Union of Concerned Scientists start media watch program

I guess Media Matters wasn’t enough? Interesting that they specifically target Fox News via the “Rupert Murdoch” mention. But I’d take their advice and send them alerts, there’s plenty of misrepresentations in the media daily:

Monitor the print and broadcast media outlets in your area and alert us to misrepresentations about global warming. Send alerts to Aaron Huertas at sciencenetwork@ucsusa.org.

From the Union of Concerned Scientists:

Promoting Climate Science for the Public Good

See our national advertising campaign

For centuries science has made the world better for all of us. It’s made our food, our air, and our water safer. It’s made our lives more productive and efficient. Science has brought us many of the conveniences we take for granted in our day-to-day lives.

But recently, science, and especially climate science, has become a political football. Organized interests seeking to delay desperately needed actions to reduce heat-trapping emissions have manufactured controversies and misrepresented the facts.

Such tactics are meant to sow confusion and lull the public into a dangerous complacency. But we will not let those who deny and distort climate science succeed.

UCS is leading a campaign to allow the voices of climate scientists to be heard and to educate the public about the overwhelming weight of the scientific evidence for human-caused global warming. To accomplish this, we are taking a number of steps, including the following:

  • Working with climate scientists from around the country to disprove fallacies and educate the public about the real facts on global warming.
  • Developing and distributing clear, accessible information to help the media and the public understand the science behind our changing climate.
  • Building American pride in the dedicated researchers who are working to understand and adapt to the consequences of our changing climate.
  • Partnering with Americans from all walks of life to set the record straight on global warming pollution and the urgent need to rein it in.

What You Can Do

  • Monitor the print and broadcast media outlets in your area and alert us to misrepresentations about global warming. Send alerts to Aaron Huertas at sciencenetwork@ucsusa.org.
  • If you are a scientist, we have many ways that you can get involved. Learn more by contacting Jean Sideris at sciencenetwork@ucsusa.org
  • Tell Rupert Murdoch: Get the Facts Straight. Send a message today.


h/t to WUWT reader DocattheAutopsy


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…take their advice and send them alerts, there’s plenty of misrepresentations in the media daily:
Monitor the print and broadcast media outlets in your area and alert us to misrepresentations about global warming. Send alerts to Aaron Huertas at sciencenetwork@ucsusa.org.

Brilliant, Anthony!

Mark Wagner

methinks somehow that they are less concerned with facts than silencing critics.
But I’ll be sure to forward examples of media misrepresentation of facts. It just won’t be exactly what they had in mind…

be very very very carefull you are being watched…..

Jaye Bass

I think I might barf.

Leon Brozyna

Reeks of desperation.
Hey, Cameron had his chance and look at how well that worked out.


This is starting to sound more like a repeat of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.


Maybe we should think about establishing such a service ourselves? WUWT has large enough readership for it to be effective.


These people are crackpots plain and simple. They should be called The Union Of Concerned Nannies. There primary hobby is professing knowledge in areas well outside their individual fields. Hence you find chemists well versed in the intentions of the Chinese military. Agronomists that have statistically studied the defective genes that create conservative politicians. All of them are climate experts and can prove without a doubt that CO2 concentrations but a fraction above the present will cause global catastrophe.
I can see why such polyglots need to ensure the masses are not confused.


Do you think if I sent them a copy of their own press release – ‘desperately, dangerous complacency, deny and distort’ – (them’s some big science words right there) they would take action against themselves?
The more I think about the propaganda war that’s building, the more I think that a worldwide voluntary carbon tax should be brought in. If you ‘believe’ you can tithe 30 – 40% of your income to the UN, if you don’t ‘believe’ spend it on beer, your kids, starving children in Africa. Somehow I think the number of ‘believers’ will drop heavily.

