Peter Gleick makes a complete fool of himself…again

Whoo boy. Maybe he just better stick to bottled water ranting, because he’s now 0-2 for climate and political commentary. Cue the America’s Dumbest Criminals theme intro.

Here’s the tweet the link to the image (image link – which he has already deleted):

Twitter / PeterGleick:

Irony? Coincidence? When I downloaded the NYTimes Eastwood convention story, the ad on the page was about dementia.

Gleick thinks he’s pretty smart, in that Wile E. Coyote sort of way…until Lucia Liljegren comes along with a line worthy of Eastwood himself:

Lucia, you just made my day!

h/t to Tom Nelson


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Baa Humbug



Ha! It may my day too. Brilliant retort from Lucia!


Delicious, Gleick is a nugget alright and a priceless one at that.

The man is obviously a total [snip], dementia is not something to be mocked; it is a cruel, terminal, illness that is incurable.

Brilliant! Like so many narcissistic people, Ol’ Gleick is blissfully unaware of how vainglorious he actually is. Haughty indifference reigns.

Lucia and Anthony stop making fun of somebody feeble of mind!

David Ross

Made my day.


great retort

Jack Cowper

100% agree with Mr Harding. Gleick should be ashamed of that tweet. True colours shining through at last.

A Lovell

Gleick is currently winning the vote for ‘Climate Prat of the Year’ on Pointman’s site. I would say this probably clinches it!

Well done Lucia – oh to be that quick witted myself!
Gleick forgets that when you point a finger at someone and look down at your hand you have three pointing back at yourself. It works just the same for mockery as it does for blame.
Stand on the worlds stage and you make yourself a target – Clint Eastwood, a veteran performer – knows this and is prepared to be mocked for his cause. Gleick is happy to dish it out but can’t take it and has to remove the comment lest all the world sees it (as he intended).

Gleick will get a prize this year for his contribution to climate science:
And the contenders for greatest contribution to Climate Science this year are
Peter Gleick
…. for showing the true nature of climate science.
Svensmark, Martin Enghoff and Jens Olaf Pedersen for their paper: “Response of Cloud Condensation Nuclei (> 50 nm) to changes in ion-nucleation“

And the prize for worst contribution … there’s only one contender. Who could that possibly be?
[link editted ~ac]


On the heels of Gleickgate, a lot of people think Gleick is probably an idiot. Why does he feel the urgent need to remove all doubt of it?

Disko Troop

andrewmharding says:
September 1, 2012 at 12:57
I totally agree with Mr Harding.
Gleick is not just a thief and a fraudster he now shows himself to be a nasty vicious, spiteful [snip]. My father, who WAS a genius, died after ten years of dementia.
Ivor Ward

Rick Bradford

Gleick really is a sorry piece of work — and those who decided to support his lying to the Heartland Institute go into the same can, as far as I am concerned.
These people serially display a total lack of integrity, and then act surprised when nobody believes their alarmist pronouncements on climate.

Doug UK

What a fantastic retort – certainly made my Sat morning! :0)

cui bono

I care for my mother 24*7. She is 98 and has advanced dementia. She needs a lot of help.
But she is still less sick in her mind than Peter Gleick.

David, UK

Pardon my French, but: Absolutely f'<X!¬g PERFECT response! And so much more intelligent than Gleick's crass remark. Go Lucia!


more humour in the East Anglia news:
1 Sept: East Anglia Daily Times: Matt Hunter: Eye: Wind Turbines rejected over bat concerns
Mid Suffolk District Council officers had recommended the application for the wind turbines in Kings Farm, Cranley Road, Eye for approval.
But the chairman of the planning referrals committee, councillor Stuart Gemmill said the council had decided to change the application’s recommendation to refusal, after there were concerns that an ecological survey had not been carried out and there were worries about the effect the turbines could have on a bat colony. The joint owner of Kings Farm, Sheila Havers, said she only found out about the council’s change of position when she arrived at the meeting.
She said: “I think it’s bad that something is going for recommendation and then I find out it is going to be refused – they can change their minds like that.”
Mrs Havers said she thought the plans had gone to the referrals committee because of concerns, which were later quashed, that noise from the turbines could affect dogs at the boarding kennels business at the farm.
“They were going to discuss the kennels but by the time I had got there it was the bat issue. I have never been to a council meeting before and I can understand why.”…
But Mrs Havers said that although there had been a colony of bats on the 250-acre farm a few years ago they had now disappeared…


It just proves that education does not always equate to wisdom, Gleick comes over as a rather foolish and bitter person. A common trait amongst Warmists…


more battiness:
31 Aug: GazetteXtra: AP: Federal effort focuses on bats, Wisconsin wind turbines
MADISON—Federal wildlife officials are asking the public to weigh in on ways to protect birds and bats from wind turbines in Wisconsin and elsewhere…
Department spokeswoman Georgia Parham says one solution could be to have wind-energy companies change how they operate turbines. That could include slowing the turbines when bats are near or birds are in a migration pattern.
Another solution could be not to locate wind-energy projects in areas frequented by endangered birds and bats…


Hey Gleick [snip], want to know how a true human being acts.
Then again your just a spiteful little man. Learn something [snip].

I wish I’d thought of that.


