2012 Weblog awards – SKEPTIC CLEAN SWEEP

aka “The Bloggies” …are happening live now on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Bloggies

First winner is Jo Nova! Congratulations to her!


It was a tough call in Australia, because we also like Simon at Australian Climate Madness too. Maybe next year.

Tallbloke stands tall!

McIntyre – Oh Canada!

Ice cube survives in hell, film at 11…

Look at the competition – these are no small potatoes:

95 minutes from now:( 5:50 PM ) we’ll know if WUWT wins Lifetime achievement. Given the major players WUWT was up against in Sci/Tech I’m happy now just the way it is.


Speechless, I am:

Source: http://2012.bloggi.es/

Skeptic blogs win every category they were nominated in, a clean sweep.

My sincere thanks to everyone, and especially the moderation team, who works tirelessly to keep a good experience going here. – Anthony

307 thoughts on “2012 Weblog awards – SKEPTIC CLEAN SWEEP

  1. Intelligent, Educated, Georgous and now a Prize Winner and Australian. How can it get any better than that? 😉

  2. Excellent news.
    I am sure that if they open the right category Gleick is going absolutely walk one in as well.

  3. Wow, wow, wow, and wow!!!!!!!!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Congrats to Jo, Rog, Steve, and Anthony!

  4. A clean sweep! Sceptical blogs rule the world!
    Congratulations to one and all………………..
    ……and a tip of the hat to the man who invented the Internet. (:-

  5. Congratulations all!
    An exciting and gratifying evening. Think I’ll have a nice glass of red wine – a toast – to free-thinkers everywhere: Cheers!!!

  6. Congratulations to Anthony and all the Skeptical blogs for winning tonight! Excellent work! For once, every site I voted for won! Yeah!
    I predict, that this will cause a major conniption on the part of the AGW Team! One can only image what Peter Gleick will do, when he hears about this. Maybe, we’ll even get to see SuperMandia from the Climate Science Rapid Response Team, in action. (I love his outfit, especially the waders! — http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/11/23/supermandia-and-the-most-supersilly-climategate-rebuttal-ever/ )
    PS. I used the double-dash and extra commas to “honor” Gleick. 🙂

  7. My hearty congratulations to Roger Tallbloke, Jo Nova, Steve McIntyre, and most of all, Anthony. I commented on another site recently:

    So I can understand the outrage of the AGW supporters. After all, Greenpeace and Gore are spending the big money, plus the governments are putting in billions to push the AGW hypothesis, and what are they getting for it? Sweet fanny adams. Meanwhile, a rag-tag pick-up team of bloggers and renegade scientists like myself plus a few bucks from Heartland are giving them fits, enough so that Gleick throws away his career looking for the secret that he thinks will explain how we are doing it … so I can sympathize with their frustration. But there is no secret to our success, just good, transparent, honest science.

    My best to the winners, the sand-lot pickup team that has managed to sweep the prizes.

  8. Well I think, I will just go and drink a beer to you Anthony Watts; after all, is not Beer’s Law , a key piece of the theoretical science gone rong, that we discuss openly here. Your efforts, and that of the site survey field volunteers, shows how peanuts budgets can outdo megabucks grants, when the aim is to just get at the facts, where they are found. Good show Anthony, and cheers Mate to Jo Nova, and to you too Tallbloke.

  9. Congratulations to Anthony, Joanne, and the other winners!
    And thank you all for your great service to the online community in raising awareness of the sceptics’ point of view of the years.
    Great job!

  10. Congratulations to everyone who made it happen – Anthony and the excellent WUWT community.
    And congrats to JoNova, Steve McIntyre and Tallbloke, too!

  11. Congratulations WUWT !!!! Well deserved.!!!!
    Great that Climate Audit won as well!!!
    Great news for integrity in science versus climate fear deceit and deception.

  12. Congratulations, Anthony; and thank you once again for doing all you do (and for doing it with class and integrity).

  13. WOW! Congratulations to all!
    The only question that remains is: will the virtual army of doom and gloom spinners ignore the results – or will they launch a “barrage of intergalactic ballistic missiles” [h/t, IPCC-nik, Andrew Weaver] designed to drown out the parade with torrents of fact-free whines!

  14. The first Weblog Award for Best Science site looked like this.
    This time, RealClimate SkepticalScience, Tamina, Closed Mind, Greg Laden, etc., didn’t even make the finals. They are becoming irrelevant, which is why we’re starting to get their refugees.
    That’s OK, we can handle them. They have mostly talking points and projection, while we have real science and the truth on our side. And we have a kicker: Anthony Watts, a real straight shooter. That’s something the other side lacks.

  15. The Weblog Awards ‏ @Bloggies
    Best Science or Technology Weblog: Watts Up With That? wattsupwiththat.com
    – – – – – – – –
    Wow! Just copied off the Twitter feed! Congrats guys (mods et al) and Anthony!

  16. Congratulations to Anthony, JoNova, Steve McIntyre,and Tallbloke. This is a very pleasing occasion to see all of you in the winners circle. I think it also says a lot about the power of the blog.
    Truly, these awards are measures of popularity. Your articles are popular because they are truthful, and your comment sections are popular because they are inclusive, and everybody is welcome to comment. The truth is power, and blogs are the most innovative advance in publishing since the Gutenberg Press.
    Keep it up, folks. You are driving the debate.

  17. I posted already once, but we need to send big congrats to Steve and Anthony now too.
    I believe a big thanks here at WUWT go to all the contributors, Moderators, and bloggers alike!
    Class site this is.

  18. This kind of performance, despite being re-categorized into a much bigger sandbox, says a lot.
    Congratulations, Anthony (and everyone else who makes this place so special)!

