The picture of the week…

…goes to Jo Nova, who not only blogs, but does her own illustrations too.

This satirical road sign made me laugh, I hope it will do the same for you. Looks like it may be on Mars, or maybe out by Ayers Rock.

IMAGE: IPCC Shot to Pieces

We’ve all seen road signs in the country that look like this. Read her piece:

The Four ‘Gates’ of the IPCC

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  1. Target practice with a howitzer? Or is that 12ga slugs?
    More proof we are being far too gentle on them. You want to knock them down, go for the legs!

  2. Wow! The IPCC is now advertising on Mars. I guess there’s a dire need for global warming on that planet. But apparently, the Martians don’t like it. LOL.

  3. Bulldust (16:27:31) :
    The question:
    How much do you trust scientific projections concerning global warming?
    Options: Completely/Somewhat/A Little/Not at all

    Ah hell, that’s confusing around here.
    We read so much real science on WUWT and elsewhere, we know what the projections of real science are concerning global warming, and can trust them Completely to Somewhat with no reservations. But they’re referring to “CAGW Science” which we trust Little to Not at all. Heck, we trust it less than Not at all, they’ll have to work at it to convince us it is merely completely worthless.
    What to choose?!
    BTW, who is Lleyton Hewitt and how good is he? I’m not sure how to answer that Australian Open question. Could he win this Open now that Tiger Woods is done for now?

  4. Love the graphic.
    But, what is much more significant is that the British popular and broadsheet press have picked up the story. That is, the British MSM newspapers have swung to the rational side.
    As I wrote to Pachauri on his own web-site 6 weeks ago: “Go back to driving trains; your IPCC is toast”.

  5. To complete the picture Jo made, shouldn’t we have someone from the IPCC drawing bulls eye’s around the bullet holes?
    Just as a show of the marksmanship involved, of course…..

  6. the holes are for facilitating GHG mixing in the lower atmosphere, it causes CAGW . . . . stop it

  7. Time to bring in the big guns – lawyers to prove in a court that the IPCC has committed fraud on a massive scale. There’s enough evidence now.

  8. kadaka (16:49:42) :
    The fact that Little Lleyton was knocked out by Federer is a slight set back, but then worm hole theory might offer him a second bite at the cherry. It was discussed on Special1TV in relation to Arsenal being knocked out of the Champions League last year:
    Being a humour topic, this is moderately back on topic >.>

  9. Hey, just a thought:
    Where is Kevin Rudd’s message of strong support for the unjustly assailed Nobel Prize Winner??????
    I see Ruddles at the kitchen table, head in hands, as if he had a severe alcoholic hangover .. oooh, my head hurts … I just wish all this global hurting went away like a bad dream.

  10. Even if the IPCC science is mostly correct, they have comprehensively lost the battle for the ‘hearts and minds’ we hear so much about when trying to drop a political system onto an unsuspecting populace.

  11. I was arguing with a hippie chick today about GISS surface air temperature readings. During the argument she kept shouting at me “Jizz” this and “Jizz” that instead of the usual “Gee-Eye-Ess-Ess” or “Goddard Institute for Space Studies”. This constant bombardment with “Jizz” completely derailed my train of thought and left me in a temporary state of mental paralysis.
    The alarmist practice of using verbal terrorism to disarm and subdue their opponents has got to stop!

  12. twould be nice to see this event picketed. direct action is needed.
    Timely Investment Summit on Times Square
    According to Wall Street Green Trading Summit founder Peter Fusaro, the two-day conference covers innovations in carbon trading and finance, insights into renewable energy market opportunities, linkages of cleantech investment and carbon trading, among other current topics.
    Sessions will feature practitioners and leaders in the field. In addition to Fusaro, the roster of 55 speakers features Greg Arnold, Managing Partner of CE2 Capital Partners, and Nick Baily, Founding Member of Belgrave Climate Exchange, Inc.
    “The Wall Street Green Trading Summit IX is the ‘one-stop shop’ to come up to speed on the latest developments in Green Trading and Finance,” Fusaro says.
    Fusaro certainly has been at the forefront of change for 35 years in the global energy industry. Fusaro claims to have coined the term “Green Trading.” His experiences and insights have placed him at the forefront of energy consulting, including carbon and emissions trading, cleantech venture capital and renewable energy project finance.
    The conference runs March 23 through 24 at the Times Center in New York. A pre-summit seminar on March 22 offers an introduction to carbon trading and finance

