2012 Weblog awards – SKEPTIC CLEAN SWEEP

aka “The Bloggies” …are happening live now on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Bloggies

First winner is Jo Nova! Congratulations to her!


It was a tough call in Australia, because we also like Simon at Australian Climate Madness too. Maybe next year.

Tallbloke stands tall!

McIntyre – Oh Canada!

Ice cube survives in hell, film at 11…

Look at the competition – these are no small potatoes:

95 minutes from now:( 5:50 PM ) we’ll know if WUWT wins Lifetime achievement. Given the major players WUWT was up against in Sci/Tech I’m happy now just the way it is.


Speechless, I am:

Source: http://2012.bloggi.es/

Skeptic blogs win every category they were nominated in, a clean sweep.

My sincere thanks to everyone, and especially the moderation team, who works tirelessly to keep a good experience going here. – Anthony


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Intelligent, Educated, Georgous and now a Prize Winner and Australian. How can it get any better than that? 😉

Harold Ambler

Fine news! Congrats, Jo!!!!


Congrats to Jo Nova and Tallbloke

Keith W.

Tallbloke took Best European blog.

Dave N


Lew Skannen

Excellent news.
I am sure that if they open the right category Gleick is going absolutely walk one in as well.


Congrats to Both!!

Michael R

ClimateAudit just took Canadian Weblog award.

Philip Peake


Way to go WUWT – hard-earnt – but man, many congratulations
Number ONE !!!!!


Just saw you won, Anthony. Congrats.


Let’s turn this into a sweep!


Congrats Anthony!

Congratulations, Anthony.

40 Shades of Green

Three skeptic blogs win.
WUWT could never swing it, could it???

Hard Rain

Congrats, Mr Watts!


Very nice, Anthony – good to see all your work being recognized.

Tom R. Haugland

Congratulations Anthony and crew!!!


Congrats to . Well deserved awards!!!!!


That’s Congrats to ALL!


Party time! Well done to all concerned!

Harold Ambler

Wow, wow, wow, and wow!!!!!!!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Congrats to Jo, Rog, Steve, and Anthony!

Mark Bofill

Well deserved indeed! Congratulations Mr. Watts!


Best Science or Technology Weblog: Watts Up With That?
Well done Anthony.

Chris F

Four for four, fantastic!




Congratulations everyone! Well done!

Anything is possible

A clean sweep! Sceptical blogs rule the world!
Congratulations to one and all………………..
……and a tip of the hat to the man who invented the Internet. (:-

Phil's Dad

Well done Ladies and Gentlemen, and well deserved.

Jan Sobieski



Congratulations all!
An exciting and gratifying evening. Think I’ll have a nice glass of red wine – a toast – to free-thinkers everywhere: Cheers!!!


Great to see Jo, and Tallbloke recognized.
McIntyre was a shoe-in.
WUWT, makes a statement.


Congratulations to Anthony and all the Skeptical blogs for winning tonight! Excellent work! For once, every site I voted for won! Yeah!
I predict, that this will cause a major conniption on the part of the AGW Team! One can only image what Peter Gleick will do, when he hears about this. Maybe, we’ll even get to see SuperMandia from the Climate Science Rapid Response Team, in action. (I love his outfit, especially the waders! — http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/11/23/supermandia-and-the-most-supersilly-climategate-rebuttal-ever/ )
PS. I used the double-dash and extra commas to “honor” Gleick. 🙂

Willis Eschenbach

My hearty congratulations to Roger Tallbloke, Jo Nova, Steve McIntyre, and most of all, Anthony. I commented on another site recently:

So I can understand the outrage of the AGW supporters. After all, Greenpeace and Gore are spending the big money, plus the governments are putting in billions to push the AGW hypothesis, and what are they getting for it? Sweet fanny adams. Meanwhile, a rag-tag pick-up team of bloggers and renegade scientists like myself plus a few bucks from Heartland are giving them fits, enough so that Gleick throws away his career looking for the secret that he thinks will explain how we are doing it … so I can sympathize with their frustration. But there is no secret to our success, just good, transparent, honest science.

My best to the winners, the sand-lot pickup team that has managed to sweep the prizes.

Jeff D

Gratz to all and thanks for providing a place to learn!

George E. Smith;

Well I think, I will just go and drink a beer to you Anthony Watts; after all, is not Beer’s Law , a key piece of the theoretical science gone rong, that we discuss openly here. Your efforts, and that of the site survey field volunteers, shows how peanuts budgets can outdo megabucks grants, when the aim is to just get at the facts, where they are found. Good show Anthony, and cheers Mate to Jo Nova, and to you too Tallbloke.

Jimmy Haigh

Well done. The best blogs clearly won.

Congratulations to Anthony, Joanne, and the other winners!
And thank you all for your great service to the online community in raising awareness of the sceptics’ point of view of the years.
Great job!

Please con’t be so bashful YOU WON ONE YOURSELF and very well deserved too….. HURRAH!!!

Tim Clark

Congrats to all.

Leon Brozyna

Congrats to all … and most satisfying to see Tallbloke’s award after that raid most foul.


Truth wins the day! Thanks so very much to the winners for revealing it.


Congrats to all the winners!

Chris B

Congratulations to you all! Sceptics and truth rule the web! There is hope.

Congratulations to everyone who made it happen – Anthony and the excellent WUWT community.
And congrats to JoNova, Steve McIntyre and Tallbloke, too!

So pretty much a clean sweep then.
Congratulations Anthony, Tallbloke, JoNova and Steve McIntyre.
Way to go, folks!

Larry Hamlin

Congratulations WUWT !!!! Well deserved.!!!!
Great that Climate Audit won as well!!!
Great news for integrity in science versus climate fear deceit and deception.

Pete Olson

Congratulations, Anthony; and thank you once again for doing all you do (and for doing it with class and integrity).

WOW! Congratulations to all!
The only question that remains is: will the virtual army of doom and gloom spinners ignore the results – or will they launch a “barrage of intergalactic ballistic missiles” [h/t, IPCC-nik, Andrew Weaver] designed to drown out the parade with torrents of fact-free whines!

Mr Watts and Mr McIntyre, you deserve your awards. Lots of hard work, excellent judgement and sacrifice of time.