  19. YES! … now THAT’s what I’m talkin bout!
    AWESOME!!! … WAY TO GO ALL!! … Most wonderful indeed! … you all deserve it!!!

  20. Congrats Anthony, Steve, Tallbloke and Jonova!
    What I find amazing is that the other winners, Jonova, Best Australian/NZ Weblog, Tallbloke, Best European, Steve McIntyre, Best Canadian, are not even in science categories, they represent continental interests! That is huge!
    I am over the moon for all four of you!

  21. Congratulations to the other winners.
    Tallbloke is away at the moment, out of radio contact, he is going to have a nice surprise.
    Recent events between WUWT and the Talkshop are unfortunate, I watched from behind the scenes. I doubt anyone is bad so much as emotions can run high, things get out of hand. Ultimately and regardless of initial opinions and feelings the real world will speak, even if that takes many years. Isn’t this the real point, we have to discuss and talk, find out, above all the real world is supposed to be fun. As a designer of things people buy it is both scary and rewarding taking the world forwards, seeing the things people do with things you created and never imagined.
    So it is with a blog. Little did we know what would come next.
    (co-moderator at Tallbloke’s)

  22. Congrats to all the Skeptic Blogs that are making a clean sweep tonight!!!!!!!!!
    An, oh yes, here is some consolation for Peter Gleick (a regular blogger at Huffington):
    Best Weblog About Politics: The Huffington Post http://huffingtonpost.com/ !!!!
    Sweet! Considering that Peter Gleick, the high-profile scientist, blogs only his political propaganda and absolutely nothing relating to Science!

  23. Congratulations! Best Science Weblog and Lifetime Achievement!
    The world is yours!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Congratulations also to Jo Nova, Steve McIntyre and Tallbloke!

  24. Wow! Well deserved for all of you, but especially the Lifetime Achievement Award! Very appropriate in the midst of the revelations of the ‘funding imbalance’ of warmists vs skeptics. Congratulations to all!

  25. Congratulations Anthony. Something to be proud of and also to hold up to everyone that you deserve any aide that Heartland, or any other concerned organization, bequeaths to you for your work. You have more than earned that privilege.

  26. Holy Crap!!!!
    Congratulations to all the winners and especially to Anthony
    Lifetime Achievement – way to go!!

  27. I agree with Grey lensman’s comment.
    Truthful, integrity, thoughtful Guest pieces, some humor, many thoughtful and knowledgeable comments, effective and thoughtful Moderators.
    Congratulations for awards well deserved!!!
    This is a very important subject. Trillions of dollars are at stake, The financial viability of many Western countries is at stake. A very curious abrupt change to the sun is underway. There has been and will be new data and papers to read and to discuss.
    There has been significant progress in the definition and understanding of the key scientific and engineering issues.

  28. Any word on when you can start using the new 2012 Bloggies Award badge, ribbon or emblem on the website?
    Can we start the presses rolling on the tee-shirts, coffee cups and ball caps? ;))

  29. Congratulations on a well deserved award. Next should be citizenship awards – as you should be at the top of the list. It is you and the other contributors on this site that I consider some of the leading model citizens of the 21st century. This blog really is more than just science. It is justice for science.
    Definition of JUSTICE
    2a : the quality of being just, impartial, or fair
    3: conformity to truth, fact, or reason : correctness

  30. congratulations anthony, first and foremost. and to your tireless moderators. thank-you for allowing those of us without a scientific background to participate. never thought i would understand as much as i do now about our wondrous climate. to win the Lifetime Award as well, anthony, is the icing on the cake.
    congrats also to Big Mac, Tallbloke and our Aussie winner, the indefatigable Joanne Nova.
    a big win for the scientific method.

  31. Wow, congratulations guys!
    The tide is turning, slowly but surely, because indeed, the truth will out.

  32. I couldn’t be happier for Anthony Watts and all his team of magnificent moderators who make this blog what it is. This is no fluke. This is simply the BEST climate site out there. I also wish to extend congrats to JoNova, Stephen McIntyre and Roger the Tallbloke. This is a GOOD day. Anthony Watts pours a lot of himself into this blog and there’s a lot we owe him gratitude for. Well done, Mr. Watts!

  33. Well, you, Jo, Roger, and Steve worked hard, stuck with it, and have now deservedly won. Congratulations!!! Congratulations also to the mods for all they do.

  34. Congratulations to Anthony ( and his mods) on both of his awards. You have an incredible blog!
    Congrats too, to JoNova, Tallbloke and Climate Audit. Finally, science and ethics are winning.

  35. Those were easy selections in each category, so it’s no surprise to me.
    All richly deserve their day/year in the spotlight.
    Please ignore the wailing in the AGW camp their pain will subside when the truth finally dawns on them.

  36. Congrats to all and I agree with Mr Watts that the mods do a great job at keeping this site hospitible and ON TOPIC. You should have a “beverage for mods” button.

  37. WOW! Congratulations JoNova, TallBloke, Steve Mcintyre, and Anthony!!!!!
    Y’All ‘ran the table’ on ’em!!! Whoop! Whoop! Wahoooooo!!!
    Couldn’t happen to nicer folks! I’m raising my glass to each of you! Cheers and Salud!!!

