, in the UK, the long term declining trend in vehicle deaths and serious injury has stopped and may even have reversed, particularly for cyclists.
    I couldn’t find any data on drownings, but during WWII when all streetlights were turned off, drownings rose sharply as people fell into rivers, canals and lakes in the dark.

  28. Two points.
    1 – Julian Simon addressed all these issues, and more, a long time ago, with his Cornucopia Theory. Google it. It has the merit of being based on meticulously researched fact…….
    2 – Why should the ‘Children of the Future’ ™ have all the fun? I offer a challenge to all the doggerel poets who haunt WUWT. Can you write a better set of lyrics which WE could sing to OUR fathers? Perhaps complaining that not enough was done to stop protesters destroying our civilisation….

  29. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29Mg6Gfh9Co?feature=player_detailpage&w=640&h=360%5D
    I know the ‘N’ word, (no, the ‘other’ ‘N’ word!), is frowned upon but the suffocating similarity is just too hard to ignore. Subverting/brainwashing an entire generation was one of the most FUNDAMENTAL requirements for ‘success’. Do not trust your parents, they are lying to you. Your parents are the reason things are bad and you must reject them for the common good. ETC.

  30. We haven’t killed all the polar bears
    But it’s not for lack of trying

    Nature tried a few thousand years ago and failed. It swept the Arctic free of ice and the hardened polar bears survived.
    Imagine at the very start of grid electrification an agency produced a report that co2 would lead to us frying. As a result governments around the world abandoned the use of electricity. Would the following generations be pleased that their grandparents reduced them to be still using candles and paraffin?
    Fossil fuels have contributed greatly to the shift of humanity out of darkness, disease and misery. It has lifted our standards of living to the highest levels evahhhhh.

  31. This is sickening. It is on a par in my view with the dope smoking benefit dependent hippy-like ‘mother’ who drags her children out to every ‘protest’ rally and ‘camp’ she can find, so she can ‘teach them to stand up for their rights.’
    Someone should report the makers of this – and the parents to the Child Protection services for abuse.

  32. The idiot children are made to sing
    “Give us endless wars
    On foreign shores
    And lots of Chinese stuff”
    But those are Obama policies. Have the democrat producers consumed too much crack?

  33. “When we look around
    The place is all dumbed down
    And the long term’s kind of a drag”
    Again, Obama policies. Have the democrats no people with a functioning brain anymore? Rethorical question.

  34. In theory, there should be a Government Department that handles “Child Abuse” that should be taking some notice and some action. But alas, they are all from that same contaminated mold. Just another example on the plethora of reasons why Obama has got to go.

  35. Thanks for the plug Kim. The reaction of quite a few people to that video has been “this is what you have been warning us about.” I see it in the dullness of the eyes reacting to all the psychological assaults in the name of social and emotional learning going on now in education globally to literally create “new kinds of minds and new sets of (collectivist) values.” And the new kinds of minds is what the promoters are asserting. And it is not just kids. School board members and parents in communities pushing teacher attendance at Peter Senge’s Camp Snowball or Spence Rogers PEAK training in Vail mention a cultish non-rational emotional zeal for altering kids’ consciousness when teachers return to the classroom. We are truly playing with fire here.
    WUWT readers may in particular be interested in this post from a few weeks ago http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/squelching-climate-skepticism-while-employing-operant-conditioning-tactics-against-schoolchildren/
    I do not use the phrase globally lightly. I have tracked this all over the world. In Canada it is coming in as values and moral education and I have those documents. In Australia it is coming in as the Student Wellbeing initiative. In Hong Kong moral values. All communitarian in orientation and all seeking to foster a perceived obligation to defer to the consensus of the group.
    It is not hyperbole to describe this deliberate mental assault as trying to destroy the legitimacy of individualism everywhere English common law and tradition ever reverenced it. Which means taking out economic freedom and mass prosperity as well because historically they all go hand in hand.

  36. “Teaching kids to hate mom and dad: “the atmosphere is frying… and we’re kinda blaming you”
    Propagandizing the children to enforce a desirable policy on the adults is par for the course for socialists seeking their secular utopia. But note: when it comes to paying for same, they are happy to put these same children in debt serfdom to pay for it via borrowing and money printing. This shows that these socialists are have no morals and are driven only by expediency of their godless ideology.

  37. How would you feel about your school trashing textbooks and pushing “zombie-based learning” instead? Where they could practice planning to rebuild society after the apocalypse?
    http://www.zombiebased.com/blog/2012/09/30/zbl-featured-on-amplify-com/ is another video promoting it. Many of those kids have the same dull looks in their eyes. Emotional engagement should not be the primary focus of the classroom.
    The quote about new kinds of minds came from the head of amplify, Joel Klein, which is promoting zombie-based learning on their website.

