WUWT is a finalist in the 2011 "bloggies" awards

I was very surprised to learn today (almost a week later) that WUWT has been nominated for Best Science Blog in the 2011 Bloggies. This is like the Superbowl for bloggers. This nomination was done by a blind vote of some 200 people that got nomination ballots. I’m up there with HuffPo, Wired and many others in this award contest. Who isn’t on it is equally interesting. Please read on for info on how to cast your votes for WUWT and other bloggers.

Here’s the timeline and where to vote:


Saturday, January 1
Nominations open.
Sunday, January 16

10:00 PM EST (UTC-5)

Nominations close.
Wednesday, January 19
200 randomly selected voters receive an invitation to choose the finalists from a list of the most-nominated weblogs in ten random categories.
Monday, January 24

10:00 PM EST

Finalist voting closes. The five (or six for Weblog of the Year) weblogs with the most votes become finalists. I will solve any ties for fifth place.
Tuesday, February 1
Finalists are announced and voting reopens to all to choose the winners.
Sunday, February 20

10:00 PM EST

Voting closes.
Sunday, February 27

8:00 PM EST

Winners are announced and the Weblog of the Year receives a prize of 2,011 US cents (US$20.11).


This weblog award is a little different than the previous one seen on the sidebar (which closed last year because the organizers couldn’t get the system working right)…recall the Climate Audit/Bad Astronomy horserace from 2007 that continued to get votes after the ballots closed, requiring a tie to be called. In 2008 (voting in 2009) WUWT won, but there were other problems. So they closed shop in 2010.

Voting in this contest requires you to give an email address and complete a captcha, so it may be less prone to ballot stuffing.

The voting method is not obvious at first glance, so I’ve summarized it visually for everyone below:

1. Visit http://2011.bloggi.es/ for the main voting page,

or go direct to the Science category with this link: http://2011.bloggi.es/#science

2. Locate the Science category thumbnails:

3. If you want to vote for WUWT, click on the little grey circle in the lower right, and it turns into a checkbox and greys out the other thumbnails. Note the contest rotates the thumbnails for fairness in placement, so it may not look like the image order above.

4. Scroll up/down. Vote for any other blogs you like in any other categories the same way. You don’t have to vote for other blogs, as the system doesn’t require it, but please do. These other bloggers work very hard to deliver a quality product. Reward them if you feel they deserve it.

5. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page: (note – don’t use cursor keys, it will change your vote!)

6. Complete the captcha by typing the words displayed in your browser (not the ones above), put in a VALID email address. Press the yellow SUBMIT button. Note- you won’t get spammed by doing so. See the fine print under the email box.

7. Wait for an email in your inbox. That email contains a link to verify your vote. If you don’t get it within a half hour, check your spam filter.

8. Click on the link in your email to verify your vote. It will take you to the verification page on the website and you’ll get a success message.

9. Spread the word! Twitter, Facebook, mailing lists, friends, comments on other blogs, and most importantly, if you run a blog, I’d welcome a posting on this topic.

You know that some others who dislike what we do here will try to create anti-vote campaigns as they have done in the past. Success depends on whether there are more people who view WUWT as a science resource versus those that simply want to haul out the hate, and slap on the “denier” label.

10. Remember, while winning is fun, as I tried to teach my son in the recent pinewood derby we did, the way you play the game is just as important. Don’t cheat. Don’t encourage cheating, and simply let the chips fall where they may.

It’s an honor just to be nominated, especially when some other prominent blogs in our circle of influence were not.

Thanks for your consideration – Anthony

UPDATE: Ah, well, what can I say? The childish hatehate has already started over at BoingBoing in comments.

270 thoughts on “WUWT is a finalist in the 2011 "bloggies" awards

  1. Hey Realclimate, it must be your technique at getting your message across. I suggest a full re-vamp of how you present your alarmism. I’m sure lots of recognition is just a tweak or two away.

  2. Hmmm. bit like the Raiders making the playoffs. /irony
    Have no fear. My vote is yours and yours only, together with some of my trusted friends who can be relied upon to do the right thing.
    Good luck

  3. It’s funny. The more they try to stifle, the stronger we become. The wool is being lifted from the publics eyes. At almost 70,000,000 hits, it is clear that the public in general is not buying the lies foisted upon them by the deceivers. The explanations provided are not making sense to the average joe (and josephine). Expect more vigorous defamation of skeptics, however, everything that they say now seems to be working against them.

  4. Done already! Fingers crossed. Anthony, I’m sure I’m not alone in wondering how best to help you out materially for those of us who have no time for moderating or writing entries for your blog. Do you need donations for the surfacestations project, or would it be better to visit your store? I’m happy to keep flinging funds if that’s what’s needed most. This site is so important, and it would be nice to be able to compensate you and your wonderful moderators for all you do.

  5. Vote logged and verified.
    Congrats on the nomination – fully deserved after a busy year on various fronts.

  6. Anthony, it’s an honor to participate in your WUWT blog community! I’ve spread word of WUWT among my scientific & business peers and will gladly give you the vote, because you certainly have earned it!
    It never ceases to amaze me at the high-level scientific discussions we have, with Leif, Ellis and others regularly contributing. Even your trolls are (usually) pretty sharp! Keep up the good work!

  7. Bishop H said I should vote – so I have!
    I always read this excellent blog after I’ve read his excellent blog.

  8. You got my vote. Good luck!
    So very many blogs that were unfamiliar. Is there a way to find these blogs, or blogs within certain categories, without prior knowledge?

