Friday Funny: Zombie head exploders and the new IPCC report

Maybe Joe’s head can be a new source of renewable energy. Just like a zombie, his head keeps coming back from the dead and exploding anew, seemingly every day.

All we need to power this is to write more annoying truths. C’mon everyone, get busy!

Andy Revkin of the NYT writes at

Joe Romm @climateprogress sees “confusionist” influence in IPCC extremes report. I respond. His head explodes. Here’s my reply:

Joe, it sure looks like it’s you who’s conflating scientific judgment with personal judgment. Roger Pielke Jr.’s involvement as a reviewer of an IPCC report is all about his scientific judgment and long track record of peer-reviewed work. IPCC isn’t a popularity contest.

And I have to note that after months of attacking Richard Muller’s personal passions (which I, too, criticized), you were quick to embrace his peer-reviewed science when it fit your template.

Your complaints are with Pielke’s policy comments and blog posts. If you want to imply he’s been a poisonous force in IPCC, then find the holes in his peer-reviewed work.

Here’s my Dot Earth post on the actual report.

Thanks Andy, for the chuckle.

55 thoughts on “Friday Funny: Zombie head exploders and the new IPCC report

  1. It took me a minute to realize that everything below “Andy Revkin of the NYT writes at” was written by Mr. Revkin and not Anthony. I suggest block-quoting such quotes, to make authorship visually clearer.
    /Mr Lynn
    REPLY: Done, Anthony

  2. Richard Tol says:
    November 18, 2011 at 8:13 am
    Romm has a big head, so there must a be lot of energy in each asplosion.
    No need to get personal. Judging by your facial hair one would expect that you are well prepared for a very cold winter (smiley face).

  3. Joe Romm is a cult middle-manager.
    As a cult leader, you are free in private to disbelieve your own nonsense because you’re at the top of the food chain, you can ask your underlings to do things for you that violate your own espoused beliefs because you’re the leader. Many cult leaders know they’re full of crap, but they’ve got a cult to run. So being a figurehead for other people’s imaginations until the weekend is a decent gig to pay the bills and get some free travel.
    As a cult follower you are required to believe anything the leader says, despite any obvious conflicts, or you get kicked out. You usually have income outside of the cult though. So you can survive if you leave or get kicked out. It feels bad, but you can survive without it.
    As a cult middle manager, you have to believe everything the leader says because your power is limited. You also can’t leave or do anything to get kicked out because you likely have nothing worthwhile to put on a resume for your efforts in the cult if you have to get another job.
    Joe Romm is a cult middle-manager. That’s why his site is full of bile-filled rants of self-contradictory nonsense.

  4. The SPM says;
    “There is low confidence in any observed long-term (i.e., 40 years or more) increases in tropical cyclone activity (i.e., intensity, frequency, duration), after accounting for past changes in observing capabilities. It is likely that there has been a poleward shift in the main Northern and Southern Hemisphere extra-tropical storm tracks. There is low confidence in observed trends in small spatial-scale phenomena such as tornadoes and hail because of data inhomogeneities and inadequacies in monitoring systems.”
    I can safely gather then that we dismiss the observed and rely on the models and projections based on them? Makes perfect sense.
    Just not to me.

  5. Ah, I thought ‘asplosion’ might have been related to where the head was stuck when it detonated… but then it would be missing an ‘s’.

  6. I disagree completely. Romm’s head does not contain enough matter to explode. It would be extremely dangerous if it did.
    No, what we are seeing is an implosion instead which is only dangerous for Romm. Children do NOT try this at home, but this is the result of stuffing one’s head with an imaginary paradigm.
    Deny reality, all you want, but sooner or latter, your head will implode just like Joe Romm’s has.
    Remember – PLAY SAFELY! GK

  7. Let us not forget this is the guy who, after denying that there was an urban heat effect on local temperature measure, recently claimed that it was a cooling effect that caused the rise in global warming to be underestimated.