  38. Hey “children of the future”, how do you feel about being used to spread propaganda and lies by your eco-whacko parents? Did you know that economic prosperity, made possible by the use of fossil fuels is what allows for a cleaner environment? No, of course not.

  39. dp says: “We need to overhaul the education system in the US – the last overhaul went off the wrong direction.”
    Not that your wrong, but good luck with that. There are four major hurdles with fixing the U.S. education system.
    1) Progressives & Socialists are not going to give up their recruitment / indoctrination system.
    2) A majority of Teachers were taught under the system and have drunk the kool-aid.
    3) Teachers’ Unions will fight tooth and nail to keep their power and funding.
    4) Mom & Dad are going to have to become parents and quit sending their kids off to our public baby sitting service.

  40. “Such childish doggerel can only be the product of earnest adults:”
    No. Only the product of disturbed sociopaths. This is pure sociopathology on display. Seriously sick people.

  41. Robertvdl says:
    October 28, 2012 at 4:56 am
    Help to get used to our future
    [downgraded the embedded youtube videos to links as they take up a lot of space to make a small point ~mod]
    Thanks , I do not know how to do that

  42. Mao Tse-tung would be proud. Where are their little grey hats and their little red books. This is how Marxist/socialist do it. This is how they get power. In the 1960s Chinese children were similarly indoctrinated and told to hate their parents and to hate the status quo. The so-called “Cultural Revolution was a bloodbath. It happened in Cambodia too in the 1970s. The Khmer Rouge had children kill millions of people who might have opposed them politically.
    East Germany had everyone ratting on everyone else, Another Marxist tactic.

  43. I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I travelled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.
    Benjamin Franklin (17 January 1706 – 17 April 1790)
    The same is true for education. The best way to dom down a population is to give the teaching power to the government. always remember that government is like a fire.

  44. .
    Child abuse? Naaa – this is Green child abuse.
    The infamous 10:10 anti ‘Global Warming Sceptic’ advert.

    The Greens thought this would be suitable for a TV advert…..

  45. Matt, you can bet that someone is trying to figure out how to hide such weapons on innoccuous benevolent space machines (such as those that might be employed to measure, or God forbid, combat greenhouse warming). Have you noticed how many newer satellites these days can actually be re—er—programmed from Earth?

  46. Comments are beginning to show up once again denigrating the skills of public school classroom teachers. Okay. Fine. Keep your kids home and teach Algebra 1 to your middle child, the 6th grader, calculus to your high school sophomore, and the finer points of craft and structure similarities and differences between fiction and informational text beginning in 3rd grade to your youngest. While you are busy, kindly teach the differences between pursuasive and argumentative writing modes through the grades. Would you like to hear the pre-requisites and course outlines for AP classes, since you are so impressed with your teaching skills you think ALL your offspring will be able to take such courses? And if you can find the miracle worker in you, kindly cure the various academic deficits that come with dyslexia or even high-functioning autism in case one of your children suffers from one of these conditions. This would be hard enough with just one child. But most have more than one. So you will have to bone up on several fronts at the same time.
    If that isn’t a good enough slice of humble pie for you, why don’t I “mirror” the stereotypical comments about public school? I’ll give it a good try:
    “Parents who spout home schooling as their solution for what they perceive to be poor public schools are about as dumb as their children will become.”
    Did I stuff it with enough unthinking stereotypical speech? Did I capture the uninformed rhetoric of similar comments? Sounds wretched doesn’t it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe what I wrote for an instant. There are fine examples of highly educated and effective parent-teachers. But, for the purpose of this little exercise, nothing like a good look in the mirror in order to get the speck of dust out of your eye.

  47. A number of years ago, in a blog far far away, I argued with a woman about the merits of telling children about the “danger” of global warming. She gave an analogy of preparing children for the chance of their house catching fire, and that it was proper to tell them of potential dangers. I replied that there is nothing wrong with preparation for possible disaster, but to harp on it day-after-day would be wrong. That is, you could have a family meeting and discuss what to do if there is an emergency such as a house fire, and then repeat that about once-a-year as a refresher, then that is preparedness. If you blast your children with the potential of their home burning down, bring it up during meals, remind them of it as they wake up and go to sleep, then that is simply child abuse.
    As a matter-of-fact, most of my childhood and adulthood have been spent being blasted with messages about portending disasters. Nuclear holocaust, nuclear winter, a new ice age, additives in water, contaminants in water, lead paint, asbestos, light bulbs, contaminated foods, biological warfare, chemical warfare, peak oil (that repeats about every five years), cancer from sitting too close to the TV set, cancer from going out in the sun, vitamin D deficiency from lack of sun, cancer from using cell phones, becoming violent after (choose one) [reading comic books, watching TV, watching movies, playing video games, eating or drinking stuff with sugar in it], illness because of artificial sugars, addiction to white sugar, diabetes epidemic (pretending that it isn’t hereditary and natural) from Western Lifestyles, obesity epidemic (even though nobody has ever done a study to see what a “normal” weight is), derangement syndromes (because somebody you don’t like was chosen for president), nuclear power plants cause some sort of problem (that one has been a bit vague), a strong military inspires other people to attack us, etc., etc., etc.
    So, after going through all that, throughout my life, I’m not real happy about the disaster-of-the-year being all my fault. My intelligence has been abused all my life, concerning disasters that never seem to quite come true.

