Quote of the Week: McKibben Madness

Bill McKibben -Image: minnesota.publicradio.org

Upset that he didn’t get his way on the White House Solar Panel fiasco, Bill McKibben makes a threat. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Times is an accessory by giving McKibben a platform from which to launch it.

From his guest editorial here:

Actually, I’ll be surprised if the White House doesn’t put up solar panels within a year. But even if they do, that would just be the barest of beginnings. Which is why, with other environmental leaders, we recently issued a call for ideas about a campaign of civil disobedience next spring — at power plants and coal mines but at White Houses too, if they don’t turn at least a little green.

So tell me Bill, what then after that if that doesn’t work?

On the plus side, it will probably be another farce like the power plant rally NASA GISS’ Dr. Jim Hansen last attended. There, Bills buds made a delusional claim to have “shut down” the Washington DC power plant.


Actually the truth is, they were “shut out”. They never got past the gate, and the power plant ignored them and went humming along much like the Eaarth does.

You can read the story behind the hilarious photo above here.


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Hey, at least the climate justice folks have a theme song:


a campaign of civil disobedience
That we know it, that phrase is from JJ “Trains”

Douglas Dc

Sooner or later these Klowns will get hurt or hurt someone in the process. I suggest trying to shut down the North Slope Oil production on Jan.20,2011.
“oh look! a Polar bear “group hug!”…

Leon Brozyna

Tsk, tsk, tsk … it is so unseemly when a public figure throws a hissy fit


BTW Would you please pay more respect to madness?, this is not, this is simply FOOLISHNESS.


Bill just wants to support Chinese jobs and manufacturing.

Henry chance

If the technology, value or economics are there, products to conserve energy can sell. If the aesthetics are not there, they have a right to not see this stuff on the roof.
My town has a new McDonalds with a dumpster and oil well behind it. Both have strong economic results.


Problem with the lefties, they believe the ends justify the means. And because they have been drinking the cool-aid for so long, and they believe their cause is so noble, that they are willing to do anything for it. Were is it going to end?


More like the “Quote of the Weak”.


These people are eco-terrorists. The power plants and coal mines they plan on attacking should be armed and guarded with sufficient force that interruption of their operations isn’t a possibility. Get law enforcement out to protect these critical assets, then have internal security forces as a backup. Train the operators and miners in the proper use of self defense and asset protection, if necessary.
Then by all means, throw these eco-terrorists in jail and throw the book at ’em. As part of their repatriation into society, apply service hours in which they are required to assist those without heat and electricity make it through the coming cold winter. And if that doesn’t work, let them spend a winter in a facility without electricity or heat just to see how stupid their terrorist ideas really are.

Jimmy Haigh

Maybe they should start protesting at The Goreacle’s house(s). Maybe He Himself should “turn at least a little green”?


Gee, looks kind of cold out there. Wonder what they’d do for warmth if the power plant actually did close? Nice jackets too – most appear to be made from petroleum products.

It saddens me to see my high school classmate, Bill McKibben, someone who is an essentially decent, intelligent, educated and well-meaning person, become not only a true-believer, but a leader in the climate alarmism movement. There is a certain kind of person whose desire to do good in the world, to look beyond himself at the larger picture, and to belong to something larger than his own life, is so strong that once it finds satisfaction in working for a cause, all objectivity is lost. Intelligence, beneficence and ability is no protection from this vice, rather they are the levers by which some of our best and brightests have been turned to all manner of destructive political movements or cults.


Jackie says:
September 17, 2010 at 7:41 am
Bill just wants to support Chinese jobs and manufacturing.

That is serious, because if everything is manufactured outside your country and worked abroad, where will you work?
Something that perhaps you don’t know, the US currency has devaluated, in LA countries, in an average of 17-20%, in spite of the fact that treasuries try to “defend it” by buying US currency on a daily basis, but it has become increasingly difficult to stop its local devaluation, affecting export goods paid in this currency.




This dude should try going commando for some relief from his obviously too tight shorts.
The blood circulation to his brain is being severely restricted.


