WUWT is a finalist in the 2011 "bloggies" awards

I was very surprised to learn today (almost a week later) that WUWT has been nominated for Best Science Blog in the 2011 Bloggies. This is like the Superbowl for bloggers. This nomination was done by a blind vote of some 200 people that got nomination ballots. I’m up there with HuffPo, Wired and many others in this award contest. Who isn’t on it is equally interesting. Please read on for info on how to cast your votes for WUWT and other bloggers.

Here’s the timeline and where to vote:


Saturday, January 1
Nominations open.
Sunday, January 16

10:00 PM EST (UTC-5)

Nominations close.
Wednesday, January 19
200 randomly selected voters receive an invitation to choose the finalists from a list of the most-nominated weblogs in ten random categories.
Monday, January 24

10:00 PM EST

Finalist voting closes. The five (or six for Weblog of the Year) weblogs with the most votes become finalists. I will solve any ties for fifth place.
Tuesday, February 1
Finalists are announced and voting reopens to all to choose the winners.
Sunday, February 20

10:00 PM EST

Voting closes.
Sunday, February 27

8:00 PM EST

Winners are announced and the Weblog of the Year receives a prize of 2,011 US cents (US$20.11).


This weblog award is a little different than the previous one seen on the sidebar (which closed last year because the organizers couldn’t get the system working right)…recall the Climate Audit/Bad Astronomy horserace from 2007 that continued to get votes after the ballots closed, requiring a tie to be called. In 2008 (voting in 2009) WUWT won, but there were other problems. So they closed shop in 2010.

Voting in this contest requires you to give an email address and complete a captcha, so it may be less prone to ballot stuffing.

The voting method is not obvious at first glance, so I’ve summarized it visually for everyone below:

1. Visit http://2011.bloggi.es/ for the main voting page,

or go direct to the Science category with this link: http://2011.bloggi.es/#science

2. Locate the Science category thumbnails:

3. If you want to vote for WUWT, click on the little grey circle in the lower right, and it turns into a checkbox and greys out the other thumbnails. Note the contest rotates the thumbnails for fairness in placement, so it may not look like the image order above.

4. Scroll up/down. Vote for any other blogs you like in any other categories the same way. You don’t have to vote for other blogs, as the system doesn’t require it, but please do. These other bloggers work very hard to deliver a quality product. Reward them if you feel they deserve it.

5. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page: (note – don’t use cursor keys, it will change your vote!)

6. Complete the captcha by typing the words displayed in your browser (not the ones above), put in a VALID email address. Press the yellow SUBMIT button. Note- you won’t get spammed by doing so. See the fine print under the email box.

7. Wait for an email in your inbox. That email contains a link to verify your vote. If you don’t get it within a half hour, check your spam filter.

8. Click on the link in your email to verify your vote. It will take you to the verification page on the website and you’ll get a success message.

9. Spread the word! Twitter, Facebook, mailing lists, friends, comments on other blogs, and most importantly, if you run a blog, I’d welcome a posting on this topic.

You know that some others who dislike what we do here will try to create anti-vote campaigns as they have done in the past. Success depends on whether there are more people who view WUWT as a science resource versus those that simply want to haul out the hate, and slap on the “denier” label.

10. Remember, while winning is fun, as I tried to teach my son in the recent pinewood derby we did, the way you play the game is just as important. Don’t cheat. Don’t encourage cheating, and simply let the chips fall where they may.

It’s an honor just to be nominated, especially when some other prominent blogs in our circle of influence were not.

Thanks for your consideration – Anthony

UPDATE: Ah, well, what can I say? The childish hatehate has already started over at BoingBoing in comments.


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Hey Realclimate, it must be your technique at getting your message across. I suggest a full re-vamp of how you present your alarmism. I’m sure lots of recognition is just a tweak or two away.

Grumpy Old Man

Hmmm. bit like the Raiders making the playoffs. /irony
Have no fear. My vote is yours and yours only, together with some of my trusted friends who can be relied upon to do the right thing.
Good luck


Well you got my vote hands down

David Ball

It’s funny. The more they try to stifle, the stronger we become. The wool is being lifted from the publics eyes. At almost 70,000,000 hits, it is clear that the public in general is not buying the lies foisted upon them by the deceivers. The explanations provided are not making sense to the average joe (and josephine). Expect more vigorous defamation of skeptics, however, everything that they say now seems to be working against them.


Done already! Fingers crossed. Anthony, I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering how best to help you out materially for those of us who have no time for moderating or writing entries for your blog. Do you need donations for the surfacestations project, or would it be better to visit your store? I’m happy to keep flinging funds if that’s what’s needed most. This site is so important, and it would be nice to be able to compensate you and your wonderful moderators for all you do.




Vote logged and verified.
Congrats on the nomination – fully deserved after a busy year on various fronts.


Done and done, with pleasure.
Good luck!


