Climate Change Craziness of the Week: a fish story from llama land

This is just….just…ah heck I can’t even begin to describe it. The stupid, it burns.

Here’s the odoriferous essence of this publicity stunt story:

“In addition to the anticipated warming of lakes and rivers, we may also see an increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events such as floods, droughts and heatwaves.

“All of these could have an impact on much of the native wildlife in England, especially aquatic species such as the rare and specialised vendace, so we are taking action now to conserve the existing populations.”

So let’s move the animals into the ClimateArk for the “anticipated warming of lakes and rivers”. Eeegads, let’s not wait for the actual data to see if there’s a real temperature problem or not, act now!

The commenters on her blog are having none of it, for example:

Today 09:17 AM
“The endangered vendace, that has been in Britain since the Ice Age, is in danger of dying out as lakes and rivers warm up because of man made global warming.”
Are we to infer man has been warming up the planet since the last ice age?

How powerful must they have been, our ancestors.

This plucky little fish survived the Roman Warming, the MWP, which were warmer – so now, when it is cooler but the fault lies with Mankind? Thus, Global warming is the culprit.
That’s pretty poor logic even from you Ms. Gray.
I think the solution if you’ll excuse the pun can be found in the [lack of] water quality.

And this one….

Today 08:38 AM
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I’ve understood that the threat to the vendace and other white fish wasn’t so much that the lakes are getting warmer as from eutrophication caused by run-off from fields and the sewage output of towns like Keswick.
They were saying this in the 1980s. Obviously the fertilisation problem must have been solved just in time for global warming. (Or maybe not).
This was the story the Telegraph was running about its demise in 2008;
“No trace of the vendace, a small herring-like fish, has been found at Bassenthwaite in the Lake District despite an intensive search.

The disappearance leaves Derwent Water as the last surviving habitat of the vendace in the England.

Competition from invasive fish species and poor water quality are being blamed for the demise of the rare freshwater fish.”…
It’s notable that they were still in Derwentwater at the time (largely upstream of Keswick), but had gone extinct in Bassenthwaite Lake ( immediately downstream of Keswick).
Not a mention of any of this in Louise’s cut and paste.

Ms. Gray has been pwned by the purveyors of this story. Read it and weep here.

Here’s the “experts” documenting it all on video:

So here’s the question. After introducing these fish into a new lake, what if they don’t survive? Blame global warming?

h/t to WUWT reader Robert Doyle


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jack morrow

These folks must get little tingles all over their bodies when they do “greenie” little things like this. Oooof-Ta!

As long as they’re hauling ffish on llamas, they might as well load the whole thing onto Noah’s Ark and ship it to Bolivia, which is now OFFICIALLY run by Gaia, thus the only clean and innocent and sinless place in the world.


Unfortunately, I have to deal with these Environment Agency people – and the majority and automaton ‘rule’ checkers. Many don’t actually ‘know’ very much at all but the EA has been riding the crest of the green issue for a long time now and the empire is now very very large! Don’t get me wrong – they do some good work and various rivers and coasts have benefitted from EA controls – but the vast majority of stuff I get involved with is pernicious nitpicking just to demonstrate they have a ‘role’ in our britich tick box bureaucracy! Sad, but there it is.

Phil's Dad

The Lama doesn’t look impressed either.
Here’s what will happen. The fish will be taken to a spot they have not previously strived in. If they survive at all they will then of course be an invasive species in that micro-ecology. They will wreak havoc on some other species native to their new home that used to eat mosquito lava. The population of mosquito will go up exponentially; leading to a malaria epidemic. Global warming will get the blame.


It’s hard to find the right word for something like this. Astounding maybe? If only humanity would put their minds toward improving the world, and not just their cause (read grants – money).

Phil's Dad

By the way there are 10 times as many vendace per hectare in the Scottish Loch Skeen, near Moffat in south west Scotland compared to Derwent Water. The guy in the video is a little short on facts.


Hey, I have a great idea…..
…let’s introduce a new species to a lake
aren’t these the same people that freak out over invasive species

Leon Brozyna

Environment correspondent … is that anything like a pretend journalist? Someone that sits at the desk, fleshing out press releases for consumption, passing them off as though they are original pieces of work, the supposed result of many hours (or days) of painstaking and tedious research.


A simple solution has been found for nitrate runoff pollution:
buffers areas around the perimeter. Farmers are catching on to this.
Too bad the greenies don’t have anything better to do than moving the problem.

Mike Bromley

“we are taking action now to conserve the existing populations.”
This is really BAD cut-and-paste. This pairing of paragraphs 1) “something might happen” and 2) “we’d better act now” is really beginning to wear thin, and also wear out the ctrl-C/ctrl-V of the computers in question. It really does appear that they proably don’t even type the main body of these paragraphs any more.
The constant din of maybe’s and could’s has become the standard of reality throughout this ongoing charade, nicely presented by MSM’s syrupy ‘human-interest story” device.

John M

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the little beggars turn out to be an aggresively invasive species in their new habitat.


