The 4 legged AGW table

Josh of Cartoons By Josh writes:

Kevin Anderson’s post at Bishop Hill intrigued me.

He came up with 4 simple theoretical ‘legs’ upon which to launch his clear view that

Anthropogenic Global Warming was serious and needed immediate attention.

A year ago I would have agreed (hey, lots of us did, ‘cos ‘they’ said it was all true!)

A year on and the picture does not look so clear: subterfuge, lost data, no data,

no warming, false predicitions, misinformation, fudged inqiries, bad science, no science.

It may look clear to Kev, but for the ordinary chap like me it all looks more shoogly than ever.

This cartoon is an attempt to show that – no doubt with huge scientific inaccuracies and

misrepresentations. So take aim, fire and give me your best shot.

I am happy to change this cartoon to make it better!

79 thoughts on “The 4 legged AGW table

  1. Speaking as a fairly competent semi-pro woodworker, I can say without a doubt that is a very poorly designed table – both structurally and aesthetically. The legs are very poorly attached to the top, and would likely fold up under the strain of that bird walking on the top. Aesthetically, the whole thing looks like it was hacked out using a dull stone ax by a drunk Neanderthal. Nice cartoon tho. 🙂

  2. But where is the government funded milk? so essential to a nice cup of consensus tea.
    Kindest Regards

  3. The only change I can suggest is to steal the leg graphics from the impossible table where the artist has created an optical illusion and the legs dont go where they seem to, perhaps with some water running uphill to show the scientific foundation!

  4. Instead of research “biscuits” how about “pound cake” to provide a link to funding. (I assume brits have pound cake, at least it sounds British to me.)
    Love the thick water vapour book.

  5. Some suggestions for improvement:
    The greenhouse effect leg should be a hockey stick.
    The CO2 increase leg should get thinner at the top, reflecting the logarithmic change.
    Proportionally, the water vapor ‘book’ should be much thicker than the CO2 section of the leg.
    The natural variation leg should be very non-linear.
    Very fun! Thanks!

  6. MattN says:
    December 5, 2010 at 2:55 pm
    Need to work “tipping point” in there somehow…

    Heat “Piggy Bank” missing too…..and, last but not least, a Inquisition Friar proclaiming: “It is not the Sun!” 🙂

  7. I’m an American. Could you define “shoogly”?
    (my American browser flags it as a misspelled word)
    REPLY: Do people not see links here? Click on the word. – Anthony

  8. This cartoon needs to be peer reviewed. Perhaps Charlie Brown as AGW proponents and Lucy holding a football representing legitimate science? Or 3 Stoogies Larry poking Gore in the eye and smacking Mann and Jones on the back of their heads?

  9. I suggest that the bark should be left on the greenhouse effect leg since the greenhouse metaphor is a little rough – to say nothing of robustly overworn.
    I also suggest that the greenhouse effect leg be narrower than the rest. Even though the effect is real we don’t really know that it amounts to something that will move the climate.
    Maybe a tablecloth to “hide the decline”?

  10. Chris Edwards says:
    December 5, 2010 at 4:07 pm
    The only change I can suggest is to steal the leg graphics from the impossible table where the artist has created an optical illusion and the legs dont go where they seem to, perhaps with some water running uphill to show the scientific foundation!

    Beat me to it Chris. Escher table.

  11. Love the table
    I suggest the world needs to see the trough [or is that troff?] from which the pundits feed. Perhaps called the Suzuki trench?
    Great cartoon. Vicious imagery. Followed by giggles

  12. The table top should reveal the wood grain tree rings.
    Where is the adjustable scale thermometer?
    It needs a Revell plastic kit climate model ( in 1/24 scale of course).

  13. Curiousgeorge says:
    Aesthetically, the whole thing looks like it was hacked out using a dull stone ax by a drunk Neanderthal. Nice cartoon tho. 🙂

    As a representative of Drunk Neanderthals I resent that remark! Many of us do rather nice work. And the Stone Axe is a fine tool, too. In fact, you moderns have recently rediscovered the advantages and are now making surgical scalpels out of stone chips.
    Please, we already have those AGW types saying we started it all with chopping down the forests, but we were just trying to stay warm during that damned Ice Age… but when the next one comes, just you watch. Our short legged rotund bodied, hairy chested type will be back in fashion, by golly…

  14. The table would be more representative if it were an Escher type optical illusion — looks good at first glance but includes some impossible conditions to make it appear to work.

