BBC swaps "coldest December since 1981" headline

BBC reported: Coldest December since 1981 (BBC, January 3, 2010)
It is still showing up in Google, but changes are afoot, odd that a headline like that can’t stand on its own:
And google news:
The URL for the story in the image above is:
but note the number of the story in the URL 8438408 now now goes to a different title, presto change-o!
Icy conditions lead to closure of Giant’s Causeway

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Same URL:

h/t to Popular Technology

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Mr. Alex

OT: Breaking News:
1.Earthquakes and Tsunamis Strike Solomon Islands
2.Heaviest snowfall in Seoul, South Korea in 70 years:


talking about feedback. this is not really a feedback but does have inpact on albedo;%22%3E%20|%20%3C/a%3E&md5=1938be0be7402051021591049618a1ec
it a picture of snowcover in The Netherlands. You can see the difference in albedo in snow in a forest and on land belonging to farmers. There is just a small part wich we call ‘forest’.

This is a question for Lord Monckton or anyone else. stated in their latest blog:
“a study about how much of the human emissions are staying the atmosphere (around 40%) and whether that is detectably changing over time. It does not undermine the fact that CO2 is rising. The confusion in the denialosphere is based on a misunderstanding between ‘airborne fraction of CO2 emissions’ (not changing very much) and ‘CO2 fraction in the air’ (changing very rapidly),”
Can someone explain to me the difference between these two in layman’s terms? I would ask on the RC blog but the comments thread is ridiculously long.
[REPLY – In this case, RC is right. All the study claims is that 60% of what is being emitted is being reabsorbed (either immediately or over time), and that this percentage is not decreasing because the sinks are reaching their ‘capacity” to absorb. The other 40% accumulates. An estimated 8 BMTC (anthropogenic) per year is emitted, and atmospheric carbon is c. 770 BMTC or so. So CO2 atmospheric carbon goes up by a little under half a percent per year. Now my contention is that CO2 does not have the effect (esp. re feedbacks) that RC claims it has, but that is a separate argument. ~ Evan]

Henry chance

Good science questions. I see the warmist radicals really are not looking for science and testing their conclusions. This will be a tough year for the wrmist cartel.
If there is a causal and linear relationship, this frigid cycle must be connected to a drop in CO2.

Great response from Lord Monckton – as ever cogent, polite and packed with FACTS.

Well, using the Monckton Formula to calculate the IPCC temperature increase from pre-industrial times (278 ppm CO2) until now (388 ppm) I get:
delta-T = 4.7 * ln 1.4
which gives me
delta-T = 1.6 degrees Celsius.
In reality we have seen a temperature increase of only about 0.7 C during this period (and most of that attributable to other causes than CO2 concentration increases), if even that.
So is the rest still “in the pipeline” and about to hit us, or is IPCC wrong? My guess is that IPCC is wrong…


Minitruth at work.


“Of course I know the difference! Climate is when it’s warming and weather is when it’s not!”
I’ve noticed the ‘media’ downplaying the cold here in the USA. But, some have mentioned the new record lows. In general, reports on the ongoing very cold temps goes something like this: “below average, but not unprecedented”
It is kind of difficult to ignore feet of snow and a freeze in Florida.

stephen richards

It really does show that they are not just biased but are proactively pushing global warming.
There is a huge difference between their statement that the science is settled and they therefore don’t need to publish ‘non-scientific’ news and proactively changeing scientific news per se. That is very close to criminal and most certainly contavenes their charter.


They have just saved that headline and the associated HTML to use it on december 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, etc.☺


Pwince Bat Ears the serial adulterer of the house of Hanover can’t take the truth. Sadly apparently neither can Google. Many more of these sort of presto chango switches and they will lose their community.