  38. a reminder the fight is far from over – a BIPARTISAN effort being assisted by WaPo:
    26 Feb: Washington Post Blog: Ezra Klein: Henry Waxman’s plan to cut the deficit and stop global warming — at the same time
    On Friday, Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Edward Markey (D-Mass.) joined former Reps. Sherwood Boehlert (R-N.Y.) and Wayne Gilchrest (R-Md.) to publish an op-ed arguing that we could address our most pressing fiscal and environmental problems in one fell swoop by placing a price on carbon. “The United States could raise $200 billion or more over 10 years and trillions of dollars by 2050 while cutting carbon emissions by 17 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050,” they wrote. I spoke with Waxman about the idea on Friday. A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows…
    EK: What always worries me about climate change is that I think it is, in an important way, dissimilar from budget issues. If the deficit goes up and up and up, and interest rates begin to rise, we can make different choices an the debt can still be brought down. It’s harder, maybe, but not fundamentally different. With carbon, it goes up and up and up and then we hit a point of no return, where we can’t get that carbon back out of the atmosphere.
    HW: I think we have to look at the fact that neither of these problems can be solved overnight. But if we could put in place a price on carbon and then use the sales of carbon allowances to raise revenues we could raise money and cut emissions at the same time, and we can have a transition that will be as orderly as possible. If we leave both to become much more severe then the answers will be more radical and painful.
    EK: But is combining them the easiest way politically? Because from where I sit, the key change in the global warming conversation is that it’s become a cultural issue rather than a scientific one. So doesn’t this layer a culture war on top of an already difficult set of economic choices?
    HW: I am amazed that the question of science and the clear consensus of opinion that we are experiencing global warming and it is caused to a great extent by people is thought of as controversial. We do have people who are science deniers and, in the House of Representatives, we’ve had party-line votes where the Republicans have voted to deny science. But I know a lot of those same Republicans know this is a problem that has to be dealt with. This last year was the highest on record. We’re seeing more bizarre climate episodes than we’ve seen before. It’s now February and the daffodils are growing. All these are signs that something is happening. We can’t deny the evidence…

  39. My comment fave:
    February 26, 2012 at 7:14 pm
    ‘From a decendant of people who fought for our land and way of life for 400 years, good start, it is not over yet.
    Cheers and good work, stand and fight.’
    Let these honors cheer the honored, and sustain us for what lays ahead: Stand and Fight.

  40. Fantastic news. Not totally unexpected, by me at least. Just felt it coming.
    Great stuff Anthony.
    Hope all the congratulatory e-mails don’t interrupt Rog’s vacation.
    How many more of the climate zombies are going to go off their rockers now ?

  41. Wow!
    Lifetime Achievement … I didn’t see that one coming. Looking forward to seeing that on the sidebar, along with the other kudos.

  42. Gotta chime in….a skeptically realistic fivesome! Outstanding! !!!!! I can’t key anything more at the moment – now, back to work! Ha!
    Just amazing…watt do you know!

  43. pat says:
    February 26, 2012 at 8:15 pm
    “a reminder the fight is far from over – a BIPARTISAN effort being assisted by WaPo:
    26 Feb: Washington Post Blog: Ezra Klein: Henry Waxman’s plan to cut the deficit and stop global warming — at the same time
    On Friday, Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Edward Markey (D-Mass.) joined former Reps. Sherwood Boehlert (R-N.Y.) and Wayne Gilchrest (R-Md.) to publish an op-ed arguing that we could address our most pressing fiscal and environmental problems in one fell swoop by placing a price on carbon. “The United States could ….”
    PMc:no danger of too much rest for the weary, eh? Pat, just reading these names makes me contact MY Ohio legislators! Yes, one of my senators is Sherrod Brown but, hopefully not for long – and I’m not moving!

  44. anthony, steve, jo and tall bloke????!!!!
    Wow. You guys cleaned up!!
    Here I thought I was reading some obscure musings of a pack of nerds.
    I guess you are the “popular” ones now…. the mainstream…
    …. All ribbing aside, well done Anthony.

  45. I wonder if anyone has told Dr Gleick the news. Somehow schadenfreud doesn’t mix well with legitimate exaltation….. and he might be busy.

  46. What a great day for the Fantastic Four, with a bonus for the Grey Eminence (or would you prefer Silver Fox!) of bloggers himself.
    Interesting to note that all four have an unbesmirched reputation for integrity and seeking the truth, wherever it leads.
    The times, they are a changin’. For the better.

  47. Your award and those for Jo Nova, Tallbloke and Steve McIntyre are utterly deserved. You all provide good, truthful writing. There are too many media organisations which partially preach the religion of man-made global warming and its related fantasies; the BBC does it here and ABC does the same in Australia (we in Britain have to pay for the BBC’s propaganda with a license fee; I don’t know how ABC in Australia is paid for, but I think it involves money from taxpayers, too).
    Nevertheless, the triumph of your sites proves that the voice of reason is being heard. It is blending with the voice of the man and woman in the street. When will the voice of government start to match that of the governed again?

  48. Congratulations to all the skeptics who won. Every one well deserved and I’m proud to have voted for every one of you. You guys and gals beat up the warmists every day with truth and integrity. If they’re truly trying to find the missing hotspot they only need to read you. That’s where they could finally find positive feedback.

  49. I am rushing over to dotearth to see how Andy Revkin frames this one. I’ll bet a case of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or IPA that there will be no acknowledgement there.

  50. Congratulations, Anthony, on winning the Lifetime Achievement and the Best Science or Technology Weblog awards.
    Great to see Jo Nova and Tallbloke win, too!
    The tide toward skeptical science is definitely turning!

  51. Congratulations to Anthony and the WUWT moderators! An almost perfect result, with only the timing of the celebratory fireworks slightly off. (Dr. Gleick may have self destructed a little early..)

