French give the boot to the "Super Ministry of Environment"

From Pierre Gosselins “No Tricks Zone”, some encouraging news; the French have surrendered to common sense.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has pulled the plug on the French prestige project, a super ministry of environment, dubbed “Medad” (Ministère du Développement durable). This piece of good news is brought to us by German warmist website here in a piece written by Susanne Götze in Paris.

website - soon to be gone

Gone with Medad are its director Jean-Louis Borloo, and with him, the last hope for a real breakthrough in environmental and climate policy in France. As a result, no one believes the CO2 tax promised by Sarkozy 2 years ago has any chance today. Good riddance.

Read the full story here: Great News! Sarkozy Kills French Super Environment Ministry “Medad”


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Ian Mc Vindicated

Common sense will always prevail. Thankfully for democracy, and amore educated public. Gone are the days of ” the debate is over, the science is settled ” are history.

Pamela Gray

This is like the best bowling match I have seen. So much fun to watch. And we be the bowling ball.


The French have won a resounding victory. It has been a long time coming. Relish it but listen – the drums of war beat yet on the Continent. The climate tyrannists are reforming beyond your borders! You’ve won it for France. Now win again for the EU!


Don’t forget this excellent entry by Pierre:
Just as D-Day occured on the beaches of Normandy France 65 years ago, the first salvo in Climate D-Day is fired in France.


The Disaster in Cancun should be fun to watch….

It’s an interesting, if not definitive, event. Sarko may be floundering, but he is floundering in a different direction to, say, Julia Gillard here in Oz.
The French are odd. They can seem like the most compromising and compromised of peoples, patiently digesting such monstrosities as the EU, the welfare state, PC, and the IPCC – only venting a little frustration by the usual defeatist “raillerie” and empty anglo-bashing. Sometimes you think their national aspiration isn’t Liberty-Equality-Fraternity, but reconciling a belle-epoque lifestyle with a Pyongyang mindset.
That’s what you think.
Then all of a sudden…

David A. Evans

Never expected sanity from France! 😉


GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL! It’s the man-made portion of it we have a problem with!
Since we came out of the little ice age and the planet warmed back up again, what portion of the warming was caused by man?
Before I spend $1 trillion/year on climate change, I need to know the mathematical quantified portion of it that man caused. That’s a lot of money to spend on a problem that they refuse to assess the risk on quantitatively. Not one red cent do they get for their perceived problem till I get the indisputable scientific evidence on the matter.

David A. Evans

The French are a strange bunch. They pick & choose which EU directives they follow, whilst expecting others, notably the UK, to follow them all.
Our dutiful puppets in Westminster & Whitehall never fail them. They slavishly follow every directive to the letter!

Mark Twang

Along with all the rest, this super-ministry was supposedly “responsible for the oceans”?
C’est à rire, as any sane Frenchman would say.

May it be the first in a line of dominoes


Perchance it can now be said that the AGW agenda and its apostles are the ghost that does not know it is dead.

Not too surprising. Sarkozy always tries to serve the interests of his own nation, which is what a national leader is supposed to do.
This makes him absolutely unique among today’s major world leaders; the others are trying to kill their own nations as quickly and painfully as possible.


