Obama's energy plan: bankrupt coal power plants, skyrocketing electricity rates

I’ve held off as long as I can with commenting on the presedential election, as it tends to suck all the oxygen right out of the room, but this issue needs to be aired. There’s more to Obama’s energy plan than bankrupting coal power plants. He also intends to make energy prices “skyrocket”:

This doesn’t sound sustainable to me.  Hat tip to Jon Jewitt.

UPDATE: here is video from the San Francisco Chronicle of the actual interview:

Hat tip to Fred for this one.


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Well, that’ll mean the poor won’t be able to afford it which will mean more wealth will need to be redistributed downward.


We’ll know in about 36 hours if we’re following Britain down the road to freezing in the dark.
We’re already in danger of blackouts & brownouts
and that’s BEFORE any group has driven a stake through the heart of the power grid.

… which I’ll add it means he just might try and do this.


It is shocking that a candidate wants to cripple a major US energy source! We cannot replace coal with wind mills. This is all based on bad science. There is no proven AGW based on CO2. Hopefully he will be just a footnote in history. On a lighter note how is Chico doing doing with their deficit. Maybe their cap and tax will restore the businesses there.


Neither candidate gets my vote based on their stance on AGW. But McCain gets it as the lessor of two evils on that score. And I have a lot of other reasons for voting against Obama. Since they go beyond the primary interests of WUWT, I’ll keep them to myself. I do think, no matter who wins, that events have a way of driving the future, not silly (or stupid) campaign promises. On climate change, I think we’ll see the climate change before the worst is done, no matter who wins.

Steven Hill

Amazing arrogance!

Daryl Ritchison

The hidden tax that never gets mentioned. Not that McCain’s understanding of climate is much better.


I haven’t compared the two tapes but this is apparently the original

Ed Scott

You, ladies and gentlemen, are going to pay for the sin of emitting CO2. Not to worry. Your addiction to CO2 emissions will be limited by personal economic factors.
The short version.
I’ll make energy prices “skyrocket”


The coal industry will not be bankrupt they will simply pass the costs onto the consumer. It should also be noted that greenhouse gases include water vapour. Would this mean that water would be included in the cap and trade plan? Irrigation produces a lot of water vapour. Would this drive up the cost of food?
With 50% of electricity generated by coal we need only look at what happened to California when the price of electricity skyrocketed.
Isn’t coal black?


Here is the video of his comment:


Update – it is about 26 minutes in


I’m starting to have serious reservations that this country will still exist 10 years from now. It’s being destroyed from within, and the politicians are the catalyst.


About half of the USA electricity generation is coal burning power plants. The USA has about 27% of the world’s coal supply. Trans[port fuel is easily made from coal with a process called the Fischer-Tropsch.
I vote we cut electricity to Al Gore’s house and Chicago first.
This coal idiocy is just astounding.
… More about what we don’t know about climate … It’s called Flux Transfer Events, sun to earth. Changes our understanding of how particles and energy moves from the sun to the earth — Courtesy of the THEMIS constellation of satellites.
An amazing, and unexpected discovery. How do FTE`s effect the Earth`s climate? Have FTEs decreased in number or intensity with the weakening solar wind or Earth`s decreasing magnetic field? Maybe they have increased, more are forming? We simply don’t know what is the ramifications of all this, how the Earth’s climate is affected, we just know something is happening.
Yet more climate complexity NOT figured into the UN-IPCC report and Al Gore`s Global Warming hoax.
Here is the link
Remember, the THEMIS satellites figured out how the Aurora Borealis event was triggered a few months back..


One of many things that continues to astound me is the number of people who just get giddy over the thought that we’ll FINALLY be making the evil, nasty, coal-fired power plants pay.
People at large seem to have absolutely no idea how a business operates. Purchasing carbon credits is an “expense”, just the same as purchasing any other raw material that goes into their product, in this case, electricity. The price they charge for that product obviously has to be above the price they pay to MAKE the product. Increase their cost, increase the cost to the consumer of the product.
Instead, people are of the belief that the company that owns the plant has to take this money for carbon credits out of some secret pile of money instead of passing the costs along, and that it will have no impact on the consumer.
When you tell them that it’s NOT the power company that pays for the carbon credits, it’s US, they look at you like you’re a lunatic.
The general public seems to be in some sort of trance that for the most part is impenetrable.
I wonder if their vision will clear once the sheckles are all gone?


I’ll be Obama does not even know what a lump of coal looks like.