  48. Do these kids realize that the dogma that they are so adorably chirping would probably limit their own freedom to have children. Consumers (Humans) are evil after all. These are the adults of the future. The children of the future will only be permitted when enough carbon credits have been purchased by the prospective parents. It’s a brave new world they sing for.

  49. Ah, but you do know someone who voted for Obama last time. Me. And the operative phrase is “last time”. Not ever again. Even changed my party affiliation. My goal now is to try, as best I can, to influence conservative parties to let go their limited, yes limited, sense of personal freedom, and to untangle spiritual life from political decisions. Which means stay out of my decisions as a woman and please leave biblical tenants to church sermons. They’ve no place in science class. As for reproductive issues, if a man can deposite his DNA wherever he chooses without fear of punishment, I can deposit my eggs likewise. If a miscarriage rightly belongs to the woman and her physician, so too do other similar medical procedures. The government should stay out of such prenatal reproductive matters. For good. But that aside, I will never again vote the Democratic ticket. Big mistake. Big mistake. Why?
    I like to work. And I don’t care for government interference in that endeavor. I also like to keep what I have earned. The government takes WAAAAYYYY too much money out of my hard-earned income to fund its many departments of this and that. Departments that are completely unnecessary. Return control of federal lands and wildlife to the states and counties they are in. Return education to the states, counties, and communities they are in. The list goes on and on. And return political folks to the time when they served and were paid only for the time they spent directly engaged in those endeavors. Which means part time governmental employment. Let them find another part time job to complete their necessary income if needed. Let the voting public decide who gets a full-time government job and who does not. Now that alone would reduce taxes a ton!!!!

  50. Pathetic as this might, at many levels, at least there are no exploding body parts. I love the nice liberal touch of using the word “kinda”, just in case mom and dad retailiate?

  51. Not to downplay this, but what was the last Disney production where the parents (especially the dad) weren’t depicted as idiots and the kids where right? Real “kid stuff”.

  52. DEEBEE: Let’s hope at least a few mom and dads retaliate. That’s what parents are for–protecting their kids from the like of the climate change bunch.
    (Pamela–you do realize you are arguing for legalized prostitution?)

  53. Reality check. And the problem with that would be? The only thing I can think of is buyer beware. The government cannot be involved in our morality. It is for us to learn of and live by or not, and happiness or woe be our wages or not.

  54. As others have pointed out, exploiting kids for political gain is nothing new. My candidate for the all-time stupidest use of the tactic is Jimmy Carter:

  55. “The Lorax” at least can be salvaged as a lesson on the Tragedy of the Commons. If the trees had been privately-run orchards they’d not have been cut down. Think I read this at National Review once.
    There’s no salvaging this creepfest.

  56. “—Obama’s Energy Secretary in-waiting Stephen Chu in December 2008 when U.S. gas prices were below $2/gal and European gas prices were $8/gal.”
    $2 gas in 2008? I don’t know about the rest of the country, but that was certainly not true in Sacramento County. Fact-check, anyone?

  57. The Progressers should just come out of the closet and say they want the US Constitution abolished, and have a one world government new world order under the unelected command of wealthy elite billionaire people like George Soros and Ted Turner. Then we could really get it on.
    Ted Turner: I Think It’s “Good” U.S. Troops are Killing Themselves

  58. Here is my re-write… Enjoy!
Imagine an America
Where science can’t be shared,

    Where numbers must be fudged,

    And government just stares,
And energy is vilified
    By lies and misdirection,

    Propaganda rules the classroom,
And success yields condemnation,

    Where Obama’s fear of boiling seas
    Makes him kowtow to Chinese,
    Selling debt and industries,

    (At bargain rates to help the trees),

    And the EPA rolls onward

    Over shackled companies.

    Polar bears are doing great

    But whiners keep on whining

    That our sky is falling faster

    While skeptics steal our email

    And discover all our lying!

