How not to measure temperature, part 18

On Friday June 6th, I made a trip though northern California to visit four official climate monitoring stations that are part of the US Historical Climatological Network (USHCN) which has been the subject of study on my photographic database website

Here is the Napa State Hospital, which has a long history of observing temperature and precipitation. The MMTS and rain gauge are located at the Fire Station that serves the hospital grounds:


Here we see what seems to be the ubiquitous close by parking which has been almost as a theme in recent station surveys. Lots of asphalt surrounding the sensor too, and a building about 10 feet away. This of course makes the station out of compliance with NOAA siting specifications.

Another view shows an even greater problem; an air conditioner unit mounted at the same height as the MMTS in a window and a mere 10 feet away:


You can see a full set of pictures, at the image database.

For an independent confirmation of this finding you can see the National Weather Service’s web page photo of Napa.

More pictures from my 4 station survey trip will be posted each day, tomorrow, Santa Rosa’s USHCN climate station of record located on the roof of the Press Democrat building in downtown Santa Rosa.

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Harold Pierce Jr
July 14, 2007 1:52 pm

Hello Anthony!
I have completed a preliminary analyses of the temperature records from the weather station at Quatsino, BC, and I would like to send to a file with the results. Could you send an your e-mail address to my e-mail address given in the address box.
These results show there has been no change in mean minimum temperatures at this remote site for a century, and confirm your view tha many land-based stations are biased due to activities of man.

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