Anti-climactic irony – Copenhagen Climate Conference finale hit with snow and cold

From the “weather is not climate” department, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Hey, where is everybody?

In related news, global warming protesters are gathering in large numbers…

(Thanks to Tom Fuller for the pix)

Ironic headline of the decade:

Blizzard Dumps Snow on Copenhagen as Leaders Battle Warming

By Christian Wienberg in Bloomberg News

Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) — World leaders flying into Copenhagen today to discuss a solution to global warming will first face freezing weather as a blizzard dumped 10 centimeters (4 inches) of snow on the Danish capital overnight.

“Temperatures will stay low at least the next three days,” Henning Gisseloe, an official at Denmark’s Meteorological Institute, said today by telephone, forecasting more snow in coming days. “There’s a good chance of a white Christmas.”

Delegates from 193 countries have been in Copenhagen since Dec. 7 to discuss how to fund global greenhouse gas emission cuts. U.S. President Barack Obama will arrive before the summit is scheduled to end tomorrow.

Denmark has a maritime climate and milder winters than its Scandinavian neighbors. It hasn’t had a white Christmas for 14 years, under the DMI’s definition, and only had seven last century. Temperatures today fell as low as minus 4 Celsius (25 Fahrenheit).

DMI defines a white Christmas as 90 percent of the country being covered by at least 2 centimeters of snow on the afternoon of Dec. 24.


While I’ve never put much faith in his forecasts due to the overhyped way he presents them, in this case Piers Corbyn was right. See his November 30th forecast for Copenhagen here.

While his main start of snow was a bit late, he predicted then:

14th-16/17th Dec will have more snow showers which will turn heavy with biting cold winds.


And now, send in the trolls.


190 thoughts on “Anti-climactic irony – Copenhagen Climate Conference finale hit with snow and cold

  1. “Denmark has a maritime climate and milder winters than its Scandinavian neighbors. It hasn’t had a white Christmas for 14 years, under the DMI’s definition, and only had seven last century. Temperatures today fell as low as minus 4 Celsius (25 Fahrenheit).” LOL
    Too bad Gore didn’t show up, a true blizzard might have developed.

  2. Piers Corbyn has an interesting story to tell. And his forecasts are often quite accurate.
    He’ll probably go down under the filing of:
    ‘a prophet is not without honour, save in his own land…..’
    Although given our budgetary crisis, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the incoming Govt slash the Met Office’s budget and give Weather Action some business…..

  3. Those aren’t snowmen! Those are the protestors we were reading about earlier in the conference. They represent Greenpeace and numerous other caring organizations.

  4. And they expect reporters on expense accounts to leap out of snuggling with the prostitutes and stand in line 5 hours to ask a question and get kicked out for asking a question on camera?

  5. Polar Bears:A Harvestable Resource (10:37:13) :
    Why are these ‘caring,sharing’ Socialists always so ANGRY!?

    Ask Freud…’s really hot in them.Burning libido firing climate change!

  6. Dear Anthony,
    As far as I know, Piers Corbyn spells his name with y.
    Thank you for posting the Bloomberg article.
    REPLY: Correct you are, thanks for pointing out that typo. – A

  7. Caption for snowmen photo:
    Caretakers of climate stations omitted from HADCRUT gather at UEA to demand representation.

  8. Re: Polar Bears:A Harvestable Resource –
    Socialists are angry because that care about the poor only half as much as they hate the rich.

  9. Sorry this is slightly OT but, here’s an opportunity for those more credentialed than I am to “school” a “former managing editor and professor emeritus at the Missouri School of Journalism.” Have Fun!

  10. I told you there was going to be a blizzard last week.
    Who needs weather forecasts when you are a psychic?
    Call 1-800-EDSEL-4-U for your personal consultation.

  11. Well, one good thing about the snow is that it should cool the ardour of anyone wanting to wreck Copenhagen (the city) when their unrealistic goals for the event aren’t realised.
    Next year could be very different, however. It is being held in Mexico city during an El Nino year, when higher natural temps could easily be massaged upwards by a couple of tenths to show the highest ever temperatures. Then we’ll see the warm-mongers coming back with a vengeance. No doubt they’ll turn off the air conditioning for extra added effect. This isn’t over by a long shot unless something else comes about to blow this AGW meme out of the water.

  12. UN analysis: What Copenhagen emissions cuts mean for future temperatures
    Confidential UN analysis shows that if the current offers on the table at the Copenhagen climate summit are agreed, global temperatures will rise on average by 3C
    Buzz up!
    Digg it, Thursday 17 December 2009 17.40 GMT Article history

  13. Polar Bears:A Harvestable Resource (10:37:13) :
    Why are these ‘caring,sharing’ Socialists always so ANGRY!?

    You know, I’ve wondered about that myself. All the way from Stalin to He Who Shall Not Be Named from the German National State Socialist Party and on to the modern neo-socialists: They are all terribly distraught and angry about things.
    Something in the socialist message seems to attract meddlers, busy-bodies, and angry self-flagellants. Oh, and folks with a doom and destruction fetish. They really hate the message that “We are not running out of stuff and we can use technology to give everyone a good modern life style.”
    They come at you with knives and pitchforks if you have a positive message like that. I know, I’ve been stating that message for about 30+ years now and have the scars to show for it 😉
    (BTW, Club of Rome, Meadows et. al.: How’s them computer fantasy “Limits to Growth” working out for you? Did we run of of Natural Gas in 1980 like you “projected”? Oh, we now have a 100 year supply from technology advance? Who knew … And that population bomb doom? Oh, we now support more folks with less land… Well, surely we ran out of oil on schedule? Oh, “enhanced recovery” techniques, new oil finding techniques and those pesky Saudis drilled a couple of more holes… Well, cheer up, maybe we’ll die for you next century… )
    And now, send in the trolls.
    I have this song stuck in my head now:
    Send in the trolls,
    there must be trolls,

    (With apologies to professional clowns everywhere and for folks who love the original “Send in the Clowns”… )
    BTW, if would be nice to have Dutch Canal skating on the “Weather is not Climate” watch list. I’m hoping for some great pictures of Dutch canal skates in, oh, February or so.
    Finally, you have photo with what looks like devanagari script in it? Interesting source… Guess the India news delegation got stuck outside in the snow? 😉

  14. The only thing wrong with the report is to call it a “blizzard”.
    I guess…to some of the internationals from warmer climes who never see snow…it was.
    Regardless, perfect timing! The Gore Effect in action once again.
    Norfolk, VA, USA

  15. I live in Sussex, SE England – we’re forecast 8-10 inches of snow tonight.
    Since I live 3 miles from the English Channel/at sea level and haven’t seen anything other than a sprinkle since I’ve lived here – this a bizarre.
    We had the first serious cold snap last year when it dropped to -7 to -10 for many days. It normally never falls below zero or at worst -2/-3C.
    It was so bad that I dug up a tree fern in my garden in the dead of night and it stayed in my downstairs bathroom for a month.
    It’s also become noticeably less windy in the last 5 yrs – it was like living in a lighthouse during the equinoxes – now it is a rarity to experience days of gales.
    Whatever is going on – its fairly recent and weird.