  15. Excellent Rex Murphy in the National Post:
    “But hey, if you’re going to do Armageddon — do it in Cancun. The apocalypse at the all-you-can-eat buffet. Parasailing to Armageddon.
    Does not one of the great minds decoding next century’s weather see the brain-splitting contradiction of holding a conference warning of the imminent threat of global warming in a venue that mainly exists because people fly there to get warmer? That’s right, people spend money to fly to Cancun mainly because it’s warmer there than where they live. In essence, Cancun is what the global warming crowd are, otherwise, warning us about.”
    Read the rest:

  16. Following from my last, if the “greenhouse effect” leg was propped up on the IPCC
    report, you’d have a table with two good legs and two poor legs – a second meaning
    to the phrase.

  17. May I suggest an adjustment to the Green House effect leg. It looks too solid and flat on the ground.
    Possibly a thrice folded paper under it, like my coffee table, to keep it steady. Better yet, the thrice folded paper could have what appears to be MBH98 written on it.

  18. Ahhh yes, how about some crumbs under the table from those biscuits, and some rats feeding on them. One rat has a bald head and a goatee, the other is quite obese and has a nobel medal around it’s neck etc. 🙂

  19. a jones says:
    December 5, 2010 at 3:27 pm

    But where is the government funded milk? so essential to a nice cup of consensus tea.

    Surely you mean the HOMOGENISED milk.

  20. The way it worked for me regarding this Table analogy is that I immediately saw one “telltale” sign of AGW science not being real science. I still gave it a chance, but it only got worse. Bottom line, there wasn’t any Table to begin with.

  21. Baa Humbug says:
    December 5, 2010 at 7:16 pm
    Quite so: completely slipped my mind since I don’t use the stuff myself.
    Kindest Regards

  22. Josh – you’ve received a pile of really really good ideas up above.
    Now run with the best of them and do what you do so well!!!
    Lookin’ forward…!

  23. SM-
    I agree as well (The Canadian term -“drop the gloves” applies now)
    Knock them the f@#$ out, Josh!

  24. Good job Josh!!
    I’d like to second the suggestion from a jones says: December 5, 2010 at 3:27 pm, with minor addition, make it a LARGE carton of TAXPAYER funded milk…
    and add a for sale tag off one edge of the table, flapping in the breeze, with a $ 10 Trillion or something like that on it, representing how the whole table is too often up for sale, and the cost to everyone is massive…
    Any way you could add a very faint ghostly looking large polar bear balanced delicately on the table with four tiny little feet (so they’ll fit on the table, and look all the more ridiculous and precarious beneath the big fat blimpy bear body), and plastered across its side words something along the lines of “model, assumption, supposition, could, might, maybe, possibly, in the future” to represent how incredibly often both some of the research and most of the AGW MSM articles seems to have vastly more guesswork and supposition than real evidence to them? Maybe even make either his snout or tail be more substantial/solid looking, and tag it with “real data.”
    I’d also make the “natural variation” book take up most of that leg… or have a stack of books there taking up most of the leg, with each spine labeled things like sun, ocean cycles, clouds, water vapor, dust, aerosols, volcanism, etc.
    Heck tho Josh, its funny just as it is too. Thanks for the chuckle!

  25. That should be a 3 – legged table. The CO2 level increase and Fossil Fuel CO2 should be combined into one.
    Then take away one leg – The Significance of CO2 and Water Vapour and the table doesnt have a leg to stand on.

  26. Me and a Scottish mate finished off a bottle of Highland Park and caused irrepairable damage to an 18YO Glenlivet last night. We were both decidedly shoogly at close of play. The Highland Park was quite sharp. The 18YO Glenlivet as smooth as silk.
    Aussies need 150 odd to make England bat again tomorrow. Heavy showers forecast all day.

