WUWT Year End report

About 2,500,000 people visit the Museuem of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York every year. This blog was viewed about 31,000,000 times in 2011. If it were an exhibit at MoMA, it would take about 12 years for that many people to see it.

In 2011, there were 1,990 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 6,211 posts.

The busiest day of the year was November 22nd with 190,860 views. The most popular post that day was Climategate 2.0 emails – They’re real and they’re spectacular!.

Source: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/annual-report/

104 thoughts on “WUWT Year End report

  1. Congratulations Anthony and crew, contributors, and commenters !
    You provide an invaluable service to the whole world !
    Happy New Year and wishing you continued success in 2012 !

  2. All done with “the hammer of truth and the sword of not bickering” !!
    Congrats on past successes and future triumphs to Anthony and Mods.
    h/t – “The Shoveler” in “Mystery Men”

  3. Proud to have added to your page views this year Anthony! My thanks to you, the mods, the many contributors and commenters on this great site. Best wishes for 2012!
    [REPLY: On behalf of Anthony and my fellow moderators, a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you as well. Thank you. -REP]

  4. Anthony,
    Keep up the good work fueling the dialogue about the side of the global climate changes that the main media are trying to hide.
    Thank you for this year and Happy New Year!

  5. It just goes to show that watching a phony wizard try to run a con and fall flat on his face, like Al ‘D’ Gore, is more entertaining and enlightening than staring at pretencious junk and masterpieces. Fine work, folks.

  6. >>
    In 2011, there were 1,990 new posts
    I don’t know how you do it. Even when you say you’re taking time off, I can’t keep up. When I do find time to read a post and make a comment, the post has paged off.
    Happy New Year to Anthony and the moderator staff. It’s simply beyond words what you guys do.
    Thanks to all of you,

  7. Thank you for everything Anthony! Also, big thumbs up to all the other writers, mod’s, and all the contributors. Watt a year!
    We have had some great results lately, but this will be a long struggle and there will be setbacks. We can’t rest, there is too much money and power at stake for the AGW proponents.
    I am afraid 2012 might get bloody, but we must “Never Give In”

  8. The WUWT popularity explains why I keep seeing Obama for America ads. Every time you click on them, it costs their campaign money.

  9. Another amazing year of debunking! Keep up the good work in 2012. Happy New Year and beware of rotten ice in your drinks… ;->
    [REPLY: Happy New Year to you. Why put ice in drinks at all? -REP]

  10. Alvin says:
    December 31, 2011 at 5:58 pm
    The WUWT popularity explains why I keep seeing Obama for America ads. Every time you click on them, it costs their campaign money.
    Thanks, Alvin.
    You just helped ring in the New Year with laughter.
    Regards, and Happy New Year to all.

  11. Happy New Year one and all with a special thanks to Santa Watts for bringing us so many presents this past week.

  12. Congrats to all! Those are some amazing stats! I don’t know how you guys manage. To Anthony, the Mods, the guest posters, and all of the commentators, well done! This has been a great year for skeptics!
    [REPLY: Thank you for your contributions as well. A happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you and yours and may your blog attract more seekers after truth. Uhhh… just keep WUWT at the top of your blog-roll, OK? -REP]

  13. Hope you make a decent living off this blog. You deserve it for all your hard work.
    Thank you for eveything you do
    [REPLY: Anthony has to work like everyone else and juggles running a business, running this blog and raising a family. Few of us could do two of those well, let alone all three. Without wishing to appear crass, there is a tip jar on the main page…. and no, moderators don’t get a split. Have a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. -REP]

  14. Happy New Year to everyone here, and especially to Anthony and his team, even if they were going to snip Me and they did at times but I don’t care. This Me isn’t one of them Green Weenie Alarmist and I guess they know the difference! Cheers everyone!
    [REPLY: Thankyou for your contributions and all the best for 2012. Just remember, all rose bushes need pruning. Happy New Year. -REP]

  15. As a layman, much here goes over my head, but I do try to get through everything to gain some measure of understanding. This is an outstanding blog, and professionally run. A job well done in 2011.
    My best wishes to Anthony, guest authors, moderators and commentators. I wish all a prosperous 2012.
    [REPLY: And to you, Colin, and to you. -REP]

  16. Happy New Year Wattsupwiththat!
    Anthony, the many facinating contributors, mods, commenters and lurkers alike.
    This is a must read blog – for debunking the money gobbling ‘global warming belief’ UN gang – all year long.