Strangley enough, the guy who’s ‘strongest’ on the economy is acctualy the one who is the highest risk. I’m not conviced either of them, or anyone for that matter, can ‘fix’ the economy. I think this one needs to work it-self out. But Barack is the one who will do the most damage trying to fix it.
Let’s face it, tax cuts to 95% of the working class only help if you have a job.

Ed Scott

“Maybe we pick wrong and maybe we pick right.” This authoritarian is not the right pick.
Coal Bankruptcy


If ever implemented widely, Cap and Trade will be such a spectacular failure that it will be political suicide for anybody who had anything to do with it.
The problem is it focuses on one thing – Carbon. We should be focusing on energy efficiency, sustainability and security. I might be willing to allow CO2 into the equation, as I’d prefer we not run massive experiments with our one and only atmosphere, but honestly I think there are much more pressing concerns at the moment.
I think one tactic in dealing with this sort of thing is to run with it and take it to extremes. If we cap and trade CO2 – why not methane? Hell, why not water vapor. Instead of fighting the regulator regime, jump on board in spades and help it collapse under it’s own weight.


Obama is obviously very intelligent. Even if he knows about the doubts surrounding AGW theory, would he hint about them in a campaign?
We’ll see what he does once elected. The slightest hint of waffling and delaying would mean that he won’t be as radical as many people on this blog fear.


I just had a conversation with my my small business owning brother.
We’re of a mind.
After they’ve put Obama in office – we’re done with our democrat friends.
The issues are too great to pretend that his candidacy and election are not an assault on our families, our livelihoods and this great land.
May I suggest some viewing alternatives to watching this tragedy unfold.
I’m watching National Geographic’s Lewis & Clark – Great Journey West.
No matter what they do in their effort to create a socialist utopia -they cannot take away the fact of the courageous visionaries who laid the foundations of America.
May God bless and keep her.
God bless her.

Unfortunately, there’s no more time left to truly expose the Messiah for who he really is. The mainstream media has already elected him.

Bruce Cobb

There’s a huge disconnect in this country regarding the AGW issue. People as a whole don’t get the fact that “Cap and Trade” is nothing but a huge money-making (for some) scam that is going to cost We the People a lot of money, and will have incredibly negative consequences for our already-hurting economy. John McCain is for the same thing, it’s just that Obama has connected the dots. It is up to Congress to drag their feet on this as much as possible. Heaven help us if the Dems get a 60-seat majority, and I say that as a Dem. Here in NH, the Rep. Sununu (who I’ll be voting for) is in what appears to be a tight race with Shaheen. Should be interesting. Obama gets my vote, albeit an unenthusiastic one.

Luís de Sousa

Obama is clueless.
Check the typo in the post’s title.
REPLY: Fixed Thanks- Anthony

The media has had this for some time I think. They are releasing various stories at the last minute in low key ways that they think will preserve their credibility. Those stories released in the primary would have finished the O.

Dan Lee

I can’t think of a faster way for him to lose the support of a majority of the Democrats in congress over this. Most of them are much more centrist than Obama is, plus their constituents will be screaming bloody murder at them once the pain sets in. But it may take a painful year or two for it to happen.

Spiking oil prices were the original cause of the recent economic panic, despite what the MSM would like us to believe – notice how things have started to move in a positive direction now that oil pricing has come down. Cost of energy affects every single part of the economy. If energy prices skyrocket, as they will if we abandon coal as a source, look for another panic and likely a depression until we can kick the idiots out that are promoting this lunacy.

Dodgy Geezer

Hmm.. can’t say I’m following foreign politics very much, but I understand the US has an election coming up shortly? And everyone knows that when politicians are going for re-election they will make any promises they are asked to, without consideration of the impact?
I suspect that these words are taken from an interview with an environmental group, and Obama is just saying what they want to hear. How else do you get votes? I’m sure that, once in power, he will find a good reason to go back on his word, as every other politician on the planet has learned how to do. I seem to recall a ‘Yes, Minister’ script where Sir Humphery pointed out that there was an unwritter bargain between Ministers and Civil Servants – if the Ministers would drop all their manifesto promises the Civil Service would help them hide the reversal….


If Obama does this, I am going to send him a lump of coal in a stocking for Christmas.

Perry Debell

Forward this video to every American you know. I’ve started.


But remember, those bankruptcies are non-partisan change we can believe in. And I certainly believe that my rates will skyrocket in a non-partisan way, if he is elected. And all the poor people who will stuggle to pay their utility bills should be ashamed at their selfishness and lack of patriotism.


well i know the people who are buying the plant Im helping to build right now and the citizens who are buying the 1000+ MW of electricity it and a nextdoor unit are going to make are going to be pretty irate if this happens….what a genius…

Bill P

A WSJ editorial compared the two candidates’ energy policies here.


nothing new here.
the liberals have been FIGHTING FOR higher fuel and energy prices for decades.
The goal: restrain energy usage.
Exactly how they also restain housing growth in Kalifornia by making housing creation so expensive, people are forced into smaller houses and multi-story housing projects.