  27. Josh identified the problem areas exactly. Well, maybe one should have added a big one: Convection. Climate models are notoriously bad at modelling convection systems. Oh, and cloud formation.

  28. Josh, great cartoon. I think you could add a long tablecloth being lifted by an inquisitive child to reveal the ‘props’. Maybe another urchin could be under there trying to pull out one of the books.
    By the way, fantastic quality t-shirts! Thanks again for the prompt delivery.

  29. Poor old Josh – I can visualise him scratching his head wondering how to incorporate some of the hilarious (and appropriate) suggestions above…
    My two-pennyworth – what about a (picture of a) stationary wind turbine in there somewhere..? You know – cold weather – high electricity demand – no wind – wind turbines useless – which we all knew (why the hell do they think we gave up sailing vessels, except for fun..??)…

  30. Common use of the word shoogly in Scotland.
    “your jaiket’s on a shoogly nail”. This means that your job or position is not secure. In the workplace (from the days before locker rooms) you would hang your jacket on a conveniently placed nail.

  31. Josh I read Kevin Anderson’s diatribe that inspired you (he describes at length his hairshirt lifestyle choices, then the “four pillars of AGW”). One thing stuck in my throat: his saying

    Whilst I would like to engage in one to one arguments on the science, emissions etc, believe it or not I don’t have the time.

    On investigating the paper he has just released free (good!) to the world, the only reference to the science basics on which his whole superstition is erected, is

    …there is now little to no chance of maintaining the global mean surface temperature at or below 2°C. Moreover, the impacts associated with 2°C have been revised upwards … so that 2°C now more appropriately represents the threshold between ‘dangerous’ and ‘extremely dangerous’ climate change.

    Always, always, always.
    Always, scientists slide over the evidence and proof for the very basics. Too shameful to suggest they haven’t investigated the basics more carefully and considered dissenting opinions before force-forming “consensus”.
    So what I’d like to see here is Josh’s page set up as a web page where the little hand appears with mouse-over each issue, with clicks to a proper science article for each issue. Heck, Josh, I could set up the html framework for you if you want this. So could others here probably. But then we need the articles…
    … which is in the line of my own passionate concern to build up a proper sceptics’ consensus statement about each of those pesky ideas the warmists slide over “because we all know… it’s obvious… long-agreed by serious scientists” etc.

  32. One leg – maybe a broken hockey stick. A certain balding team-member could be there holding the broken ends together, wearing a tee-shirt with “Tiljander” printed upside down on it.
    Another leg – a carving of a certain Indian gentleman and a lady in locked in a Kama Sutra pose. It could be slightly on fire – i.e. smouldering.
    Another leg idea – A certain ex-VP as colossus, holding up his corner on top of which a polar bear balances on an ice-cube.
    Another – one leg a bone, one of the team holding back a slavering dog called “FOI”.
    The table is plainly going to fall over very soon. Pity about the house of cards on top of it. Different cards could have appropriate things written on them.
    But if you don’t go for any of this, your cartoon is already fine.

  33. Underneath the table, tucked up where the viewer can just barely see it, should be Trenberth’s unrealized heat.

  34. A thermometer restng in the saucer next to the cup of tea, where most people would have a teaspoon?

  35. Many thanks for the many many great suggestions, and, yes David, I am scratching my head thinking of how to fit them all in… I have a plan tho.

  36. Wonderful cartoon and many great comments. Giggling is back in fashion.
    Eight legs and some glue oozing from the joints and even some bent nails might represent the precautionary principle
    I hope that all these brilliant cartoons are being archived together with any prior sketches (unpublished) etc. That is the proper scientific way.

  37. Ha ha
    There could be an opened flat pack in the corner marked
    ‘Design by Peer Review and IPCC endorsed ‘.

  38. The “table” is a riot!
    However, the “three-legged stool” of CAGW ain’t funny at all:
    Leg 1 – Zero carbon emissions;
    Leg 2 – Veganism (to avoid methane emissions);
    Leg 3 – Population controls; and,
    Seat – Global governance.
    That “stool” is arguably the ugliest, most expensive piece of “furniture” ever conceived by man. It is also a “stool” which cannot be picked up by its clean end.

