And the hits keep coming: 80 million pages served

Guest post by Ric Werme

I like to look at remaining trip lengths in terms of a fraction 1/n left to reach a goal. For example, in April WUWT was 3/4ths of the way to 100 million page views – 1/4 left. Now we have only 1/5 left – we’re at 80 million page views, 80,005,215 as of a few minutes ago.

Of course, the only reward for reaching such a nice round number is the satisfaction of passing it and keep going. And it’s a good opportunity to see what Alexa has to say, even though it really annoys a certain irascible blogger.

Alexa "reach" estimates at 80,000,000 page views

Last time, Anthony wrote the 75,000,000 served post and took time to thank everyone involved, except himself. This time, let’s concentrate our thanks on Anthony and his family for their efforts in helping to make WUWT the vital site it is today; and also kudos to the moderators for their vital assistance in keeping WUWT on track. I know how to thank Anthony, I don’t know how to give the moderators the thanks they deserve.

Let’s see, if I post at 1/6 left (83,333,333), 1/7 (85,714,286), 1/8 (87,500,000), and 1/9 (88,888,889) Anthony will probably cry “Enough – no more posting privs for you!”

Okay, see you all (and new readers!) at 90,000,000.

36 thoughts on “And the hits keep coming: 80 million pages served

  1. Frankly, I have no idea how Anthony and the other mods keep up with it all (having failed myself to keep a very low traffic blog adequately serviced.) Kudos to the lot of you, and thanks from me.
    [Reply: It should also be noted that in only 4 years WUWT has received more than 600,000 reader comments. ~dbs, mod.]

  2. And thank YOU, Ric.
    Looks like the page views for that “certain irascible blogger” have recently dropped in to the cellar, even with the new server and a makeover. Lesson learned- Don’t change the format, Anthony!
    REPLY: That blog was moved (by management) to a new URL, at, which is an aggregator of everything angry and “progressive”, so the drop is a result of the URL move. It is now impossible to separate CP’s traffic signal from the rest of the noise there. I suppose he got tired of looking at the graph above so the solution was to bury it where the data can’t be extracted. – Anthony
    REPLY^2: Oh dang, I thought I had uploaded a graph with data too. Oh well, it’s down in the noise too even in the less interesting shorter term displays, so we’re not missing anything. Maybe one of these posts I’ll remember the extra “Guest post” line too. – Ric

  3. Many congratulations to you Anthony and to the dedicated team around you. Like most viewers, I struggle to imagine how you manage to maintain the quality and quantity of interesting information to be found here week after week, month after month and year after year.
    Long may WUWT continue to increase my understanding of the complexities of weather and climate.

  4. Well, that other blogger may have surpassed deleting 600,000 posts. This web site rocks!!
    REPLY: by his own report, he had only 120,000 comments and his blog preceded WUWT. – Anthony

  5. WUWT–a bright spot in what sometimes is a very trying existence. Thanks, Anthony, for lots and lots of work with comparatively little compensation.

  6. Climate Progress, Think Progress, etc., are certainly not science blogs. They are simply leftist political blogs with a thin veneer of pseudo-science for camoflage, and their lack of hits/traffic is similar to the swirling down of the liberal mainstream media’s rapidly declining circulation numbers. The MSM presumes to speak for average Americans — when in fact, conservatives outnumber liberals by a 2 – 1 margin. Conservatives even outnumber moderates in America.
    Alarmist blogs are losing eyeballs because the public is beginning to see that the catastrophic global warming scare is nothing but leftist propaganda pushed by censoring clowns like the despicable Joe Romm.

  7. You know, every time I see that graph, I can’t help but notice the step change……. 🙂
    WTG all!!!!

  8. Many thanks Anthony for all your work, thanks to your team for carrying part of the load and especially your family for their ongoing support.
    WUWT is the go-to site for the latest info.

  9. Thanks Anthony and family, mods, Ric for all you do. Glad i can do my part and come learn some real science!

  10. All the money backing of Soros, but it takes a vision of truth with real dedication and genuine expression to create the kind of popularity this blog enjoys. Well done Anthony and my thanks to the rest of the team. And Ric is right, setting sights to enjoy surpassing them is good fun. I’m now coming up to 2.5% of Anthony’s view total at the talkshop 🙂

  11. WUWT is not only the go-to-site for the latest info and debunking the silly GWs computer model hysteria – this is ‘the site’ for real earth science dissemination, discussions, review and as Skeptic says, the lastest information.
    Thank you Anthony, the Watts Family and all the contributors who’ve made this place the place for real earth sciences information.
    Congrats to all and thanks for keeping it real.

  12. My congratulations Anthony Watts, your family and the moderators for putting together and maintaining an informative and open blog. Very well done!

  13. Important to remember that this isn’t a popularity contest, it is about achieving clarity and truth. I want to thank the writers of articles that have the quality of making me say ‘AHA’ I’m starting to get all this! And of course for the moderators and Anthony Watts for providing one place to inform myself.

  14. Looks like the consensus view is actually way over on the sceptical side of the debate, contrary to what the watermelons claim. Keep up the fantastic work Mr. Watts et al.

  15. You know something….that graph looks sort of a bit like a hockey stick to me!
    Oh the irony.
    Way to go WUWT.

  16. he had only 120,000 comments and his blog preceded WUWT. – Anthony
    You are right, in one way, Anthony. He had these many comments. It’s been weeks since his new gig opened up and he still does not have the old comments back on. Imagine blogging for years and throwing away all your user comments

  17. This is the new MSM, at least it is for me. Never cared much for the old one. WTG Antony and MODS, and writers.

  18. Just a big thanks from my family, I can appreciate how much this site has dominated your life for last several years, however I am sure your family, as are we, are all proud of the efforts that have been put in. Using a common saying, “The numbers don’t lie”
    Now if only we can get those “political” scientists to relearn that basic principle.
    Also just another fact, if it is 400,000 comments in 4 years, that makes 1461 days which is 410.67 comments a day (24/7) or 17.11 cph (Comments Per Hour) :D, it is impressive that yourself and the moderators have been able to keep up with tis good ole coal powered steam train ;D

  19. Thank you Anthony,
    the enlightenment I have received from your blog is one of the highlights of my life.
    First I was lost and now I’m found…..
    Roger K1DQV

  20. Anthony,
    It is utterly beyond me how you do this, but I am glad you do. Thanks much, I’m on your site multiple times a day – very thought provoking. Moderators and guest posters thank you as well and keep it up.

  21. Congratulations to Anthony and everyone involved with Watts Up With That. This is one of the most informative climate sites available and deserves more accolades than it currently receives.
    Thank you all for your efforts, and especially in aiding my climate education.

  22. I will join with the other blog owners that find it utterly amazing that Capt. Anthony and his crew toiling below decks manage to make this such a relevant and informative place to visit. It is clear that running such a fine site takes a great deal of commitment and sacrifice. I don’t think we bitter clingers can ever be thankful enough.
    Thanks all the same. Let me know if you ever need a liver or a kidney or some other organ. Well, maybe not the liver… It’s pretty worn. But there are plenty of good serviceable bits I’d be happy to part with. I can think of one in particular that is in near mint condition as it hasn’t seen much use for some time. –which reminds me. “The Ministry of War and Finance” and me will be celebrating our 27th anniversary soon. Ya, almost that long… ; ^ )
    Cheers SS WUWT and crew!

  23. What a great illustration. I dub thee the pick-axe graph.
    If you squint your eyes ever so slightly one can see the sharp steel head of a pick-axe planted into the backs of the two most infamous AGW propaganda blogs circa November 2009, Climategate.
    Gavin and Joe Romm. Just knowing that they have to see this graph and rationalize it, well, it really makes everything worthwhile.

  24. Well done Anthony, all contributors and commentators. This is the one of the most interesting sites on the web.

  25. I’m with Murray Grainger and the others who wonder how on earth you keep it going – and not just going, but going at a consistently high level of interest and accuracy. I struggle just to keep my own hard drive reasonably uncluttered, never mind generating useful and interesting stuff on a daily basis.
    Congrats again on a brilliant site. As long as you keep it going, I shall both visit often and keep referring people here to learn a bit of climate science so they can stop worrying.

  26. Couldn’t we sign WUWT up to some sort of goverment grant where Mr Watt’s and his fantastic team, (Imagine the fantastic 4), get a dollar for every request?
    I’d suggest investing it in Carbon credit’s as the Goolge ad engine like’s to show me everytime I come here (about 5 times a day).

  27. James Sexton;
    Re: the step change (aka ClimateGate) — what is truly remarkable is how the traffic has held up since then. Obviously what people found when they first came here has retained its value. Which, in practice, means continually improving its worth, given all the competing demands for attention.
    What makes WUWT even more superior is that it is not a one-horse site, but ranges over a significant portion of the science spectrum. This blog is a treasure.

  28. The birds on my birdfeeder have formed a kind of barber shop quartet. The nuthatch, the woodpecker, the cardinal, and the warbler. Even the hummingbirds are buzzing around supplying harmony. You have to listen closely but their song is: Thank You Anthony, Thank You Anthony, Thank You Anthony.

  29. Anthony and Team, you have my utmost admiration and thanks . Many years ago, I published a small monthly newsletter and the work involved in that tiny enterprise got totally out of hand, so how you manage to to keep WUWT doing what it does on the scale that it does it is mindblowing. Amazing!!

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