Ian W

If the weather goes cooler – as even NASA/NOAA seems to expect then it will become more and more difficult to keep people ‘on-message’.
One wonders why it is only climatology that requires this protection – humanity is at at least as greater threat from epidemics/pandemics and rapidly increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotics. But open debate is allowed with those subjects without ‘Unions of Concerned Scientists’ becoming involved. So it cannot be an altruistic concern for the future of the species.
It wouldn’t be that there are huge amounts of money at stake in climatology funding and associated ‘carbon’ taxes and ‘carbon trading’ would it?


Last year, when there was snitch@WhiteHouse.g** (or whatever) that wanted other “misrepresentations” sent to the powers that be, I used to send things like Debbie Stabenow claiming that she could feel global warming when she flew, the Waxman-Malarkey Bill, An Inconvenient Truth, and links to RC.
Sounds like a good time to dig them out again.


I hope someone forwards links to them on the hfc23 story.


“alert us to misrepresentations about global warming. Send alerts to Aaron Huertas”
Aaron, Aaron Aaron . . it is “Climate Change” now, not “Global Warming”.
Didn’t you get the memo or is it you just can’t stick the talking points highlighted in the scripts”
How will we be able to scam the rubes if you go off script?
Final warning dude . . . . get with the program.

john a

The bottom line is that unless they convince the taxpaying public that there’s a crisis, and that they’re the ones to save us, we’ll want to put our [tax] dollars to productive uses and they’ll have to find other jobs.
Asking a climate scientist if there’s a crisis is like asking a barber if you could use a trim, or asking a haberdasher if that suit looks good on me.

Layne Blanchard

Looks clearly like another Soros assault on the free press. An attack on true science masquerading as a defense of science.

Dan in California

As usual, The Union of Confused Scientists is,… confused. They no longer can spend their time being afraid of nuclear war, so they have latched onto climate hype as their new cause. The sad part is that they likely believe their own hype. I agree that we should all send them news articles that distort the facts to make human-generated greenhouse problems look real.


Thanks. I have sent my first alert to the email address you provided.
“…reduce heat-trapping emissions…”
I pointed out to Arron Huertas that it is a physical impossibility to “trap” heat. If they wish to be taken seriously then they need to stop saying bunk like this.
If there was a substance that could trap heat I would pay a large sum of money to insulate my house with it. I could save loads living up here in northern Michigan where in the winter a -20 to -30 F in not uncommon.

J. Knight

This is exactly the kind of shitte that turned me away from the global warming cabal. It is high time that people with good sense and good will repudiate the people who are responsible for this 1984 gibberish being promoted by the UCS. What scientific organization would suggest such a thing? And again, what does this say about the character of some of these people who support global warming?


I can’t wait until they get what they ask for. How long will the email address be good? I give it less than a week before it is overwhelmed with the truth and spam. Too bad they will pay more attention to the spam than anything else!


Send this on to the concerned:
PATTERSON: Al Gore’s global-warming crusade shrinks
Eco-autocrats are exposed as frauds
that should keep them busy. 🙂


You’ve got to be kidding me. The AGW proponents own Congress and have substantial corporate backing, including GE, Exelon and BP. I’m waiting for them to declare climate skepticism as hate speech.


Talk about [snip] tactics…
I agree with Mark Wagner above… lets flood them with the bad representation of the real science of global warming found in the media. The email is to Aaron Huertas at sciencenetwork@ucsusa.org

“But recently, science, and especially climate science, has become a political football. ”
Really? For decades one of the most politicizing agents in the field of science has been the Union of Concerned Scientists.
What does it take to be a “Concerned Scientist?” An advanced degree in a relevent field? No. Perhaps acknowledged accomplishment in a relevant field? Again, No. Maybe a demonstrated understanding in a relevant field? Sorry, no.
The only qualification is a working credit card. Yes, pay up – and you too can be a “Concerned Scientist.”
They’ll roll out the red carpet if you’re a lawyer.

