Cancun: the rationing rationalizing

Well the Telegraph article on rationing our modern lifestyle to reduce CO2 has made some waves since I covered it yesterday, fortunately it has not affected the attendees at Cancun. See the video below. Advertisements


Tempest in a teapot: International team of scientists describes swirling natural phenomena

Via press release: (Santa Barbara, Calif.) –– Scientists can use cylinders as small as teapots to study the mechanisms involved in powerful hurricanes and other swirling natural phenomena. The earth’s atmosphere and its molten outer core have one thing in common: Both contain powerful, swirling vortices. While in the atmosphere these vortices include cyclones and…

Curious weather on Jupiter

From NASA’s APOD: Dark Belt Reappearing on Jupiter Credit: NASA’s JPL, U. Oxford, UC Berkeley, Gemini Obs. (North), USC Philippines Explanation: Why are planet-circling clouds disappearing and reappearing on Jupiter? Although the ultimate cause remains unknown, planetary meteorologists are beginning to better understand what is happening. Earlier this year, unexpectedly, Jupiter’s dark Southern Equatorial Belt…