  16. It’s snowing…in Denmark…in December. Why are you posting this exactly? Just makes skeptics look stupid.
    REPLY: You have no sense of humor. -A

  17. Joe (10:30:03)
    Gore WAS there. I’m pretty sure – there was a vid showing how goons muscled him through without an interview.

  18. John Egan (10:50:08) :
    Yes, in my spare time from doing physics I am also a witch, and I had ordered a blizzard for the leaders :).
    Witching is appropriate for the global warming circus, they all think like Harry Potter and create realities in their computers believing they are executed in the real world.
    In other words, the gods pay back for hubris. Let us hope they do not give us a little ice age.

  19. Is it possible to get a warm, fuzzy feeling from looking at cold weather and snowmen? Seems to be happening here. 🙂

  20. Oh and did anyone mention that the Met Office’s winter forecast has been rubbished by Mama Nature in record time?

  21. paulhan (10:57:52) : I guess there won’t be any more jamborees of this kind for these peoples, their masters have just found them misfitted, not suited to job. They have totally failed, they will be replaced.

  22. The BBC forecast says this
    Another forecast says this
    As of now that is.
    ie the BBC confirms snow today but later it is ‘sunny intervals’
    Intellicast says snow showers for Fri Sat and Sunday.
    Is the the BBC who are deniers??
    Oh and if you want a laugh and see how Brown led Al into a ‘broom cupboard’ instead of the way out then watch this
    and then wonder why they went in with their jackets buttoned up but came out unbuttoned! Eh?

  23. Anna V.
    What color Edsel would you like?
    The lot is full. Take your pick.
    And there will ALWAYS be more on order.
    😉 😉 😉

  24. Polar Bears:A Harvestable Resource (10:37:13) :
    Oh, and when eating polar bear: ALWAYS cook the meat, trichinosis is a big problem in bear meat and eating raw polar bear can be lethal. Also, if you eat the liver it has very high levels of vitamin D: Enough to kill you! So don’t eat it unless you have a major vit D deficit and then only small amounts. But IIRC, the adrenal glands on the kidneys will give you vit C in an environment where it is otherwise a very rare thing. Split it equally between all party members to avoid scurvy.
    (Don’t ask how I came to know this… it was a long time ago and I had an interest in cold places, stories about them, and the Eskimo Wisdom… I hope I got it right… )
    And low slow moist cooking will be best. Think “pulled pork” or “18 hour brisket”. Even stew works well. But don’t do the ‘steak thing’ unless you have really good teeth… or someone to pre-chew it for you in the traditional way…
    So ‘harvestable’ yes, but there is a reason Caribou were preferred…

  25. @paulhan
    ‘Next year could be very different, however. It is being held in Mexico city during an El Nino year,’
    Funny, according to NASA, El Niño picked up pace this summer already, this year is also El Niño year. But of course this concerns the Atlantic Ocean for this year, next year they’ll just delete everything.

  26. Sorry, but I can’t help thinking of that scene in “Day After Tomorrow” when the hero meets the eccentric climate scientist outside a climate conference in (India??) and it’s snowing…proving sudden climate change…

  27. E.M.Smith (11:02:34) :
    “(BTW, Club of Rome, Meadows et. al.: How’s them computer fantasy “Limits to Growth” working out for you?”
    Don’t forget that one of the computer runs showed that if we successfully addressed all the supply, social, and environmental problems we would run out of capital.
    Have you been keeping up with the financial pages?

  28. I’d like to know if the polar bear and other sculptures have melted yet. I’d like to see the bones they put inside that polar bear sclupture.

  29. ‘Why are socialists so ANGRY?’
    It’s usually that they had this dream that everyone would be as caring and sharing as they think they are. But they’re not, so they get ANGRY.
    Thing is, they’re not always so caring and sharing themselves as you think. Status is real important for socialists, you know. Title and position, seniority and rank. All that stuff.
    They’ve got to LOOK AFTER THOSE UNFORTUNATES you see.
    Thing is, THOSE UNFORTUNATES also includes anyone who disagrees with them who they can crush. Once they’ve crushed you, the caring, sharing stuff comes back. But when you try to be independent or confront them, hell hath no fury like a socialist scorned. Wire tapping, accessing bank account details, destroying all activities, they’ll do it.
    Control you see. It’s in their DNA.
    But they need a mask of respectability to allow society to allow them to get it.
    So they call themselves a socialist.
    Not all socialists are like that.
    But the angry ones usually are……

  30. Ken (11:04:17) : It’s snowing…in Denmark…in December. Why are you posting this exactly?
    Well, my guess is because, as the Masthead says, this site is dedicated to “nature, science, weather, climate change” and notice that weather comes ahead of ‘climate change’ on that list.
    So a site dedicated to weather does a story about weather when the weather is a very funny thing due to the impact on the AGW folks who seemingly can’t figure out it’s cold even when they have to stand in the snow. That, dear Sirah, is a “hoot and a half”!
    Just makes skeptics look stupid.
    Tis not the skeptics, it’s the AGW cold deniers that are looking particularly stupid, especially in the snow… Oh, and folks who can’t figure out why a weather site run by a weatherman might cover a weather story. That’s a bit daft too. (If you will pardon my being blunt. I’d be more discrete, but, well, some folks don’t seem to catch subtile…)
    REPLY: You have no sense of humor. -A
    Something I would agree with completely. The sheer irony of folks chanting about doom from heat when frozen in the snow is priceless. Giving me chuckles all day long. They either “believed their own BS” and expected it to be warmer than in the past; or they didn’t think through what they were planning by checking out the weather ranges. Either one is just a thigh slapper… They ought to have booked it for Dawin … or Jakarta … or even Brasilia.

