New sea level page from University of Colorado now up

As we surmised in earlier posts, the website was a test run. Here’s the newest graph from the revised Updated: 2011-05-05 They write about the update:

A new perspective on climate science and wind power

Reposted from Dr. Roger Pielke Senior’s blog: A New Perspective On Climate Science By L. Miller, F. Gans and A. Kleidon It is not often that a new perspective is proposed in climate…

Back to basics: "Green Electric" becomes "General Electric" again

The president of General Electric slams his previous company green policy as being “too elitist”, vows to get back to “working”. Maybe this will mean no more “green sin week”…

One word: "plastics"

With apologies to Dustin Hoffman in “The Graduate” I can’t wait to hear the fish stories that will be told to the EU trying to scam money from this latest…

Guess the image

An interesting find on Google Earth Answer  here