What could they possibly be thinking ?


Today, just for a moment, I thought I was transported in time back to last Sunday, April 1st, because surely this had to be an April Fools joke. Nope. It’s just a poorly thought out yet persistent business model. Yes, as of today, as proudly displayed on their banner, Easter Sunday, the “new” Oriental Buffet, formerly “Kings Super Buffet” formerly “China Star Buffet” has risen from the dead — again Let’s just hope only the restaurant has been reincarnated, and not what lived inside of it.

Do they think this community has no memory? I mean come on, open any other business or restaurant type there and you might have a fighting chance. But nooooo, lets open up another Chinese food buffet. Yeah, thats the ticket.

For those of you unfamiliar with the building in the picture above, here is the Enterprise Record article about what happened with the original China Star restaurant just over one year ago.

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