  9. I wasn’t even aware that the Weblog Awards are on again. Now that I know, I’ll ask my alma mater and friends to help out. I’ve already cast my vote. It’s E-Z!

  10. Be careful not to use your cursor keys to scroll. It changes your vote!
    REPLY: Thanks – added to instructions – Anthony

  11. Congratulations are in order, Anthony. It is well deserved. I’ve been haunting and commenting on scienceblogs.com for about 6 years. There’s a reason I chose WUWT as my main hangout and it’s because this is the best of the best for a number of reasons ranging from outstanding moderation policy and practice to scope of the science that appears to the breadth of knowledge displayed by most of the regular and irregular commenters.
    Good job. You deserve the recognition.

  12. Wait, I thought WUWT is an anti-science blog! At least that’s what I read on another site LOL
    Good luck, I hope WUWT takes home yet another award.

  13. All five choices for best political blog are left wing? Brilliant nominating process. 200 “randomly selected” voters just happen to settle on choices from only one side of the political spectrum. Any fan of those sites hate your guts, Anthony. I wouldn’t waste too much time on this one if I were you.
    We already know WUWT is the best!

  14. If you’re using hotmail go straight to your junk folder, do not pass go, for the Weblog ballot verification email. The verification appeared almost instantly in my hotmail junk folder.

  15. Glad to vote and wow, it looks like there are a lot of blogs to go visit. I’ve only seen about four or five from the list before.

  16. P Walker says:
    February 6, 2011 at 1:39 pm
    “Voted , but not verified yet . Why do they make the words you need to type in so hard to read .”
    No kidding. I had to request four or five different phrases before I got one I could read. Then I discovered that Internet Explorer with security set to “high” generated an error in the submission process. So I did the usual and switched over to FireFox with medium security settings and that made the process far easier. Interestingly the Captcha text was very clear on the first phrase with FireFox. I believe the difference, as usual, is that I have Javascript enabled in FireFox but not in Internet Explorer.

  17. Done!
    Your Website certainly deserves the recognition, as the “BEST” in it’s field.
    Good luck,
    A longtime follower!

  18. Done. Good luck Antony! You and your team of moderators deserve it!
    Great job for last several years.

  19. In addition to WUWT’s brilliant writing, excellent editorial management, great moderation (or lack thereof in most cases), intelligent readership and vigorous debates, WUWT’s Reference Pages;
    likely house the largest and most easily accessible collection of current scientific images, animations and data on Earth’s Climate System ever compiled.
    It will be interesting to see how WUWT does at the Bloggies…

  20. My only sadness is that Climate Audit didn’t make it for best Canadian site 🙁
    My vote goes to your site. Keep up the good work.

  21. Your ballot has been verified. Check back on Sunday, February 27 to see the winners!
    You got my vote Anthony, good luck and hope you don’t squander that award all in one place. 🙂

  22. I’ve come to expect fun to read posts from WUWT regularly, but this still surprised me. Honestly, I love you, dude. Although there isn’t a shred of humour in it, the reference pages alone ought to earn you an award.

  23. voted!
    i don’t think you should hesitate to REALLY promote this. keep it stuck at the top or give updates as often as you want, we won’t be bothered. i would LOVE for Watts to get this!

  24. My vote for WUWT cast and verification e-mail received in under 30 seconds here in England at 2300hrs on 06/02/2011.

  25. Look at all those little other blogs trying to compete. Maybe you should pull for them instead Anthony – everyone likes an underdog. A couple hard luck stories about accidentally posting on a slightly contentious pro-warming paper or fourth hand smoking which held them back.
    Here comes the heat.

  26. I voted for WUWT! As I have said several times, WUWT is writing history, WUWT is writing the book on how to DO SCIENCE and defeat the falsehoods and lies from the OLD ACADEMIA. WUWT is THE NEW ACADEMIA, hundreds of times more effective than the OLD ACADEMIA that costed us $trillions and gave us all that PSEUDOSCIENCE. WUWT is DEMOLISHING the Old Academia.
    Keynesian pseudoscience is even WORSE than AGW pseudoscience and already took $trillons from people (keynesians says that government “saves” the people from crisis while the truth is government POWER, CONTROL & TRILLIONS in taxes created almost every crisis). Remember keynesian Jeffrey Sachs “slimy” article against WUWT? It is not surprising that keynesians attack WUWT, the demolisher of PSEUDOSCIENCE. In economics the fight is much BIGGER than this fight. The work by WUWT and other similar blogs has been so AWESOME that the co2 demonizing pseudoscience is already near full discredit. CONGRATULATIONS!

  27. Just checked WUWT’s rival blog… for the first time ever. Not an impressive lot the competition, I must say. Pharyngula, Bad Astronomy and Eruptions would be worthier opponents. And those two microbiologist bloggers who sank overnight NASA’s grand, ‘peer-reviewed’, ‘alien life possible’ announcement.

  28. Voted. Well done so far Anthony – I thought I was the last person on earth not to believe in CAGW until I discovered your site.

  29. “X”ed and verified. If any one deserves it, it is all at WUWT.
    And what does that spell? Open debate.

  30. Richard Sharpe says:
    February 6, 2011 at 1:54 pm
    Be careful not to use your cursor keys to scroll. It changes your vote!
    For those of us who are not comuter geeks WTF does that mean?

