Twitter Added

I’ve gotten some requests for Twitter to be added to WUWT, and I’ve done so. See it on the right sidebar.

The name to follow is wattsupwiththat

Just click the FOLLOW TWITTER ON WUWT link.

I’ll see how it goes.

25 thoughts on “Twitter Added

  1. Welcome to the madhouse that is Twitter! One suggestion is to add a link to the post you reference when you send a tweet. Since you only get 140 characters per tweet, you can use one of the URL condensing sites such as Glad to see you enter the mix!

  2. Don’t forget to follow people/groups as well. Right now you’re following ZERO. Even Al Gore is following 9 twitterites (who are all subsidiaries of his vast wealth and kingdom, but still….). It’s the same as him following himself. has the full story.

  3. When computers began to proliferate in the nineties, I claimed that I had absolutely no need or interest in computers. They were to me little more than an expensive distraction. “I will never be caught dead using something as silly as a computer!” I proclaimed to all that would listen; thus carrying on the traditions of a long line of Luddites.
    I purchased my first system, at the age of 36, in the spring of ’98 and within the year was building and repairing them in my spare time. I took to computers like a duck (obviously a witch. Burn her!) to water.
    I find myself stating categorically to anyone who cares to listen that I will never “tweet”! Ever!!!
    Cheers Anthony! Thanks for all the fish. 8-[}

  4. You also can use hastags on twitter , like #climate, #weather ect.. some topics have followers that just look for key words:)

  5. Aw jeez. I guess I’m gonna have to get an account to “follow” Anthony’s “tweets”…
    Didn’t take nearly as long this time before I caved.

  6. INGSOC (16:02:51) : “When computers began to proliferate…
    Ah, INGSOC, you are one of a mighty band… someone before you (someone of note, but I forget who) made the statement that he could see the world could use some 4 computers; 5 if GM bought one… or words to that effect.

  7. Spread the word…use all spaces, facebook, twitter, youtube etc etc….do it, smother Al “I invented the internet” Gore with real information.

  8. It would be nice if you decided at some point(now) to change the stylesheet (css) of your sidebar cause at the moment you cant tell what’s a link and whats not.
    I can help if you want it only needs three lines of code.

  9. I hate to admit this but I have no idea what one does with Twitter. Is there a simple answer for simple folk?

  10. Pardon my behind the times present condition, but what the hell is Twitter? Is it a new computer? A way to text with a phone? Does it cost more? What do you use it for?

  11. Pamela Gray (08:57:21) :
    Pardon my behind the times present condition, but what the hell is Twitter? Is it a new computer? A way to text with a phone? Does it cost more? What do you use it for?
    Twitter is used by companies or individuals to inform their clients in very short news.
    There’s absolutely no reason for Anthony to show up the latest twitts on this blog since they link bk here anyway…it will only slow this blog down for1+secs.
    Would be better if you just kept the Twitt logo “followme”

  12. Pamela Gray (08:16:54) :
    Still don’t know what it is. What piece of equipment do you need to “twitter”?
    go to
    All you need is a computer or a cell phone, register first.

  13. Have no idea who or what twitter is; I don’t keep up with the Hoillywood crowd; but I notice it does rhyme with glitter; so it is in good company I guess.

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