H eh, Anthony, what do you say we start our own group.. The Union of VERY concerned scientists. My first concern: The the globe will cool in front of your very eyes by the change of the large scale natural drivers that have warmed it the last 30 years, but that people that don’t want to allow this debate forward will try to silence those
that simply wish to see what right or wrong is. All we need is freedom, which may be the real agenda with those wishing to silence this.
Seems simple enough.. even for people as VERY concerned as you and I are about climate, and other things

Oh this could be fun – Anthony

Nat McQueen

I just sent this to them:
Dear Science Network,
I recently came across a film containing so many lies, misrepresentations and inaccurate facts about global warming, that a judge in England declared it unfit for viewing by schoolchildren.
It’s entitled “An Inconvenient Truth” staring Al Gore.
Have a great day!
Whaddya think? :>)


FTA: For centuries science has made the world better for all of us. It’s made our food, our air, and our water safer. It’s made our lives more productive and efficient. Science has brought us many of the conveniences we take for granted in our day-to-day lives.
The elevation to godlike status of the word of science continues unabated. That phrase right there is something you might find in religious extremism propaganda, just replace “science” with “god”. The people who perpetuate with their language this new religion of “Science” are a great peril to rational thinkers everywhere.
Of course it is true, scientific investigation of the world around us has led to new knowledge which led to new materials usage which has led to new human conveniences. Innovations in software and networking plugged everything together and brought about essentially a new form of human consciousness (the internet). These things are all true. However, question-less worship of the name of a process rather than contextual appreciation of the process itself leads to replacing a highly intellectual pursuit with a meaningless politicized flag. Those who encourage and repeat this behavior of recited mantras under the guise of intellectual superiority are essentially involved in the decay of the very thing they appreciate so much and aiding those who would seek to turn all elements of nuanced authority into a single-minded/two-sided fight for authority.
I will continue to ignore anyone or any group which uses the term “Science” as a personified proper noun, they are deceivers on par with Scientologists.


It may be too late.
“Deere Quits Climate Coalition Supporting Cap-And-Trade”

George E. Smith

Izzat the Union of Communist Sympathizers ?
Talk about an Organized Obfuscation Outfit. Their stuff is like the angler fish, with a lure to entice you within striking range, from where they can have you for lunch. Anyone who imagines himself to be a scientist; who feels he has to hide his true intent behind a PC smokescreen organizational name, is beneath contempt.
As far as I am concerned, you can take whatever position you want to; since I believe in free speech; but why aren’t you man enough to admit what your real agenda is.

Phillip Bratby

Do they provide a list of which climate scientists from around the country that they will be working with?

I wonder if the people at UCS actually believe that they are not playing political football? It wouldn’t surprise me. Not that I have any fondness for the idiots at Fox News, but despite what they probably believe about themselves, UCS isn’t exactly fair and balanced when it comes to global warming.

From their web site:
News Corp. has broadcast and published media pundits claims that the earth’s temperatures have flat-lined, that arctic ice is increasing, and that there is no such thing as global warming. Please urge News Corporation CEO Rupert Murdoch to match his corporation’s green pledges with real action. Tell him we aren’t entertained by scientific misinformation.
So it is not OK to show actual data? that would be scientific misinformation? And I thought science was about observations and mesurements…
Don’t look at the data, keep focus on the models!

Henry chance

I am a very very very concerned scientist.
I am enjoying temps in the 50’s. 20 degrees below normal.


I sent them this…
(CNSNews.com) – Speaking at a town hall-style meeting promoting climate change legislation on Thursday, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) predicted there will be “an ice-free Arctic” in “five or 10 years.”