  31. “sHx says:
    February 6, 2011 at 3:21 pm
    Just checked WUWT’s rival blog… for the first time ever. Not an impressive lot the competition, I must say. Pharyngula, Bad Astronomy and Eruptions would be worthier opponents. And those two microbiologist bloggers who sank overnight NASA’s grand, ‘peer-reviewed’, ‘alien life possible’ announcement”
    There is simply no comparison between WUWT and Pharyngula. I have never witnessed at WUWT the disgusting things that are a regular occurrence over at Phyrangula.

  32. Mike Mangan says:
    February 6, 2011 at 2:05 pm
    “… All five choices for best political blog are left wing? Brilliant nominating process. 200 “randomly selected” voters … ”
    And I very nearly passed up this voting session for just that reason. Nothing like the taste of bile to turn you away.
    I went back and voted anyway. After verification I then added the site to the filters in my firewall.

  33. done. annoying site however, it jumped around very jerkily. also using the rolling wheel on the mouse to scroll down changes your vote also. The email confirmation does not confirm who the vote was for, so you have confirmation that you have voted, but not who you voted for.
    Unless you go back to the top via using the scrollbar arrows at the right of the screen, before you click confirm, you may actually not have voted for WUWT.
    Anthony please alert everyone to this. (I know I know, I am a skeptic.)

  34. Voted for WUWT, of course… and also Pioneer Woman. She does food blogging, home schooling blogging, and runs a community recipe site. She’s very funny as well. Hubby is preparing to enjoy her Super Bowl Sunday Sliders and Onion Strings… mmmmmm…
    Congrats, Anthony!

  35. Done, with pleasure. I may need to get more of a life though…. WUWT and the lefty political blogs were the only ones I recognized.

  36. Someone upstream mentioned that the political blogs were all left wing. Well, check out the religion blogs, nearly all atheist, apparently no certified theologians allowed. But, it does prove that anyone can blog about anything regardless of their background.

  37. Add my vote to the total. It is amazing that you made it through nominations frankly. I note the absence of many quality blogs that would be there but for their apostasy.
    Truth be told, the final result doesn’t matter to me, as I already consider you a winner Anthony. Congratulations on a job well done sir!

  38. Anthony, I hope you once read “Atlas Shrugged”. One of its recurring puzzles is why leading industrial figures simply disappeared. Likewise, the number of good science blogs is falling. I remember discussing the demands of running as blog with you in Melbourne. Jeff I understand, Steve is a central plank, hopefully doing other things before resuming. I’m not picking favorites, there are other excellent blogs unnamed here.
    So, in giving you a well-earned vote, I do hope that you have the strength and circumstances to continue. So much has been done, still more needs to be done.
    Congratulations on the nomination. It’s deserved.

  39. i nominate the bloggies website for the worst website award.
    have voted 3 times in two and half hours and still no verification. have to go offline so will check later to see if my vote has gone through tho, as others have said, it won’t prove i voted for WUWT.
    u r the best anthony. don’t know how u continue but beg u to stay the course.
    REPLY: Check your spam filter for the response – Anthony

  40. pat says:
    February 6, 2011 at 4:59 pm
    …have voted 3 times in two and half hours and still no verification….
    REPLY: Check your spam filter for the response – Anthony

    Yes – I’m using MSM’s Hotmail and the verification email went to the “Junk” folder.

  41. I tried, but the website is not friendly to Firefox in Linux and would not take my vote.
    REPLY: You need Javascript enabled

  42. Congratulations Anthony! The affirmation of decent ordinary people matters so much more (infinitely so) than lists put out for propaganda purposes – hi there Nature Climate Change.
    Please share a virtual toast with us across the ether!

  43. Voted hours ago and no verification email received – and nothing in Spam, either. Guess I’ll have to try again.

  44. OK, WUWT really was my choice in Sci. Then I really did look over the other categories to see who else deserved a vote.
    I’ve barely even heard of just a couple of them.
    Good Dog, I don’t even have an online life.

  45. voted, and no confirmation came back. sent them an e-mail asking why…
    if they don’t reply will try and vote again tomorrow.

    REPLY: Check your spam filter folder

  46. Voted but no email to my gmail acct…I’ll give it another few hours and then vote again.
    I thought it was hilarious that all the political were lefties and the Canadian really obscure. Plus, who is The Pioneer Woman and how did she get so many nominations.

  47. Done during the adverts between 3rd and 4th quarters of the Superbowl, yes some of us Brits do watch it!

  48. In honor of the Chicago “Big Snow II”, vote Early and Often!
    Hah – just kidding. I have but one vote, and WUWT it is!
    It’s a joy and honor to have posted some goodies on this site, and I thank Anthony for his hard and wonderful work putting this blog together and getting the good word out there.

  49. Voted, waiting for verification. Seems to take some hours to respond.
    They did say to wait a day before calling back to check.

  50. beware of using firefox with win 7 as usual ms does prefer ie explorer. It did not work for me with firefox but did with ie

  51. Voted, but I had to recycle the words 3 times to get a pair I could read, and still got it wrong. Then recycle another 2 times to get another pair I could read before finally getting it right.
    How do we vote down sites that require this time consuming guessing game?

  52. I’ve voted. Hope you get the award.
    I do have to put in another request, however. I noticed that Hyperbole and a Half is also up for awards in several categories. I discovered this incredibly wonderful and hilarious cartooning/blog/whatever about six months ago and am a total addict. This is so far above the average “humour” blog as to be in its own category. The fact that she regularly gets over a thousand comments per post should be an indication of her unique standing.
    Please look in on her site. If you do, I doubt you’ll have any problem casting some votes her way. She’s in several categories, so scroll down.
    You won’t regret it.
    PS: I have no affiliation with her. I couldn’t even tell you her name (although I’m sure it’s there somewhere). I just have a love of truly great humour. And there’s far too little of it, especially among humour bloggers.