  8. Martin457 says:
    November 18, 2011 at 8:15 am
    Greenland was green when the vikings found it. They had to move when it got cold again.
    No! I was authoritatively informed at an “Academic” online journal that Eric the Red only settled Greenland out of personal pique because of some kind of interpersonal tif or something, and that all that warming was only in a fiord or two anyway. So I asked the academic how the small stands of Sierra bristlecone pines and one tree in Yamal compared to those puny fiords, but without mentioning the problem of how the Vikings even got there to begin with while awaiting his response, which strangely never materialized, darn it. Oddly, Wikipedia was his source.
    Another academic even denied that McIntyre was an IPCC Reviewer as his whole rebuttal to a post I’d put up about Steve’s investigations even as one. So at that point I could only ask him if he’d recently suffered some kind of personal trauma himself, like Santa not getting him his presents last Christmas?
    “For the heads they are exploding…”

  9. I liked how Romm claimed Pielke was debunked by the “science blogosphere” and among his great references he listed an article written by himself.
    Quoting himself to prove a claim? I think we should upgrade him to “climate scientist.”
    One of the things that annoys me the most about these people is that they confuse a “response” with a “rebuttal” – and then refuse to consider any counter-counter-points.

  10. Jeremy says:
    November 18, 2011 at 8:50 am
    “As a cult middle manager, you have to believe everything the leader says because your power is limited. You also can’t leave or do anything to get kicked out because you likely have nothing worthwhile to put on a resume for your efforts in the cult if you have to get another job.”
    Joe Romm could get his own show on MSNBC tomorrow (or even today, while it’s still “Green Week” at NBC).
    Or at least on Al Gore’s rumored TV network, whatever it is.

  11. “Richard Tol says: November 18, 2011 at 8:43 am
    Hector: Something asplodes when it simultaneously implodes and explodes.”
    and here I thought you had just missed an “S”, silly me 🙂

  12. From the IPCC….Flash floods in informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya…(you’re gonna love this one!)..REGIONAL
    OBSERVED: Low confidence regarding trends in heavy precipitation in East Africa, because of INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE (emphasis mine)
    PROJECTED: Likely increase in heavy precipitation indicators in East Africa.
    Yeah, that’s the way I gamble. I’ve been feeding quarters into this slot machine for a year now, so my observed confidence is low that it’ll pay off big.
    But my projection is that it’ll pay off big time. Based on my computer model.

  13. Jeremy love the cult analogy. I have had to deal with two well-known cults in my life,
    One involved a old Girlfriend who went hook,line and sinker,for this particular cult,
    and, a business associate who is currently involved with the AGW cult.
    “Ah the warm is cold today and the cold warm, praise the profit of Gaia!”
    I think he is going to be harder to deprogram than the old Girlfriend was…

  14. Newsflash: Humanity not as bad as previously thought.
    The Hula painted frog of northern Israel has returned. Back in the 1950’s and ’60’s Lake Hula and surrounding marshes were drained to fight malaria. The frog, of which there had only been five specimens previously collected, couldn’t be found. It was declared extinct in 1996, just one more crime by humanity against Mother Gaia.
    Except it isn’t extinct. Another one, a female, has been discovered.
    Hopefully this time researchers themselves won’t be causing the deaths of the frogs, and Joe Romm won’t be blaming their deaths on global warming.
    Although it would be interesting if someone would link their return to global warming, citing warmer and more favorable living conditions, with the extra CO2 increasing plant growth thus more available food further up the food chain…

  15. “Joe Romm is a cult middle-manager”
    To quote Dorothy Parker, “There but for a typographical error…”

  16. Romm should be ignored since that is all his hot air is worth. There are many who I disagree with but who have earned my respect. Romm has earned only my questioning of why any rational person would even give him the time of day.

  17. I’m trying to imagine how we could harness asploding heads as an energy source.
    I’ve got this image of Romm strapped to a chair surrounded by instrumentation with his head glowing cherry-red, two guys in a control room:
    “Should we go for supercritical?”
    “He might melt.”
    “We’ll never know if he’s got the required energy densitty if we don’t.”
    “Good point. Roll the video of the empty seats in the Waxman-Markey hearing. Let’s see what happens…”

  18. I just looked at Romm’s post, heaven knows why, it’s worse than RC, SS & Open Mind combined!
    Why anyone believes what comes out of climate models, let alone what comes out for 2060-69, is beyond my comprehension.

    part of the problem with alarmists is they want to be looked at as gods – unquestioningly and lovingly. But man has outgrown false gods.

  20. Martin457 says:
    November 18, 2011 at 8:15 am
    Greenland was green when the vikings found it. They had to move when it got cold again.
    It is (just barely) possible today to farm the areas that the Vikings colonized See But we have some difficulty envisioning how farmers with tenth century plant strains and technology would have gone about settling the area or surviving for five centuries. It’s not like Eric the Red could call in a food drop in a bad year or an evacuation chopper if things got really bad. Either they were very clever folk who knew how to do a lot without much to work with, or things were a bit warmer back then.

