This is seriously fluxed up

From Yale University  pick which one is the true message of this press release: 1. The title of the press release: US rivers and streams saturated with carbon. 2. The pointless statistic: Rivers and streams in the United States are releasing enough carbon into the atmosphere to fuel 3.4 million car trips to the moon.… – down

UPDATE: As of 10PM PST, RC is back up and running, no mention of the outage though – Anthony I figured I’d better note this since a number of people have brought it to my attention. Trying to reach was giving a 502 error much of today, which is likely due to an internal…

NCEP ensemble forecast shows deep La Niña coming

We know that we are currently in a La Niña pattern by the various maps and graphs we have on the WUWT ENSO page, for example this one: But have a look at the ensemble forecast, updated yesterday. The average line which has now dipped “off the scale” of the graphic from February-March of 2012: