Greenpeace loses charity status in New Zealand

With the way they operate, can the rest of the world be far behind? From the WUWT tips and notes we have this news. Will and also John from New Zealand say: Advertisements


First Light on the Ozone Hockeystick

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach After many false starts, thanks to Steven Mosher and Derecho64 I was able to access the forcings used by the CCSM3 climate model. This is an important model because its successor, the CESM3 model, is going to be used in the laughably named “CIM-EARTH Project.” Anyhow, just as new telescopes…

The Vatican gets involved in climate change

From Scripps: Vatican Science Panel Calls Attention to the Threat of Glacial Melt Pontifical Academy of Sciences working group of leading scientists to present report to Pope Benedict XVI Scripps Institution of Oceanography / University of California, San Diego A panel of some of the world’s leading climate and glacier scientists co-chaired by a Scripps…