What really goes on at COP16 in Cancun

I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get the “fossil of the day” award. Watch the presentation at COP16 and get some popcorn.

I wonder if the producers of Jurrasic Park gave permission to licensed use of the logo, of if they are just scofflaws?

h/t to Tom Nelson


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Grant R Hillemeyer

Well, I’m comforted by the fact that it appears we’re in good hands…..


I am sure Michael Crichton would have had something to say about this!


This is so stupid it is actually funny,aside of the fact its a waste. The pollution they put out to go to cancun to put on this skit!


“You’re walkin’ on the fightin’ side of me” – Merle Haggard – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHAFmFsb9XM

Go Canada!
Is this how these people ‘save the world’? I think it can survive without them, really.


The dude in the gold vest looks a little like Revkin…

Matthew Bergin

Sure makes me proud to be a Canadian. The only western country with enough sense to opt out of this climate madness.


Not only the logo, they are ripping off the music too.

Is their IQ larger than their ages?

Gareth Phillips

I must admit it was difficult to decipher what exactly they were saying, but then I thought, where have a seen films of politically indoctrinated youngsters waving red flags with black emblems before? I seem to recall they had torches last time around.


Call me silly, but the first thing I thought was “what a bunch of losers”….
…..I’m probably wrong

Robert Austin

As a Canadian, I am proud to share the award of three fossil awards by these dim bulbs. May we continue to overachieve in this respect. May our larger neighbour to the south take due note and join us in competition for the fossildom podium.


At least fossils lived in the real world.


I wonder how much “Fossil Fuel” it took to get these clowns down to Cancun? Was this funded by taxpayer money? This just goes to show how the elite environmentalists love to comment on others while their own footprint stinks.


Might I add to take note of the overabundance of the color Red and the choreography. The hallmark of the beasts we like to call Communists. Always amusing to see 200lb women try to do choreography and say we are destroying the planet by consuming too much.


The workers flag is deepest red
It shrouded oft our ………………


It kind of makes me want to move to Canada and become a Canadian. The irony is that it’s just too darn cold up there.


Makes me damn proud to be a Canadian! Young, naive idiots with nothing better to do! Now excuse me, I have to go and dig up some more tar sands!

Cancun circus, Cancun capitalism, climate socialism and jurassic science,


Spoiler Alert.
Yes!!!! Canada!!!! Yes!!!
My Home and Native Land.

Harry Doyle

I think I just threw up….a little.


Who paid for these clowns to be there?

At least, as a Canadian, I can take some pride in this award. With any luck, Canada could win the award every day during COP 16. At least let’s hope so. It proves our government is doing the right thing. Pretending to be serious about CAGW, and doing absolutely nothing about it whatsoever. Cheers for Prime Minister Harper and Environment Minister John Baird!!!!!


Good grief.

P Walker

Well , that was eight minutes and forty seven seconds of my life wasted . Who are those clowns anyway ?

Dave F
Colin from Mission B.C.

I demand a recount. Canada should be first, with the sanity recently displayed by our senate. Frankly, if these loons are unhappy with Canada, that suggests we’re doing something right.


Makes me proud to be Canadian!

Reality sometimes is far stranger than fiction, and Cancun seems a very appropriate place for warmists to gather:
In Mayan ancient language it means: Snake pit.
See Wikipedia in Spanish:
Cancún (maya: kaan kun, «olla o nido de serpientes» ), es una ciudad con
desarrollo turístico de nivel internacional certificado por la Organización
Mundial …
http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cancún – 208k – Páginas similares

David L

Not clever nor interesting. Dare I say somewhat boring and moronic? How about sophomoric? I’ll stop there. By the way, how did all those kids get there? I hope they didn’t fly but used sail boats. Flying would be irresponsible contribution to global warming.

Bill Walsh

And I mean that sincerely. I have no idea what just took place in that video. Do they have a circus too?
And they stole the music from the movie as well for good measure.

Bruce Cobb

So in other words, Canada wins the freedom and truth award. Good for them.
It’s all about ritual and pageantry with the brainwashed warmista eco-nuts.

John Luft

With any luck, there will be a build-up of swamp gas at their hotel.


@ tarpon says:
November 30, 2010 at 2:12 pm

Is their IQ larger than their ages?

Simply more evidence that youth is wasted on the young. Especially the young who can run up daddy’s credit card on a trip to Cancun for this nonsense.