Are those indigenous European llamas, or intrusive South American llamas.

Phil's Dad

Of course being a concerned citizen of the world I looked up the conservation status of our poor old fishy.
They can be found in large numbers in Estonia, Finland, Russia and Sweden, as well as in smaller numbers in the UK, Germany and Poland. They also live in the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia on the Baltic Sea. They are common in freshwater fisheries in parts of Scandinavia and Russia. “Kalix löjrom” (vendace roe) is produced in Sweden.
Their IUCN conservation status?
LC (IUCN 3.1).
LC means “Least Concern”.
The same category as the House Mouse and, oh yes, Humans.

Mike Bromley

“The journey was finished by fisheries officers on foot to ensure none of the smarts were spilt.”
Smarts? They were spilt a long time ago. I do believe that, as well as cut-and-paste, a spell check might have helped–or perhaps a thesaurus, to find the word “smolt” or “fry”. Fry? No! No! that’s why we moved them NOW!

Robert M

I see two species that are not native to the area, MAYBE they are the reason the little fish in in danger. The solution to this is for the invasive man and llama jump off the nearest cliff. (In an environmentally responsible fashion of course.) This will save the cute little fish. Problem solved.


You miss the point, the sewage output from Keswick is politically correct. It does not harm lakes or fish because PC wombats say it doesn’t. It is part of Perfesser Flannery’s gaian superorganism and as such it can distinguish when it is doing harm and therefore gives a cuddle instead of harm.


Better yet….What if they move the fish to a lake that isn’t really habitable, so they all end up dying, or almost as worser, they evolve into a species that isn’t at all compatible with the original environ they’re supposedly going to re-populate after the cap & trade cures the Gorebul Warming?
Then, an added benefit of unintended consequences, let’s just wonder what if the removal of those to be transported leave insufficient numbers in the original habitat to maintain a healthy population….so they end up going extinct….Which of course, will result with Gorebul warming being blamed on the extinction.
Ya just gotta wonder what these people are thinkin’.


Phil’s Dad says: “By the way there are 10 times as many vendace per hectare in the Scottish Loch Skeen, near Moffat in south west Scotland compared to Derwent Water. The guy in the video is a little short on facts.”
When did a lack of facts ever stop a Green from opening his mouth?


The New Age has really arrived (cartoon):


I swear I should do a video story about taking a basket of “free range dollars” with an alpaca up the slopes of Mt. Shasta and “setting them free” in the head waters of a mountain stream.
I would record their entire journey to the sea and at the end would be sitting on the beach waiting their “return” to spawn.
The stupidity of these people knows absolutely no bounds.
And to think, the people who are trying to re-introduce a blight resistant American chestnut tree to its original habitat in Appalachia are getting a hard time from EPA because they are “introducing” a species. Nevermind that chestnuts still sprout from the roots of some of the trees killed by the blight at the turn of the century but are killed by blight spores before they can mature.


Wait… they have a Vendace hatchery too? If so, then what’s the problem?
And, isn’t this exacerbating the invasive species issue? Are they now making the Vendace the invasive species in these upper mountain lakes?
They did the same thing with Shad and other species of fish in the Sacramento river. Now they are wondering where all the salmon are.
Man just can’t leave well enough alone. At least take the blame when you screw something up instead of blaming someone else’s use of an SUV.


“…………….we may also see an increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events such as floods, droughts and heatwaves.”

The present evidence tells us that there has been no increase in the occurrence of extreme weather events.
More stupidity:

Fish threatened by global warming to be moved north
Sunday, 23 January 2011
“Fish from the Lake District will be moved to cooler waters in Scotland under radical plans – which will be unveiled this week – aimed at coping with climate change.”

I think this plan was abandoned. I wonder why? [cool British winter – not]

Lady Life Grows

You can’t even sarcasm this one. It is stupider than any sarcasm you dream up, unless the AGW is just the excuse and they move some fish into unpolluted lakes. Maybe.


By the way Louise Gray has gone mad.

Rob R

I have it on high authority (Monty Python) that Llamas live in rivers and survive on a diet of fish. How ironic is that?


Bollocks! Testicles to you Americans.
These idiots get away with this insanity because the media and politicians have decided to remain silent. Leave the fish alone, they have managed to survive just as the polar bears have done in the last 11,000 years with no Arctic summer ice.


Louise Gray has gone off the reservation.

Robert of Ottawa

Wot I want to know is “Why are the bloody llamas in Cumbria anyway? Wot are they doing there? Couldn’t they have used a water-tanker?” Is it because they had to move North to escape globalwarming?

Maurice J

Better get use to it folks……We live in the age of Stupid……And Stupid Greenies will continue to do all manner of Stupid things in the name of Pseudo Scientific Man Made Global Warming……Sorry Climate Change.
Stupid Greenies are the Sand in the Gears of Progress….And they Intend to be.