  17. An extremely informative and educated site, and I wish you well for 2012, and hope all your efforts to uncover the truth gain momentum and world wide recognition. Well done from Australia.
    AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. Just joking, I wonder if the wonderful Fire works display on Sydney
    Harbor added to our CO2 emissions. It’s well worth a look, brilliant.

  18. Thanks to Anthony for providing the venue and the other posters for providing the community of folks who share their thoughts. May 2012 be a better year than 2011 no matter what your views.

  19. Shortly after I first visited this site I recall Anthony saying he was thinking of giving it up – must be near on 10 years ago now. Most folks were strongly advocating he continued and I readily added my name to that support albeit with a short experience of what Anthony was bringing to the debate.
    All I can say Anthony is thanks – from the very bottom of my heart. I hope you are very proud of what you have created – it is truly amazing.
    I visit the site daily and admire most of all the convivial discourse that surrounds all the issues debated. I have learned so much through this blog and will be forever indebted to you for the effort you have made in making wattsupwiththat what it is.
    I am sure one day you will be recognised for what you have done on a global scale and even though I may be the 10 millionth person in line to pat you on the back – trust me, I will be there.

  20. Best wishes to Anthony Watts, the Mods, the writers, bloggers and readers and all their families (& pets) for a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year from Australia.
    The information is always interesting and informative. The cartoons, retorts and snips are very very funny. Quick work there guys!

  21. Congratulation Mr. Watts!! You have performed a monumental service for truth and integrity in climate science in contrast to the bias climate fear garbage reflected in the main stream media. Thank you so much for your hard work and sacrifice in providing such an invaluable service to your readers. Happy new year to you and your family!!

  22. Thank You and a Happy New Year to Anthony, crew, contributors, and commenters.
    Terry and Hyon
    [REPLY: And a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year to you. -REP]

  23. What else to say but Congratulations. The story about The Canadian’s predictions 4 years ago that some 4.5 billion people could die this year due to global warming is really funny and idiotic. cheers.

  24. Victorious New Year! Carry on grinding the buttheads down.
    About the MOMA; I know a few hundred of the views here are mine, and I doubt anyone has visited the MOMA that many times in a year! 😀 (Not and remain sane, anyhow.)
    You have become an indispensable resource. All 2 dozen or so of you. 😉

  25. All the best for 2012 to Anthony and crew. Best wishes and Happy New Year to all.
    [REPLY: And to you. Thank you. -REP]

  26. Happy New Year everyone. Anthony, and other contributors, moderators and other posters – thanks. This is one of the most intellectually stimulating sites on the internet and it’s definately one of my ‘must visit’ sites.
    [REPLY: Thank you, Rhoda, both for your kind words and your contributions here. Best Wishes for the New Year. -REP]

  27. best wishes to all the henchpeople and cohorts at wuwt.
    [REPLY: Best wishes to you, as well. Thank you for your contributions here. -REP, least of the henches]

  28. Good science trumps cognitive dissonance every time. Congrats and a happy and healthy new year to all.
    [REPLY: And also to you. -REP]

  29. A happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you and yours and may your blog attract more seekers after truth. Uhhh… just keep WUWT at the top of your blog-roll, OK? -REP
    WUWT is always a first stop for me. 🙂 Much of what I write about is derived from what goes on over here!

  30. Great work Anthony – and moderators. Also to the guest posters.
    The next milestone is the 100,000,000 hits which is about a week or two away.
    Cheers and all the best to everyone.

