WattsUpWithThat on the Steve Price and Andrew Bolt Radio Show Today

I’m on at 8:20 AM the 23rd. About an hour from now. People in AU encouraged to tune in. More later. – A

UPDATE: Here’s me in the Melbourne studio at left, with Andrew Bolt, center, and Steve Price on the right. Airport WiFi is a wonderful thing, enabling me to post this photo after the show. I’m off to Hobart, Tasmania today. See the Tour Schedule if you wish to attend that or a future talk.

Both Mr. Price and Mr. Bolt were very congenial, but also asked some interesting questions too. Mr. Price pointed out that the sun absorbing then heat radiating brick wall at the BoM Sydney weather station had been there “forever”.

Nonetheless, and pointed out in this post below, the move to that location introduced a spike in the data, as I outlined here:

Sydney’s historic weather station: 150 meters makes all the difference

From my tour slideshow:

The interview was quick, only 10 minutes, and I can think now of a hundred things I could have said but didn’t. Such is always the case with live broadcasting, it drives you more than you drive it.

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  1. It is actually the Steve Price Breakfast shoes which features Andrew Bolt each day between 8:05 and about 8:40am.
    So don’t be confused if it says ‘currently on air – Steve Price’

  2. Go with AB! But on another note, have you seen the fraud over at Tamino? Just posted this on Tamino’s site:
    ‘Tis is my first time at this site.
    I read Watts’ site every day. I have not witnessed anything comparable to what you are asserting.
    Your screenshots of Watts’ site are very convincing but are actually fakes.
    You people seem to be liars without shame.
    Maybe thet’s the way you are..
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Leave a Comment”

  3. By the way, Michael Kelly’s emails are blockbuster; they can explain to hoi polloi the corruption in the process. They will do for the public what the climategate emails did for scientists; they will make plain the cookbooks of corruption.
    See climateaudit.org and Bishop Hill’s.

  4. Anthony, you did well. As I recall, 8 min 44 sec. but I’d have to bring it back up to be sure. And you had to share time with the interviewer. That’s only enough time to skim over all the stuff, especially when the interviewer is guiding the discussion. He, too, for an interviewer did a good job. Time is a horrible thing. As good ole Ben said, “You may delay, but time will not.”

  5. More from Andrew Bolt, a transcript of a brutal interview…
    “How to Expose a Warmist: Andrew Bolt Interviews Australia’s Al Gore
    TIA Daily readers will therefore appreciate the uncompromising interview style of Australian journalist Andrew Bolt as he eviscerates one of the world’s leading warming alarmists, Tim Flannery-a man in the mold of Al Gore. The interview took place on radio in Melbourne, Australia on June 9.”
    For example:
    “Flannery: You know what I came in here to talk about, Andrew, here? It’s our farm day we’re doing with our Deakin lecture series in Bendigo, at the Bendigo town hall today. And it’s a really exciting event…
    Andrew: All that’s lovely, Tim. But I think you need to be held to account for the alarmism that is in part your stock in trade, your shtick, and is responsible for what you now see-the retreat from global warming policies.”

  6. I thought that was a pic of Randy Bachman doing a recording, until I saw it said MTR instead of MTV! Heh

  7. Gday Anthony
    You’re doing well. I’m sure I couldn’t keep up the pace. It was a pleasure to hear you and meet you last Saturday in Emerald.

  8. Good job Anthony.
    Regarding live interviews. Obviously there is no way you could say it all in ten minutes. Just keep alluding to WUWT and drive readership. Everything folks need to know is right here. The more people who come to WUWT and find out on their own, the more they uncover the lies of the Warmist Orthodoxy.
    Thanks for all of your hard work. You are saving us trillions!

  9. Thanks to the posters that provided the link to Anthony’s radio spot.
    Well done Anthony – excellent content and delivery on the radio, that’s for sure. When’s your Canadian tour? My fantasy? CBC program “Q” with Jian Ghomeshi hosts you and Steve McIntyre in Toronto. Rex Murphy provides the follow up on CBC TV later.
    Now that James Prall has completed his blacklisting of skeptics, he may be looking for something closer to home to “study”.

  10. Surprisingly good questions, and even better responses, Anthony. A better 10 minutes than I’ve heard on the subject in the American media, that’s for sure.
    /Mr Lynn

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