  53. Michael February 6, 2011 at 6:49 pm
    Entertainment for those not watching the Police State Bowl.
    Frozen Wasteland

    As they say/write on ZeroHedge when they like something:

  54. stephan says:
    February 6, 2011 at 7:15 pm
    Jantar says:
    February 6, 2011 at 7:15 pm
    I had no trouble using Firefox running on XP. I do know that sometimes Firefox doesn’t work on some sites, but seldom these days, then you have to use IE but that wasn’t the case here. Indeed I have had problems with Firefox in the past but I can’t really remember when: certainly not in the last couple of years.
    I agree the words were hard to read, perhaps intentionally so. Certainly had me cross eyed for a minute or two trying to work out whether the curly script letter in my one was a g or an s. I got it right though.
    Otherwise my email verification arrived in a few minutes and I cleared it at once.
    So all done and dusted as we say in these parts.
    Kindest Regards

  55. P Walker says:
    February 6, 2011 at 1:39 pm
    Voted , but not verified yet . Why do they make the words you need to type in so hard to read .
    There is a refresh to the right of the letters that will give you a new set.
    And to all those lackies saying this is the “best” science site……..it is the Uber-Best.
    I learn something worthwhile everytime I link to this site.

  56. _Jim says: Wrote
    February 6, 2011 at 7:42 pm
    Michael February 6, 2011 at 6:49 pm
    “As they say/write on ZeroHedge when they like something:
    Thanks Jim.
    I have found through cross bloging, your message is amplified by a factor of ten.

  57. Jim,
    When I say certain things in blogs, I sometimes hear the same exact things I said repeated on Glenn Beck and Alex Jones as well as MSM programs the following days and weeks. Expect to hear “Police State Bowl” repeated in the MSM in the coming days.

  58. Done
    Good luck – but you don’t need luck – yours IS the best site – by dint of good hard work by yourself, the mods AND all the guest writers.

  59. I much prefer my own blog but there doesn’t seem to be a category for machinist blogs 🙂
    I’ll consider voting for yours though its a toss-up with that other deep science blog, Women in Planetary Science, my wife being from Venus.
    Robertson’s is a non-starter as he’s clearly incurious and appears to lack a true scientific skepticism. Boing Boing is reminiscent of Bill Nye the Boeing guy turn hamature scientist, and Wired is to blogs as SlashDot is to ordered thought. All over the map.

  60. Dan_D, I’ve got Linux with KDE and had to shift from Opera-63 to Firefox in order to see any selections. I have Flash and Java enabled.
    The vote is in for WUWT.

  61. Anthony, you’re like the Green Bay Packers – you are the best blog, the world champion, and you and your group will richly deserve the award I predict you will receive. Thanks for your fine work.
    Go WUWT! Go Packers! (Should be obvious I’m a Packer fan, isn’t it?)

  62. voted for you, but the awards seem very skewed. A whole section devoted to one particular sin, a religion category with no Christian sites, only various neo-pagan and atheist sites, the political blogs were all left-wing, etc.
    This site is great. The bloggies, not so much.

  63. Voted. A nomination and even a win is nothing less than you deserve Anthony. Your writings and those of your regular contributors have taught me an awful lot.

  64. anthony, why isn’t this WUWT, which is a non-partisan website?
    7 Feb: Adage: AOL Bets $315 Million on Arianna, Buys Huffington Post to Build ‘New American Media Company’
    The Huffington Post is privately owned by editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington and chairman Ken Lerer, who founded the site in 2005 with $2 million in seed capital and subsequently raised $35 million in venture funding from Greycroft Partners, Softbank Capital and Oak Investment, as well as from former AOL chief operating officer Bob Pittman. AOL will pay for $300 million of the purchase price in cash.
    Last year the Huffington Post, which draws 24 million readers and generates around 500 million page views every month, according to ComScore, brought in $31 million in ad revenue, or a little more than $1 per user per year…
    don’t see how they compute the “a little more than $1 per user per year” as the article also says:
    “going from 4.5 million monthly readers in 2008 to around 24 million every month this past year, coming close to The New York Times’ monthly online audience of 30 million, but the Times’ numbers may drop once it institutes its paywall later this month..”
    another partisan media outlet – just what we need.

  65. Well that was one hell of a process to vote. What a bloated Flash site that is. The cursor kept flicking out of the Captcha field so I had to paste the Captcha, which was as difficult to understand as usual.
    I’ve never heard of most of those other blogs.
    Of course the email was in the spam bucket, but no problem.

  66. I voted, found no problems with the process but saw a totally unfamiliar array of blogs to vote for apart from WUWT and Huffpo; I will be gentlemanly and not offer my opinion of the latter.

  67. Some previous posters noticed the nominations for best political blog are all left wing.
    That’s interesting. Makes you wonder about the nomination process, but it also makes you wonder if maybe there aren’t a lot of closet left wing climate skeptics around. Somebody should do an anonymous poll. We’re told climate skepticism is a right wing thing. Maybe not so much as one might think.

  68. Well done, I learn so much from your site, it is really illuminating. You deserve this award and you should really be top blog.
    I have voted
    All the very best and thank you for all the hard work you put into this site. I really apprecciate it

  69. Whats going on with this voting system?
    I voted yesterday and didn’t receive any message saying ‘sorry invalid email address , or sorry captcha string was wrong etc’ but rather the contrary and yet I still haven’t received the email with the validation link in. I therefore presume this means my vote has not counted and that i won’t be able to have another try?