He covered himself – he is not in trouble – note the letter s at the end of House.

amicus curiae

strange? these people arent removed??as terrorists? yet anyone else wanting to shut a powerplant down or damage it would be on the suspect list PDQ.
even parking and taking photos gets pommy tourists in trouble..it could be for an ulterior motive doncha know…

P Gosselin

And it’s guys like McKibben who say the tea partiers are violent, threatening and dangerous?

Don B

The calls for civil disobedience seem to be growing. From a British columnist: a government advisory agency calls for public demonstrations.


Todays view of the “Ice-free North pole” via NASA’s “North Pole Camera.”
Maybe not ice-free, but I’ll bet you can get ice for free up there.


Which is why, with other environmental leaders, we recently issued a call for ideas about a campaign of civil disobedience next spring — at power plants and coal mines but at White Houses too, if they don’t turn at least a little green.
We’ve run out of spare decades to deal with climate change — the summer’s events in the Arctic, in Russia, in Pakistan proved that with great clarity. We know what we need to do, and we must do it. Enthusiastically.
and this is exactly why people are thinking they are the lunatic fringe………
The sad part, at least for them, is that people have time to be liberal when they have money, jobs, spare time, etc

From Greek mythology:
Erysihitheon went insane with hunger. In desperation, he turned upon to himself. He sank his teeth into his own limbs until the death relieved him from his torture.


No doubt Dr. Hansen himself is busily preparing the Giant Paper Mache’ Puppets for Climate Action’s much feared display of infantile acting-out civil disobedience. After all, NASA’s audacious new primary mission is ~”to help the Muslim Nations feel better about their historic acheivements in math, science, and engineering.”

Bill just wants to support Chinese jobs and manufacturing.
And sell books.
Books that will be printed on the bodies of martyred trees. Trees are our fellow planetary inhabitants, living in far better harmony with nature than we do. They clean up the atmosphere we pollute with our foul carbon dioxide, and McKibben wants to tear them apart to make paper pulp.
Oh, the Humanity!

Jerry L.

This “mooron” just can’t get anything right; his dog must have eaten the message that “mooobeam Holdren” sent him that changed “civil disobedience” to “civil disruption”….or on second thought, maybe the “mooron” ate it himself….

So protesting at power plants doesn’t work too good. Doesn’t work too well, either.
I think they should withhold their income tax payments (escrow account needed) until the White House accedes to their demands. Hit ’em where it hurts!


Actually, let’s root Mr. McKibbon on. Perhaps this time they’ll shut down the coal fired power plant that heats the Capitol building. It would serve them right. DC overall gets a higher proportion of its power from coal fired plants than any other state. If they had to return to drafting legislation by hand it under the light of a candle, perhaps there would be no more 2000 page behemouths that are impossible to read let alone digest.

Bryan B

Is that a red pocket protector Bill? Oh right, the precautionary principal.


Free speech and freely we to them allow (misquoted from “Richard II”).

James Sexton

It must be nice to be able to live in an alternate universe as these people apparently do. Why don’t these nut jobs just put their money where their mouth is and leave the rest of us alone. If they don’t want electricity from traditional methods, the answer is easy. Turn the switch off. Today, one could, put up a windmill and solar panels on their homes and live off of the grid. GO FOR IT!! Quit running around in a gasoline powered vehicle. Quit wearing petroleum based clothing.
“He who would do good to another must do it in Minute Particulars: general Good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite, and flatterer, for Art and Science cannot exist but in minutely organized Particulars.”—————-William Blake

Bill Marsh

“White Houses”? Does that mean they are going to protest against random houses that are white, or that they think there is more than one ‘White House’?


UnfrozenCavemanMD says: “It saddens me to see my high school classmate, Bill McKibben, someone who is an essentially decent, intelligent, educated and well-meaning person, become not only a true-believer, but a leader in the climate alarmism movement…”
Yeah, I think Joe Romm is the same kind of guy. If he lived next door to you, you’d think he was great…as long as you never talked about climate or weather. Hmm, maybe not about ice hockey, either, just to be on the safe side.