  52. I haven’t won my case of beer yet but no acknowledgement at dotearth as of this post. I posted the following just to be sure that Mr. Revkin didn’t miss that announcement. It is in moderation.
    “Partly OT but should fall under the rubric of communicating climate science albeit with appropriate skepticism. The 2012 Weblogs awards have just been announced. The winners in their categories are Jo Nova of Australia, Steve McIntyre of Canada, Roger Tatersall of the U.K. and Anthony Watts of the U.S.”

  53. Grats to you and all of the other winners you do us all a service that will only really be understood by history where you will stand tall.

  54. SKEPTIC CLEAN SWEEP — WUWT?! Congratulations!
    So. I’m just wandering around the web and find myself checking weather reports. Second to last place before arriving here was at Ambler, AK. Second commenter here is Harold Ambler. Coincidence? I think not!
    It’s just weather: Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around -23. Wind chill values as low as -46.

  55. Well Done, Anthony, all Moderators. Thanks to all Contributors for making WUWT a place often visited.
    Google, take your “Global Warming” page 23+ ranking for WUWT and shove it in the bit bucket. It reflects more on Google’s business practices than anything else.

  56. Congratulations Anthony !
    What are you going to do with the prize money ?
    REPLY: There’s prize money? News to me. – Anthony

  57. Congratulations Anthony. With all the leftists in Chico doing all they can to make our town a joke, it’s good to know you are out there helping to make us looking good by countering their junk science with the truth.
    Again congratulations on winning the Webby.

  58. Jo, Steve and Anthony – in no small way you have changed my life. Thank you for “wiseing” me up on CAGW-Climate Change and all lthe “nice” people connected to it. I spread the news too because many people haven’t got a clue what’s going on.

  59. Come to think of it, I have no idea about who won what at the Oscars. No interest.
    These WebLog awards, I personally care about.
    How many other people here have the same perspective?

  60. HeHe. Joe Romm’s head just exploded. ALL of you have been justifably awarded for your efforts. A sincere thank you for what what you do.

  61. Massive congrats, Mr. Watts, and to Steve, Jo, and Roger.
    I do not remember the exact year I discovered this site, but I have been reading almost every day for many many years. I think I started around the time your surface stations project was really starting to get going. I have learned about countless and an endless variety of subjects.
    I know for a fact that you are becoming quite effective, because I see quite a bit of vitriol directed at you world wide in comments about climate articles that you are not even a part of. Your name is used in vain quite frequently, and I cannot even image the emails you receive. You, sir, are a patriot. Next time I am in Chico, I would be humbled, and honored, if you would allow me to buy you a beer.

  62. Congratulations Anthony … and to all other winners like Steve. Well deserved.
    Was surprised that The Suzuki Foundation did not make a showing for Best Religion or Spirituality Weblog. He probably was disallowed because of his fraudulent Christmas ad campaign. ☺

  63. kbray in california says:
    February 26, 2012 at 9:54 pm
    Congratulations Anthony !
    What are you going to do with the prize money ?
    REPLY: There’s prize money? News to me. – Anthony
    I thought every winner got $20.12 but as I check the fine print….
    It only goes to “WebLog of the Year”… : (
    then I’ll just make the donation myself…
    Have a steak and a beer on me !
    Tip jar in the morning!
    Congrats !

  64. Nick says:
    Intelligent, Educated, Georgous and now a Prize Winner and Australian. How can it get any better than that? 😉

    Nick, you made me blush until I realized you weren’t talking about me. 🙂

  65. Congratulations Anthony on a well deserved Lifetime Achievment Award. Please,please keep up the good work.

  66. Please everyone, a little less gloating and self congratulation is in order here, out of respect for our esteemed friend Joe Romm, whose head just exploded (again….). Spare a thought for headless Joe and his fellow hysterics.
    On second thought, never mind.

  67. remember what we are still up against:
    26 Feb: Guardian: Climate change will shake the EarthA changing climate isn’t just about floods, droughts and heatwaves. It brings erupting volcanoes and catastrophic
    by Bill McGuire
    (Bill McGuire is professor of geophysical and climate hazards at University College London. Waking the Giant: How a Changing Climate Triggers Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanoes is published by Oxford University Press.
    Hear him on the Science Weekly podcast at guardian.co.uk/scienceweekly)
    The signs are that this is already happening. In the detached US state of Alaska, where climate change has propelled temperatures upwards by more than 3C in the last half century, the glaciers are melting at a staggering rate, some losing up to 1km in thickness in the last 100 years…
    So what – geologically speaking – can we look forward to if we continue to pump out greenhouse gases at the current hell-for-leather rate? With resulting global average temperatures likely to be several degrees higher by this century’s end, we could almost certainly say an eventual goodbye to the Greenland ice sheet, and probably that covering West Antarctica too, committing us – ultimately – to a 10-metre or more hike in sea levels…
    Across the world, as sea levels climb remorselessly, the load-related bending of the crust around the margins of the ocean basins might – in time – act to sufficiently “unclamp” coastal faults such as California’s San Andreas, allowing them to move more easily…
    Unless there is a dramatic and completely unexpected turnaround in the way in which the human race manages itself and the planet, then long-term prospects for our civilisation look increasingly grim. At a time when an additional 220,000 people are lining up at the global soup kitchen each and every night; when energy, water and food resources are coming under ever-growing pressure, and when the debilitating effects of anthropogenic climate change are insinuating themselves increasingly into every nook and cranny of our world and our lives, the last thing we need is for the dozing subterranean giant to awaken.

    I have a story coming online on this in about 4 hours – Anthony

  68. Congratulations to WUWT and all blogs that are trying hard to defend corrrect science
    better than the scientific establishment seems capable of doing.
    The hope is to stop the deterioration of science in academia and the hope is that faked science promoted by many politicians and organizations can be exposed beyond doubt.
    The applications of correct science is what has driven the evolution of societies and mankind and it is worth fighting for to let it stay that way. The blogs aiming at seeking truth and to inform citizens won the prizes.