  70. Done!

    Remember, while winning is fun, as I tried to teach my son in the recent pinewood derby we did, the way you play the game is just as important. Don’t cheat. Don’t encourage cheating, and simply let the chips fall where they may.

    An important life lesson. Well done, Dad!

  71. Anthony,
    Thanks for letting us know of this. It was my pleasure to vote for WUWT. I come here and I learn and I laugh. Something the whole world needs more of. You do so much; I was glad to return some small measure of appreciation by my vote.

  72. Voted last night with an email address that’s a Hotmail “affiliate” (ie no Hotmail in the address) and had no verification request, nothing in my junk folder. Tried again this morning with a different email address and got an immediate response. Perhaps there’s some inbuilt aversion in the Hotmail system. Needless to say WUWT got my vote. like many others above I hadn’t heard of most of the other nominees.

  73. My vote’s also in for WUWT, unless it’s true that the rolling ball of the mouse messes things up.
    BTW, I expect that WUWT made it in mostly based on the fact that you’re the reigning champion since you won for 2008 (in 2009) and they didn’t have a contest (just science or for anything?) in 2010. Probably thought it’d be stupid not to include the incumbent champ; especially when it’s numbers have continued to increase.

  74. I’m voting for WUWT, of course, but Wired is a good all around science blog (imho) and I wouldn’t be offended if they won. On the other hand, Pharyngula is little more than a hate site where militant atheists vent about how much they despise everyone who isn’t them, and doesn’t even deserve to be called a “science” blog.

  75. pat February 6, 2011 at 11:43 pm
    anthony, why isn’t this WUWT, which is a non-partisan website?
    7 Feb: Adage: AOL Bets $315 Million on Arianna, Buys Huffington Post to Build ‘New American Media Company’
    The Huffington Post is privately owned by editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington and …

    another partisan media outlet – just what we need.

    Paraphrasing from Spinoza’s Ethics: “Anything noble is as difficult as it is rare.
    (Credit the late William F. Buckley for the 1st time I heard it)
    Saying it another way: “Trash is pretty common”.

  76. Done! Win XP / IE8 / Outlook w/ Medium high security, worked properly, verified in under 1 minute. As for the other blogs … never heard of them.

  77. from my earlier post, and your reply to check my spam filter, yes, all that was done several times that evening and nothing….and checked this morning and still nothing…will redo my vote again today. (using same e-mail address as i use here too.)

  78. Me and my girlfriend have voted for Real Climate . . .
    Oh No, that isn’t right *grin* . .
    Well done Anthony this is a great site and a service to all who want to add to Watt they know ( geddit ).

  79. Anthony: Congrats for being a finalist! I have voted for you-know-who and am awaiting confirmation.
    Funny that RC didn’t make the cut!

  80. Pleased you made the final, Anthony, and here’s wishing you well for a brilliant result.
    My vote is in and I’m sure all your regular followers will be up for it too – only takes a couple of minutes to cast your vote!

  81. Mark says:
    February 6, 2011 at 12:50 pm
    “Well you got my vote hands down”
    And I thought you normally put your hands up to be counted! 🙂

  82. If free people allow this CO2 fraud, they will have by choice fenced themselves onto the grand socialist reservation.
    We Apache and many other tribe members can advise you clear, reservations are not a good thing except for a few chiefs and their enablers. Much like Washington D.C. .

  83. Despite the proliferation of sites/categories only WUWT was worthy of a vote IMHO.
    If Huffington is worth $300+Million then WUWT is way above that figure!
    Good luck Anthony!

  84. RC didn’t make the cut because it isn’t a science blog. They routinely censors any postings that don’t fit their belief system.
    RC operates more like the Moonies, though perhaps that is an insult to the Moonies. They will try and convert you, and if you are converted you are welcome. If not, you will be censored. This limits debate until it takes on religious aspects.

  85. With regard to cursor keys. When filing in forms you should make your selection or fill in what you want and then click on non active region of the page. This will release you from the input mode. Use the cursor keys to scroll down to the next section and click within the input box and enter any details needed.
    This is true of many entry forms. You must escape the input mode before scrolling using the arrow keys.
    When you think you are finished click on non active zone and look over what you have done. If all looks good send

  86. Ok, I’ve had another go and this time I got the verification email and clicked the link and it worked.
    I’ve also got all my five kids to vote for WUWT as well and, as Anthony asked I’ve put up a thread on Digging in The Clay to publise the fact that WUWT has been nominated and to encourage visitors to DITC to vote for WUWT.

  87. Excellent job Anthony! As stated by many above let me echo: You deserve to win. Thank you and keep up the good work.
    Voted and verified.

  88. Been and voted – I dodn’t recognise any of the other sites on there – but then I am not much of a surfer dude!
    Good luck – and well deserved for being a finalist in any event.

  89. I am unable to enter the words of the captcha on that site. I click in the field and my cursor disappears and I’m unable to type anything there.

  90. Protip: If for some reason, like me, your cursor disappears in the field to enter the captcha, hold your mouse button down with the cursor there. you can then type the words in…. more nonobvious, non-standard HTML BS.

