Quote of the week #28

There’s so much climate news going on I’ve been derelict in keeping this feature up.


This QOTW is from our friend and WUWT contributor Willis Eschenbach who writes:

I just got my 29 January 2010 copy of Science Magazine, which contains an interview with Rajendra K. Pachauri, the future ex-Chairman of the IPCC. In it, he gives the following astounding answer:

Q: Has all that has happened this winter dented the credibility of IPCC?
R.K.P.: I don’t think the credibility of the IPCC can be dented. If the IPCC wasn’t there, why would anyone be worried about climate change?
Why indeed? …

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Isn’t that what we’ve been asking all along? 🙂

David Ball

There is nothing I can add to make this any funnier than it is. At the same time it is very, very, sad. Probably a quantum mechanics thing.

Bill Marsh

umm, what?

Global Warming Borg

I know I can’t think of anything…

Lazarus Long

Here’s a quote of the same high intellectual level:
“Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”
“I think so, Brain, but this time you put the trousers on the chimp.”


“R.K.P.: I don’t think the credibility of the IPCC can be dented. If the IPCC wasn’t there, why would anyone be worried about climate change?”
Didn’t think, didn’t look and didn’t ask.
Has the world (or any civilization) ever been worried about climate change?
Yes, and for longer than records were kept, like Joseph warning Pharoah about a coming famine.
If the IPCC wasn’t there, a lot more people would be thinking about preparing for the changing climate, instead of cooking up hideous doom & gloom stories to help them cash in on fear.


It is a very sad state of affairs where the people who dispense Nobel Prizes are the same people who garner Nobel Prizes. In my opinion, Nobel Prizes are now corrupt and meaningless. It is a sad reflection upon the world of science that the heritage of the great physicists, biologists, etc of the past has been demeaned.

And Al Gore steps up too:
“Worse than we thought”
Maybe he has left the country and the record has got stuck.

John from MN

OT But this looks Interesting
Former NASA scientist defends theory refuting global warming doctrine

Yes, that’s a very good question.
But it’s that long green from the taxpayers that will keep them in business, and lots of other folks on a leash. Here’s another good quote about that:
Scientists have been trained with grant funds the way Pavlov’s dogs were trained with dog biscuits.
~Oliver K. Manuel/WUWT

Tom in Florida

R.K.P.:”If the IPCC wasn’t there, why would anyone be worried about climate change?”
Open mouth, insert foot. Or in Pachauri’s case: insert feet, many many feet.

Richard M

I think you have named this one … The laugh of the week.


Do the Cart/Horse, Egg/Chicken idioms translate to Indian English syntax?


Valentines Day Edition:
If my bosomy ex-girlfriend wasn’t around, why would my wife worry about me cheating?

David Ball

Excellent quote Smokey. Hat tip to O.K.Manuel.


But it looks like realclimate has managed to weave/spin together a ‘response’ to last months ‘problems’. At this rate they may catch up to the Phil Jones revelations even before the snow melts in Washington!
“IPCC errors: facts and spin”
Love the title, actual facts and realclimate spin.


It seems clear that the chairman is as impervious to irony as he is to objectivity and ethics.

I think this is the positive feedback loop they have been looking for all along.

Dennis P. Barlow

The only reason their credibility can’t be dented is because they don’t have any! His arrogance and snobbery is just another example of a politician’s dismissal of anyone, especially those who point out his/her failure to tell the truth, who disagrees with their position.

Douglas DC

Good one Mr. Manuel, thanks for keeping it going, Smokey..
(I have been there in my undergrad days..)
-no market for Porcupine Entrails, however-…

Blimey – anyone look at the picture top left on Al Gore’s blog – with that wall of monitors all he needs is a white cat and a monocle and he would be giving Blofeld a run for his money…
Mind you given his blog is written on what looks like school A4 paper – I want to put a fat red ‘F’ in the corner..


Tom in Florida (18:38:37) :
Open wallet, empty contents in my tent.
Take small vial of Green Water for your donation.
Repeat steps above until the true meaning of IPCC Green is fully understood.


Jean: You ask the following……..
Jean Parisot (18:40:18) :
Do the Cart/Horse, Egg/Chicken idioms translate to Indian English syntax
Answer: Gas/Curry

James F. Evans

Pachauri: Open wide, stick foot in mouth.

Question for Rajendra K. Pachauri:
How dare you and Al Gore peddle that crap as science? Have you no shame?
You made fools of the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, too.
Oliver K. Manuel
Emeritus Professor of
Nuclear & Space Sciences
Former NASA PI for Apollo

Mike McMillan

Complete agreement with Pachauri. Why indeed.

rbateman 16:32:47-…doom and gloom stories to help them cash in on fear.
Yes sir! And, the Obama administration planning to put into effect this cap and trade tax bill to pay for their schemes and wasteful spending.
Thank goodness all this bs is being exposed.


Oliver K. Manuel (19:01:15) :
“You made fools of the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee, too.”
No one can be made a fool, they can only be exposed for what they are.

Steve Oregon

“R.K.P.: I don’t think the credibility of the IPCC can be dented. If the IPCC wasn’t there, why would anyone be worried about climate change?”
“I don’t think the credibility of the IPCC matters. What matters is that everyone be worried about climate change”


Nitwit. It seems Mr. Pachauri spends altogether too much time thinking about sex. It has been known to scramble the brain.