  69. Nick says:
    February 26, 2012 at 5:18 pm
    Intelligent, Educated, Georgous and now a Prize Winner and Australian. How can it get any better than that? 😉
    Is she single and owns a bar?

  70. I think that what sets this site appart from other climate related sites is the Reference Pages.
    There is no comentary on the Reference Pages, the data is there for all to see.
    The sources are clear, the data is clear.
    No amount of spin, verbage, modeling, authority, argument or alarmisum can change the data.
    The data is what it is and if you disagree with it then you are wrong, simple.
    Congratulation Anthony and tem, well done, well deserved.

  71. Sincere congratulations to you Anthony. You have certainly earned it. This also extends to the Mods. You guys are a team we can believe in!
    Congratulations to Steve McIntyre, Tallbloke, JoNova. The sweep was in the right direction!
    Thanks to the contributing authors on WUWT.
    Thanks to the ‘army of ones’ who have joined in independant efforts that made it possible for Anthony, Steve, Tallbloke, and Jo. There is truely a movement underway for the truth.

  72. pat said @ February 26, 2012 at 11:01 pm
    Quoting The Grauniad:

    Unless there is a dramatic and completely unexpected turnaround in the way in which the human race manages itself and the planet, then long-term prospects for our civilisation look increasingly grim.

    Which is true. So why don’t they stop spending our taxes on stupid bloody bird mincers, chopping down orangutan habitat for biodiesel and converting food into ethanol. Oh wait, the Git likes ethanol and grapes are food. But I refuse to stick the bloody stuff in Mrs Git’s car!

  73. Congratulations, Anthony, and congrats JoAnne Nova, Steven McIntyre and Rog Tallbloke!
    This is better than the Oscars :-))
    Sceptics’ sites weeping the awards board on three continents shows clearly that people are hungry for clear scientific debates, for debates without ideology and group think, for debates proceeding with honesty and without personal attacks.
    This shows that people hunger for the truth, and have had enough of being taken for granted by the IPCC establishment with their accretions of university and NGO groupthink.
    So congrats also …. to all of us!

  74. Hearty congratulations to the best blogs!
    Happy to be of (a small) assistance to you on your justified win.
    Also great to see ALL my picks have won – Anthony, Jo Nova and Climate Audit.
    Truth will prevail.

  75. Double congrats Anthony. You and Steve McIntyre have led the way.
    Thanks for calling by at the talkshop.
    Sent from a cellphone in sunny Spain. 🙂

  76. Meryl Streep ain’t got nothing on you ah Anthony?
    3 Oscars, pah try the bloogies there acutally voted for by the public.

  77. Dear Mr Watts,
    Question: if you win the Best Science Award three times, do you get to keep it?

  78. Congratulations to you Anthony – and Jo, Steve and Tallbloke.
    Just think of the blood, sweat & tears the Evil Empire are going to have to waste trying to find the squillions of “big oil” cash that fixed it for you all.

  79. CONGRATULATIONS, Anthony. Well deserved. I spread the word wide and far to all my skeptical friends and family. Kept on all their cases until they voted.

  80. The fact that we prevail so thoroughly on the Web means a lot.
    With all their ill-gotten billions, with all the governments and media on their side, thieves and liars lose.
    Wonderful, just wonderful.

  81. Well done Anthony, Jo (Come on Aussie, Come on!!!) Roger and Steven. I am stunned… and Jubilant! Well deserved everyone.

  82. congrats to everyone !!!!!
    I was one of the chosen nominees this year!!!! no idea why
    But I knew who I wanted

  83. So truth, accuracy, honesty,politeness, a touch of good humour and a lot of work do matter after all! Who’d have thought it. Congratulations.
    (Add extra commas, double dashes and parenthesis to taste)

  84. Wow, the Warmists will have a meltdown…
    Your fans here (and the other sites) know why you won – congratulations!

  85. Congratz to Anthony, Jo, Steve and Tallbloke for the well-deserved awards. You guys are making a huge improvement in the public understanding of a vitally important field, and you are doing it with great professionalism, endless energy and uniquely personal perspectives and voices. Long may you flourish.

  86. A hearty congratulations to Anthony and his team of mods. Much deserved.
    Congratulations also to the commentors (from all sides) who help make this site what it is, a great experience, a wonderful place to learn.
    Proud to be a fellow sceptic.

  87. Congratulations Anthony on your award! Of course all the warmists ‘know’ that you have only been able to do it with extensive funding from the oil, gas, nuclear and baby seal clubbing industries 😉

  88. Congratulations, Anthony.
    But be not so happy; I´m almost sure that Tamino will be able to demostrate that, statistically, he is the real winner, only his votes are…ah… hidden somewhere 😉

  89. Now if you were all just race horses I would have made some good loot to put back into the tip jars!
    I would love to have voted a lifetime award for John Daly who carefully wove many threads together into simple logical well thought-out website and blog. Before we feel sympathy for Phil Jones and what card history shall deal him, we should remember the efforts of this man whose death Jones and the Team felt may have been a reason for their celebration!

  90. Oh wow! Congrats to everybody! And ‘Lifetime Achievement’. I remember foolishly asking whether WUWT was eligible, and now the Winnuh and Champeen.
    Do you have to make a speech, like Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars. “I’d like to thank my cat..”
    Congrats again to Anthony and everyone. The truth will out!

  91. Congratulations. Well done. Thoroughly deserved.
    Keep up the fight for truth: is it not the Truth that sets us free?

