Back home again

I’ve been traveling, doing presentations, giving interviews, and attending seminars for the last 5 days. Yesterday, thanks to JFK and Delta airlines I spent 16 hours traveling from NYC back to California in what should have be about 8-10 hours.  I have a mound of work and messages to catch up on today.

One of my goals when I get caught up is to complete the parts 2 and 3 of the global metrics that thread I started but was unable to finish before I left. Some folks that aren’t reading anything but that one thread (and apparently not realizing that I’ve been traveling) and making claims that somehow I’m shirking that responsibility. For me its about going through the process, doing the work myself, and presenting the results.  If the new posts and results aren’t coming fast enough for some, there’s little I can do except to ask for patience.

UPDATE: Several people have asked to see the slide show that I presented at the ICCC on Monday.  I have uploaded it to my server and you can see it here. Click on the first title slide to start, then see the arrow controls to advance etc.

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