UK television ad for "Action On CO2" is beyond bad taste

Th UK Government has lost all sense of realism and decency. As a father of two young children myself, I’d like to smack the person(s) responsible for this upside the head and say “what were you thinking!”.

Even normally pro AGW Nature calls it the Worst. Climate. Campaign. Ever. Watch this.

Link to transcript

Nature writes:

The UK government has decided to convince us all that climate change is real. To this end it is spending £6 million on a prime time advertising campaign featuring a father reading a bedtime story about the evil carbon dioxide monster created by grown ups which is making rabbits cry.

In perhaps the worst advert for stopping climate change I’ve ever seen, the cringe worthy short has the father telling his child how scientists found that global warming “was being caused by too much CO2, and it was the children of the land who’d have to live with the horrible consequences”

In an article in the Register, Andrew Orlowski points out that even the UK  Met office doesn’t go this far:

Met Office climate modeller Vicky Pope has said apocalyptic predictions are misleading – “distorting” the perception of climate change. She cited shock-horror press releases about recent Arctic ice melt, which she said could equally be explained by natural variation.

Taxpayers are paying £6m so their children can be scared out of their wits. It’s not Halloween, but a new climate change TV advertising campaign that begins tonight, which features a young girl watching a dog drown.

See the new center of climate porn here:

They do have a contact form. The question is: will they listen or just brand everyone who thinks maybe the campaign is “over the top” as paid shills of Exxon ?


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This is nothing less than government-sponsored child abuse and indoctrination, a typical outgrowth of any fundamentalist religion. That even the zealots at Nature (a recognized center of climate alarmism) finds this campaign beyond the pale is telling.


Someone with good movie maker software should download this video, rework it and tell everyone how the evil government is trying to scare the shit out of kids to make them comply with the global governance agenda.

Brent Matich

That poor dog drowned because that evil kid and her dad kept their house warm, end of story.
Brent in Calgary


Ecofascists are hard at work. Remember Chamberlin and appeasement did NOT work.
If you want to protect a free society then fight this outright FASCIST movement with all your might!
If you don’t take a stanmd now then perhaps your own children will one day be goosestepping in the street and marching off industry leaders & workes (CO2 Monsters) to concentration camps in order to turn there bodies into carbon that can be buried back in to the earth (hence saving the world from evil industrialists).

Jim Cole

OMG! This is wretched.
It will probably get worse through the Copenhagen faux-anxiety-fest. Early onset of NH winter, record-low ice melt in Antarctica, quick refreeze in the Arctic, and still no dang photo-op hurricanes in the Atlantic.
What’s a committed Doomster to do?


Why would anyone be surprised at this? Typical ideological child abuse.


That’s it. I can’t bear the sight of a poor little crying bunny rabbit, sobbing because we destroyed the Earth.
I’m going to switch off the electricity and live in the da


Since they’re already scaring the hell of of kids, why not add “…and when naughty children watched TV, played video games, and used night lights.”


I told you carbon taxing the world is the linchpin of the ruling elite’s plan to control the entire planet. They will try anything and stop at nothing to make it so. You have no idea who you are dealing with and what they are capable of. Now you get to see it before your very eyes. So sad.

Rereke Whakaaro

This sort of thing is not new. Governments have done it before.
Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, and China under Mao Zedong are three examples that come to mind.
Was this put out my a Ministry of Information (aka Propaganda)?
It is one thing to put out dodgy press releases to dupe the popular press into publishing rubbish. But it is quite another thing for the Government to start believing its own spin.
They will be burning books about real science next …


Time for a revolt.


A small Victory?
What happened to global warming?


When I see propaganda like this, which is beyond the worst parody of specious fearmongering, I have to ask “Is this is a turning point?”.
At first it seemed to me that the producers of this are merely making a crass point about our future generations by talking in such blank childlike terms, but then it occurred to me that this is all they can intellectually manage to use as an argument, they really think that we are stupider than them. I think any child can see through this.

Thomas J. Arnold.

Over the pond, you guys are not bombarded with the Madhouse/loony-toon fruit cake spin of the EU/Nu-labour government insanities, that constitute so called ‘POLICY’, although, with Waxman/Marky, you are getting a flavour.
Bring on a cold winter in the northern hemisphere!!

P Walker

Maybe this will finally cause people to say enough is enough . Stooping this low might well force folks to step back and see climate change hysteria for what it is .