  31. I resolve to be ‘nicer’ to the trolls, those pucks.
    [REPLY: I guess that’s a start…. Happy New Year, Luther. -REP]

  32. Darn, two hours to go and at 99,384,205 we need a mere Australia, N.A. & Europe to come view here real fast! Well, guess we need something else big to spill over into 2012.
    Happy New Year everyone.
    (bless you Anthony and moderators for the endless effort and providing this critical venue for those having a bit of insight into what has actually happened to science, especially “climate science”, thank you again)
    [REPLY: Wayne, our readers and commenters make this all worthwhile. Thank YOU. -REP]

  33. Well done, you guys, well done. Greetings from Oz, and together let us enjoy watching the Great Crumbling as it gathers pace this year.
    31,000,000 views, eh? You realise if everyone had tipped just $1 into the jar each time…..start today, folks, and Anthony can stop worrying about the day job. $10 from me about to kick things off via PayPal.
    Happy New Year!

  34. Congratulations and Happy New Year to Anthony! You are a miracle of energy, intelligence, and creativity.
    Happy New Year to the Mods and thanks for all your wonderful work.
    Happy New Year to everyone.

  35. WUWT has been my go-to site for excellent science leavened with common sense.
    And in case anybody wonders, the practice of putting ice cubes in alcoholic drinks began during the era of Prohibition and bootleg booze: Ice deadens tastebuds and makes difficult to tell good liquor from rubbish. I sometimes wonder if the purveyors of fast foods around the Western world load customers’ drinks with ice for the same reason!

  36. From the cold and windy Kittitas Valley
    east of the Cascade Crest of Washington State
    Happy Twenty-twelve

  37. My apologies! I was interrupted before I completed my comment and hit enter without thinking: Everyone at WUWT deserves high praise for the quality of the content and the gentlemanly tone of the site, which is always an informative pleasure to read and without which no day can begin properly!

  38. As a graduate of the University of Virginia who does not oppose the viewing of Mr. Mann’s e-mails, I wish you one and all a Happy New Year, about 20 minutes away, still in Virginia! Thanks, Anthony and Moderators!

  39. happy new year, anthony & family, mods, guest contributors and commenters, as WUWT heads for 100m well-deserved hits:
    CAGW fanatic Bob Berwyn is soooooo far removed from the science and public opinion, it’s embarrassing:
    31 Dec: Summit County Voice, Colorado: Bob Berwyn: Global warming: Top stories of 2011
    The year of the tipping point?
    If 2011 goes down as the year that global warming awareness reached a critical mass, it could be attributed to the spate of unusual weather events around the globe…
    The growing public acceptance may also be reflected by the increasingly shrill tone of the last few global warming deniers. On web sites like the ironically named Real Science, poster have taken to name-calling, and characterizing respected climate researchers as “morons” and worse…
    Bob, u are worse than a moron…

  40. Bob Berwyn is in good company?
    1 Jan: NYT: Editorial: A Tempestuous Year
    Is there a connection between last year’s extreme weather events and global warming? The answers might be a lot clearer if the Republicans in Congress were less hostile to climate change research…
    (A version of this editorial appeared in print on January 1, 2012, on page SR10 of the New York edition with the headline: A Tempestuous Year)

  41. Thank you Anthony, moderators and posters, have been a lurker on this site for about two years now, its been an education, many thanks.
    [Reply: We know we have many thousands of loyal lurkers, and we love our WUWT lurkers! You are the silent majority that helps keep our traffic numbers high, despite Google and WordPress efforts to the contrary. You are all very much appreciated. ~dbs, mod.]

  42. A happy and joyous new year to y’all … readers, commenters, mods, and above all, Anthony.
    Less than 10 days to 100 million and three or four years to a quarter billion! Quality sells.

  43. Happy New Year Anthony and Mods and posters – I enjoy this site way too much and next stop 100,000,000!
    Greg Olsen
    Tempe, Az

  44. Congratulations on another exciting year in the service of freedom and prosperity and truth.
    And 100,000,000 thanks for the great posts and all the effort.

