Thanks to all my readers!


My first 100K unique visits month, and the month isn’t even over yet!

Stay tuned, more interesting topics coming your way…

14 thoughts on “Thanks to all my readers!

  1. Awesome Anthony! Your readership will continue to grow as you explain climate change science in terms we can all understand. Your experience in making the complex understandable is paying big dividends. Keep those interesting facts coming, as I am sharing them with my NC Media Watch readers at every opportunity.

  2. You have hit a few home runs this month with Jan temps and the solar analysis. I am finding links back to your site in the oddest of places.
    Thanks for all of the hard work maintaining the blog.

  3. Hey, Anthony,
    Which Nino/Nina predicts Global Freezing?
    Just askin’
    Great Blog, though; could even be stellar.

  4. Anthony, I enjoy perusing your site most days, and I’ve learned a lot. Any subject that carries this much political, social, and/or cultural baggage deserves all the skepticism it gets. Count me a skeptic. I was wondering, being rather new to this issue, if you could compile and post an “acronym definition” page on your site. There are so many, and it’s hard for a newbie to keep all the organizations, measurement devices, networks, etc. straight. Just a suggestion.
    REPLY: Done! See the Glossary page link on the toolbar under the cloud header

  5. Congratulation!
    This is a tendency, I think. That AGW sites lose traffic but skeptics gain visitors!
    Watch this stats for RealClimate and ClimateAudit at December 2007 (AGW loses its audience):
    (The same picture, but smaller: )
    Well, this isn’t important. The importance is a scientific debate, not numbers of believers. But this is encouraging since most government and a discourse that silence people (and I will also say bad “science”) is on the losing side. 🙂

  6. Indeed you have an impressive array of positives going: nice clean vivid presentation; balanced, data-centered content that possibly avoids argumentation for its own sake; good blog cross-link relationships; an appeal to a wide variety of interests–nice work!
    And I think Magnus’s traffic comparisons is telling; analogous to the D-Day landing having been acheived.

  7. Very nice site, Mr. Watts. I stop by at least a couple of times a day to see if anything new has been posted. Informative content laid out in a matter that is attractive and easy to read.
    Thank you.

  8. “analogous to the D-Day landing having been acheived.”
    Battle of Moscow. (Kluge is thrown back, but double envelopment not achieved.)
    The Battle of Britain is behind us, but Stalingrad and Kursk lie ahead. Overlord is not yet in sight.
    As Churchill put it, not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning.
    Bang! Bang! Bang!
    Goes the farmers’ gun.
    Run, rabbit! run!
    Run! Run! Run!

  9. what a great site. I started on Surfaceststions moved on to Climateaudit and found Wattsupwiththat. I learn more here and pass it on to others on a local blog with some hard core warmers. (They refuse to recognize new studies because the authors haven’t enough peer reviewed papers)
    Anthony Please keep up the good work.

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