  91. Well nothing is more infuriating or frustrating, than instructions that are like a Japanese Transistor Radio Manual.
    So I went to the science blog page, and there was a place for my e-mail, which I enetered and thena panel for what question I wanted to ask which was nothing; I simply wanted to vote. So i scroleld all the way to the bottom, and found nothing there.
    In particular I did not find ANY blog logos, which had little round tags to click on; mine all had little square tags; and I clicked on the one for my candidate; and absolutely nothing happened; no check mark came up in the little round box which wasn’t there, nor in the square box that was there. Finally my cursor drifted over and highlighted the name of the blog, so I clicked on that.
    I then scroleld down to the bottom, and found th scribbly letters and another place for my e-mail. I tried to type in my e-mail but it wouldn’t enter anything. Then I tried to type the scribbles but there was somelthign that could be either ul or wl run together, and I entered ul. It wouldn’t let me type in my e-mail. So I clicked on the recirculate button and it changed the scribbles; but now it wouldn’t let me type in either box.
    So nuts to whoever designed that thing; like I say; Japanese Transistor Radio Manuals are far more intelligent.

  92. Anthony,
    I’ve now visited the ‘competition’ and IMO it’s two horse race between WUWT and Wired Science which but for it’s mis-understanding of climate change skeptics and the role of your blog, is actually a very good general science blog. Sadly one of the other ‘competitors’ has decided to label viistors to your blog ‘climate deniers’ so I’ve put a comment on his blog that he will hopefully read
    I’m one of your new visitors courtesy of your ’2011 Bloggies’ nomination.
    I have a sincere request. Please don’t use the term ‘denier’ when referring to people like myself who question the claimed ‘settled science’ on man-caused climate change, in particular the claim that if mankind does not immediately constrain/control mankind’s use of fossil fuels within the next few decades that we will reach a climatic ‘tipping point’ that leads to catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW).
    Skeptics (so called ‘climate change deniers’) and more precisely CAGW skeptics like myself most definitely do not deny ‘climate change’. Far from it – in fact it is those who deny the existence of the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) and Little Ice Age (LIA) who are IMO the real ‘climate change deniers’. Climate change has always and will always as our climate has never been nor ever will be in equilibrium. I’ve a degree level educated ex-nuclear physicist so I’m never going to ‘deny’ the reality of greenhouse gas radiative physics. What I object to is the hyping and warping/extrapolation of this well understood and acknowledged (settled bit of science if you like) branch of physics into a global ‘we must save the planet’ catastrophy issue via the use of global climate model ‘projections’ that assume with NO actual verifiable evidence that water vapour is a strong net positive feedback to CO2′s so called forcing. Somehow or other skeptical scientists like myself are supposed to accept that an odourless, tasteless, gas (that is essential to continued existence of all life on our planet) that is present in our atmosphere at a concentration less than 400 PARTS PER MILLION determines whether or not our planet warms or cools rapidly?
    Well I’m sorry but call me a ‘denier’ if you have to, but I’m going to need a lot more evidence than computer model projections before I’ll be convinced that mankind’s CO2 emissions are having a significant effect on our climate.”
    It quiet sad really as in this thread at the top he links to his/your fellow nominees but deliberately doesn’t link to WUWT. Why not?

  93. I received no verification yesterday , so voted again today . The verification came almost immediately , but the link didn’t work . I typed the URL into my browser and I got the web site . Is that all there is to it ? I saw no link to the bloggies per se .

  94. Re-submitted and the confirmation came up straight away this time.
    Congrats Anthony on this nomination by the way.

  95. It seems to me that Anthony Watts is doing this the hard way. Why don’t I just pay him the $20.11 to post this story about important technological advances in understanding the weather:
    “Arid regions are influencing their weather using electrical technology.
    According to a recent press release, the United Arab Emirates successfully caused rain to fall by making use of negative ion generators. Approximately 50 rainstorms fell in the driest months, during which time weather forecasters did not predict any rain at all.” Steven Smith

  96. All five of Bloggie’s political weblog nominees are on the left:
    The Huffington Post
    Crooks and Liars
    Closest to center is the occasionally objective Politico (with only NINE JournoList members).
    Don’t know how that could happen if they are honest brokers.

  97. My vote for WUWT and all your sterling work; and the hope that the final result will break down a few more “settled” walls!
    Mike M.

  98. Jim Barker says:
    February 6, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    You got my vote. Good luck!
    So very many blogs that were unfamiliar. Is there a way to find these blogs, or blogs within certain categories, without prior knowledge?

    You just have to click on the rectangular icon behind the little round ballot point; it sends you to that blog. I found that out by clicking on the WUWT icon and got sent to this familiar site, so I had to go back and vote properly. I didn’t recognize any other sites except Wired, and so had a look at a few of them. I will browse a bit more, and if there are any that I add to my favorite list then I might vote for them.
    “Never really done this kinda thing before”

  99. In the bag, man.
    Voted using Opera 11.01 as the browser, a yahoo.com e-mail address and the e-mail arrived in the normal inbox within seconds …

  100. How did this site even get nominated, this is not a ‘science’ blog, it is merely a one-trick pony gossip and slander site.
    REPLY: Typical nonsubstantiative response from a typical coward hiding behind a bogus email address, if you you have something to say to the blog owner, have the courage to put your name to it -Anthony

  101. I can learn more at this site in 10minutes than from days of researching anywhere else. Thank you

  102. The email address works fine Anthony. I used to the same address to vote in these awards (for a site that actually publishes a wide variety of science articles). For the record, my real name is Paul. Good Luck in the awards, which are incidentally nothing more than a popularity contest as opposed to a measure of material quality.