not so fast with the celebrations:
outrageous BBC cherry-picking from a lengthier David Holland interview:
15 Nov: BBC: Climategate: Sceptic sorry for UEA staff in scandal
(Holland) “I sat in on the select committee hearings – I was shocked,” he said.
“I had never met Phil Jones [unit director] before then. He was certainly suffering greatly from it.
“No-one with any humanity could not feel extremely sorry for the guy and everyone at the University of East Anglia, because there’s a lot of people who had nothing to do with it whose lives will have been interfered with.
“It is a great tragedy for them,” he added…
A year on from the affair, where the UEA was cleared of exaggerating data on global warming but criticised for holding back its research from the public, the centre’s work has been defended and Phil Jones reinstated as director.
“I regret we weren’t as proactively transparent as we might have been, because as the Muir Russell report demonstrated conclusively we had nothing at all to hide,” said Trevor Davies, pro-vice chancellor at the UEA.
16 Nov: Australian (from UK Times): Ben Webster: Climategate scientist Phil Jones regrets emails but stands by global warming conclusions
MANY people “want to be deceived” about climate change because they fear having to sacrifice their lifestyles, according to the “Climategate” scientist..
In his first significant interview since being reinstated at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), Professor Jones said he had been a victim of an attempt to sabotage negotiations on a global climate change treaty…
He said he had recovered from the depression that had led him to contemplate suicide at the height of the controversy, when Sarah Palin and other politicians in the United States accused him of faking his research…
He said some of the doubters would finally be persuaded when the Arctic became ice-free in summer. But others would still believe false claims that this had happened before in the 1920s.
The majority would eventually be won over, but he added: “I don’t know how long it’s going to take. It’s potentially going to take years.”
He said he regretted some of the language in emails “sent in haste”, particularly his reference to a “trick” to “hide the decline” in global temperatures.
An independent inquiry dismissed claims that this was evidence of an attempt to manipulate data…
He admitted that he should not have asked a colleague to delete correspondence but denied deliberately wiping his own emails to prevent them being published under the Freedom of Information Act…
He was particularly critical of George Monbiot, the environmentalist and newspaper columnist who called for his resignation soon after the e-mails were published. “He didn’t retract it for months until after the Muir Russell review [the independent inquiry which exonerated him] came out and even then it was somewhat begrudging. To me it showed he didn’t understand how science was done.”…
12 Nov: Washington Times: Dalibor Rohac : As Kyoto plan collapses, Plan B emerges
However, while the climate-change alarmists are slowly becoming aware of the impasse the traditional approach has created, their agenda has not gone away. A number of thinkers from across the political spectrum are progressively gaining influence and are likely to be the ones who will set the tone for climate and energy policies in the years to come.
This rising group is a heterogeneous bunch. It includes Gwyn Prins of the London School of Economics in England, Roger Pielke Jr., author of “The Climate Fix,” and the “skeptical environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg, who is releasing his new movie focused on climate-change policies, “Cool It.” Finally, it includes experts from both the American Enterprise Institute and the liberal Brookings Institution in the United States, who recently published a joint proposal for fostering energy innovation.
This last fact is probably the most disturbing. Whenever the most influential left-wing and right-wing experts agree, the odds are that the matter will involve expanding government and taking resources away from the private sphere…


Here is the letter I sent to FOX news;
What have we accomplished so far?
The big one is the destruction of the world carbon(CO2) tax. The trillion dollar a year market the globalists were planning. We did this without the help of the main stream media. We went over your heads as we are going to do again and again.
The alternative media hammered the likes of ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, and the Huffington Post on the issue of cap and tax. With very little help from FOX on the issue for which we are grateful, the vast majority of the heavy lifting on the issue was done by us. We rode ClimateGate for all it was worth. It helps that real science was on our side.
In the past few weeks, the CCX carbon trading market trading on the Chicago Exchange had to file for bankruptcy. This was a trillion dollar a year market we almost single handedly put to death ourselves. We accomplished this with the blogosphere with sites like Watts Up With That, Climate Depot, Climate Audit, InfoWars, and Prison Planet among others.
Our next biggest accomplishment was laying to waste the establishment Republican party with the disruption we imposed since the primary elections with the ouster of key establishment candidates. Even Christine O’Donnell did her job by helping to get rid of the infamous Mike Castle. That really made the pundits at FOX heads explode. You think you are going to be able to marginalize the Tea Party movement now that the elections are over? Think again. Ron Paul is the father of the Tea Party movement and his principals are still in play.
FOX News Debuts 12 in ’12 Series: Ron Paul Not Featured
Did you think we would not notice?
Now FOX is trying to reconstitute the Republican establishment by circling the wagons around that same old establishment. Just look at the softball coverage of George Bush and his new book. I could write volumes on the criminality of George Bush and his administration, finishing his daddies work to establish the New World Order. The American Police State now spends $50 Billion a year to put under scrutiny the American Citizenry itself. Yes the Department of Homeland Security was established for Americans, not real terrorists. I think I know what this is all about. It’s about the 50 billion and counting. Since the early days of the Continuity of Government program put into place by the Regan administration, the police state industrial complex is now all grown up.
It’s also programs like this doing some of the heavy lifting for us.
The lame stream media has become for us a waste of our time. Get on board with us or be marginalized by us, just as the Republican party must do. It’s your choice.
Our next scalp will be the TSA naked body scanners sold by Chertoff and the invasive sexual molestation of our families at their hands. We will put an end to this happy horse crap. Did you know TSA has caught exactly zero would be bombers in their nine year history? This was the biggest news story on Drudge about the TSA all last week and virtually no coverage of it by FOX, and scant coverage by the other networks. That’s because we know who you work for, the military industrial complex, and the globalists, not for real Americans.
Another target of ours is the big banks and we will see if we can crash the likes of JP Morgan by buying up what little silver is left out there. Finally we will lay to waste the most insidious of all institutions, The Federal Reserve. That will be accomplished one way or another.
I just thank God every day for the complete and total economic collapse of The United States of America that is now a mathematical certainty. With the end of the Hamiltonian monetary system, I see this as the final solution if no other way, and that will put an end to all the happy horse crap of the special interests and the oligarchs.
You’re not fooling anyone FOX.