  31. DC expecting a major snowstorm in coming days. Wonder if Obama will be able to fly out to the conference or be delayed because of the snow storm? Irony is a …..

  32. Channel 4 news correspondent at Cop15 stated” despite the recent snow this year has been the warmest on record”.
    Correspondents name is Peter Snow ( i kid you not!) is there any data to support his claim?

  33. Just curious!
    Denmark relies on wind turbines for it’s major power supplies.
    They have to import power from Germany when calm weather sets in and give it away free to Sweden when they have an excess due to strong winds.
    How do those wind turbines hold up operationally in snow and ice conditions, just when they need the maximum power output for heating and industry?
    Germany right now probably has it’s generators running near full capacity due to the cold conditions and may not have much surplus capacity left to sell to Denmark
    A blackout in Copenhagen would really set the seal on this whole farce.

  34. snif, are we seeing the last of the Snowmen? Already having been reduced to a race of impotent midgets, are we content that soon another extinct species shall be remembered only in cynical proxy by the hoisting of “Frosties” by drunken Deniers responsible for the ineluctable destruction of Creation?
    No, Citizens! Repeat with me now the sacred Mantra of Hansen: “I shall not rest until all glaciers are advancing!”

  35. ROM (11:52:21) :
    A blackout in Copenhagen would really set the seal on this whole farce
    May your wishes be fulfilled…

  36. Vitamin D and polar bear livers: I had heard this as well (although I believe Vilhjalmur Stefansson (early 20th C polar explorer/anthropologist) wrote that the inuit could eat them in moderation.
    There is a related story that if polar explorers, driven to extremes killed their sled dogs and ate them, if they ate the livers it was fatal. (This was used in the inspiration for a UK TV police story – fictional, but I think the inspiration was factual). This is because they would be eating the liver of a carnivore. The vitamin D in a carnivore liver would be far too concentrated to eat safely, as it tends to accumulate in the liver. The cows, sheep, pigs and chickens whose livers humans would normally eat (if at all) are of course not carnivores, so this is not a problem. (I have forgotten some of the biological detail here, but that’s the gist).
    Remember kids, don’t eat your puppy’s liver what ever you do.

  37. Oh good, a “weather is not climate” post to muscle in on.
    Here in New Hampshire, I was a bit startled to see it was 5.6°F (-15°C) this morning with gusty winds. Either measurement is no surprise, but for a temperature that cold in December, we generally need calm air and radiational cooling. Well, there’s always radiational cooling on clear nights, but on calm, clear nights we get a thin air inversion with the cold temps near the ground.
    So I looked back in my records since 2003 for mornings below 10F and wind gusts over 10 mph (16 kph, 11.5 knots?) and found one other occurence – in 2008 on Dec 8th. Three days later it was 58F (15C) and a few days after that we had one of the worst ice storms in southern NH and north central MA history. Some coworkers had no power for 10-14 days.
    Life was easier before Global Cooling started. 🙂

  38. Murphy’s Law just making a visit to the summit.
    We all know Murphy. This time he is welcome.
    (by some of us anyway.)

  39. @ Michael Where did they get that tripe about the GHG and the cooling upper atmosphere? The suns radiation in the UV is down 6% of recent. Hence the stratospheric cooling.

  40. Ron Bowerman (11:02:24) :
    Yes, God’s sense of humor: He waited for the leaders to be in transit before the blizzard hit!

    Oh yeah – The Irony!

  41. Re: Michael (11:51:18) – upper atmosphere cooling
    “This same cooling effect is expected to happen (somewhat counterintuitively) as carbon dioxide concentrations increase from emissions at Earth’s surface. So understanding the natural variability of this layer is important to detecting any changes from carbon dioxide increases.”
    …Heating or cooling it doesn’t matter with these people it’s all down to CO2 (anthropogenic of course)

  42. >i>UK Sceptic (11:06:38) : I am actually legally obliged to fund this poisonous bilge. Maybe this will get some traction:
    A wonderful example of tangling ‘agencies’ in their own red tape. I would suggest adding an ‘escrow account’ where you DO put the license fees (interest accruing to you, to be returned to you if the courts do not absolve the BBC, but to be payed to them only on condition that The Crown finds them innocent in court). Then you can not be charged with willful failure to pay. You have paid, just to an account they can’t touch, pending a court ruling. Just doing your duty, dontcha know…
    BTW, I’ve often wondered: Why don’t you just get a large high res computer monitor and watch internet video instead? Much larger selection. Better stuff. Not a TV, so no license ought to apply…
    Just a thought…

  43. Socialists are angry because that care about the poor only half as much as they hate the rich.
    It’s long time ago when the Socialists even cared about poor, even when it was only half as much…
    Now the New Left declares their interest only in minorities of any kind, illegal immigrants and Mother Gaia. Their original poor and working-class electorate can go to hell together with the rich.

  44. How many “Nobel Prize” winners are at this meeting?
    I would be surprised if it doesn’t turn into the “Storm of the Century”.

  45. Charles. U. Farley. (11:50:22)
    Here in Solna just outside/inside Stockholm, Sweden we had 50-100 m visibility in very heavy snowfall around 11:30 CET , supercell? snowshowers,
    and still, if I’ve mentioned it before…my neighbour’s name is…Blizzard…IKYN!!
    I guess you can get my address via that info…!

  46. Oh the weather outside is frightful, / But the fire* is so delightful, / And since we’ve no place to go, / Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! …
    *Hot air in COP15 centre
    Yes, it’s just weather not climate obviously, but it proves is that God has a sense of humour….

  47. it’s rare any politician from right or left speaks about climategate and, when they do, as below, only politico blog reports it. nice.
    GOP to Obama: Investigate ‘climategate’
    In a letter to Obama, Reps. Jerry Lewis, the top Republican on the house Appropriations Committee, and Mike Simpson, ranking member of the interior and Environment subcommittee, say that funding in the 2010 budget should be used to investigate whether “illegitimate scientific evidence and research” was used to craft Democratic climate legislation.
    when u remember rightwing governments in copenhagen are at least as pro-AGW as so-called leftist ones, u should realise it’s not a party thing.
    the accusation out of russia yesterday was barely reported in the MSM. a couple of newspapers in the UK and that was it. and that included a blog on UK telegraph, will heaven, mocking the accusations. climategate has given us explosive lead headlines almost every day, yet the MSM has virtually ignored it, or attempted to downplay/discredit what it has revealed.
    and now the French news agency has a new spin:
    AFP: US deniers behind ‘Climategate,’ experts allege
    By Deborah Jones

  48. The funny thing about all of this is, if it were a conference on combating global cooling, they would have signed the all of the necessary agreements in 2 days. Done.