  13. The sign is still standing. It should be broken off, lying in the dirt with tire treads all over it.

  14. S Nettles (16:21:14) :
    My vote for quote of the week goes to “AGW has moved to a ‘gated community’”

    That’s OK, but the best is obviously. . .
    “The Science is Scuttled”
    Was that your own, Anthony?
    /Mr Lynn

  15. Charles Krauthammer just said on FOX that Obama increased EPA agency spending by about 35% for fiscal ’09 & ’10. One of the highest (non-defense) agency increase in history.
    That’s one way to fund the eco freak global warming crowd…

  16. Speaking of satire, the movie “Downfall” has had Hitler’s bunker rage used many times by rather creative individuals with rather funny subtitles. Now comes “Glaciergate – Hitler’s Last Straw”. Rather funny and makes fun of Pachauri, IPCC, Gore, etc.

  17. Darn, forget the link to “Glaciergate”
    [snip, we don’t allow the Hitler parodies here. Some people are offended. ~ ctm]

  18. Robert of Ottawa (17:25:47) :
    “Hey, just a thought:
    Where is Kevin Rudd’s message of strong support for the unjustly assailed Nobel Prize Winner??????”
    Rudd is running a mile from the issue. He left for Copenhagen vowing to reintroduce a ‘cap and trade’ system when parliament next sits in February. But it was noted by the Opposition that there is no mention of it on the recently released parliamentary schedule. He also has a deadline of this Friday to announce what Australia’s new 2020 target will be – a commitment from Copenhagen.

  19. I didn’t realise Jo Nova was a fellow Perthite! I suspect she will be at the Lord Monckton presentation on Feb 8th… I must admit that I may be somewhat starstruck… question is, should I wear my 1/1 limited edition* Bulldust polo shirt?
    * a young lad in a Denver mall spray painted it for me many years ago… it is a knickname from running (sorry, I meant drinking) with the Hash House Harriers in former years. But I digress…
    PS> I have just received info that the Lord Monckton presentation is now in the (larger) Argyle Room in the Perth Parmelia Hilton with a max seating capacity of 500 with the excess going to the original Swan Room (seating of 250) with a live video feed. Methinks milord has attracted much interest in the premier mining state in the land.

  20. This one caught my attention in summer 2008:
    “We hypothesize that the established pre-1998 trend is the true forced warming signal, and that the climate system effectively overshot this signal in response to the 1997/98 El Niño. This overshoot is in the process of radiatively dissipating, and the climate will return to its earlier defined, greenhouse gas-forced warming signal. If this hypothesis is correct, the era of consistent record-breaking global mean temperatures will not resume until roughly 2020.”
    Now the very same people declare 2009 another record-breaking year?
    Hey GISS, your forecast didn’t even survive 6 months or so!
    How bad you guys are in forecasting.

  21. Daniel H (17:47:46) :
    “I was arguing with a hippie chick today”
    !!!!!!!! lol, Re-read the available pdf on how to handle hippie chicks 😉

  22. One sign of tipping point in the debate downunder is in the coverage by Fairfax papers, especially the Melbourne Age – one champion of alarmism noted for its almost complete silence on Climategate.
    Firstly, on monday we get a front page glaciergate story:
    Secondly, we get an editorial telling climate scientists to stick to the facts:
    Now we get an op-ed by a sceptic:

  23. Bulldust (16:21:26) :
    Could not agree more.
    Even the hand of surrender armistice is offered with snide excuses on the political economic black mail they tried to present as science.
    A whole generation of post grad scientists have learned all you need to do to get a grant.
    Invent / Create an emergency and make a brand new mousetrap bandage thingy.