Anand Rajan KD

Isnt it true that “…in a warmer world, extratropical storminess and weather variability will decrease”?
-quoting Richard Lindzen – ‘Is the Global warming alarm founded on fact?’
Shouldn’t the UK chill and the Beijing record snow therefore persuade rapid climate change proponents to take a pause?


usual disgraceful ****e. I wonder if Joe Abless has been emailing Richard Black? There is somethig seriously wrong with the BBC’s environment team.
I will be emailing them forthwith and urge all Britons to do similarly about this kind of nonsense..

photon without a Higgs

No matter what the headlines at the BBC are people in the UK can feel global warming isn’t happening.
Arctic cold is also hitting China
A FREEZING cold front swept over much of northern China on Sunday with snowstorms snarling traffic and air travel, while some of the coldest temperatures in decades were forecast for coming days… believed to be the coldest in the capital in 40 years.


They manage to get the message accross in the text that it’s the coldest spell since 1981.
Having a poke around Armagh observatory and it looks like they have images of the written temp records going back 200 years.
A few more of these acurate records could provide a real insight into just what the hecks been going on these past few hundred years.


Hide the decline—Hide the decline—Hide the….


BBC Weather
Coldest night since 1995 recorded
Overnight temperatures in the south of Scotland have reached their lowest level in more than 14 years.
Figures at the Met Office’s Eskdalemuir observatory in Dumfries and Galloway hit -14C on Sunday, the coldest since December 1995.

Peter Hearnden

Anthony, I suspect it’s been changed because it’s wrong – the mean (CET) temperature was more like 3.1C – nothing like as cold as December 1981 which was -.3C I think. December was the coldest since the mid nineties. OK?

photon without a Higgs

…record freezing weather grips Europe, north America and Asia….avalanches in the Swiss Alps….Panhandle and much of northern Florida is under a hard freeze warning….more deaths in India….-20C in Moscow today…

Peter Hearnden

My bad, the story is for N. Ireland – I’m wrong.
Ok, then it’s a BBC/leftie/comie conspiracy to decieve us all!


Did the link ever lead to a BBC article with that title? Sometimes the title of links don’t match the title on the linked page. Only today I clicked on a link on Yahoo finance entitled “US to consider lesser term for ubs whistleblower.” The title on the page was something about mid west business jumping to a 4 yr high.
In other words, it may just be an error.


I still cant get over the August the year before last. Perishingly cold, day and night, not one warm day in the UK.
And the met office said that it was warmer than average.
Forgive me for not trusting their data.
And isnt the whole northern hemisphere suffering a chill at the moment? I thought that the manmade greenhouse gas theory said that the ambient temperature of the planet would warm, given the constant value of sunlight. And yet it looks to me to have cooled, how can that be?

John Bunt

The Sea Ice and the Polar Temperature charts have not been updated in 5 days?


Apparently math is not a strong point for the writer of this story. “Coldest winter for 18 years-and worse to come.” Maybe they are stuck in 1999?


What is clearly happening is that whenever a story gets released that seems to cast doubt on global warming, the astroturfers kick into gear and get emailing their favourite head honchos like Dick Black at BBC and the rest to try to get things portrayed more favourably.
Of course in public they’ll shrilly claim that stories like these are in the “weather not climate” section, but privately they betray a different opinion.
The quality of investigative journalism has been exposed as disgraceful following Climategate. I don’t think I’ve known before the media to turn a blind eye to such an atrocious behaviour. No wonder their readership is going down while places like WUWt is going up.

Kevin Schurig

“Presto change-o” Catch the Amazing BBC each night, tip your waitress and please, try the veal.
Can’t allow the ignorant masses to see the truth now, can we?


They left this bit in, though.
“Last month was the coldest December in almost 30 years according to readings taken at the Armagh Observatory.
The mean temperature was 1.5C, the coldest average measurement since 1981.”
At least for the moment…….

John Goetz

For fun, CNN has the following headlines:
“Dangerous cold covers much of U.S. ”
And “Snow wallops China”


Ready about. Lee-oh.
Change of tack, eh?

The Irish Times is not as shy as the BBC,
” December was coldest month in 28 years “

Antonio San

Piers Corbyn got it right! Again!

Al Gore's Holy Hologram

Let me guess. Roger Harrabin ghost wrote the article but Jo Abbess didn’t find it agreeable so she wrote to him saying she would get all her heavies on him and hey presto article changed.