The big question I have – who will see this story before they vote? If it’s only on FoxNews then I doubt if anyone will be changing their minds.

David Gladstone

I’d like to hear more specifics about this.

Retired Engineer

Anthony, you have seen it on a small scale in Chico, we are about to see it on a large scale across the country. Well meaning (perhaps) and mislead (certainly) folks trying to make the world better by deciding how you should live. Maggie Thatcher made a very good point in her preface to “The Downing Street Years”, setting the Conservative party in opposition to the idea that ‘the gentlemen in Whitehall know better how the people should live than the people themselves.’
It might not be so bad if there was solid evidence that it would help the environment or stabilize the climate. But current coal plants are better than they were a decade ago, new technologies will make them even cleaner, and the climate will do whatever it d— well pleases.
One thing this idea (even partially implemented) will do is raise taxes. In a soft economy. 75 years ago, FDR proved you can take a couple year recession and turn it into a decade long depression with a few tax hikes and a bit of government control. With a World War to fix it at the end.
I really don’t think that’s a good idea this time around.

Patrick Henry

Even scarier is this clip. Obama wants to create a “civilian national security force of the same size and power as the military.”

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”
This is how the population was controlled in the USSR. A massive network of civilian spies who reported all dissident activity, in the name of national unity.

Mike Pickett

I wondered why he felt he needed a “National Police Force” composed of civilians. It will take force to cause this to happen, and he daren’t use
National Guard or Federal troops. I heard there was some rumbling from
a cemetery over in Britain showing up on seismometers. Seems a grave labeled Eric Blair is rumbling 24/7. Let me add another aside, as I toss another log into my stove (I heat a 1200 square foot home with wood fire), when will wood get put on the same “remove by” list?


Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio. All swing states, all coal producting states. Obama will get them all new “green jobs” I am sure.

anna v

Well, as both candidates seem to have eaten the bait of cap and trade hook line and sinker, I do not think it will make much difference as far as the results of a disastrous energy policy goes. Unless you believe that one of them will back out faster and more than the other?
A mitigating factor must be that both are in the middle of a campaign while the economy is rocking dangerously. It is evident that both should rethink economic and energy policies, but this is not the time for them to do so.
It seems the only thing that will save us is weather itself: a long arctic winter in the NH will soon have everybody rushing for energy .

Richard deSousa

I have a plan… all the coal generating plants should declare bankruptcy and cease operation. That’s what Obama wants, let’s give it to him. Then watch the price of energy skyrocket and the people freeze because we can’t afford to pay for the energy we need.

Mark Fuggle

McCain wants to cut co2 emmissions by 66% by 2050.Obama has said 80% by the same date. McCain will spend $2bn per year on clean_up tech per year.Obama wants to do it with a PPP. Can’t see a lot in it personally.

Jim B original

Watch what happens when the electric prices sky rocket, air conditioning units will be turned off across America, the next big heat wave will kill hundreds, there by proving again the intensity of global warming.
Only good news is I hope we will see a new golden age for nuclear power.


I say no to B.O.


This site held more interest back when I thought that it was more scientifically motivated than politically. And talk about alarmism! AGW’er don’t have the corner on it apparently.
Signing off here.
REPLY: Sorry you feel that way, back to science after the election. Unfortunately science has become politicized so it is hard to avoid. – Anthony


Shouldn’t we really focus on what is really going on here — Pay more in taxes, so government can PRETEND to control the weather. Does anybody wonder where the taxes are going? Or what they are to be spent on?
Not all change is good. Fidel Castro wanted to change Cuba in 1954, and succeeded.

Mike McMillan

tarpon (08:55:04) :
About half of the USA electricity generation is coal burning power plants. … I vote we cut electricity to Al Gore’s house and Chicago first.
Chicago won’t see brownouts. Illinois gets more than half its juice from nuclear.

anna v

Richard deSousa (10:52:06) :
“all the coal generating plants should declare bankruptcy and cease operation.”
They need not be as drastic. They could declare a “lockout”. It is what the strike of the owners is called. If the coal plants organize they could stop this in its tracks.

Adolfo Giurfa

As a member of the once “third world”, you americans are becoming new members of the “fourth world” with all that AGW pseudosience.
The USA will never be the last century´s USA again. You are really blind, we just can not believe how you are heading to a bottomless precipice