  45. Congratulations and a happy new year, anyone wish to bet that the coming year is going to the warmest ever reality not withstanding.

  46. Let me join all the other good contributors and wish Anthony, his family, and the loyal WUWT moderators a very healthy and Happy New Year! It’s always a pleasure to drop in!
    Cheers, Charles the DrPH

  47. True confessions (well one confession posted on Facebook):

    I had my nose in a blog and didn’t notice I missed midnight. Fortunately(?) I had the TV on and used Comcast’s DVR to back up and see it. I think there’s something morally(?) reprehensible(?) about that. Of course, I should have watched the time tick over on my GPS receiver like a proper geek. Ah well, been there, done that.

    Barring silliness like that, I have high expectations that 2012 will show that things can be interesting without snow. And that snow will come along soon enough.
    Thanks all for an interesting 2011.

  48. HNY to Anthony, mods and all involved in keeping this site strong, respected and rightfully feared by greedy climate egotists. (I would not have to write “feared” in a just and sensible world. But in such a world there would be no need for WUWT.)
    We all appreciate your hard work. Please press on. All the best in 2012.
    The Snowless Plains of Canukistan ☺

  49. Thank you Anthony, your long-suffering family, moderators and all!
    Best wishes and a prosperous new year to you all. Not only your supporters, but the whole world, owes you a huge debt. One day they’ll understand.

  50. Allow me to add my voice of thanks to Anthony, the mods, the guest posters and the commentariate! May you all go from strength to strength in 2012.

  51. Thank you Anthony et al. and that et al. means everyone how contributed in any way. You people are simply amazing. You are all philosophers, seekers of knowledge and truth about that knowledge. This blog is amazing, not just in the number of views or the obvious influence it has but in how the philosophical ideals and the power of the web are illustrated here.

  52. The WUWT phenomenon spreads at the speed of enlightenment. That comes as no surprise to me, Anthony. 😀
    This is one of the first climate realist websites I discovered when I began to question the AGW orthodoxy thanks to the increasingly shrill climate hysteria emanating from government and the media. The hysteria simply didn’t tally with real life observations. The climate/weather wasn’t doing anything it hadn’t done before. Plus, I was aware that the climate had been a lot warmer in the early Holocene as well as more recent times (MWP).
    Thank goodness for your hard work uncovering the scam. Long may WUWT continue to lift the warmist rocks and make the creatures lurking in the shadows scuttle for cover.
    A prosperous New Year to you and yours and to the many people, learned and lay, who make this community so interesting, informative and kickass. (Can I say that?)

  53. This is the third year running that I have used material from this site to formulate real-life case studies on ethics (i.e. the lack thereof) in final exams for my software engineering students. Keep it up Anthony!

  54. Anthony, mods, guest posters – thank you! A happy new year to you all, and please keep ferreting out the facts.

  55. Onward and upward! Many, many thanks Anthony for your continued dedication to introducing us all to the curiosities and wonders of the world around us, and most importantly to providing the central venue for real skeptical debate about climate and other politicized science. Visiting here continues to be an education. Happy New Year to you and all the patient moderators, as well contributors and fellow commenters (and to FOIA for your brave contributions)!

  56. So much for the Ministry of Truth. Bring on 2012 Anthony, I’m sure they will be as upset as ever. Congrats to all involved for such a level headed discussion over the years.

  57. Congratulations Anthony, Mods and Contributors. I’ve lurked around here for a few months. I’m not a scientist and, while I was always a bit skeptical, I wasn’t really sure what to make of the whole Climate Change thing until I came to WUWT . Now I’m utterly convinced that CAGW is an absolute crock and a fraud. Anyone who could check in here for even a week and not be convinced by the many excellent posts refuting it is just beyond my comprehension.
    There is real SCIENCE, analysis, evidence and rational argument by the truckload here and I’m constantly amazed by it. And even more amazed that the rest of the world just won’t be convinced. Global Warming is the South Sea Bubble and Dutch Tulip Mania all over again. Only on a more massive world-wide scale. The Tech-wreck will be nothing once this baby implodes – and inevitably it will! Poor science started it and good science will be its undoing.
    Sincere thanks for your efforts and best wishes to all.