J. Knight

Exactly, Djozar, and they own the press and broadcast media to boot, other than Fox News and a very few newspapers who remain neutral in the debate. These facts lead me to believe that the target of these people is more likely to be Anthony and the small number of bloggers and scientists who dispute the methods and interpretations of the global warming crowd. Of course, after the November elections, we should see a complete sea change, and if the House or Senate falls to the Republicans, we are assured an investigation into the methods and interpretations of GISS/NOAA, and who manufactured, hid, smoothed and massaged data, and for what reason. And an opening of the data to the general public. I can’t wait for Anthony and others to be able to look at the data, code and methods of GISS. It kinda “warms” my heart just thinking about it.

Russell C

This isn’t new. UCS was doing this in 1997, check out this copied set of directives and talking points on how to thwart the then-current start-up of the Oregon Petition Project, and notice who is a signer of a letter resulting from this – the now current head of NOAA, Jane Lubchenco: http://campus.queens.edu/faculty/jannr/bio103/kyoto.htm
Excerpt: This message from the Union of Concerned Scientists is to caution you about a petition effort to reject the Kyoto Protocol that is circulating throughout colleges, universities, and research institutions nationwide…… The Petition Project is apparently a deliberate attempt by the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and the Marshall Institute – identified as the article authors’ affiliations – to deceive the scientific community with misinformation on the subject of climate change. The Project’s conclusions reflect the authors’ political ideology, not objective peer-reviewed science. If this petition is circulating in your department, please consider urging your colleagues NOT to sign it……”


Sign me up as a charter member of The Union of Very Concerned Scientists…

Latimer Alder

A close associate has just sent this e-mail to Mr Huertas
‘Hi Aaron
Thought you’d like to know about recent misrepresentation in The Guardian (UK).
In this case they were obliged to recant as follows:
‘This article was amended on 20th August 2010 following a complaint from Andrew Montford to make it clear that we did not mean to imply that Andrew Montford deliberately published false information in order to support the arguments made in his book. We apologise if such a false impression was given.’
You can read the whole article and many many comments here
and Montford’s reply here
I share your concern about CAGW misrepresentation and am very pleased to see that one of the most pro-Warmist papers in the UK is beginning to modify its unconditional acceptance of everything the Catastrophists tell them. Long may openness and transparency of data, methods and funding be the norm.
I will of course forward further news from the UK as it occurs’
If my associate receives a reply, I will post it fyi.

Robert of Ottawa

I was VERY CONCERNED, so e-mailed them an example – I’m sure they’ll correct their web page now 🙂


Joe Bastardi says:
August 25, 2010 at 10:00 am
H eh, Anthony, what do you say we start our own group.. The Union of VERY concerned scientists.
Dang, you beat me to the idea, JB. There is a reason I have been a pro subscriber to Accuweather for years now….and will continue to be.
Thank you for chiming in, and thank you Anthony, for your continued ground-breaking efforts to bring the simple search for truth, back to the scientific method.
I might suggest, guys, that, along with your Union of Very Concerned Scientists, that you have a sister group or sub-group under that umbrella of your chapter…
….called the Union of Very Concerned Amateurs, to include guys like me, who would gladly contribute!
So the UCVS and the UCVA.
OK…back to work… [ugh….I would rather concentrate on this!]
Norfolk, VA, USA

Frank K.

I believe the UCS representatives need a uniform so that the public can readily identify them when they come calling…something like this…

Sean Peake

Tom Moriarty:
They’ll roll out the red carpet if you’re a lawyer
And if you’re a climate realist, they’ll roll you up in it


Do you think they have the EPA’s address? I might send them that, just in case.


“Tell Rupert Murdoch: Get the Facts Straight”
I’m sending everything to Dan Rather and CBS, they always get their facts straight…

Richard Garnache

The e-mail address, sciencenetwork@ucsusa.org.
Doesn’t work.

Barry L.

They are just spewing the same garbage as MSM.
Media watch….. I’d say global Black list. Soon they will have a list of everyone for the green shirts to come and collect for ‘treatment’.
Made me ill reading this one:


First out president tells people to not listen to the internet, now the UCS wants to censor the media…
…what do these two things have in common?
Neither one passes the sniff test, and no one is buying it..