Congress funds the ties that bind

    That flow to grants where models grind,

    The blind are leading blinder still,

    And science plays the well-fed fool,

    Falsely claiming that they know
    Futures of diminished snow,
And Chicken Little’s false lament

    preached non-stop from those scientists

    Who find that fear will pay their rent.
Our nation’s parks are green and great
With redwood tree and pristine lake

    All threatened by a modeled fate,

    That dastardly villainous C02,
    A trace gas from the devil’s taint. 
It’s awkward now to turn the screw, 

    But your confidence is bunk,

    The known unknowns embarrass you,
So many feedbacks, missing clouds –
    And questioning is not allowed.
    You say you know the places

    Where the heat and moisture lurk,
But you hide and splice your data,
And you won’t show all your work.
You calmly claim to know what’s next,

    Your tortured data can’t protest,
    100% bull excrement
    Is all your lies can manifest…

  59. Good post Alec.
    Had a quick look at the list of “adults” credited on the Vimeo page.

    At least three of them -Dave Baker, Alison Plansky and Jaime Szefc- work for the ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. So if this video disgusts you as much as it does me, check out Goodby and Silverstein’s corporate clients.
    Then email them and tell them why you are not going to buy or use their products and why you are going to tell as many of your friends to do likewise. Something like this:

    I have been a customer of your company for many years. I write to inform you that, regretfully, I can no longer purchase your products and that I am telling all my friends to also stop buying your products.
    The reason is this video:

    I am particularly shocked by the sinister use of children to deliver a political message. The video appears to have been made by a number of people employed by the ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.
    I note that you are a customer of theirs. And so long as you are, I will not be a customer of yours.

    Goodby and Silverstein
    We’re blaming you!
    Oh, and if one of the partners is reading this, have a nice day.
    You can see similarly nauseating stuff by another of the video’s authors here.


  60. The shocking aspect is the total naivety that somehow a vote will make a change to that laundry list of woe. With the two-party adversarial form of politics, the difference between the two “parties” is paper thin, a vote for either party will make no difference to any of those issues. When will America end her endless wars of aggression? Never, we have seen that clearly demonstrated with the “non-change” from Bush to Obama. Both parties support and want war, of that there is no doubt.

  61. Pamela: Not a problem. Just checking for consistency in your beliefs. (Now, if we can just teach people legal is not the same as moral, things should work out fine.)
    This is the video of the our children’s future if the environmentalists win:
    See nothing? You’re right. There will be no video–no internet, no phones, no cell towers, no department stores, no Facebook. The kids are out hunting for food and gathering wood for tonight’s fire. Living as one with nature. Not like the Obama video, where they are neatly dressed, well-fed and have enough electricity to make and run a YouTube video.

  62. “Ireland will soon be voting on whether or not to amend their constitution to include children’s rights, removing the centuries-old presumption that fit parents act in the best interest of their children. Decisions would fall to bureaucrats rather than to parents whenever children are involved and any question of “best interest” arises.
    Parental rights groups in New Zealand are fighting desperately to prevent a bill that would require any child receiving government aid to attend a government-licensed Early Childhood Education (ECE) program for at least 15 hours each week. Currently, aid is offered through a non-discriminatory, needs-based approach. The proposed law would make aid available only to those willing to let government bureaucrats shape the development and learning of their children from ages 3 to 5 years.
    And in Alberta, the right of parents to put their children in a private or parochial school – in fact, to educate their children by any means other than public schools – was very narrowly saved when a bill was recently amended to restore that right. The Canadian province was one vote away from forcing all children into state-run schools.
    Parents and lawmakers in all three of these countries are dealing with the same struggle: a clash of ideologies that would replace fit and loving parents with government bureaucrats as the best decision makers for children. In each instance lawmakers are responding to their country’s perceived obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), a binding human rights treaty to which all three nations are a party.
    Could such an approach to children ever come here to the United States?
    It is already much closer than many realize.”
    Petition to pass an amendment to maintain the rights and duty of parents to raise and educate their children:

  63. This is a response to sceptics. If you can’t debate them down, shout them down, get them into line, crowd them out of the media and the scientific journals, just give up on them and go for the easy targets – children. That way there won’t be any sceptics in a decade or two.

  64. Gary Pearse says:
    October 30, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    go for the easy targets – children. That way there won’t be any sceptics in a decade or two.

    Given the age-old tendency of children to reject what the ‘system’ taught them (at least for a decade or so beginning about age 15), this might not be so smart.

  65. I agree with Brian H to so a large degree. The reality of needing food, clothing and a place to live often change one’s ideology. Many people who in college were liberals now are not. I personally think parenting and a sense of entitlement (not rich parents, “helicopter” parents who protect their kids from reality) are the major problem. When the older generation is gone, there’s no one to pay your rent, pay for your cell phone, give you a downpayment on a house. I have always believed this will be a rude awakening for the children of the boomers and below. No more handouts and the government cannot replace these parents when if there is no work force to tax. Sooner or later, you run out of ways of calling the misery “community” and reality sinks in. Hunger and cold have a way of doing that.

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