  21. The next IPCC report will say “NEVER MIND…” (For those who remember Rosanna Danna Danna of SNL). The Apocalypse is has been called off.

  22. “Romm has a big head, so there must a be lot of energy in each asplosion.”
    It’s really more of an implosion.

  23. Apparently, there are some few, probably doped up, crazed taliban bloggers out there having more reader than panzer pants Romm. So if the readers of those taliban bloggers are extremists, including the intelligence community folks, doesn’t that mean that the even punier number that is Romm’s reader collective kind of become even the worst type of fundamentalists, i.e. the ones derived of intelligence community folks altogether?

  24. I’d like to see Joe Romm add a graph showing the “Distribution of professional opinion on Einstein’s theory of special relativity” circa 1906 and see how that popularity contest worked out ‘relative’ to today.

  25. Martin457 says:
    November 18, 2011 at 8:15 am
    “Greenland was green when the vikings found it. They had to move when it got cold again.”
    My understanding is that at least some of them did not move, or could not move, when the local climate got colder at the beginning of the LIA. In the end, they even ate their dogs, before they starved to death. These Vikings might have survived if they had befriended their Inuit neighbors, and learned a thing or two about the gastronomic potential of local marine mammals. Seal blubber on the barbie. Yum!

  26. Yesterday, Watts is upset about people who “regularly write denigrating and juvenile things”
    Today, Watts writes denigrating and juvenile things, as he does almost every day, about someone else.
    He’s really just a child in a playground.
    REPLY: Think whatever you want, be as upset as you wish but the post is labeled humor and satire. At least I have the courage and integrity to put my name to my words, and to accept the hits that may generate. You don’t, showing you have no courage nor integrity, and hide behind the comfort on anonymity while hurling insults. Same goes for the guy in Toronto, but you seem perfectly OK with that too, some ethics you have. – Anthony Watts

    • Doing a little checking of our database, it turns out that “stevo” is just the repackaged “RW” of the City College of London, who has been previously banned from WUWT.
      He’s violated site rules (again) by changing his screen name and email to get around that.
      So, Roger, let me make this really clear, really simple. Next time you do this it will be full disclosure.
      You have been banned from WUWT previously, that means get out, stay out. You aren’t welcome here and I don’t have to put up with your shape shifting shenanigans, kid.
      – Anthony Watts

  27. Geez Anthony, I was just content to regard him as the benign but essential Village Idiot, and not really worth responding too.
    Still fair enough in the circumstances.

    • @KenB, Regarding Stevo/RW – he has a long history here, and he’s such a flaming hypocrite to boot. While telling us all about how stupid we are for not worrying about CO2, on his personal web page he boasts about “I’ve traveled [over 256,000] miles on planes…” and he offers route maps to prove it. That’s some carbon footprint, maybe even more than Bill McKibben.
      And he’s a scientist working at a prominent observatory, so he “should” know better, but maybe he’s suffering from on the job altitude hypoxia and that is what makes him so obnoxious. Either way, I’ve had my tolerance limit met. – Anthony

  28. Anthony Watts says:
    November 18, 2011 at 9:13 pm
    ” …..he’s a scientist working at a prominent observatory….”
    Smokey is still correct, George E. Smith has forgot more than this “Village idiot” will ever know and good manners are the least of it.

  29. Thanks Anthony. I noted Stevo’s snarky comments on the Birthday thread, makes you wonder what makes them tick and implode, an unstable gene? Inferiority? Losing the plot? I guess we are better off not knowing.
    Hope we are not paying for his stupidity!

  30. Romm?
    How can you not use the words ‘Romm’ and ‘pseudo-intellectual’ in the same sentence?

  31. Don K says:
    November 18, 2011 at 12:06 pm
    Either they [the Viking settlers of Greenland] were very clever folk who knew how to do a lot without much to work with, or things were a bit warmer back then.
    I would say both these things must have been true.

  32. Stevo aka RW aka village idiot:
    It is a shame that your intellect is incapable of constructive discussion. You are probably capable of adding much to our discussions. Instead you demean yourself with juvenile banter and immature snark and childish identity games. Very unprofessional! If you were working for me – Your ass would be grass, on this basis alone. Children do not belong in the workplace. GK

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