That makes it simple. Eliminate the IPCC and everybody can stop worrying. The man’s a genius.


Former IPCC chairman Bob Watson: “The mistakes all appear to have gone in the direction of making it seem like climate change is more serious by overstating the impact. That is worrying.”
Solution: Watson has held discussions with Al Gore, the former US Vice-President, about creating a new climate research group



michael e forster

Could Pachauri actually be a “denialist” mole? It would be rather difficult to even conjure up buffoonery of this extreme. Perhaps there is some problem with English as a Second Language, or Science as an imaginary major.
I really loved the”future ex-Chairman” phraseology, but would it not be wiser to simply leave him there intact. Who could possibly do more to undermine whatever remains of the I.P.C.C.’s alleged “credibility? Hmmm….well, there is Al of course…

Craig Moore

After that quote, I feel like that Aflac duck after hearing Yogi offer up his wisdom.

Craig Moore

Here’s the AFLAC duck with Yogi: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-EZf56AfYc

Keith Minto

The SMH reported today that Pachauri, as a high caste Hindu Brahmin, is favoured by the Indian Government to keep his post and opposition to him can be linked to Britain and old anti-Colonial feelings.
The attacks on Dr Pachauri, led by London newspapers and activists such as Lord Christopher Monckton, have stirred post-colonial sensitivities in India. The Renewable Energy Minister, Farooq Abdullah, compared Dr Pachauri to Mahatma Gandhi because, like India’s independence leader, he was being ”targeted for his good work”.
And like Dr Pachauri, Gandhi’s chief opponents were British, Mr Abdullah said.
Dr Pachauri told an Indian newspaper he was an easy target because he represented ”the poor and the most vulnerable” and alleged the money available to climate sceptics was far more than that available for ”saving the planet from climate change”.

This argument is way, way, beyond science.


The quote is funny except to the IPCC, and that is quite scary. They really believe in this stuff and consider themselves the leaders of this modern-day crusade. Fortunately most mass delusions begin to unravel at some point and we may be witnessing exactly that phase of this global warming hysteria.


OT, but WTF: Please look at the whistleblower at EPA and HELP HIM WITH COMMENTS: http://www.carlineconomics.com/


I’m with Pachauri. How can you dent the credibility of the organization that invented global warming!? 😛


Sorry, but it is so disheartening to see all the people interested in this topic, but apparently completly unaware of what is going on WITHIN the EPA. Carlin needs support here!


The IPCC is a many headed hydra. For example, the US Federal budget for 2011 proposes $2.6 billion for the Global Change Research Program, a 21 percent boost over 2010. It will bring funding to a level higher than under any administration dating back to 1989 — when global warming first attracted federal budget funds. http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/02/11/obama-spending-increase-global-warming-research/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%253A+foxnews%252Fscitech+%2528Text+-+SciTech%2529
Check out what is on the website: http://www.globalchange.gov/

The IPCC and Pachauri wouldn’t have had any credibility absent the “cooking the books” by UEA CRU and NASA GISS. Here’s a different way to look at NASA GISS data that makes it look less scary.


@ Andrew30
Did you catch their comments on “gray research”? I guess for the next go around we’ll see non-peer reviewed research from Cato and the Heartland Institutes included, right?


Professor (Robert)Watson, who served as chairman of the IPCC from 1997-2002, said: “The mistakes all appear to have gone in the direction of making it seem like climate change is more serious by overstating the impact. That is worrying. The IPCC needs to look at this trend in the errors and ask why it happened.”
which is from:
UK Times: UN must investigate warming ‘bias’, says former climate chief
‘Every error exaggerated the impact of change’
by Ben Webster, Environment Editor, and Robin Pagnamenta, Energy Editor
Dr Pachauri has not responded to questions put to him by The Times, despite sending a text message saying that he would do so….
Professor Watson has held discussions with Al Gore, the former US Vice-President, about creating a new climate research group to supplement the work of the IPCC and to help restore the credibility of climate science.
He said that the scheme to create what he called a “Wikipedia for climate change” was at an early stage but the intention was to establish an online network of climate science research available to anyone with access to the internet and subject to permanent peer review by other scientists.
He said that the project would allow scientists to “synthesise all of the observational record in real-time, not every 5-7 years like the IPCC”.
He rejected concerns that the project would undermine the IPCC’s authority. “It would have to be done so it was complimentary and not a challenge to the IPCC,” he said.
A spokesman for Mr Gore’s office in Nashville, Tennessee, declined to comment on the project…


Was He sane when He was answering??


Re: John from MN (18:37:24) :
Has what Dr. Ferenc Miskolczi presented alredy been covered here?


And you have to think to yourself: This…..THIS is what is running the world today?????
No wonder the world is in trouble.
The world is begin run by idiots….morons….and bureaucrats.
They are like the stormtroopers in Star Wars. Completely clueless.
The good thing is…beyond all of the spin of this goofball and past all of the sophistry of people like Al Gore….after the dust settles…the reliable and stalwart ally remains: the TRUTH!
And the Scientific Method is its close cousin, tried and true.
So….beware all you spin doctors, snake oil salesmen, and charlatans…
Your days are numbered.
Norfolk, VA, USA


[snip – vulgar language]


The man’s a LEGEND.