They did the same in the UK.
The government were all in favour of Green issues, until the Greens demonstrated outside Drax (the UKs largest power station) and threatened to close it down.
Suddenly, Humphrey (the civil service) had a fit of the vapours, as he realised that this action might bring the entire grid down, so the supposedly Green Government turned all authoritarian and chased them away.
Environmentalism is all so fluffy and wonderful, until reality rears its sobering head.

erik sloneker

Does it not occur to this man that the White House roof is likely packed with communications hardare and defensive weaponry in case of another 911 event and doesn’t have the room to accomodate solar panels?
REPLY: McKibben see the world through green colored glasses, his view is thus filtered so that anything not green doesn’t show up. – Anthony


Bill Marsh says: “‘White Houses’? Does that mean they are going to protest against random houses that are white, or that they think there is more than one ‘White House’?”
Wait till you see all the white houses this winter!

Grumpy Old Man

God save us from decent, well educated, intelligent, well meaning persons. They always know how you should live and how you should spend your money. Under their guidance of course – alternatively, you can just call them fascists.


a campaign of civil disobedience next spring — at power plants and coal mines
Is it not that NEXT in the northern hemisphere is AUTUMM?


Vuk etc. says:
September 17, 2010 at 8:43 am
These things happen when a platonic month ends…Sad but necessary!


They are making progress. Notice they choose “spring” to do their demonstrations. Weather should be light jacket attire. Shame if there’s late snow storms and freezing weather. But never bet against The Gore Effect.

Biblioholic Bill

The face of all those crazies who yearn above all to run your life.


Grumpy old man pegged it: fascists. UnfrozencavemanMD you dont really know the guy as well as you think. I think he is a spoiled brat and not all that intelligent. Were he intelligent he would not be saying the things he says.

Billy Liar

Henry chance says: September 17, 2010 at 7:42 am
My town has a new McDonalds with a dumpster and oil well behind it. Both have strong economic results.
Bradford, PA?


And to think, all this tripped off by an El Nino.
The only thing that can save the US power generating infrastructure now is if Bob Tisdale can explain to Bill McKibben what ENSO is and get him to calm down before any real harm is done.

Nolo Contendere

I believe Al Gore built a replica Whitehouse after the 2000 elections, so I guess there are at least two. Al uses a lot of electricity per all reports, so maybe Wacky Bill was right to use the plural.
What Forrest Gump say? Stupid is as stupid does….

Steve Oregon

He could this
“Arrow first came to public attention in July 2000 when he scaled a U.S. Forest Service building in downtown Portland, Oregon and lived on a nine-inch ledge for eleven days, to protest the plan to log near Eagle Creek, Oregon.”

John from CA

McKibben didn’t do his homework. Does he own stock in solar?
Greening Project Status Report
The White House

source: http://www1.eere.energy.gov/femp/pdfs/greening_whitehouse.pdf
“The Greening of the White House initiative was announced by President Clinton in 1993 to make the complex “a model for efficiency and waste reduction.” The initiative resulted in an action plan that contained strategies in five areas: energy efficiency; building ecology; air, water, and landscape; materials, waste, and resource management; and managerial and human factors.”


Next spring, why not winter? Notice how these nut jobs are quiet in the winter.
I have lost a couple of friends because of this man is bad for mother earth rhetoric. I tell them right off, put your wallet where your mouth is. I ask them why they are on the grid. Where is your electric car, on right it won’t pull your holiday trailer. Hey I am all for enviromental stewardship but as people are supposedly getting better educated they seem to be getting stupider. I suspect it is a result of our liberal education system drumming this liberal BS in peoples minds every day and not allowing them to think.

M White

This’ll make his head explode
“That’s enough crude to fully fuel the American economy for 2041 years straight.”
“We have more oil inside our borders, than all the other proven reserves on earth”
“and it’s all right here in the Western United States”


Those green plastic hard hats the protesters are wearing in the photo taken outside of the power plant are made of……… well, I just don’t have the heart to break the bad news to them. They’re all so sincere and all that.