  92. Congratulations from Sweden! I was never skeptic about your chances, nor about Tallbloke or McIntyre!
    I voted for ACM, but I’m just as happy for Jo!

  93. Nothing but grinning here in Bendigo. Well done Jo and Anthony, and kudos to the moderators and all that keep the machine running that gets the word out. Truth will prevail. The job is more than half done. 🙂

  94. Chuffed to rocks for you Anthony!! But I’d like to offer some consolatory applause to the Bishop, whose day must surely come soon.

  95. Congratulations, The Defenders of Science Triumph – You’re going to have to get some spandex outfits!!!
    Feynman would be proud!

  96. Congratulations all round – what excellent results. As for the ‘lifetime Achievement’ award – wow.

  97. Excellent. I complained to the BBC recently about Richrd Black’s bias against WUWT in his Fakegate coveraeg. Inmy complaint Ireferred to your blog as winner of the Science Blog of the year. So glad it’s still true as the BBc would probably use the sophistic case of “out of date” to avoid honesty.
    A reminder of my complaint of the 16th Februaruy 2012 (for which I’ve had no reply yet):
    “The article was biased by way of selective reporting.
    Richard Black refused to report on Climategate until the story was cold as he was unsure of the providence of the leaked emails. This was quite justifiable.
    However, in this story the documents were stolen and at least one was fabricated. Again his established procedure would be proven to be justified. Yet he abandoned that practise.
    To avoid bias (and fulfil his duty as a journalist) he should have checked his sources and consulted with DeSmog Blog, Heartland Institute and Watts Up With That. He did not do those things.
    Instead he misled his readership in order to disparage a competitor’s website (Watts Up With That). This is a clear bias against the winner of the Science Blog of the Year. As a less lauded science and environment blogger himself the motivation is suspect.”

  98. Great results tonight, 4 out of 4.
    Now, we just have to await the Team’s adjustments to this raw data to arrive at the real results 😉
    Anthony – You are doing this, and subsequent generations a outstanding service. We owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you.

  99. @Mary Turner, February 27, 2012 at 3:08 am
    Only when no-one’s going to tax me into unjustifiable poverty because of it, Mary 🙂
    Well done to every voice of reason out there, and especially those who placed last night – proving once and for all that reason CAN be heard over the obfuscating bluster and that that eventually people recognise it when they do hear it 🙂

  100. Congrats to Anthony Watts.
    The Main Stream Media(MSM) are quietly and unknown to them being replaced by the Main Stream Internet(MSI).
    WUWT is the leading MSI science site on the net. Hopefully, in years to come Anthony will get the opportunity to move deeper into the other fields of science.

  101. Heartfelt congratulations to Anthony, Steve McIntyre, Tallbloke, and JoNova. The awards were richly deserved for all your tireless work. Thanks too to the moderators whose light touch in this “warzone”, is what makes WUWT the wonderful place that it is.
    What is really gratifying is to see that truth and fairness on its own can trump the billions of dollars, the lies, the deceit, and in some cases, the outright fraud of the misanthropes. In the years to come, there will be morality tales written about this.

  102. Wow! A clean sweep for climate realism (don’t let the alarmists steal the term ‘realist’)! Congrats, Anthony and company.
    Now the question is: When are the so-called ‘journalists’ (= reporters with an agenda, I guess) going to wake up and realize that the Warmist ideology was a complete scam.
    Answer: When the ‘journalists’ retire, and real reporters take their places.
    /Mr Lynn

  103. Congrats, although I thought the awards would mostly go to Big Oily Green funded PR blogs for their astute understanding of science communication. :p

  104. Come the hour, come the blogs!
    Terrific news. Top honours evenly distributed (nearly) to:
    Australia, Britain, Canada and the USA**2
    Since the sinisterly imaginative partition of the Anglosphere invented the AGW ruse from scratch (by spontaneous creation and inflation of random fluctuations in an obscure region of the intellectual vacuum) it’s fitting that the sceptically sane partition of the Anglosphere should be responsible for its total destruction. Please keep up the good work!
    Now here’s a thought:
    Just as the Nobel prize has the Ignoble prize at the opposite end of the spectrum, I wonder if there should be a counterpart to the prestigious Weblog awards? And what would the judging criteria be? Surely there’d be candidates aplenty …

  105. Congratulations to all!
    Now will the Cheek-O news report this? Has anyone notified them?
    We should all send a message to our local and favorite news media and writers to ensure they are aware of this. Might help draw in more readers if they are not all scared off by the lead article.

  106. Let me just say thanks, Anthony. I’ve been here from the beginning, and your site has been an invaluable resource for me. Here’s to another lifetime of achievement :^)
    Frank K.

  107. Wow!, ain’t that something?
    No wonder I had developed a habit of visiting all the winning websites everyday.They were truly good places to visit as a long time climate skeptic.
    Keep up the good fight!

  108. Not to be repetitive, but:
    Congratulations to Anthony and all who help to keep this weblog running. This award recognizes the level of integrity that resides here and is demonstrated everyday by Anthony & Co..

    Clementine Marmalade said on February 27, 2012 at 4:17 am
    Now here’s a thought:
    Just as the Nobel prize has the Ignoble prize at the opposite end of the spectrum, I wonder if there should be a counterpart to the prestigious Weblog awards? And what would the judging criteria be? Surely there’d be candidates aplenty …

    There is one problem with that idea, if someone has a weblog but no one visits, how would anyone know to vote them a Weblame award.. But may I make the first nomination… DeSmugBlame? But I think all would just get one vote since no one else would visit. A large tie, so they all win!!!! (or loose, as the game goes)
    Cheers Anthony !!! I’ll bend an elbow later, 8am is a little early.
    Looking for the hat trick next year.
    [Reply: This year was the hat trick. (Hat Trick = 3). ~dbs, mod.]