I wonder if this is the same info:
“Coldest December in three decades”
We should know it is all about manipulation, deceit, and control of the masses that drive this planet’s continued wars, profits, and the slave culture.

APF (Australia)

Big fan here Anthony but not really sure every malodorous headline edit requires your, and our, attention.

Wow! That is messed up! The only mention of temperature in the “new” article is this:
“The average temperature for 2009, at 9.87C, was close to the average of 9.94C for the last 20 years.”
I love how they no longer say “The coldest December since 1981.” They now say “close to the average.” That is truly messed up!

photon without a Higgs

Snow and cold records from 12/28/09 to 1/4/10 in US,mintemp,lowmax,highmin,snow
What’s that red dot in Roswell, NM??? hehe

D. King

It’s sad to see the BBC react to climate dogma in a Pavlovian fashion.


It looks like the Met office has placed a call to the BBC…..


BBC News headlines are fairly fluid – this isn’t that rare an event – I have often had difficulty following the comment threads due to this practice.

Mann O Mann

Existential crises in news rooms. How do you report on record snow and record cold and promote AGW alarmism at the same time?
“Cold would be worse without warming” would make people like AGW.
“Record cold doesn’t mean it isn’t hotter” is a bit hard to sell.
I still like the whole “AGW could cause an ice age or cause the oceans to boil” narrative. All bases covered there.

Jimmy Haigh

I remember the December of 1981. I lived on Loch Tayside and the loch froze over before Christmas. It was a rare event – according to the locals it was the first time since 1963 that the loch had frozen. It melted between Christmas and New Year and froze again after New Year.
January 1982 was also cold. I also remember the BBC showing the temperature ‘live’ from Braemar in the hope of breaking the record of -28.2C or so which had stood since 1885 or thereabouts. Unfortunately a front moved in from the west – the record was equaled – and that was the end of the winter.
There was a beautiful total eclipse of the moon on January 9th and I remember running the 3 miles to Archie’s pub in Kenmore and telling everyone in the bar – all 3 of them – that there was an eclipse. (I ran everywhere in those days. Until I bought a bike.)
My job then was a tree planter. How green and eco friendly is that?
And that was even before the bandwaggon left town…
People go on about the cold winters in the UK in the late 70’s. I used to keep temperature records at that time. The only long cold winter was 1978/1979. It started in late December 1978 and lasted until May 1979! Then there was 1981/82 – it started in November 1981 and lasted until mid January 1982. I also remember a big snowfall on 28th January 1978 which was all gone a few days later.


It looks as though they’re too frightened to offend the greenies. I tell you this thing has a grip of fear on the MSM, so much so that the BBC, a once reverred institution won’t report the truth in case it offends the uber-environmentalists.

P Wilson

Usual surreptitious BBC. If it turns out to be warm in July, they will trumptet something like “Warmest July since 2004”


I wonder what the temperature would have been if we hadn’t caused warming? I was kinda hoping for a pary on the Thames, oh well. Luck they changed it to climate change in time, otherwsie this could be very confusing.

Henry chance

It must be the sun. After the winter solstice, the sunlight hours are still short. Less radiant heat and not enough CO2 to warm the blankets.
Joe Romm is now blowing off steam. Texas educators are allowing science students to question warming and warming theories. He is exhibiting anxiety because the children may read about the warming hoax. He calls it historical revisionism. The liberal news wants doctrinating headlines and the warmistas want children to not hear opposing views.


Perhaps writers should start using code phrases to avoid the attentions of the fat controller.

John Goetz

Oh and what the heck. From the Burlington, VT Free Press:
“Vermont snowstorm breaks record”
And they nicely list the top five snowstorms on record:
1. 32.9 inches — Jan. 2-3, 2010.
2. 29.8 inches — Dec. 25-28, 1969.
3. 25.7 inches — Feb. 14-15, 2007.
4. 24.7 inches — Jan. 13-14, 1934
5. 22.9 inches — March 5-6, 2001.
Interestingly, the same issue has the following article:
“No hoax: Global-warming data sound despite stolen e-mails”