Douglas Dc

It is unraveling slowly,quietly, surely. This coupled with the trouble with the Euro
PIGS, I see the end of the EU.
PIGS-Portugal,Ireland,Greece, & Spain…
Cancun should be “interesting times”…


Perhaps “Ministry of Sustainable Development” would be a closer translation for that defunct office. Wasn’t exactly all that “sustainable” (durable) was it?

JRR Canada

Just more fallout from the US election, Thanks again USA.

Expect more of the same in two more years……


Freeing up the resources they need to govern Ireland.


The Germans get Greece.


As You Know, I have participated in this blog in order to spread truth about climate science, but what you are not aware of, I am also trying to help you see the bigger picture. I try to keep the discussion on my part, to a narrow scope of the topic at hand.
If you don’t mind too much, and I appreciate your audience from time to time, to give you a little more fat to chew on. I maintain that I promise not to be too disruptive of this blog that has accomplished so much.
Now for your entertainment;
Bernanke’s Royal Mess!


I wish Australia was moving in that direction. We have:
Western Australia Government: OFFICE OF CLIMATE CHANGE
And this is not the whole list. God save us from bureaucrats in general, and from climate bureaucrats in particular!

Australia has delayed Carbon Pricing pending a report from our Productivity Comission on what other countries are doing about carbon abatement. This is an excellent model for us to follow – abolish our Dept of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. I must let them know immediately…..Done.

Lawrie Ayres

The news is welcome but the beast won’t die. The MSM are still either ignorant of or deliberately blind to the reality that CO2 is not a pollutant and the climate is completely natural.
The AGW brainwashed are not being reached because the news isn’t being broadcast and they are not bothering to inform themselves. Then there are the delusional like our PM. Two months ago 87% voted for parties that were opposed to a carbon tax and now she is desperate to introduce one. She lied to the electorate and yet the MSM allow her to get away with the great scam.
We desperately need part two of “Climategate”.

John Whitman

France is arguably the last great European vestige of Roman culture. It contains relatively little influence from the Barbarians. : )
Viva la France!

Grey Lensman

Who said they were barbarians, the Romans?
Suggest you look again at your potted history


What price Claude Allegre?

Lawrie Ayres says:
November 15, 2010 at 10:12 pm
The news is welcome but the beast won’t die. The MSM are still either ignorant of or deliberately blind to the reality that CO2 is not a pollutant and the climate is completely natural.

Haven’t you noticed that the MSM runs a wee bit behind in its news reporting? It takes time for them to catch on to what we already know.

John Whitman

Who said they were barbarians, the Romans?
Suggest you look again at your potted history
By Grey Lensman on November 15, 2010 at 10:41 pm

Grey Lensman,
The tribes outside of Roman influence in eastern & western Europe were often called Barbarians by the Romans. It is no dishonor to recognize it. Being mostly of Barbaric descent, I don’t find it a problem. And Roman civilization had a high impact on even my country the USA. I see it as profoundly positive.