  103. I got my confirmation e-mail — but it was tentatively labeled spam, and might have ended up in my junk box if the sensitivity were set a little higher.
    Be sure you get your confirmation e-mail and click the link!

  104. halfacow says:
    February 7, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    “””The email address works fine Anthony. I used to the same address to vote in these awards (for a site that actually publishes a wide variety of science articles). For the record, my real name is Paul. Good Luck in the awards, which are incidentally nothing more than a popularity contest as opposed to a measure of material quality””” {note: bold emphasis is not by halfacow, it is mine}

    Paul Halfacow,
    Thanks for your full name?
    I would regard the science blog award voting basis to be more qualitatively substantive than that last USA presidential election; which was a real popularity contest with lack of material quality presented by the victorious candidate.
    John the USA citizen

  105. “vigilantfish says:
    February 6, 2011 at 12:55 pm
    This site is so important, and it would be nice to be able to compensate you and your wonderful moderators for all you do.”
    Anthony, I agree 100% with the above. I have been looking in vain for a response. Please do not be shy about it. We want you to have more family time and not burn out.
    P.S. Right now, the only place I see a “donate” is for the surfacestations project. GISS had an all time November record in 2010. Has the team checked out whether there was a huge toy making factory working overtime at the north pole in November and whether or not GISS had a thermometer in the chimney? (Josh, can you express this better?)

  106. Voted and verified.
    Good luck, Anthony, guest posters and mods.
    I do believe that the tide has turned … and I doubt that it would have happened (so much faster than we thought?!) without your dedication and hard work.

  107. Voted for WUWT and verified. I also logged on to BoingBoing and said I voted for WUWT. A pox on BoingBoing and their progeny!

  108. Another verified vote in, this morning. Thanks for your suggestion to take a look around the other nominated sites, Anthony, which was why I waited so long – some of them had me laughing out loud and led me to vote for them, too. I shall be checking them out in future, when I’m in ‘relaxation’ mode.
    About those scrolling problems (using Firefox / XP in my case) – I found that if you click on the background of the page, after making your selection, it doesn’t then mess up your voting choice and you can (if you must) use the arrow keys to scroll the page. Agree it’s a weird bit of coding though.
    So, now we all sit and wait. Good luck!

  109. I contemplated using Mike’s Nature trick on my vote, but in then I realised that the hockey stick will be self evident. Keep up the great work Anthony, from the soggy end of the La Nina, Aus.

  110. Voting accomplished.Was Realclimate even dissed from the best religious blog nominations.Not their year.Shame.

  111. This kind of contest is very near to the democratic centralism – this is how the communist countries defined democracy .
    Everybody has indeed the right to vote and the freedom to vote .
    There is just this little bug that people can only vote for a list that the communist mafia bosses decided among themselves.
    Then it is fully natural that a free election gives a democratic result that 99,9% vote for the Mafia.
    Same thing here – all political blogs were selected (by whom and how?) between far left and left.
    The forgone conclusion of the contest is that the best political blog is leftish – 100% of the voters will have freely voted for a leftish blog …
    Also the best religious blog will be atheistic with a crushing majority of 100% .
    I wondered some time ago about a “representative” poll commented on all major french media and according to which the personality preferred by the French was Mr X.Y .
    Now Mr X.Y is an uneducated moron who has been genetically favoured with an ability to play tenis. He has also a big mouth , almost as big as Al Gore , and likes to open it often to give his uninformed opinion about anything to worshipping media.
    In short Mr X.Y is a useless parasit with an IQ of an oyster .
    I wondered how such a parasit could finish “preferred” personality of 60 million of people so I had a look at the poll .
    As expected it was the democratic centralism at work again – the journalists have preselected exclusively showbiz , media and sport people .
    And that’s how the “preferred” personality turned out to be necessarily an uneducated parasite .
    Anthony somebody at the contest site is being deported to Siberia as we speak (if he is lucky) or 6 feet under (if he is not) because he let WUWT through the selection process 🙂

  112. Anthony, you got my vote. Thank you again for the Herculean effort you have made these last few years. You may have saved the planet. Literally.

  113. Voted and confirmed, you are a daily routine for me. mostly just lurk but sometimes give opinion. Great job, this is the best teaching/learning science blog on the web bar none.
    Bill Derryberry

  114. Voted, confirmed.
    Have the other spurned sites, like R.C. brought in their lawyers yet?
    Seriously, after Drudge, to see if we are still alive, I go to WUWT. Keep up the great work.

  115. TomVonk says:
    February 8, 2011 at 3:18 am
    You said a mouthful of truth.
    We all know if it were an open ballot, WUWT would have won outright. The political sites were a joke. What’s with the gay etc. category? Where are the guns & hunting sites or the historical sites? Why is Puffington’s Ghost everywhere? Shows their huge biases, right off the bat just with the topics, never mind the choices.
    For them to allow WUWT to creep in, they must have seen the elephant in the corner of the room.

  116. Anthony, I tried to vote but could not – there were square boxes near the nominees, not round ones, and when I tried to click on the square, nothing happened! Any suggestions?
    Thanks and good luck!
    1. Make sure your browser is updated to a current version, make sure it isn’t an off-brand like Safari, which breaks on most anything
    2. Make sure you have Javascript installed and enabled
    3. Make sure you have Flash installed and enabled
    4. Make sure your security settings aren’t so high that it prevents a full page load
    5. If you don’t want to do this on your main browser, try downloading and installing another temporarily.