George E. Smith

Talk about trapping heat. After a year of unusual; yet perfectly normal colder that recently weather in the SF Bay area; we just experienced two days of RECORD HIGH TEMPERATURES. Well that is some locations in the Bay area reported new highs for 08/23 or 08/24 or both. San Jose reported 95 Monday up form 92 in 1959, while Gilroy had 110 Tuesday, up from 98.
Whoop de do. If they have 100 years of reliable records, one would expect 3.65 new highs anywhere each year; so we are still shy of maybe two days; whcih we won’t get since it is cooling again. Perish the thought that they would publish the number of days this year with lower than normal (for that date) and the number with higher than normal, so people can see the mini heat wave is a ho-hum nonevent.
But neverthesless, since it was predicted; excuse me that is projected, that we wouldf have this climatic heat wave; I deided to use the occasion for a research project on clouds; since it is well known in lcoud circles that high temperatures at the surface are caused by high clouds in the upper atmosphere warming the ground.
So crack of dawn on Monday; before the sun rose; but during twilight, I got up to go and check the sky for clouds. And from horizon to horizon, nadir to zenith, nary a cloud anywhere; not even the faintest whiff of a cloud. Not to worry; the sun was coming up so plenty of time for clouds to form. So i checked every now and then all through Monday, as it got hotter and hotter, and all the way to evening twilight wehre anear full moon was available to show any clouds; and I can pretty much vouch for absolutely zero clouds anywhere over the Bay area at any time on Monday. Well Tuesday gave me a second chance to locate some heat trapping high clouds, so I did the same periodic check while my computer slaved away doing simulations all day long; and as it turned out Tuesday was a total bust too. So for at least 48 hours while daytime temperatures soared; and then cooled at night, there was not a cloud to be seen to blame all this heat on.
A popular local theory for the lack of heat trapping clouds, is that the hot central valley ground is heating the air over there, and an offshore wind is transporting that hot air over to the Bay area and even out to the Monterey Bay Coast. Well it’s not windy; but a very slight air movement can be detected from tree leaves; but unfortunately there are no clouds to accurately gauge wind speeds from. It’s also not too humid, so the heat is not that clammy kind that sucks your breath away. There appears to be another consequence of this lack of moisture in the air; besides the absence of heat trapping clouds. Without a whole lot of water vapor in that dry air from the central valley, the atmospheric absorption of the longer wavelengths of the solar spectrum in the 750 nm to 4 micron (heat) range is way down from normal; so even right at sunup, if you step out of a shadow zone into the sunlight, you get slapped immediately with that toasty warm radiation that human senses record as “heat”.
So there you have it; a computer model free anecdotal episode of non climatic weather observation; that seems to confirm that you don’t need high wispy clouds to cause heating of the surface; and that if you don’t have a lot of moisture at the surface along with your heat, then your aren’t likely to get any high wispy clouds either.
No I know this isn’t Nobel Peace Prize level climate research; but on my salary, it’s the best I can do for now.
So my money is still on surface warming being responsible for increased atmospheric CO2; but it is also becoming apparent, that surface warming along with some humidity is the likely cause of high altitude wispy clouds.


“H eh, Anthony, what do you say we start our own group.. The Union of VERY concerned scientists.”
Would engineers be allowed to join? Where do I sign up?

James Sexton

“REPLY: Oh this could be fun – Anthony”
Dang it! I was going to comment on how much fun we can have with this. Fact is, skeptic climate news doesn’t make it to MSM very much. The distortions almost always comes from the alarmist side. Heck, can you imagine this blog if we didn’t have the MSM’s stories to make fun of?

Alexej Buergin

” Nick says:
August 25, 2010 at 9:24 am
Maybe we should think about establishing such a service ourselves? WUWT has large enough readership for it to be effective.”
We have it. It is called “Tips and Notes to WUWT”.