Grey Lensman

I see an enigma there. Proud to be a Barbarian yet inculcated with the Roman thought form. Takes all sorts

James Bull

The French have always been very good at looking out for number one, they tend to ignore EU laws which don’t suit them.


The trouble with doomsayers is they’re always assuming the status quo technology.
The whole fossil fuel use, CO2 emission issue may well become moot with the advent of fusion.

John Whitman

I see an enigma there. Proud to be a Barbarian yet inculcated with the Roman thought form. Takes all sorts
By Grey Lensman on November 15, 2010 at 10:36 pm

Grey Lensman,
Hey, I respect the French and their historical roots. Even an ethnic Barbarian like me can do that while being reasonable.

Alex the skeptic

Sarkozy does not want to see the French economy go up the steps towards Madame le (Vert) Guillotine, having seen Senor Zapatero decapitate the Spanish economy by the green axe. USA has sent its CCX and other Obaminations to the dustbin of history, Australia is dilly-dallying on its version of cap&trade while most other continents are looking at the EU smiling, laughing all the way to their central bank.
I appeal to the EU to wake up from its drunken stupor, the effect of drinking too much green brews, and scrap ENERGY STRANGULATION and all its green agendas before total collapse ensues. Or is it too late?


French dance can-can on Cancun.

Patrick Davis

The Irish economy has tanked. Although Irish parliamentarians are brushing the risk to weak economies in the EU such as Portugal, Spain, Greece etc, there is a real danger that the fallout n Ireland will affect the rest of the EU. Ireland has received BILLIONS of Euros over the past few decades, I can tell you southern Ireland was very depressing before 1980. 30% of GDP in debt! No more free coal for retirees (Well that’s been the case for some time).
There is a plan to bailout the Irish economy at the cost of yet more billions, something in the order of ~80billion Euros.
Maybe this will cement action against the alarmists.

I am afraid your optimism on the curtailing of carbon taxes is sadly misplaced.
Headline in newspapers today: (h/t to Brute)
“Euro under siege as now Portugal hits panic button”
George Papandreou, the Greek Prime Minister, said new European-wide taxes may now be needed to fund bail-outs.
“We need a mechanism which can be funded through different forms and different ways,” he said. “My proposal is that taxes such as a financial tax or carbon dioxide taxes could be important revenues and resources for funding such a mechanism.”
We can follow two separate strands here. The overall severe debt crisis in 2007 was easy to forecast by ordinary people but seemingly came as a complete surprise to the ‘experts’ in our ruling elite.
There is a close parallel to climate change with the latest crisis, in as much the Euro is a mad idea but there is so much prestige and power invested in it that none can admit it was ill conceieved or dare let it collapse.
Similarly I suspect there must be many in government who by now have realised the climate ‘crisis’ touted by the ‘experts’ is largely illusory, but they will find it very difficult to change their entrenched position.
Europes ruling elite will do anything to keep the euro and climate change madness afloat, and as the story observes there is a neat synergy because as many of us have always pointed out that a significant part of AGW is to do with raising taxes. That it should raise taxes in order to kep the Euro afloat is breathtaking effrontery.
Incidentally the eurocrats are currently building a highly expensive new central bank in Frankfurt and tearing down a 20 year old Parliament building (They have three in Strasbourg, Luxembourg, and Brussels) in order to build an even more grandiose one.
Of course shelving the project in order to save money hasn’t occurred to them.
The Euro is madness on an epic scale and one on which we aren’t allowed to vote. Climate change is rapidly joining it as an expensive and unnecessary luxury.

R. de Haan

Strategies change but the con continues.