  117. Well done Anthony. Voted instantly and verified without any trouble. Incidentally, I have used Linux and Firefox for years and years (as everyone who loves freedom should) and I had no trouble at all. Simply followed your lucid explanation of what needed to be done.

  118. Walt says:
    February 8, 2011 at 6:01 pm
    Congratulations, Anthony. Voted. No issues.
    Makes me smile to think how steamed Joe Romm must be.
    Baghdad Romm

  119. Voted and immediately verified. Not sure what the point is because your counter rather says it all. Okay, so no reason not to go for the $20.11. That reminds me…time to go to the tip jar again.

  120. Done. Keep up the good work please!
    If you win the $20.11 I hope you will not let it alter your life!

  121. Done, used Safari – it works well enough for me. Once again I want to thant Anthony for this site, where I too learned a lot! The suggestion that WUWT is not a science blog tells a lot about the person who made it – and what it tells is nothing to be proud of.
    Keep up the good work, all the best to Anthony, all the mods & bloggers!

  122. Voted and confirmed, for the best antipseudoscientificalism site around, WUWT.
    In your face, Warmistas.

  123. Vote cast……best of luck Anthony. The guest posters, moderators and you have helped usher in a new era of journalism that quite literally has advanced the causes of truth, liberty and personal freedom. You have my sincere gratitude for your efforts.

  124. I saw the hate-mongers over at boing-boing and I squashed the first one I saw with an
    attempted rebuttal! Good luck, Anthony! Win or lose, just keep on going.

  125. ldd says:
    February 9, 2011 at 7:14 am
    Finally getting my verifications and voting daily as allowed.
    If you vote more than once, you get this:
    “Since you’ve already submitted a confirmed ballot, verifying this one will overwrite your old votes.”
    So no advantage to multiple votings.

  126. OK, WUWT got my vote obviously. But now I’m mad….I had to check out all those blogs before casting my vote in other categories. Some are pretty good and I know I’ll be back again….like I don’t already waste enough time here and at Junkscience. And Failblog. And Funny Engrish.

  127. Verified vote cast, spammed my address book for voting help, and a donation provided to boot 🙂
    Good Luck!

  128. I’ve cast my vote in your sole favour, since yours is the only blog I visit on a regular and frequent basis. When I do visit other blogs I judge it by the standard of this one.
    Least I can do. Good luck!
    Noticed Huffington Post in the political section. It’s just been bought by Google! There goes their independent credibility! Unlucky. Hope you never get taken over by Google.

  129. Ah thank you Lief, I didn’t fully read their instructions.
    Can say that the last two verifications came through pretty quick compared to the first one, all bugs worked out on this end- guess I can stop testing it now. 🙂

  130. The only blogs I check regularly are a couple of author sites, here, and depletedcranium (an otherwise excellent site which has unfortunately swallowed the alarmists’ junk science hook, line, and sinker)

  131. just voted for you! and confirmed it.
    I hope you win the award, but you’re already a big winner without the title.

  132. Oh no … my apologies to you Leif ,
    for misspelling your name above.
    p.s. Bet Brian H will have already caught that.

  133. Anthony,
    Please don’t “unsticky” this until you absolutely must. Maybe even the day before, or after 😉 the poll closes.
    Many of our friends only visit when they can and everyone should be made aware that we have another great opportunity for exposing the idiotologists, the vested and the willfully blind (such as peetee above) and attracting yet more scientists to the debate that some would rather stifle.

  134. At the risk of being repetitive…
    ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then…you win.’ Ghandi.

  135. Have voted above but submit button doesn’t respond.
    REPLY: Try a different browser, make sure javascript is enabled

  136. Voted but never received verification message. Left a message on the site. Nothing received back. I give up.

  137. Congratulations on the nomination Anthony!
    I have voted and confirmed. Can’t believe the climate fear drivel on BoingBoing. I’m afraid there is no hope of rational, independent thought ever reaching these folks.

  138. Despite all their attempts to make this voting one per person (it doesn’t really, its more like one per email, and oh, btw, I got a nice script that can generate a ton of email addresses for me, as can anyone with Gavin’s level of comp-sci competence), and anti-idiotarian (apparently assuming people they dont want to vote will find the process to onerous to go through, you know *THOSE PEOPLE* …)

  139. I was looking vote for RC in the best Sci-Fi, but couldn’t seem to find them.
    WUWT has my vote, keep up the fine work.

  140. I added a short comment at BoingBoing Feb 19 at 1805AST. I’ll check later to see if they had the guts to post it.

  141. Made four attempts to vote, but no confirmation e-mails whatsoever were received. It appears we’re all shut out of the voting around here.

  142. “Made four attempts to vote, but no confirmation e-mails whatsoever were received. It appears we’re all shut out of the voting around here.”
    Exact same thing happened to me!!!!!!!!!!
    I even tried voting in other categories so that I voted for more than just WUWT, no confirmation, not even in the junk email folder.

  143. “I was looking vote for RC in the best Sci-Fi, but couldn’t seem to find them.”
    I hear the RC BoreHole has a chance for Best Science. RC itself is this year’s run away winner for Biggest Waste of Time.

  144. I missed the cutoff but good luck . Went to BoingBoing (what kind of name is that, I mean seriously even Silvio Berlusconi came up with better) as you suggested and read all (wait for it) 13 comments. I went to post a comment but realised I wouldn’t have a chance with the following:
    Warning: Anonymous messages are held for moderation. This could take a (long) while. Or your comment may not be posted at all. Please consider creating an account and logging in. It’s fast, free, and we don’t spam, ever.
    In other words if we don’t agree with what you say……

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