  58. Hi from Australia!Thank you Anthony as we have been using your site for debates here against government trolls.We here hope you all have a safe time now and into the future.The posters and commenters help with knowledge is very valuable to us in helping us to understand.Be safe and live long people 🙂

  59. I can only enthusiastically concur with all the excessively deserved adorations above! These dialogues help to nurture new legions of the skeptical realists who will be required to provide the essential checks against the science bastardizers who have not only blunted human progress, but have caused it’s regression. I can only hope that, however unlikely, I may have the honor to be the first of the 2012 New Year to congratulate you Anthony, et al, on a phenomenally successful achievement..

  60. Congratulations to you and your helpers and contributors that keeps the good ship WUWT on track in the march towards good science and exposure of the worst of the insanity that has duped so many in a mockery of all that is science and discovery.
    I hope for the sake of the world and science that this 2012 year will see the scales of blind faith fall away from the climatology believers and fellow travelers as the would be elite tricks and machinations are exposed for the good of science and social conscience.
    I look forward to the final release of the rest of the CRU emails and to the collapse of the Michael Mann rearguard defence of his publically funded ( read US Taxpayer) hide the data and bend the science to suit his agenda jaunt at your expense.
    The other wish of course is the complete collapse of the IPCC charade and its defunding, which will possibly be the only thing that will save Australia from being the ultimate carbon lemmings as our economy shudders under that ultimate carbon nonsense.
    Keep up the good work guys, the white hats will win when the black hats of climatology fall from protected grace!! The signs are there, let 2012 herald the event.
    Personal thanks to Anthony and family.

  61. The 100,000,000th visitor is not far away! Happy New Year to one and all, from NZ. Being in the future I can tell you it looks good.

  62. I’d just like to add my thanks to you for the work you’re doing, and to wish you a happy new year. I feel that perhaps 2012 may see a breakthrough as the evidence against AGW builds and people start to wake up. It would be good to think so.

  63. Not being all that gIib, I can only ditto all the praise and congrats being heaped on Anthony and all the contributors. May a good scotch tickle your tonsils, may a good man or woman be at your side, may your new year be a good one.
    PS: this needs repeating – [REPLY: Happy New Year to you. Why put ice in drinks at all? -REP]

  64. In a world of worthy plodders, WUWT prances, keeping the unacceptable truth about CAGW firmly in the public gaze. Anthony, how you have kept going with this in the face of all your tribulations is beyond my understanding. A happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year to you and those who give up their free time to aid you.

  65. Oops! Forgot about sending congratulations and thanks to FOIA. Hi there, and Happy New Year from your 31,000,000 fans! I’ll bet you read WUWT before you go to sleep at night (with a benevolent smile on your face). Sorry we can’t tip a little PayPal something into your jar as well, but I guess money isn’t what it’s about, is it?
    We all owe you, mate. Big time.

  66. I am amazed, at least once a week, by things I read here.
    I am in wonder, daily, at the content and contented argument here that is moderated with such aplomb.
    I thank my lucky stars, hourly, for Anthony’s wonderful reading room and the global community within.
    Happy New Year one and all.

  67. Happy new year one and all. My new year resolution should be to post more here, and stop wallowing in the cess pit that is CiF at The Guardian.
    A special mention to FOIA, too.

  68. Just want to add my congratulations and support to Anthony and helpers for a stirling job well done!
    I subscribe to the WUWT email feed so as not to miss out on any new publications. This means I don’t use search engines to find out about this stuff anymore. I would be interested in the stats for email feeds if they can be published – just adds to the credibility of the power of WUWT to reach a growing audience. The MSM must be cringeing at the numbers – sooner or later they will be forced to take notice!
    I look forward to much more lurking in 2012!