Seen this before
“Prezza’s ’embarrassing own goal’: Former deputy PM accuses Tory of advertising Thai Brides… but MP points out adverts are based on visitors’ previous browser use”

Kurt in Switzerland

“Climate Prat of the Year” — thx for the ref. A Lovell! Great stuff.
Could you send a pointman link?
Maybe another word would be better for some, as “prat” is not widely used in N. America.
Anthony could highlight the contest, with the top ten announced on 31 December 2012.
Kurt in Switzerland

Magnificent. Priceless. Many times, one looks brighter if one stays shut.

David L

He exposed himself not only as a [snip] but an insensitive jerk as well.


An ad about dementia should come as no surprise to Gleick, he has kookies enabled.

A Lovell

Kurt in Switzerland says:
September 1, 2012 at 3:46 am
“Climate Prat of the Year”
I am merely a reader and occasional commenter at the above site. I have no other connection with it. However it, seemed apposite when a prat like Gleick makes such an odious observation.


I thought Eastwood was perfectly lucid, I just don’t agree with him though……dementia? Some people didn’t get his little performance.

Vince Causey

So Peter Gleick sees fit to mock an elderly man with a dementia joke. Of course, it’s always open season on the elderly (would he have made a similar wisecrack if, instead of being merely old, he was disabled?) But what of Clint’s performance anyway?
It is certainly true that Clint appeared to struggle to recall the words he needed to complete his thoughts, and it is true that he went on longer than was necessary – too long for sure.
But his presentation was well thought out, witty, and appropriate. He said how everyone was crying when Obama won: “Oprah cried (laughter). Even I cried. I have never cried so much until I learned that 23 million Americans are out of work (applause).”
The empty chair routine is old enough in comedy – whether it be an actual chair, or a dummy. Harry Corbet (UK) used to have a glove puppet called Sooty, who, despite not uttering a single word, was able to have a conversation with Harry, who filled in just enough by repeating what Sooty was supposed to have said to make the dialogue understandable. The “dialogue” with the empty chair was also hilarious, although not particularly erudite. For example, Clint to chair: “What was that you said? You can’t say that to Mitt. (pause). How can he do that to himself? (rapturous laughter)”
I don’t think Clint Eastwood made a fool of himself at all. Age affects all of us, and that he was prepared to perform despite these handicaps speaks of his courage. Whether or not it overshadowed Mitt, well, that is another question entirely.

M Seward

and the real punchline is…. Gleick probably faked the dementia ad thing up to start with.
Either way what a hoot. Purrrfect!

Chuck L

Gleick got my vote as “Climate Prat” of the year. He is a reprehensible little insect and a waste of protein.

Tom J

I think an important point is being missed here, and that’s the dirty secret of age discrimination on the left. Gleick’s innuendo about Clint Eastwood and dementia was clearly a biased statement on Eastwood’s age. C’mon, it’s rampant on the left and in the Obama administration. I mean look at the 700 billion raided from Medicare. Or the retirement accounts; blown to smithereens, obliterated, wiped off the face of the earth.


I loved the Eastwood bit. Thought he did a great job. Obama has been the absent President and the empty chair was perfect.


-shrug- I tend to rank jokes about dementia at the same level as fart jokes.

Brilliant, Lucia, just brilliant!


First principles: if you’ve dug yourself a hole, stop digging. It only makes things worse!

mark f

Totally justified comment by the hate-panderers on the left. The dems should put him on the stage at their own convention, no?

Joe Postma

OMG how perfectly brilliant. But see, understanding logic like this is the difference between real rational capability and skeptical science vs. the mass of frauds, cheats, decline hiders, and stupefied masses that hate and deny non-anthropogenic climate change.

Chris B

Perhaps Peter could explain his twitter comment, here and now?

Mickey Reno

Good one, Lucia. Maybe, in 5 or 10 years, when Peter Glieck sees another in a long stream of similarly scathing responses to his pointless ponderings, he may actually begin to understand the profundity of the effects of his criminal behavior. But it’s clear to me is that he hasn’t learned it, yet.

Glad you guys enjoyed it. I went to check whether anyone tweeted on Lewandowsky, and there was Gleick’s tweet. I couldn’t help myself!
Oddly, I don’t tweet much and certainly rarely get off any zingers.

David A. Evans

Lucia, I think I love you. 😉


andrewmharding says: “The man is obviously a total moron, dementia is not something to be mocked; it is a cruel, terminal, illness that is incurable.”
Yes, as well as progressive.
We’ll be hearing more nonsense from Gleick in future.

stephen richards

She is a bright young lady, Lucia.

Jeff D

Will he please just crawl back under the rock from whence he came.


It appears that he continues to exhibit a serious lapse of his “own professional judgment and ethics”.
Thanks goodness he is no longer in charge of AGU’s Scientific Ethics panel.

Mario Lento

If only Obama were in fact absent. While I get the job… and think he’s an empty chair, the fact is he’s not. He’s done most of the things he’s promised. Here’s a short list off the top of my head. 1) He has spread the wealth around, albeit now there is much less of it. 2) He brought us Obama care, and 3) It was rewritten by and then passed the supreme court. 4) He’s made energy and electricity more expensive than it needs to be. All of these things were promises before he got in office. We need to be careful we do not confuse logical understanding with our ability to convince voters this is not a good course.

Luther Wu

Got an address where we can send a bouquet?
Say, does anyone know if Lucia is married?