  49. Jim Reeves, “The Blizzard” Lyrics:
    “There´s a blizzard comin´on how I´m wishin´I was home
    For my pony´s lame and he can´t hardly stand
    Listen to that northern sigh if we don´t get home we´ll die
    But it´s only seven miles to Mary Anne it´s only seven miles to Mary Anne
    You can bet we´re on her mind for it´s nearly suppertime
    And I´ll bet thre´s hot biscuits in the pan
    Lord my hands feel like they´re froze and there´s a numbness in my toes
    But it´s only five more miles to Mary Anne it´s only five more miles to Mary Anne
    That wind´s howlin´and it seems mighty like a woman´s screams
    And we´d best be movin´faster if we can
    Dan just think about that barn with that hay so soft and warm
    For it´s only three more miles to Mary Anne it´s only three more miles to Mary Anne
    Dan get up your ornery cuss or you´ll be the death of us
    I´m so weary but I´ll help you if I can
    All right Dan perhaps it´s best that we´ll just stop awhile and rest
    For it´s still a hundred yards to Mary Anne it´s still a hundred yards to Mary Anne
    Late that night the storm was gone and they found him there at dawn
    He had made it bu he couldn´t leave ol´Dan
    Yes they found him there on the plains his hands froze to the reins
    He was just a hundred yards from Mary Anne
    He was just a hundred yards from Mary Anne”

  50. Yup, first snow of the year here today, a cold ride home on the old Matchless from work to my home 10 miles away. Its staying on the ground now too.
    I do hope Seth Borenstein has to queue again for seven hours in the snow before he gets the chance to genuflect before his Obamaness.

  51. Just a quickie – I posted the first part of the Monckton video – the other bits are much more entertaining/useful.
    Well worth a watch – one hour in total.

  52. They are pretty lucky with their amounts of snow. Over here in the Netherlands about 700km south west of Copenhagen and in an even milder climate we do had much more snow from the same weathersystem: up to 40cm in one night blowing to much bigger heights. Public transportation was halted, and we had the worst traffic jams this morning in history. So they could have worse but still it is priceless. We have interviews over here on television that are taken outside in Copenhagen. It is so funny to see those climate experts being interviewed and talking about global warming while they can hardly move their lips because of the cold…

  53. They are all terribly distraught and angry about things.
    As Heinlein put it, Hell hath no fury like a pacifist.

  54. An interesting letter was printed in the Daily Telegraph this morning.
    I can’t find a link for it on their web site but this is what was printed…
    SIR – Douglas McCormack (Letters, December 14) says that global warming isn’t responsible for making the Carteret Islands in the South Pacific uninhabitable. Mr McCormack justified his argument by referring to my 2007 paper on decadal variability in the rate of average global sea level change.
    While I don’t dispute the rates of change that are quoted, I disagree that my results either prove or disprove the idea that human-induced global warming is responsible for the sea-level rise that is displacing the inhabitants of the islands.
    Moreover, it is not logical to say that because the paper found no evidence of an acceleration in global sea level that the most likely reason for the flooding of the islands is due to plate tectonics.
    The point of the journal article was to show that global changes in sea level do not proceed smoothly and that there are periods of higher rates of increase along with periods of lower, or even occasional negative change. The paper also shows that the global average sea level has been rising for more than a century, and continues to rise.
    Sea levels that coastal dwellers experience are affected by local land movements. These movements include the recovery of the Earth’s surface from the deforming weight of ice sheets during the last Ice Age, subsidence due to water extraction, earthquakes and regional plate tectonics. These effects are carefully taken into account when we calculate the global and regional sea-level changes, but these effects may add or subtract from the relative sea level experienced at the coast.
    As far as I am aware, there is no evidence for or against local land movements in the Carteret Islands. So while this effect cannot be discounted as making the islanders’ problems worse, local land movements can only be seen as a regional modification of the rise in global sea level.
    Dr Simon Holgate
    Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory Liverpool

  55. The last paragraph in this story seems to be inspired by Michael Mann, except that one would have to substitute “hide the decline” instead of “explain” in Michael’s case.
    Seven metres. That is how much global water levels will rise if the ice in Greenland melts. In connection with the climate meeting, sculptor Jens Galschioet has hung flashing red lights seven metres up in trees and on lamp posts throughout Copenhagen.
    The idea was to illustrate a prospective water level rise if the ice melts away in Greenland. Yet, somewhere along the line, he made a few incorrect calculations.
    ‘Technically and pedagogically it is a sound idea. The problem is that they are hanging at incorrect heights by the city lakes, where they currently sit at 11,34 metres’, said architect Ole Oerslev.
    The city lakes are already 5,89 metres above sea level, so the flashing lights should have been put up at 69 centimetres height.
    ‘The rest of the lights put up around the city and out by the Bella Center are in the correct elevation. We wanted to display something downtown as well and even though we knew that the lights should have been at 69 centimetres, we didn’t really feel it looked like much. So we cheated a bit and decided to explain if anyone found out’, explained Galschioet.

  56. It is cold here in Britain, I wasn’t going to comment but I saw this below on the Tom Nelson blog, these loonies are everywhere.
    Somebody should explain to these kooks that cold is the real killer.
    Britain is poorly prepared for a real chill……. we all should embrace natural warming, is this cold weather in Denmark a harbinger of things to come especially now the Met Office has forecast a mild and wet winter?