  109. Congrats to all. Anthony, I am very happy for you personally. You put a lot of hard work and dedication into WUWT and it shows. It is a labor of love and one of dedication to science and discovery. I can’t be more happy with the results! Please, keep up the good work (and special thanks to the mods who do much of the heavy lifting!).

  110. Great news, congrats to all. Been through most of the comments and there’s nothing to add, but I cannot not mention the Truth with a capital T. We, the people are always searching for the Truth which will set us free from the Lie. The Truth has won the day; it will surely win the future too and we can see it coming.

  111. MikeH said on February 27, 2012 at 5:20 am
    Cheers Anthony !!! I’ll bend an elbow later, 8am is a little early.
    Looking for the hat trick next year.
    [Reply: This year was the hat trick. (Hat Trick = 3). ~dbs, mod.]

    I stand corrected. They all start blending together after a while (and a few cold ones, but not today).
    This quite an achievement for an Anti-Science blog..

  112. Holy clean sweep Batman!
    Best Australian/NZ … Jo Nova
    Best European … Tallbloke
    Best Canadian … McIntyre
    Best Science/Technology … WUWT
    Lifetime Achievement … WUWT
    Big-time congratulations to the Fantastic Four (as coined upthread by johanna).
    Please say a prayer for the mental health of Gleick, Mann, Romm, Tamino and all the other unhinged members of Team CO2 who will wake up to this news this morning and have to be reminded of this fact every day for the next year.

  113. wOw! Clean sweep!
    It just goes to show ya that massive funding by evil oil companies can swing the resul… oh wait… they give all the money to the CAGW alarmists. Never mind.
    Well then, congratulations to all and a special congrats to WUWT for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

  114. Congratulations to each of the winners! In recognition of these awards, I will this evening open a brown bottle for each blogger and thoroughly outgas all the CO2 contained therein.

  115. Well done Anthony…
    You and Jo have done wonders for us all…
    Long live the internet and free speech, good shit!!!

  116. Tide runneth out, I guess the alarmists can console themselves with the $100M they just got from HP foundation.

  117. Congrats Anthony, Tallbloke, jo, & Steve !!! Well deserved all !!
    I am troubled by the absence of congrats from folks like Joel Shore, R. Gates, Connolly, LT, A phizzer-cist. These folks should DEFINITELY give you a nod for allowing them to post on your site. They claim the moral high ground, but are not good representatives of that position. Hmmm,……

  118. It is both great and sad at the same time. It is wonderful that Anthony won both the Science and Lifetime achievement awards. But it is sad as this represents his third win in the science category. According to the Bloggies rules, that means WUWT can no longer be nominated, and the Lifetime Achievement award is a one time only award. That probably means WUWT is no longer eligible for recognition.
    REPLY: Correction. The 2008 award on my sidebar was a different awards program, now defunct. So WUWT is eligible for one more nomination in the Sci/Tech category next year. On the Lifetime Achievement, you are correct. – Anthony

  119. I’d like to say well done to everyone who took the time to vote, and what a fantastic job a real science blog can do for everyone who likes to ask questions.

  120. Congratulations to all!
    “I am troubled by the absence of congrats from folks like Joel Shore, R. Gates, Connolly, LT, A phizzer-cist.” I, too, am troubled but not surprised: it’s in their blood to be sour.
    We must use this resounding success to build on winning (at least some in) the MSM over to rational, real and honest science. Only then will we be able to start on the politicians (apart from Canada, of course).

  121. To the winners,
    “Good on yer”
    “Bloody brilliant”
    “Beauty, eh?”
    “Awesome!!” (twice)
    Does this mean you guys get comped to Rio20 this year to advise the U.N.?

  122. David Ball says:
    I am troubled by the absence of congrats from folks like Joel Shore, R. Gates, Connolly, LT, A phizzer-cist.
    To be fair Connolly has been on a timeout 🙂

  123. Roy Spencer says: February 27, 2012 at 7:42 am

    Is there an award for least-often updated blog? Please?

    If so, then I’ll probably win! 🙂
    I set one up many years ago and then never remembered (bothered?) to update it. It fact, I actually forgot what I called it. Oh well…

  124. Well, if this competition had been run using our version of science, we would have won – so, yah boo sucks!!
    Official Team comment

  125. Well done Anthony, his team of moderators, contributors and all you open minded folk out there who make this such an important site.
    Has Joe Romm’s head exploded yet?

  126. Hu McCulloch said on February 27, 2012 at 6:19 am
    This deserves Sticky Status! Congrats to all!

    While many of us would feel the same about the sticky status, I have an inkling that Anthony is not the type of person to blow his own horn on this matter. Plus, the Gleick-gate issue needs to remain the in the spotlight. Professionalism from Anthony & Co.

  127. Congratulations to all. Question to Dr. Gleick: “Don’t the latest Weblog Award results prove that the debate you so vocally claim you want while simultaneously avoiding it at all cost is alive and well on the skeptic AGW science blogs?”

  128. Hey, obviously this is totally rigged to favor skeptics.
    Shouldn’t we have some bottom of the pond scum awards for the warmist?

  129. Congratulations Anthony, Steve, Tallbloke and JoNova!!
    I have been reading (and sometimes commenting) WUWT for almost exactly 4 years now, and clearly these awards are extremely well deserved, well done! I also think Bishop Hill needs a mention, as in many ways this is a group effort to get the truth out.
    Many thanks to all of you. I no longer read newspapers in the morning, because the blogs are much more informative. May you live a long and happy life!