Jim Cole writes ” quick refreeze in the Arctic”
I hate to disillusion you, but the Arctic has stopped it’s quick refreeze over the last week or so. I think we skeptics ought to stick to facts.

Chilly Bean

I can’t believe this one. I’ve already emailed my complaint to them. I think this one above all others deserves a complaint from every reader. I’m also going to complain to the advertising standards authority.
Just when you think that they cannot stoop any lower…..


maybe we can kill the rabbit and make the girl a fur muff so her father can turn the heat down. Two birds with one stone.

Phillip Bratby

This just shows how lunatic our discredited government has become. The country is essentially bankrupt and yet £6m can be found to fund propaganda.

Doug in Seattle

This is the logical outcome of allowing AIT and the religion of AGW into our schools.
Despair people, it will only get worse. The only way to counter it is to teach the truth to your own children.

P Wilson

The Met office vacillate between doom and apocalypse and “oh, maybe its not that bad really”. They are very confused and caught between a rock and a hard place. Not their fault: On the one hand they want to be accurate and objective. On the other they have to accept the current paradigm.


unbelievable! what will they do next?


OK. What is the deal with the UK? Why are they trash-talking about climate change? Can someone from the UK please repond? I mean….seriously what is going on?


From my experience of children, most of them watching this advert will want to know where they can get a Carbon Monster outfit for Halloween, and if they could get the Carbon Footprint boots that leave black sticky goo everywhere that would be just great.


Think how much CO2 would be saved from going into the atmosphere if dadies stopped reading their kids bedtime stories. Thats 10-15 minutes extra time with the lights on. We could save thousands of dogs and rabbits which by the way were reprted to be overpopulating because of the longer summers and shorter winters.


I’m telling you, the parallels with McCarthyism are staggering….

Regular readers of this site know that the government is lying in this case because they have personal knowledge of the subject. The next time the government makes a case that the readers are unfamiliar with they can fairly assume the same level of honesty as shown in this bit of propaganda.
So who loses? Once credibility is lost there are no words that can get it back.


Hey little girl! Look outside your window. Do you see a big, black smoke monster that’s been formed out little black clouds that came out of people’s cars and houses? No. Okay, problem solved then.

UK citizens please complain at:-
I said:-
The advert is an emotionally charged and deliberately misleading piece of scaremongering propaganda which seeks to demonise carbon dioxide, a harmless trace gas which as plant food is essential to life on Earth. Claims are made that the “weather is very very strange” (which it is not – unless they mean that it has been getting colder for all this century) and it is stated that “scientists say this is caused by too much CO2”. Whilst some scientists claim this is the case, many other eminent scientists say that the effect of CO2 on climate is trivial and largely beneficial. No reputable scientist, (even those promoting alarmism and the IPCC themselves) claims that “weather” events (as opposed to climate) are caused by CO2 emissions. There is absolutely no evidence whatever that anthropogenic CO2 emissions have, are, or are likely to call flooding, sea level rise or threaten childrens’ future. There is also absolutely no evidence, if the UK’s anthropogenic CO2 emissions stopped completely, that there would be any measurable effect on the global climate.
It is claimed that “the grown ups discovered that over 40% of the ‘CO2’ was caused by ordinary things like keeping houses warm”. This is completely wrong. It is claimed that CO2 levels were approx. 285ppmv before the industrial revolution as opposed to 385ppmv now. If these figures (ex. IPCC) are correct, there has been no more than 35% increase in CO2 from every (including completely natural, as well as transport and industry) sources. Many scientists estimate that a more likely figure is around 5%. There is ample evidence that CO2 levels and global temperature has been much higher many times in the past with few if any disbenefits.

James Allison

Who are they trying to fool eh! We all know rabbits can’t cry.


What happened to my previous post?
In any case, you can see other “subliminal” messages in there: like the Noah’s ark curtains and the panda. But if they wanted to cut their carbon footprint maybe they should have put less pillows on the girl’s bed. Another one is when the little girl shut the light off, before she is all worried and after she is all smiling.


Another one for the ASA I think.