  57. A few phrases and wordings related to the COP15 fiasco…
    please add more…

    AGW believer
    Al Carbone
    Al Goracle
    Al Gore Pinata
    An anti-intellectual swamp of ad hominems
    An Inconvenient Truth
    AGW promoters
    AGW proponents
    Analyze the output of climate models that predict substantial global warming, and simply assume the models are somewhere near correct
    Big Al
    biased greenie weenies
    Born-again colonialism
    bunch of schmucks
    bunch of zombies
    Cap and trade
    Carbon footprint
    Carbon Trading
    Circle the Wagons
    Church of Climatology
    “Climate Change” formerly known as “Global Warming”
    Climate Changetology
    climate change is now undeniable
    Climate control
    Climategate Deniers
    Climate Modelers
    Climate Scares
    Cooked books
    Cooked science
    Coffeehouse elites
    Computerized prophets of doom
    Computer model
    Conjecture science
    Crowded at the trough? Oink, oink!
    Dear Leader (aka Gordon Brown)
    Deleting data
    Dismissive of the contrarians
    Elitist warmer journalist
    Extreme eco-idiot
    Factual fabrication
    Flat Earthers
    Friends of the Earth
    Formerly good publications
    “GHG payments to the Third World” formerly known as “Foreign Aid”
    Global Colding
    Gore Effect
    Gorebull warming
    Gored: as in to be Gored
    Gore misspoke on polar ice data
    Google bias
    Gullible masses
    Hide the decline
    Hide the lag
    Hillary Clintongate
    Hokey Stick
    Hoodwinked by fraudulent AGW/CC pseudo-science and Alarmist propaganda
    Hysterical press release
    I don’t need food. I need socks! I’m freezing my ass off out here
    I trust that history will give us all proper credit for what we’re doing here
    Lies presented as facts
    Madness of crowds
    Manufactured consensus
    Mannipulating data
    Man-Made Global Warming Bubble
    Man Made Global Warming community
    Mann-made pseudo-science
    Mass extinctions
    Mental masturbation
    Metastasizing bureaucracies
    Million degrees
    New World Order
    News World Disorder
    Nothing to see here, move along , move along
    One tree-ring to rule them all
    Peer review
    Playstation 3 forecasters
    Polar ice may vanish in 5-7 years
    Political polarisation
    Pseudo-scientific theology
    Reinvent the wheel
    Repeat empirical evidence
    Repetition ad nauseam
    Rotten ice
    Rotten science
    Rules keep changing to support the need to keep us alarmed
    Sailing on a Ship of Fools
    Saint Gore
    scare tactics
    Self Deception Enterprises Ltd
    science is settled
    Snake oil merchants
    Taken out of context
    Temperature anomaly
    Tin Hats anyone?
    The AGW crowd
    The AGW fraudsters
    The AGW priesthood
    The AGW saga
    The Circle of Commitment
    The Climate Illuminati
    The co-dependent newspapers
    The “con” sensus
    The eco-aware public
    The Emperor’s new clothes
    The fraudsters
    The global warming circus
    The great crusad
    The Greens
    The Gor’cle
    The gore-effect
    The hockey team
    The Medeviel Warm Period
    The New Big Lie: Climategate Emails Are Not Significant
    the Prophets of doom
    There’s less and less Arctic Sea ice every year
    The rigged farce
    The satellites have been “duped”
    The Stoat Pro AGW blog
    The wheels on the bus go thump, thump, thump
    The Weather Machine and The Threat of ICE
    The Tuvaluans – Tuvalooons
    We know that this increased concentration of CO2 is causing the warming becasue we haven’t been able to attribute it to anything else
    Weather is not climate
    Whistle blower
    XBox climate science
    Ye Holy Bookes of Ipecac
    You really don’t need to exaggerate the changes in the Arctic

    A Mumbai-based Indian multinational conglomerate with business ties to Rajendra K. Pachauri, the chairman since 2002 of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, stands to make several hundred million dollars in European Union carbon credits simply by closing a steel production facility in Britain with the loss of 1,700 jobs.”
    Is this story verifiable?

  59. “”” E.M.Smith (11:26:02) :
    Polar Bears:A Harvestable Resource (10:37:13) :
    Oh, and when eating polar bear: ALWAYS cook the meat, trichinosis is a big problem in bear meat and eating raw polar bear can be lethal. Also, if you eat the liver it has very high levels of vitamin D: Enough to kill you! So don’t eat it unless you have a major vit D deficit and then only small amounts. But IIRC, the adrenal glands on the kidneys will give you vit C in an environment where it is otherwise a very rare thing. Split it equally between all party members to avoid scurvy.
    (Don’t ask how I came to know this… it was a long time ago and I had an interest in cold places, stories about them, and the Eskimo Wisdom… I hope I got it right… ) “””
    I take it that you have an ample supply of translucent hollow fur to make whizz bang steelhead flies out of. Don’t tell me they eat the fur too.
    When it comes to bears of the polar persuasion; I believe in getting them before they get me.

  60. ROM
    Just to set the numbers straight:
    This exact moment Denmark consumes 4542MW electricity
    3562MW of which is produced in central powerplants (coal)
    1029MW in decentral powerplants (Oil, garbage, straw)
    1441MW by wind turbines

  61. I’m a convinced skeptic but suddenly I’m worried. If we let the climate get any hotter all those cute snowmen will die!

  62. Frostbite may have been a better teacher for the reporters locked outside than anyone they might have heard inside.

  63. Ken (11:04:17) :
    It’s snowing…in Denmark…in December. Why are you posting this exactly? Just makes skeptics look stupid.
    Uh Ken–
    Not only do you lack a sense of humor, but you are geogrphically challenged. Copenhagen is on a spit of land basically sitting in the middle of the Baltic Sea. Hence, Copenhagen has a maritime climate, it is not a frigid climate, especially in December. December average high is about 39F (3C) average low about 32F (0C). Very similar to Glasgow, a little cooler than Seattle. Skeptics can read a map, how about you giving it a try?

  64. oh dear! australia’s ex-PM john howard on neil cavuto immediately says what we need to do to battle global warming is to go nuclear.
    cavuto tries to get him to consider it’s all a hoax, but howard says sceptics can’t argue we should go nuclear. i’m about to puke.

  65. Not to change the subject too much, but what’s the latest from data analysis of temperatures from South America and Africa? I hear grumblings that those datasets have been fudged too!

  66. Environmentalists are nearly always *against* things, and it doesn’t take much to morph from dislike or disapproval to anger, especially if you’ve convinced yourself that nearly everyone else is ignorant and selfish. I’ve found that people who are working *for* something are usually more fun to be around. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone’s done a study on this, somewhere.