This debate is not over in France. The French Academy of Science issued a report last month fully supporting AGW…
Global warning “unquestionably” human related: France
Claire Snegaroff, Agence France-Presse October 29, 2010
Global warming exists and is unquestionably due to human activity, the French Academy of Science said in a report published Thursday and written by 120 scientists from France and abroad.
“Several independent indicators show an increase in global warming from 1975 to 2003. This increase is mainly due to the increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide,” the academy said in conclusion to the report. “The increase in carbon dioxide, and to a lesser degree other greenhouse gases, is unquestionably due to human activity,” said the report, adopted unanimously by academy members.
The report contradicts France’s former education minister Claude Allegre, a geochemist, who published a book called “The Climatic Deception” which claimed that carbon dioxide was not linked to climate change.
The report was commissioned in April by Minister for Research Valerie Pecresse in response to hundreds of environmental scientists who complained that Allegre in particular was disparaging their work. Allegre is a member of the Academy of Sciences and also signed off on the report. “He has the right to evolve,” the academy’s president Jean Salencon said. Pecresse said: “The debate is over.”
But Allegre told AFP that the document was a compromise and “I have not evolved, I still say the same thing, that the exact role of carbon dioxide in the environment has not been shown.”
…The fight goes on…

The thought occurred to me this morning that it is not impossible that people like the Chinese have been quietly agitating to help this global warming madness along for years. After all what better way to destroy the West’s economy and send (energy using) manufacture to China than to bolster the West’s Green movement’s action against the economic indicator of western industry!
OK, the motive is clear, but as I lack any evidence of method or means …
But at least the French seem to have got back some common sense!

John Marshall

Good news if true. The French have a history of saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. I bet the price of fuel in France still rises.

France is still committed to CO neutrality. It’s very hard to find a servicestation that doesn’t pump out E10 instead of E95 gasoline.
They still have megaprojects for windfarms in the books, the only reason they are not started is local protest.
But on the good side all ‘green’ subsidies are being phased out. Leading to protests from the solar panel community.
French love to protest. One day they’ll strike against striking.

Old Goat

Yeah, vive la France!! I escaped the former UK to live in France, and it’s a very refreshing change. From doom, gloom, despondency, “X-Factor”, crass stupidity and a population who have long forgotten what education is, and approaching third world status, to a more up-beat community. The French take no truck from Brussels – if they don’t approve of something, Brussels are unceremoniously told to stuff it. Quite right too.


What have the Romans ever done for us…?

stephen richards

This came about because our President asked our PM M.Fillon to reform his governement. The electoral sustem will change fundamentally in 2014/5 and we need to prepare the path for this reform. I suspect that the durable element will be absorbed by one of the other new ministre and CO² tax will be imposed by Brussells. Brussells is in dire need of money because they continually overspend and cannot be audited because of bad record keeping. In other words, they take whatever money they want in expenses without any recourse to auditors, parlement, the public or anyone else.
TonyB is spot on. This has not gone away. You cannot imagine the financial investment the admins have in the EU and CO².


EUcrats have been literally banking on carbon taxation for years:
The European Commission’s top economists warned the politicians in the 1990s that the euro might not survive a crisis, at least in its current form. There is no EU treasury or debt union to back it up. The one-size-fits-all regime of interest rates caters badly to the different needs of Club Med and the German bloc.
The euro fathers did not dispute this. But they saw EMU as an instrument to force the pace of political union. They welcomed the idea of a “beneficial crisis”. As ex-Commission chief Romano Prodi remarked, it would allow Brussels to break taboos and accelerate the move to a full-fledged EU economic government.


mosomoso says:
November 15, 2010 at 7:22 pm
“The French are odd. They can seem like the most compromising and compromised of peoples, patiently digesting such monstrosities as the EU, […]”
France has always profited from the EU, getting a lot of agrarian subsidies out of it. The Germans usually pay the French, largely out of a guilt complex. During the times we don’t pay them, we occupy them for unknown reasons. Maybe a kind of European Constructal law.

Laura Hills

The trick the Romans benefitted from was that the barbarians wanted to be Romans. The AGWers have benefited from ordinary people (with politicians slavishly following) wanted to be seen to be concerned about THE PLANET. Now that we are all broke there is a new wave emerging but remember politicians rarely lead it.

John Whitman

Grumbler says:
November 16, 2010 at 1:52 am
What have the Romans ever done for us…?