Asking a personal favor for my community – all I need is a click

Personal note: I need a little help for my community. Since the State of California is morally and fiscally bankrupt, they have pulled the plug on the treasure of our town, the Bidwell Mansion, a true relic of the California Gold Rush and Western Expansion. A local citizen established group project to help save the Mansion from the state has been setup, and the local newspaper, The Chico Enterprise Record, will donate $1000 towards that fund if they get 3100 “likes” on their Facebook page.

They write:

Thanks, everyone. We are very close to our goal of 3,100 Facebook fans. If we reach it by March 31, we’ll double our $500 donation to the Save Bidwell Mansion fund and make it $1,000. Click “like” on this page up top and please tell your friends.

Since the online readership of WUWT far exceeds my local newspaper, this should be an easy task. If you have a Facebook account, please go here and “like” my local newspaper:

Here’s the status now:

We need 486 “likes”. This should be a cakewalk for the WUWT community.

Thanks for your consideration, Anthony

P.S. On the right sidebar you can also “like” WUWT’s Facebook page, but that’s a secondary consideration.


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Done! 🙂





Gladly done! My wife and both her sisters are Chico State grads, and my oldest son calls Chico ‘The Best Place on Earth’. California’s version of a New England college town.
You can also selflessly help the greater Chico economy by enjoying some Sierra Nevada brews. (Hey, when beer is involved it’s easy to rationalize anything!)

2674 now, it should reach 10,000 by tonight.


Done !

Michael D Smith


That was easy.

Evan Jones


Frederick Michael

2710 now. Looks like about 300 per hour.

Paul Demmert


Done. It looks like an awesome bit of history. Love old mansions, few build like that anymore.

2,727 likes so far.

Barbara Skolaut

My click put it up to 2730, Anthony.
And I already “like” WUWT – because there’s not a “love” button. ;-p


done, great for history

Sean Peake

I’ll, like, fur shure Like it, fur shure, fur shure (I trust this is a proper interpretation of an LA Valley accent?)


Done, #2758

Aussie Luke Warm

Done. So the world’s 4th (or so) largest economy, California, has (borrowed) money to burn on “climate change” idiocy but nothing for its heritage. Disturbing.

done 2778


Done! 2777

Eric in NC

Done. We’re moving to CA to be near our daughter.
Changing my name to “Kaliforniabound”.

Mike Wryley

What if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket ?
You might want to cut to the chase and post the address for donations.
You have more power than you realize.

Thanks for caring about this beautiful home.

jim devier

2795 here. Beautiful house!

Just make it a sticky until they get there! 🙂 Up to 2778.

Joseph Bastardi

but with the offshore oil reserves you have, alot of things like this could be made easier if your state would wake up to the fact they are sitting on a gold mine. It makes me sick to see who suffers, I am sure its not hurting the people in Pelosi’s district that they tie up a source of revenue and recovery.
Sorry about having to drive home a point I am sure you already know.
If I click twice, will they catch me? Does that make me unethical..lets say the way I am because I dont believe in the global warming scam that is killing your state and our country

Anything is possible

Mine put it up to 2,801.
We can’t afford to lose even more history……

David Ball

Done. Love historic structures of all eras.


done and its up to 2800 on my view…

mark wagner


kbray in california

Sean Peake says:
March 27, 2012 at 7:01 pm
I’ll, like, fur shure Like it, fur shure, fur shure (I trust this is a proper interpretation of an LA Valley accent?)
Sean…. For the people who live in Chico….. LA is a foreign country( hundreds of miles away)…. And LA can move LA to some South Pacific Island that is rapidly sinking.
No “Love Lost” in Chico for the valley girls…
fur shure, fur shure.
Oh yeah, like done.




Done. Now at 2854 likes.
The mansion looks like a wonderful place to get a “taste” of history.



Bob Diaz



Jenn Oates

Yeah, me too. 🙂

If I win the lotto tonight I will match that 1k. LOL
Likes done

Watch them get to 6k likes in an hour just because you put up this post.


Almost to 2900. We have a nice historic mansion where I live that they turned into a restaurant long ago ( Hope the Bidwell survives a long long time!


David Silvester


April E. Coggins

Anthony, I only wish you had asked for more. You are the bravest man I have ever known.


It’s at 2926 now. Keep it coming!!
Joanie in Carlsbad

Doug Jones



Done. Hope it helps

Gary Meyers

2937 after I voted.

William Martin in NZ


Bill S

Give me info on how to make a direct contribution please.
REPLY: here you go:
Make your checks payable to: “North Valley Community Foundation”, and write “Bidwell Mansion Community Project” on the memo line. Send to:
North Valley Community Foundation
3120 Cohasset Road, #8
Chico, CA 95973-0978
1. You may also make an online contribution at by clicking on the link for the NVCF on the home page.
2. That takes you here:
3. Locate “Bidwell Mansion Community Project” and check the box
4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click “donate now” and it will send you to PayPal.