  69. Happy New Year to you, Anthony, and to your family, for this indispensable site.
    Happy New Year to you all, indefatigable mods – may your [remarks] keep flourishing!
    Happy New Year to all you contributors – may your posts here turn into publications.
    Happy New Year to all you posters/commenters, with grateful thanks for the extra education you provide, for the wit and humour, and for some great video links.

  70. I am a serial lurker here, I don’t post because I am no scientist and could not possibly contribute to the conversation. But know this, I understand and appreciate what is being done here and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you one and all for your efforts.
    Happy New Year

  71. 2011 was indeed a great year of robust debate and discussion on debunking the CAGW myth. Looking forward to the same in 2012.
    Good health, happiness and success to everyone in 2012 and beyond.

  72. Happy New Year to everyone here. And my thanks to Anthony and the moderators. This really is the best site on the web, and I contribute to the number of views several times a day personally, and tell everyone I can about it, too.
    Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!

  73. I visit and read it like a novel I can’t put down. So much so that I have been trying to read it on my smart phone this holiday break being away from such forms of technology that allows for computer use here. And typing has been a study in patience. I wish there were such an open forum for educators. And in such a form and apolitical acceptance that I would not feel compelled to hide my name. The freedom here is extroidinary. No matter the side u are on. My hunch is that climate research has been vastly informed by this effort. All my respect.

  74. WUWT
    Be careful with claims like this. While there are a lot of visits to the site, most were probably repeat visits by a much smaller number of people. I visit almost every day, and sometimes multiple visits a day when I am discussing issue, so I have well over 300 visits per year. I would guess the actual number of different visitors may be less than 100,000. While this is still a huge number, it is far from 31,000,000.

  75. Congratulations Anthony. Thanks to you, the mods, posters and comment makers for making this a great site. All the best in the coming year.

  76. Leonard Weinstein says:
    January 1, 2012 at 6:59 am
    Be careful with claims like this. While there are a lot of visits to the site, most were probably repeat visits by a much smaller number of people. I visit almost every day, and sometimes multiple visits a day when I am discussing issue, so I have well over 300 visits per year. I would guess the actual number of different visitors may be less than 100,000. While this is still a huge number, it is far from 31,000,000.
    Jeez, Leonard, lighten up! Anthony never said there were 31,000,000 vistors, he specifically said “views.” The rest is just an illustration to give you an idea of the magnitude of that number.
    That being said, Happy New Year, Leonard, and keep up the visits, I do the same thing, it has become a daily ritual for me.

  77. Reason, Science, Humor, Open Debate–a winning combination for a science blog if there ever was one. Happy New Year to Anthony and his family, to the Mods who catch the ocassional uncivil remarks, to the Guest Posters who add variety and diverse points of view, and to the Commenters who keep everyone honest. Here’s hoping 2012 brings you all joy.

  78. I’m still eagerly looking forward to the FIRST climategate 2.0 book! As well as the first expose of the 800 year lag between leading temp change and CO2 change in paleoclimatology.
    Writing opps overlooked by science writers?

  79. On behalf of Patchy, Mike, Phil, and Al, and the whole Team, I would just like to wish WUWT and all who contribute to it a bon voyage on your trip into space and to the denier hell where you all belong.
    You and your stupid stinking facts and ridiculous demands for logic and evidence have caused severe delays in the implementation of our planetary salvation project – with no apparent consideration for the children or the threatened islanders, or anything else.
    So now the climate will continue to change, and it is all your fault.
    Ernest Dupe
    Union of Concerned Climate Research Contractors

  80. Where would we be now without WUWT? I shudder to think. Anthony, Al Gore and David Suzuki and their ilk must regularly curse you and the organized self-thinkers you (and others) support.
    If not for your courage as well as the knowledge to challenge The Team (the big one, not just the Mann et al characters), we would be far down the rabbit hole by now. In terms of impact one’s life has, your contribution is very significant.
    Congratulations, and all the best wishes for 2012.
    P.S. Now that 4.5 billion didn’t die in 2011, are we on a death-watch for the end of the world 21-12-12? I have some ageing wine that I am thinking of drinking early.

