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Laguna Beach

The picture above is from the National Weather Service in San Diego. It is of Laguna Beach, CA, a COOP station that it manages. This picture illustrates how some cooperative observers have relegated the task of temperature measurement literally to the backlot. It also illustrates how some observers don’t understand the issue of proper siting. Now thats not to say that the entire network is this way, many observers are fully cognizant of the issue and do a splendid job. But a pattern seems to be emerging that shows that this type of problem is not uncommon.

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No Junk Science Please
July 4, 2007 1:51 pm

What is that big white box made by Caterpillar in the right foreground? Could that be a diessel generator or power conversion unit?
Either would produce heat.
There appears to be a smaller, portable unit in the left mid-ground, as well as that portable roadsign in the center mid-ground.
Maybe these are never activated on this site; intended to be towed to a worksite. But to tow it, one would presumably have to back a truck up to one or both of them so as to hitch them up and haul them away.
I also notice a cylindrical “R2-D2” looking device next to the building. Could this generate heat, too?
I am left to wonder, what other sloppiness are we taxpayers paying for from the National Weather Service?

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