  67. Here is a story (in Norwegian) about some alarmists who made a 500kg polar bear from a block of ice on Svalbard, and took it to Copenhagen to let it melt during the COP15 conference, apparently to make some kind of point.
    “The polar bear has long been the symbol of climate change and global warming. This made the choice easy for artist Olav Storø, who made the ice sculpture. The hope is that the bear from the north in a silent way shall speak the cause of the climate to important people.
    The bear says everything without a word. I hope the message is received, says Storø.”
    “The Ice sculpture is to be placed at the entrance of the church of our lady at the town hall plaza in Copenhagen”
    “The participants of the climate meeting will see a bear sweating and disappearing. – When the politicians sit in Copenhagen and speak nice words in big, fancy buildings, the bear will be standing and melting and it tells its story in every drop of water running off.”
    I have not seen pictures of it in Copenhagen, but I guess the bear must be doing just fine, considering the weather there.

  68. To: Stephen (13:16:26) :
    Dear Stephen,
    Please provide an authoritative citation. Are you citing to capacity? or actual generation usage?
    Denmark is at 20%+ wind capacity, but because the wind doesn’t blow all of the time, wind generation utilization is a fraction of total capacity (25%?). Denmark therefore is an importer of excess Swedish nuke generated electricity to meet peak demand.

  69. I’m waiting for the lipstick to come out so they can apply it this pig of a conference—wait for the “Eureka” announcement that they all agree to meet later… sometime… somewhere… promise. And we’ll bring some money if the Chinese do.

  70. Thanks WUWT, this post has made my day.
    It gives me a lovely warm glow to see that the CAGW fools are being shown by our climate who is the real Daddy. To complete my unexpected Christmas present, I’d like the airport to be closed and a large solar CME erupt and take out all the power.
    Perhaps there really is a Santa Claus?

  71. As someone on another thread said, “it’s too big to fail.” Too many have their paws in this enormous honey pot to let a little snow flurry interfere with their agenda. Here Dr. Tim Ball spills the beans on climategate and more (1st of 5, see there for rest).

    No wonder they hate him.

  72. More carbon emissions since they will need to run those limos longer to get them all warm and cozy before our “elected” and “unelected” representatives step out to move around town. They certainly don’t need anything to remind them that it is getting colder and not warmer… that could be inconvenient to sit on cold leather seats.

  73. To NK (13:55:36) :
    Sorry, should have been more verbose.
    Go to , click on the green map of Denmark in the upper right corner, under the text “Elsystemet lige nu”.
    A Flash popup should come up, showing the current electricity usage, production, import and export.
    On a sidenote: I am Danish and know all about our import of Swedish (and German) nuke-power. About 30 years ago our politicians agreed that nuclear energy should not be part of Danish electricity policy. So instead we buy it from neighboring countries. The public opinion has changed since, and some surveys show that the Danes are now pro-nuclear.

  74. IIRC,
    An Arctic expedition was found many years ago, all dead in a tent. Their dogs were dead and gone. The expedition apparently hadn’t been able to move and died there. Speculation was that they had eaten a polar bear uncooked and trichinosis had set in, debilitating them all. They died from trich and/or froze to death.

  75. Stephen, I did just that.Looks like you are a net exporter just now. So, those powerplants you have, what are they burning?
    Just curious.

  76. Bah, it´s still summer weather down there in the south, up here in the northern part of scandinavia we have a large inversion and around -20c at the moment.

  77. Eating under-cooked pork can give you trichinosis, too. It’s a roundworm infection which gives the following symptoms: fever, muscle soreness, pain and swelling around the eyes, thirst, profuse sweating, chills, weakness and tiredness may develop. Chest pain may be experienced since the parasite may become imbedded in the diaphragm (the thin muscle separating the lungs from abdominal organs).
    So, when roasting a polar bear make sure that the deepest part of the meat has reached over 150F. Should take no more than about 20 hours to do a whole bear.
    BBQ anyone?
    Oh, and don’t try to eat a wolf, they’ll give you the same infection!

  78. radun (13:08:39) :
    Is this story verifiable?”
    Yes. The plant at Redcar has been mothballed and production moved to one of Tata’s plants in India. Supposedly to benefit from carbon credits.
    Christopher Booker had a take on it in the Sunday Telegraph 10 days ago.

  79. AdderW (13:06:00) :
    A few phrases and wordings related to the COP15 fiasco…
    please add more…

    Goregoons Large male man-bear-pigs capable of wrestling a microphone from anyone asking Al Gore a question he does not want asked.

  80. Elizabeth (12:56:40) :
    Those snowpeople look pretty angry.
    Yep, they went there with high hopes of saving the planet, not realizing they would simply be useful idiots, and part of a huge circus show, and shut out of the main attractions, forced to stand in the freezing cold and snow without access to toilet facilities, food, or water. That can tend to make people a bit cranky. Maybe there will at least be T-shirts saying “I survived Hokumkookenhagen!” they can purchase to console themselves.

  81. Deforestation threatens Kilimanjaro
    * Experts blame local land practices
    KILIMANJARO – At the foot of Africa’s snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro, images of the mountain adorn the sides of rusting zinc shacks and beer bottle labels, but the fate of the real version hangs in the balance.
    As politicians and lobbyists try to thrash out a new climate deal in Copenhagen, experts in Tanzania say local land practices must increasingly take their share of the blame for the rapid shrinkage of the ice on Kilimanjaro’s peak.

    how about them apples…but we already knew that…

  82. AdderW (13:06:00)
    You forgot:
    Cheers, Phil
    Gigatons of CO2
    Leftist New England Journal of Medicine (attributed to Eric Steig)
    Unlawful/alleged hacker
    tree mortality
    and of course Tom Wigley’s “Why why why why…”

  83. Well, I just returned from an earfreezing but refreshing two hour walk in the southern part of Denmark, and I can assure you that the blanket of icy white stuff covering the streets looks and feels pretty hale to me. It doesn’t seem like it’s about to melt either. Something is indeed rotten in the constitutional monarchy of Denmark, and it ain’t the snow.

  84. The mayor of New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington, reported on the news here today that her contingent at Copenhagen has learn’t nothing new at the conference that will benefit her city, or nothing that Wellington City Council isn’t al ready doing. The $20,000 (N.Z.) costs were paid for by Wellington rate payers and a fund from Local Govt. N.Z.
    Despite having learnt nothing new mayor Predergast, in true politician style, beileves that the trip was NOT a waste of time and money. As you Americans are want to say, go figure!

  85. kwik, we in Sweden import fossil fuel energy from Denmark because most of our nuclear power is down for maintenance. If not, we would be freezing to death as it is cold here, -25.6 degrees Fahrenheit in some parts. Thank God for fossil fuel!