Theo Goodwin

What about the rights of the lake to which the Vendace are being transported? What about the rights of all the flora and fauna associated with that lake? Did they get to vote or render an opinion on the move? Is this not blatant Vendacism? If a healthy lake is near a dying lake, does the healthy lake have a duty to take refugees from the dying lake? If so, then Greens are in the business of raiding dying lakes for the purpose of spoiling healthy lakes. Typical Leftism. Leftists are in a rush to so deplete the resources of the Haves for the sake of the Have-nots that shortly only Have-Nots will exist. Then what will Greens do?


Tom says:
April 12, 2011 at 5:45 pm
“Are those indigenous European llamas, or intrusive South American llamas.”
Man-oh-man! Just think of the carnage in the rose gardens if they ever go feral.

Robert of Ottawa

The whole idea of llamas being used to carry fish from one lake to another, in a country where there are no llamas, and to a lake where these fish do not exist, although other ones presumably do, is preposterous. It brings to my mind images of:
A Hieronymous Bosch painting
A Boccaccio story
A Rabilasian exaggeration
Futility, thy name is Man.

Robert of Ottawa

OK Maybe I am wrong. Clearly llamas have been slowly migrating Northward due to AGW. Back in the 1970s, they were in Golders Green, North London; now, apparently they are on the borderlands near Scotland.

John from NZ

The fish will probably die from the temperature being too cold.

Paul R

Llamas are fish too.

Barbara Skolaut

“It’s hard to find the right word for something like this.”
“Stupid” works for me, Tucker.
It’s longer than a word, but “dumber than a box of rocks” also fits.

Gary Hladik

OK, it’s official: There is no intelligent life on Earth.
Maybe now the Federation of Planets will open this planet for colonization.

Jimbo says:
“Louise Gray has gone off the reservation.”
And our leader has gone off the wagon.


Futile venture, it will not work unless they chanted a prayer to Gaia while they were releasing the fish.

Mike Wryley

Follow the money, these EA guys are parasites who probably got a grant or overtime to move a few fish around in water bottles. Only a few more years of this foolishness before their pension kicks in.
And did anyone ask the llama about this incident of indentured servitude ?? Some one better see if this animal’s civil rights have been violated. I mean 500 meters,
that’s over 1500 feet !


let me see if I’ve got this right. the vendace is a fish which is being endangered by invasive species so thousands of them are being moved to a new habitat where they will displace and endanger the current native species in their new habitat (or die because they cannot compete with the already existing species) in order to save them from the possibility of danger from global warming. Hmm, makes perfect sense to me, anyone know if that Gray person might be interested in buying a bridge?

I thought this story was ridiculous, but
crosspatch says:
April 12, 2011 at 6:12 pm

And to think, the people who are trying to re-introduce a blight resistant American chestnut tree to its original habitat in Appalachia are getting a hard time from EPA because they are “introducing” a species. Nevermind that chestnuts still sprout from the roots of some of the trees killed by the blight at the turn of the century but are killed by blight spores before they can mature.

is an order of magnitude more bizarre. Well, except for the llama transportation.
I spent a bit of time looking for references to this story. The closest I found may have referred to an American/Chinese Chestnut cross that is nowhere near as desirable at tree as is the American Chestnut.
Do you have any links to this story?

Tom T

Last year in in Florida a lot of fish died because of the cold. Maybe we should buy them tickets to Mexico.
A while ago I read an article about salmon that could not find their way up the Connecticut river to their spawning ground in at the fish hatchery in Bethel Vt. This might be because the fish hatchery isn’t on the Connecticut river and they got to it by truck, but this llama idea might work here. There are a lot of llama llama a ding dongs in Vermont who would love this idea.

Mac the Knife

Vendace? Are they good with tartar sauce….. and chips???

Tom T

Tom “Are those indigenous European llamas, or intrusive South American llamas.”
To keep with the Monty Python Theme What is the unburdened weight of an African swallow?


Max @ 7:32.
No, it’s she who is trying to sell you the bridge. And it’s a bridge too far. The comments at the Telegraph were heartwarming. Sooner or later those British politicians are going to start listening to constituents.


Will anyone count the dead fish at the end of this journey and calculate the total impact of this environmental disruption, and then alert PETA and any reasonable governmental organization that actually practices transparency?

Hank Hancock

Yet further evidence that AGW alarmism/activism is a socially accepted form of insanity.

Robert of Texas

This is a joke, right? I mean, it isn’t April 1 is it? Nope. But this is a joke… Please tell me this is not real…
Fish babies…being rescued by Llamas…from global warming…in the UK. No… My mind will not accept this input. Argh!
OK, I can’t help it – why are there llamas in the UK in the first place? Did they migrate there because Chile became too warm? Are these the Evil Llamas I have heard rumors of? Or are they good llamas sent here to help out mankind?
Oh the pain…where’s my drink? Oh gads, it’s empty (again).


That video ‘Llama help move endangered Vendace’ has all the ingredients of a spoof – the sort that used to be shown around April 1 on programmes like ‘Country Calendar’ of farmers doing daft things with tongues firmly planted in cheeks. I can’t believe anyone could take this seriously. – well with the exception of wet Louise Gray – who is as daft as a brush anyway.