  81. WUWT operates in a sanity field. The rest of the world is barking mad. Thanks for everything, Anthony. Happy New Year.

  82. Anthony-
    I am more of a lurker on here and rarely post as I just read and learn every day. Your site is full of tremendous information and I love the passion of the people on here fighting against the the ideas that threaten out country. I thank you and the people on here for all you do to promote true science and most importanly HONEST science.. Thank you and Happy New Year!!!

  83. I thought 2011 rain totals (inches) for some US NWS stations would be of interest. From:
    Just change the “md” in the above address to the appropriate state. My own number is first. Multiply by 25.4 to get mm:
    My rainfall (western MD)——52.80
    Hagerstown City MD—–53.09
    Hagerstown AP, MD——46.76
    LaVale MD————–51.15
    Salisbury, MD———-39.16
    Wallops Island VA——36.23
    Baltimore MD———–56.52
    BALTIMORE Harbor MD—-54.06
    LYNCHBURG VA———–38.98
    ROANOKE VA————-45.03
    DANVILLE VA————39.01
    NORFOLK VA————-51.10
    RICHMOND VA————47.54
    DULLES AP VA———–46.20
    PITTSBURGH PA———-44.24
    HARRISBURG PA———-73.73
    ALLENTOWN PA———–71.72
    MOUNT POCONO PA——–80.80
    READING PA————-57.16
    AVOCA PA—————59.99
    ERIE PA—————-57.44
    WILMINGTON DE———-56.58
    GEORGETOWN DE———-34.80
    BECKLEY WV————-42.15
    CHARLESTON WV———-50.78
    ELKINS WV————–52.33
    PARKERSBURG WV———57.48
    HUNTINGTON WV———-62.46
    MARTINSBURG WV———46.83
    COLUMBUS OH————54.96
    DAYTON OH————–56.72
    CINCINNATI OH———-73.28
    CLEVELAND OH———–65.32
    AKRON OH—————58.38
    YOUNGSTOWN OH———-54.01
    MANSFIELD OH———–56.68
    TOLEDO OH————–48.79
    WILMINGTON NC———-43.96
    LUMBERTON NC———–41.33
    ASHEVILLE NC———–46.04
    CHARLOTTE NC———–44.52
    FLORENCE SC————28.59
    GREENVILLE SC———-45.95
    COLUMBIA AP SC———36.62
    ORANGEBURG AP SC——-37.40
    SHREVEPORT LA———-33.07
    MONROE LA————–49.52
    LAKE CHARLES LA——–38.64
    ALEXANDRIA LA———-35.87
    LAFAYETTE LA———–35.87
    BATON ROUGE LA———49.47
    NEW ORLEANS LA———54.63
    LONGVIEW TX————30.54
    LUFKIN TX————–33.77
    TYLER TX—————24.97
    VICTORIA TX————13.08
    HOUSTON TX————-24.57
    GALVESTON TX———–22.95
    MIDLAND TX————–5.49
    SAN ANGELO TX———–9.23
    ABILENE TX————-16.83
    AMARILLO TX————-7.00
    BROWNSVILLE TX———17.94
    AUSTIN TX————–19.68
    WICHITA FALLS TX——-12.97
    WACO TX—————-27.63
    LUBBOCK TX————–5.86
    FORT WAYNE IN———-49.54
    SOUTH BEND IN———-46.48
    EVANSVILLE IN———-70.03
    MOLINE IL————–34.83
    SPRINGFIELD IL———30.61
    PEORIA IL————–39.87
    ROCKFORD IL————39.04
    PADUCAH KY————-74.85
    BOWLING GREEN KY——-63.11
    LEXINGTON KY———–66.35
    LOUISVILLE KY———-68.02
    JACKSON KY————-60.01
    TRI-CITIES TN———-47.68
