Almost a Darwin Award Winner

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Darwin Award winner"


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in Milwaukee…TV News Truck Breaks Through Ice:

Even though the temperatures have fallen, the ice on many bodies of water is

not thick enough to support vehicles.

A crew for a local television station drove its news truck onto a channel to

Big Muskeo Lake Sunday and broke through the ice. Crews for WDJT-TV in Milwaukee

were reportedly shooting a story about thin ice when the truck fell through.

The driver reportedly mistook the channel for a road when the accident happened.

The truck was approximately 150 yards off the boat launch, according to a

release issued by the City of Muskego Police Department.

The driver of the truck was the sole occupant and was able to get out without

injury, but the truck remains partially submerged.

Moderators note: Having worked in TV news myself, I’m

not that surprised. Often the only thing on reporters and producers minds is the

story deadline. Caution and common sense sometimes take a backseat in the news van.

3 thoughts on “Almost a Darwin Award Winner

  1. oh, that’s hilarious!
    glad the guy got out ok…i bet news staff all over the world are chuckling about this one today…

  2. Tina,
    News vans go for in excess of $150K and are filled with broadcast pro equipment, tape decks, cameras, editors which would probably bring the total closer to $250k
    Yeah somebody’s out of a job for sure.

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