  86. Chokenhagen….. it’s all about to come to nothing. Oh well, maybe they can organise another grouphug somewhere else on this planet – the airlines must love the boost to their revenues.

  87. Hey, Dotto, didnt you vote to close down ALL your nuclear powerplants years ago? I seem to remember that was a “great victory” for …Center party…wasnt it?

  88. To illustrate just how the Global Warming is happening (at least in the U.S.), the EIA today announced a near-record natural gas stocks draw down for last week due to the bitter cold over most of the nation. (207 Billion cubic feet last week, exceeded only once before, in Jan 2008).
    “At 207 Bcf, the implied net withdrawal is the second largest withdrawal reported during December in the 16-year history of the Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report. Increased space-heating demand appears to be a significant factor in the relatively large withdrawal. Temperatures across the country were about 20 percent colder than normal, as measured by heating degree-days (HDDs) for the week ending December 10, according to the National Weather Service. Key markets for space-heating demand were considerably colder than normal. In the East North Central Census Division, which includes Chicago and other major population centers in the Midwest, HDDs were 13 percent above normal for the week ending December 10. In the Pacific region, HDDs were 46 percent above normal. This week’s withdrawal marked the third time that the total net withdrawal exceeded the 200-Bcf threshold during the month of December. The all-time largest net withdrawal occurred during the report week for January 25, 2008, and totaled 274 Bcf.”

  89. for anyone who knows the infamous hill & knowlton, this explains much:
    Oct 30: Hill & Knowlton Selected as Official Media Sponsor for United Nations Climate Change Conference
    Paul Taaffe, global chairman & CEO of Hill & Knowlton, said: “Climate change is the world’s number one issue and a huge and complex challenge for us all. We believe that effective global communications about practical solutions is central to meeting this challenge and we are delighted to have been selected to help at COP15.”…–knowlton-selected-as-official-media-sponsor-for-united-nations-climate-change-conference-67548067.html

  90. kwik, even the “centerpartiet” have echanged their mind now. They want to build new nuclear reactors to replace the old ones.

  91. kwik, even the “centerpartiet” have changed their mind now. They want to build new nuclear reactors to replace the old ones.

  92. “If a person who indulges in gluttony is a glutton, and a person who commits a felony is a felon, then God is an iron.” –Spider Robinson

  93. The icing on the Copenhagen cake for me would be, if when the delegates are leaving for the airport, someone steps in front of Mugabe as he is about to enter his car and tells him that as the conference is now over the travel ban is back in force and he can’t leave.

    Everytime I get close to a beautiful lady, I begin to breathe faster and exhale increased amounts of CO2.
    I also get a feeling of increasing warmth, globally, all over my body.
    That must be simple proof that increasing CO2 causes global warming.
    I have experienced it personally. That’s all the proof I need.
    Separating men and women into northern and southern hemispheres should solve this part of the global warming issue. Also the one child per family solution is facilitated. Even better, zero offspring, a probable outcome of this action, will lower the carbon levels even faster. Carbon problem over.
    I want 5 minutes at the podium in Copenhagen. Send ME a check.

  95. If you really want to know what is going on give very heave weight to the statement and don’t dismiss it as an old cliche.
    Follow The Money!
    The money changers first commandment;
    You Scratch My Back I’ll Scratch Your Back.

  96. vukcevic (14:58:25) :

    Carsten Arnholm, Norway (13:50:00) :
    “…..I have not seen pictures of it in Copenhagen, but I guess the bear must be doing just fine, considering the weather there.”
    The Ice Bear was flown by BA to London instead of Copenhagen, together with rest of luggage of the Norwegian delegation flying to Copenhagen conference !
    See it via live webcam from London.

    That looks like another bear to me… but the same idea.

  97. How about this from UEA
    “UEA has a reputation for innovation and diversity of expertise. Since it was founded in 1963, UEA has broken the mould in a number of areas, from creative writing to environmental sciences, in which it continues to lead the field. But our media profile goes far wider than that, with high profile work undertaken across all of our four faculties.”
    I think they got it right with creative writing. And the profile is high enough.

  98. So, the US is promising $100 billion to “developing” countries for a climate deal!
    Let’s see, the government of the US of A will have to borrow that money from the Chinese and then give it back to them. This isn’t very smart, if you Yanks don’t mind this Canadian saying.
    [Political side bar] When is your current government going to wake up to the fact that the US is broke and throwing money around willy-nilly is dumb[/Political side bar]

  99. Pete of Perth (15:13:32) :
    Chokenhagen….. it’s all about to come to nothing. Oh well, maybe they can organise another grouphug somewhere else on this planet…

    Try the G8/G20 summit in Canada.
    The Prime Minister identified four
    areas to move the agenda forward: global economy, climate change, development and democratic
    governance. A broad and diverse coalition of Canadian civil society organizations calls on Canada to seize
    this opportunity by putting poverty eradication, economic recovery for all and environmental justice at the
    centre of the international agenda.1 Fair and durable solutions, grounded in the application of human rights
    standards, must underscore the obligations of states to people who live in deep poverty and insecurity. We
    look forward to working with government, and with Canadians on promoting a new model of globalization
    that is socially responsible, economically sustainable and environmentally just.

  100. AndrewWH (15:42:00) :
    The icing on the Copenhagen cake for me would be, if when the delegates are leaving for the airport, someone steps in front of Mugabe as he is about to enter his car and tells him that as the conference is now over the travel ban is back in force and he can’t leave.

    That I would love to see – however, not holding my breath… – after all, all the delegates are there to “save the world”.

  101. I’m an angry socialist because the socialist fools in copenhagen are ruining the “party” and the “country” with their nonsense.
    What I dont understand is why the Tories and assorted Right parties are’nt as angry as I am for the same reason: Prince Charles, Gov. Schwarzenegger, David Cameron MP, etc…

  102. Re: Plato’s posting of the Blackburn/Markey discussion:
    Markey, in amongst his glib, unreferenced comments such as “… the glaciers are melting in the Himalayas and the Alps…” [agreed, but some aren’t and the question is why] holds up a large tome titled “Climate Change 2007”.
    He then goes on to claim “Thousands of scientists put together the definitive study on this issue. The climate change study done by all of the scientists of the world. And there they actually considered the [Climategate] emails – the subject of the emails – and they dismissed those concerns”
    Isn’t it about time reporters and others who are involved in these debates held the proponents to account for their statements at the time they make them? ‘Definitive study’, ‘all of the scientists of the world’, a 2007 document that considered the Climategate emails that were only made public in late 2009.
    Each of these comments and many others by Markey and other warmists such as Gore, are allowed to be placed into the record and, for those not following closely enough, are remembered as they relate to catastrophic events. Unfortunately, television shows have time limits and need to keep the entertainment value up or they lose viewers, hence investigative questioning is rare.