  39. wonderful imagery Josh. nightmarism flat-pack effort.
    suffering from golf withdrawal symptoms here in Carnoustie – 2 weeks off now.
    2010 – hottest
    “the joint hottest year on record”
    Our evangelic warmists show,
    All this mana that is falling
    Is just imaginary snow;
    Were we to become believers
    In the great global warming meme,
    We could adjust the mercury
    To any number we could dream.

  40. Josh,
    Great cartoon.
    Maybe you can have different ‘models’ of tables?
    Maybe you can have skeptical beavers chewing through a table legs?
    Maybe in the background you can have a used table salesman (Gavin S., Revkin, Gore)?

  41. How about Kool-aid instead of tea? You also might want to add some extra legs lying around the table – questionable temperature measurements, UHI, land-use changes, etc. – that should be supporting the table, but are ignored.

  42. John Whitman @ December 6, 2010 at 5:49 am
    Perhaps a longer table, with Algore at the center and six “apostles” to either side; sort of “The Last Supper” of CAGW. (Dodge lightning bolts here!)
    Perhaps the table could be covered with tamales, enchiladas, refritos, etc. Timely!

  43. The table’s legs should be labelled
    1. unprecedented
    2. man-made
    3. global
    4. warming
    and the tabletop should be labelled “global warming is bad for people” –
    if any one of these five components fails, no table.

  44. You could go for baroque and draw it as a poster-sized blueprint (with footnotes, modifications, replacement parts, etc.)– it would be a way of fitting all the suggestions in and would be a statement in its own right.

  45. Like this,, but the muses are Hansen, Gore, Mann, Patchy.
    I have a personal preference for the scene in the Wizard of Oz where the cute little dog pulls back the curtain to reveal the deception. With that in mind, the table’s legs should be clearly labeled with good things: truth, honesty, science, ethics. But then the cloud/fog/veil is lifted to show that all of these are missing/broken/haywired and the table is in fact being held up by a bunch of demons/monkeys/politicians/activists.

  46. Green House Effect Leg could be sprouting, growing longer and tippling the table over, nothing like a little CO2 to stimulate plant growth.

  47. Perhaps an improvement could be a Stevenson birdcage on the table next to a fireplace with a roaring fire for ambience.
    It’s cold outside and we all know where that little wind up blighter should be and another fine opportunity to also get some useful data.
    Cheers from the coolest and wettest Spring and Summer so far in recorded history.

  48. Have two Watermelons with hands and legs and little faces off to one side admiring their handywork – first one says “Nice work Al”, the other responds ” Thanks Karl”.
    Might need to put a tiny hammer and sickle on the Karl Watermelon.

  49. I’d like to fourth (fifth?) the motion that suggested Escher.
    A cartoon that could incorporate every one of the wonderful ideas above will be either a world-beater or so complicated as to be incomprehensible. It’ll take an experiment to figure that out. Josh, or anyone else who might like to try, will need a bigger canvas.
    Crowd-sourcing for cartoons now. The zeitgeist!

  50. Add beavers chewing on the wooden legs, and have them labeled “FOI requests”and “Climategate emails”. And, of course, you have to have a piece of paper with a graph of the “decline” hidden underneath the saucer or plate.

  51. Several years ago researchers at the University of British Columbia were claiming they were trying to figure out how to get trees to grow more square.
    A 1989 magazine article reports that Robert Falls was successful increasing growth at four points on trunks of 1 to 2 inch saplings of three popular tree types. Supposedly someone had some success in the 1940s as well. (My question is “how labour intensive is the method?” – does today’s wood value support the effort put into orchards, for example?)
    The news is referred to at:
    I see many glib references but nothing solid. (Robert Falls is a common name.)
    Though these ones are dated as some might expect:
    and this one may or may not be
    with no mention of square in this article about the tree species claimed to be in the UK facility

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