Something is up at the ER


Its Sunday Morning, 8:04 AM… No newspaper delivery and even more amazing, no online edition of the Enterprise Record is available. The only thing that is available is the image of the typeset front page of Sunday’s paper, as shown above. I knew something was up at 12:20 last night when I finished a blog entry and the online edition text wasn’t updated, but the front page image was.

I’m not being critical, just concerned for them. A newspaper is a synchronized dance of a variety of dissimilar elements, all of which must come together in scheduled precision. If one of the critical elements fails, boom, no newspaper. The Sunday edition is even more complex, with extra sections and scads of insertions.

Even so, its times like that when heroic efforts are made. I remember when the U2 plane crash hit the Mercury Register in Oroville. Yet they got the paper back up and running.

Given the reliance on computers for typesetting and control of printing presses, I’m guessing a network or server failure occurred at the ER last night. Because if it were the press, we’d have an online edition. For both to be missing says it has to be a common element, like the network or server. Though if it were the press, maybe they are all too busy scrambling for repair to get the online edition updated. Good luck to them in fixing it. And folks please cut them some slack when the paper finally does get published.

Or, maybe publisher Wolf Rosenberg simply decided to let us bloggers do the heavy lifting from now on. I’ll ask him at coffee Monday.

UPDATE: The print edition just arrived at 8:43 AM, so it appears the problem is with the online edition

UPDATE2: As of about 4PM, the online edition has been updated

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May 6, 2007 8:27 am

The Paradise Post, who uses the same online host as the ER, frequently has trouble getting the latest edition online. I know a few people over at the PP and they assure me that they get their stories to the online edition in plenty of time to go live at midnight, but something keeps happening at the host to prevent it. Not sure what the problem is at the ER but the online edition was very late last Sunday too. Maybe the servers are finding religion and taking Sunday morning off? /sarcasm

May 6, 2007 11:09 am

Anthony, this is a little off subject, but did you see the Bee has launched a global warming blog the Hothouse. Check the Sunday Forum. It looks like they are “warmers” supporting California’s attempt to control GHG. Should be interesting.

May 6, 2007 1:10 pm

Thanks Russ, I’ll check it out. And thanks for the links on your blog.

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