  130. Victory (x4) for the Truth !
    Thank You and congratulations all ! TWICE to You Anthony !
    Appreciation well deserved !

  131. Fantastic and richly deserved – the truth will out!
    Delighted for Jo too – great job
    Steve deserves a knighthood – don’t let Charlie give it tho 🙂
    I hope Tallbloke feels ever so slightly chuffed now – top man.
    As ever Anthony – well done (and the mods too) – you all deserve the Nobel Peace Prize – guess I won’t hold my breath 🙁

  132. Good Onyer, Anthony! I am so pleased to see you honored thus. Your blog is the one I turn to first. Jim Brock, Houston

  133. Congratulations to Jo, Steve, Tallbloke and Anthony and his team……… oh, AND ANTHONY’S FAMILY.
    A Lifetime Achievement Award in just a few years and at such a young age as well!!

  134. Roy Spencer said @ February 27, 2012 at 7:42 am

    Is there an award for least-often updated blog? Please?

    I suspect I’d beat you for that one Roy 🙂
    Loved your book BTW. You have an excellent sense of humour.

  135. May I suggest you alter the wording on the Weblog banner…
    “Two Timer”… has other meanings.
    How about the word “Second” ?
    just a thought.

  136. REPLY: Correction. The 2008 award on my sidebar was a different awards program, now defunct. So WUWT is eligible for one more nomination in the Sci/Tech category next year. On the Lifetime Achievement, you are correct. – Anthony
    Ah, I was confused since both awards bore the same name. But I see now that they were from different websites.

  137. Congrats all who work so hard to make this blog a fun place to visit. Especially congrats on the life time achievement award!

  138. Well deserved for all the winners, especially Anthony and moderators for all their hard work over the years!
    I thought a lifetime award was only for old guys after a very long career and those who already passed away, but I hope that is not the case here and that we can enjoy this blog for many years to come…

  139. congratulations on the public vote of confidence for all four of you working hard to revel the truth and inner workings of “climate science” vs real scientific method applications. I would consider these awards a recruitment bonus to reflect the expanded coverage you are getting from the public, more is needed to reach the entire population of “should be concerned citizens” toward this end I have sent you 10% of my annual income, sorry it is so little.
    The most unstoppable things in the world are, time, love, truth, and an idea whose time has come.

  140. I also congratulate the winners. It is recognition of their efforts to spread the truth, and their defeat of the alarmists and their multi-million dollar PR.

  141. Congrats, Anthony! You’re doing an EXCELLENT job. Wish you folks (= The Whole Bunch Of Realists) much success further on.
    (LR, from München, Germany)

  142. In all the Peter Gleick excitement I missed this. A thousand apologies I did not take the time to vote for you. Congratulations Anthony, you run a really good blog.

  143. My previous post was far too miserly. A huge and hearty well done to all the award winners. And to make amends for earlier shortcomings, I hereby pledge to toast each of you with a wee dram of fine single-malt Scotch Whiskey. My cupboard affords a fair selection of common and obscure varieties. So to Jo Nova, Tallbloke, Steve McIntyre, and Anthony Watts: let me know your request for specific brand and I will do my best to accommodate.

  144. Who would have thought taking a leak in Nov a couple years ago would have brought a tipping point?
    This is a great site. Don’t wait for enRomm to send flowers.

  145. Wait a minute … speaking of the Oscars: Anthony where’s your acceptance speech? I promise to not queue the orchestra if you run over 45 seconds.

  146. Encounters with a Stoat; Posting at William Connellys’ blog:
    Disgraceful! How can this happen! The very three websites (WUWT, Jo Nova and Tallbloke) that are the worst of the worst have all three of them just got awards at “The Bloggies”!
    I mean…where is yours?
    [I fear that just demonstrates the obvious: that these awards are based entirely on voting numbers and take no account of quality -W]
    Posted by: Jack Savage | February 27, 2012 6:34 AM’

  147. Joe Prins says:
    February 27, 2012 at 9:49 am
    Congratulations to all including the missus, the moderators and the feline.
    I hope you are not discriminating against Kenji (a canine) just because he is a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists!

  148. Markus Fitzhenry says:
    February 27, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    Encounters with a Stoat; Posting at William Connellys’ blog:

    Disgraceful! How can this happen! The very three websites (WUWT, Jo Nova and Tallbloke) that are the worst of the worst have all three of them just got awards at “The Bloggies”!
    I mean…where is yours?

    [I fear that just demonstrates the obvious: that these awards are based entirely on voting numbers and take no account of quality -W]

    Hmmm … “based entirely on voting numbers” … and the same is true of the Oscars, as well as the Presidency of the US, the makeup of Congress, the decisions of the British Parliament, and the composition of local school boards. Let’s get rid of this dang “voting” thing, it’s obviously useless …
    Did you know that a stoat is a member of the weasel family? Appropriate, no?

  149. My admiration know no bounds.
    We must all support this record by keeping up a continued pressure on our Government representatives to uncover this fraud which is being played on the world at large in the name of Carbon. Remeber folks their claims are based on CO2, not recycling as they keep trying to sterr any replies to my letters to.

  150. Congratulations to all skeptic winners. Special congratulations to Anthony. Anthony has done so very much for science and for freedom.

  151. I have been busy elsewhere for a few days and missed these amazing honours bestowed upon our fearless leader and many others who walk in his footsteps. Big congratulations Mr Watts, as well as Mr McIntyre and all of the other sceptics who won these awards. I have never felt so proud.

  152. I rarely correct Willis but I’d point out that a stoat is a not just a weasel, but a vicious weasel.
    Observe, cute but deadly:

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