    KNOXVILLE TN———–56.64
    CHATTANOOGA TN———64.79
    NASHVILLE TN———–52.14
    MEMPHIS TN————-58.36
    ATLANTIC CITY NJ——-48.53
    TRENTON NJ————-59.78
    NEWARK NJ————–69.91
    WATERTOWN NY———–42.21
    ROCHESTER NY———–40.48
    BUFFALO NY————-49.56
    CENTRAL PARK NY——–72.81
    LAGUARDIA AP NY——–65.34
    KENNEDY AP NY———-55.78
    BRIDGEPORT CT———-57.88
    ALBANY NY————–53.68
    BINGHAMTON NY———-68.05
    SYRACUSE NY————48.04
    FLINT MI—————40.95
    DETROIT MI————-47.70
    GRAND RAPIDS MI——–45.09
    GREEN BAY WI———–37.85
    LA CROSSE WI———–35.10
    MILWAUKEE WI———–32.59
    MADISON WI————-30.54
    EAU CLAIRE WI———-31.86
    ST. LOUIS MO———–47.17
    COLUMBIA MO————39.68
    KANSAS CITY AP MO——36.92
    SPRINGFIELD MO———40.61
    GOODLAND KS————19.33
    TOPEKA KS————–32.89
    WICHITA KS————-26.06
    VALENTINE NE———–21.99
    NORTH PLATTE NE——–23.72
    SCOTTSBLUFF NE———18.85
    LINCOLN NE————-29.17
    OMAHA NE—————28.70
    PUEBLO CO—————9.23
    ALAMOSA CO————–4.60
    DENVER CO————–17.31
    SALT LAKE CITY UT——19.14
    REDDING AP CA———-26.62
    SACRAMENTO AP CA——-16.95
    MODESTO CA————-10.85
    STOCKTON AP CA———10.11
    THERMAL AP CA———–1.91
    CAMPO ASOS CA———-12.99
    BAKERSFIELD CA———-4.39
    FRESNO CA————–10.92
    LOS ANGELES (USC) CA—12.26
    LOS ANGELES AP CA——-9.87
    CRESCENT CITY CA——-52.63
    UKIAH CA—————28.77
    OLYMPIA WA————-50.69
    YAKIMA WA—————7.34
    SPOKANE WA————-15.40
    ATHENS GA————–37.11
    ATLANTA GA————-39.23
    COLUMBUS GA————39.74
    MACON GA—————33.14
    AUGUSTA GA————-29.43
    SAVANNAH GA————34.85
    NAPLES FL————–38.19
    MIAMI FL—————63.78
    FORT MYERS FL———-65.79
    SARASOTA FL————40.60
    TAMPA FL—————53.22
    TALLAHASSEE FL———34.81
    PENSACOLA FL———–48.68
    DAYTONA BEACH FL——-48.71
    EL DORADO AR———–37.62
    TEXARKANA AR———–30.69
    DE QUEEN AR————36.57
    HARRISON AR————52.01
    PINE BLUFF AR———-48.70
    DUBUQUE IA————-46.29
    DES MOINES IA———-37.19
    WATERLOO IA————30.46
    SIOUX CITY IA———-24.13

  84. Pamela Gray says: I visit and read it like a novel I can’t put down.
    AlanG says: WUWT operates in a sanity field. The rest of the world…
    Reed Coray says: Reason, Science, Humor, Open Debate–a winning combination for a science blog if there ever was one.

    Just up from knockout flu, the first thing I do is come here… Happy New Year all, and a thousand thanks

  85. wayne says:
    December 31, 2011 at 7:45 pm
    Darn, two hours to go and at 99,384,205 we need a mere Australia, N.A. & Europe to come view here real fast! Well, guess we need something else big to spill over into 2012.

    Nah; just over 600,000 to go at that point. You were more than 2 orders of magnitude too high. Right now, 99,574,255 which leaves 425,745 to go.

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