Oh I voted as well. I cannot wait to see some peoples responses 😉

Theo Goodwin

Jeremy says:
February 6, 2011 at 12:46 pm
They could try: Doom and Love.

What’s with the Pioneer Woman. It’s been nominated in at least five categories including Best Blog.


Wow! Congrats. The truth will out.
Voted and verified.
Thanks so much.


I’ve voted, good luck WUWT!!

CRS, Dr.P.H.

Anthony, it’s an honor to participate in your WUWT blog community! I’ve spread word of WUWT among my scientific & business peers and will gladly give you the vote, because you certainly have earned it!
It never ceases to amaze me at the high-level scientific discussions we have, with Leif, Ellis and others regularly contributing. Even your trolls are (usually) pretty sharp! Keep up the good work!

richard verney

This site is a worthy nominee. WELL DONE Anthony

Lance of BC

Done! The best science BLOG going. And that IS settled!


Bishop H said I should vote – so I have!
I always read this excellent blog after I’ve read his excellent blog.

Congratulations !


35 zoo animals freeze to death in northern Mexico (The country of Mexico damit!)

Jim Barker

You got my vote. Good luck!
So very many blogs that were unfamiliar. Is there a way to find these blogs, or blogs within certain categories, without prior knowledge?

P Walker

Voted , but not verified yet . Why do they make the words you need to type in so hard to read .

John F. Hultquist

Mission accomplished — I think.

I wasn’t even aware that the Weblog Awards are on again. Now that I know, I’ll ask my alma mater and friends to help out. I’ve already cast my vote. It’s E-Z!

Richard Sharpe

Be careful not to use your cursor keys to scroll. It changes your vote!
REPLY: Thanks – added to instructions – Anthony



Dave Springer

Congratulations are in order, Anthony. It is well deserved. I’ve been haunting and commenting on scienceblogs.com for about 6 years. There’s a reason I chose WUWT as my main hangout and it’s because this is the best of the best for a number of reasons ranging from outstanding moderation policy and practice to scope of the science that appears to the breadth of knowledge displayed by most of the regular and irregular commenters.
Good job. You deserve the recognition.


BTW, CakeWrecks is an excellent food/humor blog.

Bill Jamison

Wait, I thought WUWT is an anti-science blog! At least that’s what I read on another site LOL
Good luck, I hope WUWT takes home yet another award.

WUWT gets my vote for its hard work, honesty and interest. Its good to see the Alarmists being frozen out.

Mike Mangan

All five choices for best political blog are left wing? Brilliant nominating process. 200 “randomly selected” voters just happen to settle on choices from only one side of the political spectrum. Any fan of those sites hate your guts, Anthony. I wouldn’t waste too much time on this one if I were you.
We already know WUWT is the best!

Dave Springer

If you’re using hotmail go straight to your junk folder, do not pass go, for the Weblog ballot verification email. The verification appeared almost instantly in my hotmail junk folder.

Economic Geologist

Voted and verified. Good luck to WUWT!!!


Glad to vote and wow, it looks like there are a lot of blogs to go visit. I’ve only seen about four or five from the list before.

Dave Springer

P Walker says:
February 6, 2011 at 1:39 pm
“Voted , but not verified yet . Why do they make the words you need to type in so hard to read .”
No kidding. I had to request four or five different phrases before I got one I could read. Then I discovered that Internet Explorer with security set to “high” generated an error in the submission process. So I did the usual and switched over to FireFox with medium security settings and that made the process far easier. Interestingly the Captcha text was very clear on the first phrase with FireFox. I believe the difference, as usual, is that I have Javascript enabled in FireFox but not in Internet Explorer.

Green Sand

First and goal, Mr Watts, first and goal!


Your Website certainly deserves the recognition, as the “BEST” in it’s field.
Good luck,
A longtime follower!


Done and done

Job done, I’m just waiting for the Email to verify – best of luck.
This will hopefully greatly ruffle some ecoloon feathers! 😉

Good luck to WUWT.
Voting requires JavaScript.


Gladly submitted my vote …


Verified my vote to WUWT


Done. Good luck Antony! You and your team of moderators deserve it!
Great job for last several years.

In addition to WUWT’s brilliant writing, excellent editorial management, great moderation (or lack thereof in most cases), intelligent readership and vigorous debates, WUWT’s Reference Pages;
likely house the largest and most easily accessible collection of current scientific images, animations and data on Earth’s Climate System ever compiled.
It will be interesting to see how WUWT does at the Bloggies…


Well deserved. Bravo for the nomination!


I received an email confirming my vote had been posted .


I then had to confirm it by going to the link provided.


My only sadness is that Climate Audit didn’t make it for best Canadian site 🙁
My vote goes to your site. Keep up the good work.




Your ballot has been verified. Check back on Sunday, February 27 to see the winners!
You got my vote Anthony, good luck and hope you don’t squander that award all in one place. 🙂

Carsten Arnholm

Done. Fingers crossed!