  24. I don’t know if someone has mentioned this somewhere already, but a little birdy has told me the IPCC is ‘in discussion’ at the moment about:
    greater transparency (availability of raw data)
    inclusion of more representative (less alarmist) science
    inclusion of uncertainty parameters
    removal of Rajendra Pachauri (‘mistakes’ and personal profit-taking)
    significant restructuring of the IPCC to a neutral (non-political) science body
    However there is also a rival stream which wants:
    inclusion of more activists – called “community participation”
    inclusion of social science i.e. planning for the current alarmism
    inclusion of an aid function (which requires funding from the developed world)
    The person says that after talking to people involved, they are begrudgingly looking into including the less alarmist side of the debate, mainly for political (read PR) reasons….
    But the IPCC delivers science! not politics?….how come they are arguing about being less political?… come there is a rival stream within the IPCC that wants to be MORE political?

  25. Meanwhile:-
    In an email exchange with WDM yesterday that has been reported in the Guardian and BBC, the Department for International Development (DfID) admitted that the £1.5 billion pledged by Gordon Brown in Copenhagen would all be siphoned from the existing aid budget meant for anti-poverty programmes, like health, education and public water provision in the developing world.
    (apologies for quoting from a thergageddonist site)
    Proverbs 26:11
    As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.
    This is the real obcenity of this vicious scientific AGW scam.

  26. Joanne: I hate to criticize the owner of a site I visit regularly, but;
    The only photo of a carbon free world I could find.
    sorry to be pedantic, but with a Mars atmospheric pressure of 0.6 kPa, and 95% CO2; earths 101.3 kPa pressure, and 385 ppm CO2;
    Mars has about 14 times more CO2 per unit volume than earth’s atmosphere, not including some minor gas Z factor compressibility.

  27. Joanne,
    I expect what with the empty shotgun shells laying about, we can now say there are signs of carbon on Mars. And the church of IPCC is shaken to its foundations.

  28. TomTurner in SF (21:18:34)
    Yeah, it’s a barrel of Monkeys over there, or more likely Missing Links.
    Monbiot’s site reports that the New Economics Foundation says, “Growth isn’t Possible”
    But why are they wasting time and precious resources over there only ruminating the obvious? They of all people should know that since wealth can’t be created, economic growth is impossible, and that’s all there is to it. So why won’t they just act responsibly? Please?

  29. Martin Brumby (22:44:19) :
    In an email exchange with WDM yesterday that has been reported in the Guardian and BBC, the Department for International Development (DfID) admitted that the £1.5 billion pledged by Gordon Brown in Copenhagen would all be siphoned from the existing aid budget meant for anti-poverty programmes, like health, education and public water provision in the developing world.
    Gordon’s got plenty of past form on this, reannouncement after reannouncement of the same pot of money covering all the worlds ills. It ends up mostly being spent on more ticklists and target setting and monitoring.

  30. That sign reminds me of a situation back about 30 years ago when the state of Massachusetts put in some new gun laws. Because the neighboring state of New Hampshire had some relatively lax gun laws the Massachusetts authorities erected some very large signs on the roads coming in from New Hampshire warning travelers about the new gun laws.
    After about two months all the bullet ridden signs had to be replace by newer signs located about a half mile further away from the New Hampshire state line.

  31. “Mars has about 14 times more CO2 per unit volume than earth’s atmosphere, not including some minor gas Z factor compressibility.”
    OMG! That’s why there are no Martians left! Made themselves extinct with littlegreenmanthropogenic global warming!

  32. The science is settling. AGW is based on falsified data. The house of cards is tumbling down. It is time for all honest scientists and researchers to get off this bandwagon before they are tarred by all the deceit. For those who continue to ride, we should make sure the tar sticks.

  33. News this eve has Penny, boy is she ever, WRONG announcing they are planning to go ahead and sign us up to Crappyhagens line for 5% emissions reduction, and wait and increase it when asia joins in.
    ROFLMAO waiting for that!
    But wild they just have to sign at all.
    fools damnfools and Krudd and wrong.

  34. Great amounts of “Dark Matter” are creating those “Black Holes” which will end up swallowing in all “climate change/global warming” peer-reviewed papers and sending them to the “dimension of the eternal oblivion”.

  35. Veronica (02:39:58) :
    Thank you for a laugh: littlegreenmanthropogenic global warming. I guess the acronym is LGMAGW.

  36. That graphic needs sound effects. So I added some.
    REPLY: Funny. But I’ll mention that here’s almost no sound on Mars, due to the thin atmosphere. Note the terrain and Jo Nova’s upstream comment. ;-)- A

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