Nice pictures of the global warming going on in Europe today in the wsj: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704679204575647000928405226.html Weather is not climate except when it is I suppose.

George E. Smith

Well I’m old enough to remember the drug crazed flower children of the 1960s; and this bunch of flakes aren’t any different.
This kind of “documentary” needs to be exposed to the widest possible audiences to show what hope and change has led us to.
I thought it was hilarious, that these infants are still trying to blame President George W. Bush for our current ills. Hey ! Earth to Cancun; we’ve had two years of the new touchy feely “hope and change” with everything in Washington DC in the hands of the Socialist/Marxist Democrats, and their boy wonder President (but he IS The President); so how come they haven’t fixed all the mess that GWB created; there has been nothing to stop them; with the Republican opposition hamstrung by woosy RINOS, who haven’t succeeded in attaching any sort of amendments to anything the Obama administration wanted to rubber stamp.
So these children in Cancun; are barking up the wrong tree. Little do they know that it is THEY who are going to be handed the BILL for all of their childishness. Well come to think of it; those 60s flower children are now the ones in control of the whole operation; aren’t they ?
Say Canada; save a spot for me; somewhere in British Columbia; does Commonwealth membership count for anything these days in Canada ? If global warmig sets in as promised, I could become a semi retired farmer in BC; close enough to the salmon and steelhead fishing; not to mention those huge lake trout and char.

Rob M

I heard some pleasant harmonies there and it’s always good to stick to a tune ‘everbody’ knows.

BTW just had on the Australian Sunrise morning program coverage of the local 350.org effort; namely using earth movers to ‘write’ 350 into previously undisturbed outback – nice parallels with the destruction being made to rainforest’s in Indonesian in the name of climate change I thought – and I emailed the artist concerned on that very point.. awaiting a response.

Dr. Dave

What inspired artistic genius! Gee…do you suppose these dolts came up with this masterpiece of performance art all on their own? I understand Anthony’s disappointment and humiliation for not winning. Cheer up, Mr. Watts…perhaps you can persuade some local grade school or middle school to come with an even better skit and award you all three prizes. But for now…GO CANADA!


The one redeeming value in this, is that someday in the future one or more of these kids will run for political office, and have to explain their antics. I almost feel sorry for them, when that day arrives.

P Walker

Beesaman :
“At least fossils lived in the real world .” Now that’s funny – I raise a glass to you .

P. Solar

I’m sure every member of the canadian senate is deeply regretting what they have done now!
If these pricks are who is going the save the planet I’m off to buy a space suit.


Where do I sign up?
Funded trips to Cancun for western youth.
Simply wonderful.
I wonder is scuba diving included?
I wonder which American Corporate Wealth fund paid for their trip.
American Corporate Wealth Fund massive sponsorship of Canada’s environmentalist groups was discussed in the Canadian Senate last week by the Honorable Stephen Greene
And they were right – it really was BIG OIL – Rockefeller foundation to be exact – but the big surprise is that the funding is actually going to the environmental activists not against them
To quote the Canadian Senator: “For example, the ads aimed at destroying Alberta tourism were paid for by the Rockefeller Foundation.”

Craig Moore

For you to receive the award they would have to remake everything and add the word “old” in front. The carbon cost would be much to high.

They obviously had low turnout. Not sure why, but it may have had something to do with people not want to be seen associating with this debacle. Talk about ignorance on display, you should really keep it private, it looks stupid in public.

Tom in Florida

The guy in the hat is using this to get laid by all those young, unsuspecting females who are searching for self worth. Kind of like what a lot of fake hippies did in the 60’s.


Who gave them permission to use the Jurassic Park logo?
The electricity which could potentially be generated by Michael Crichton (RIP) spinning in his grave, would probably be enough to power a good-sized town.

Al Gored

And the worst part is that the AGW-promoting Canadian media (CBC, CTV) will feature this award as some kind of significant blow to Canada’s reputation. But they will never show this whole clip or anything to indicate how trivial this stunt actually is.
The best part was when the MC mentioned that everybody there was probably spending most of their time on the beach. Perfect.

Stephen Brown

If this is the prevailing intellectual level of the Cancun Conference then I shall relax a little.
But only a little.

jimb from Canada

Proud Canadian!
Wow a bunch of teenaged morons telling us how to run the world, who cares. I’m amazed they found time off from their drinking and blowing their parents money to find time to do this BS.