Jim Turner

My comment on the previous thread beat this post by about ten minutes! so I’m guessing that you were aware of this ahead of me.
I would just like to reiterate in this more appropriate thread that this is a tv adertisement, and as such is governed by strict regulations on truthfulness. The impression is clearly made that more than 40% of CO2 is due to heating houses and driving cars etc, in fact I believe only an estimated 3-4% of CO2 is due to all fossil fuel combustion combined, the rest being natural sources.
Apart from the nauseating tone of the whole thing, this serious factual innaccuracy is a legitimate cause for a complaint to the regulator (I think the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK). It would be great if a correction could be broadcast.

MattN (13:30:22) McCarthy may have been a bombastic bully but unlike the AGW crowd he was right.


2 weeks before this makes it to US TV?

D. King

What’s next….puppies and kittens?
This people are profoundly sick.

Gary Hladik

IMHO it still doesn’t top this one:

Alan Siddons

The UK gov’t doesn’t even have the theory correct.
“The term ‘greenhouse effect’ was coined to describe the way some gases in the atmosphere (such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane) trap some of the light energy from the sun after it is reflected from the Earth’s surface, and before it can escape out into space, so warming our atmosphere.”
But the “trapping” of reflected solar shortwave isn’t part of the theory, rather the trapping of infrared (longwave) emitted by the earth’s heated surface.

The child in the video is going to need years of therapy to recover from this mental programming.

David L. Hagen

Please express your opinion to:
Ambassador Nigel Sheinwald
The British Embassy
Washington D.C.
3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington D.C. 20008-3600 USA
Or email

Jim Turner

Re: Mike (13:22:45) :
“OK. What is the deal with the UK? Why are they trash-talking about climate change? Can someone from the UK please repond? I mean….seriously what is going on?”
Mike, I believe that at least part of the driver for this is the total hash our government here has made of our future energy requirement.
Much power generation has used natural gas from under the North Sea, but this is now running out. They can’t go back to coal because of EU pollution directives, and they have reversed their anti-nuclear position too late to fill the gap. All they are left with is sourcing natural gas from unreliable overseas sources like Russia, covering half the country in wind turbines – and desperately trying to do everything they can to get consumers to reduce demand – hence (at least in part) the convenient ‘fig leaf’ of CO2 reduction.
On a positive note, they have made such a mess of the economy that we won’t be able to afford much power consumption anyway – hope it doesn’t get too cold!


LOL! “40% of the CO2 comes from everyday things like keeping houses warm and driving cars”
So the “solution” which will bring a “happy ending” I suppose is to freeze your children in your home at night and refuse to drive them to school, or to the doctor.
(little blond girl smiles, hugs her dad and says “what a wonderful environmentally responsible world it is”.)


Pass the bucket please, I have to …


According to a study released in August: Having Children Brings High Carbon Impact.
So the commercial should end with Daddy smothering his little girl and telling her he’s doing it for the bunny and the doggy.
Somewhere Jonathon Swift is smiling.


No TV at tallbloke towers anymore. Sold on ebay months ago. Looks like it was a good move.
Stop paying the TV license fee as a protest against this crap.
REPLY: Better yet, have a protest where citizens dump their TV’s on the office doorstep of these fools.

John Silver

Jim Turner (13:55:19) :
“On a positive note, they have made such a mess of the economy that we won’t be able to afford much power consumption anyway – hope it doesn’t get too cold!”
And when is the next election?

Mr. Alex

That was a very lame story, the kid was not impressed.
The father’s expression at 0:26 is absolutely classic, his face says it all: [snip] … He’s definitely a skeptic.

Robert Wood

I sent my response, starting out nicely so they would at least start reading it.
I don’t think they uise the expression “jump the shark” in the UK; how about hoping this is just “… Too Far”.

Sam the Skeptic

To add to all the gloom coming out of the UK at the moment E-ON have decided to abandon plans for a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth, a victory for Greensleaze and Fiends of the Earth and our old friend James Hansen. Readers may remember a court case where he stuck his nose into UK politics and persuaded a jury that it was OK for the Little Green Men to invade private property to stop the evil electricity suppliers from building a new (and in about 5 years vitally needed) power station at Kingsnorth.
Thanks, James. Brown-outs, or even blackouts, will be knows as hansens in future.

Nick Name Game

Six months ago I complained to the ASA (advertising standards authority) about the ‘Change 4 Life’ health campaign. My complaint, along with others, resulted in the advertisement being dropped.
I intend to complain about this advertisement also. I am a father of young children and I find this advertisement to be dishonest and offensive.
I suggest that if anyone feels the same that they do the same.
Here is the web site … just follow the instruction.