You ask, I provide. Glossary of climate terms now online.

Ultimate175 writes:

Anthony, I enjoy perusing your site most days, and I’ve learned a lot.  Any subject that carries this much political, social, and/or cultural baggage deserves all the skepticism it gets.  Count me a skeptic.  I was wondering, being rather new to this issue, if you could compile and post an “acronym definition” page on your site.  There are so many, and it’s hard for a newbie to keep all the organizations, measurement devices, networks, etc. straight.  Just a suggestion.

Done! I had been considering this for some time, and Evan Jones gave me a head-start. Your request made so much sense that it seemed the right time to do this. I added some relevant to this blog plus many more that came to me courtesy of Evan’s post.

See the Glossary link on the toolbar under the cloud header picture. There’s a comment form to suggest additions or changes. Please use it – Anthony

9 thoughts on “You ask, I provide. Glossary of climate terms now online.

  1. Very nice; now I can delete the Word file of Evan’s list docked at the bottom of my screen. Thanks, Anthony.

  2. Thanks a lot for this. About a month ago I started puting one together because I was caught in acronym hell. In getting “up to speed” on the subject, the acronyms were slowing the process up. Once again,

  3. Kudos to Phillip Mulholland. I just dug it out.
    Who knows, maybe after the dust clears we’ll have a Revalued Error Variance (REV) to add to the list.

  4. Or maybe the Anthony Watts Offset Level?
    REPLY: Evan, thanks but I don’t need things named after me. Just finding the real data is reward enough.

  5. I hadn’t noticed–I’ll go back a look.
    It is something I have longed-for.
    Is “WUWT” in there?
    REPLY: Well even I don’t know what “WUWT” is, so please cite a reference.

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