  103. As strange as it sounds, that vast and enraged crowd of snow people are not protesting global warming. They are protesting the prospect of coal mining becoming more expensive, due to carbon taxes.
    You see, snowmen and snow women cannot see without “two eyes made out of coal,” and carbon taxes could lead to mass blindness, if coal becomes too expensive.
    It just goes to show you how the law of unintended consequences hits everyone, even snow people. Who would ever dream taxing coal could lead to snow-blindness?

  104. Uh-oh, “The cable car is moving again”, after an “unexpected stop” Wednesday, according to executive secretary Ivo De Boer, and is now on its way up to the “summit” of global leaders of the conference.
    Here’s hoping the little cable car that could, can’t. Wait – is that a wheel I see flying down the hill?

  105. History is written by the Victors, it has been said. Let’s hope that Copenhagen 2009 is not remembered for the unusually balmy Nordic December evenings that finally proved just how wrong the contrarian, climate ‘denialists’ really were!
    I hope that I’m 180 degrees wrong but there’s so much pride, power and politics invested in AGW that guarantees the table is rigged to produce the outcome that was planned!

  106. The Wall Street Journal
    * DECEMBER 17, 2009, 7:19 P.M. ET
    How to Manufacture a Climate Consensus
    The East Anglia emails are just the tip of the iceberg. I should know.
    Few people understand the real significance of Climategate, the now-famous hacking of emails from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU). Most see the contents as demonstrating some arbitrary manipulating of various climate data sources in order to fit preconceived hypotheses (true), or as stonewalling and requesting colleagues to destroy emails to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in the face of potential or actual Freedom of Information requests (also true).

  107. E.M.Smith (11:26:02) : “Also, if you eat the liver it has very high levels of vitamin D: Enough to kill you!”
    It’s the Vitamin A, not D. Inuit are/were careful about eating polar bear, seal, and dog livers for that reason.
    Decades ago my college nutrition prof mentioned that during a lecture on vitamins. I also recall a scene in the 1985 TV miniseries “The Last Place on Earth”, when explorer Roald Amundsen tells his companions not to eat a dog’s liver: “Never eat what a dog won’t eat.”

  108. Haha.
    I couldn’t possibly understand just about anything that man was saying, but I am sure he meant “the science is unsettling”.

  109. AdderW
    Here is more
    Precautionary principle.
    Balance the needs of the IPCC and science
    Failure would be catastrophic
    “What an a**hole”
    These overinflated phrases probably belong in the list too
    Carbon Financial Instruments
    Carbon Capture and Storage

  110. I just found this art; pictures and music by Brian Jorgensen.

    Text on Youtube:
    Global warming in Denmark – Snowstorms causing havoc across the country while the end of United Nations Climate Change Conference COP15 in Copenhagen is drawing near. Video footage and photos from Odense in Denmark December 16th 2009, showing evidence of a lot of snow and “climate change”, or let´s say “global cooling”.
    The winter came at a very comfortable time and place, like ClimateGate came just in time…

  111. This is for all the delegates. Make sure y’all listen while holding that, um…, niece, yeah that’s what she is, close to you.

  112. Robert of Ottawa (16:27:43) :
    So, the US is promising $100 billion to “developing” countries for a climate deal!
    Let’s see, the government of the US of A will have to borrow that money from the Chinese and then give it back to them. This isn’t very smart, if you Yanks don’t mind this Canadian saying.
    [Political side bar] When is your current government going to wake up to the fact that the US is broke and throwing money around willy-nilly is dumb[/Political side bar]
    It is NOT THEIR MONEY so why should they care if they rob the rest of us blind. Thanks to the Money Lenders a USA $50 gold coin is now worth over $1100. That means the current US dollar is now worth $0.045 and the feds ended up with the other $0.95 thanks to the federal Reserve act of 1913, inflation and no gold standard. Oh yes we get to pay state, local and federal taxes out of the $0.045 they left us….
    As a Canadian check out The Evidence given by Mr. Graham Towers: Governor of the Bank of Canada, appearing in 1939, before the COMMITTEE ON BANKING AND COMMERCE:

  113. Carsten Arnholm, Norway (16:12:46) :
    “That looks like another bear to me… but the same idea.”
    Since BA every day misdirects up to 4000 peaces of luggage a day (well over a million pieces a year), I would not be surprised at anything (but this time it was not meant to be taken seriously). Anyway, we have kind of Norwegian weather this morning in the London suburbs. BTW thanks for the Christmas tree.

  114. kwik (14:27:34) :
    Coal and natural gas for the cental plants.
    Natural gas, garbage, straw for the decentral plants.

  115. Rotten snow, eh? (Robert) Let’s define that:
    Rotten ice: Normal natural winter ice that AGW activists believe isn’t there.
    Rotten snow: Normal natural white snow that AGW activists can’t see.
    Any suggestions for more things rotten? (man,case,town,boat …?)

  116. UK Sceptic (11:06:38) :
    Slightly O/T
    The BBC gets rid of the MWP:
    The entire program is pure warmist propaganda and contains nothing but bias, half-truths, fudge and outrageous lies.
    I am actually legally obliged to fund this poisonous bilge. Apologies if this has already been brought up on another thread.

    I haven’t had a television for about 15 years now. There is a way to stop funding the bilge.
    Merry Christmas to Knott Enders. (Better than Eastenders)

  117. “From the “weather is not climate” department, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”
    Yep. December avarage temperature finally dipped to below normal after those hot first two weeks. After ten warm months in a row, with the eighteenth year since 1988 filling warmest 1-18 places of the meteorological record (2009 a number 4 or 5).
    Reply: I haven’t heard back from you about my proposed bet. I’m quite serious. If you believe in your own statements you stand to make some money. ~ charles the moderator.
    REPLY2: Yes RR, let’s put your money where your mouth is. What say you? Deal or No Deal? I sent you an email to make sure you know about this, but got no reply. – Anthony Watts

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