Electricity related to peak oil


There’s an article in The Oil Drum that focuses on electricity production; or rather how or what we will need to do to keep pace with people’s demands while balancing that with environmental and economic impact. It is lengthy but well-reasoned and good reading.

From the article: “One of the biggest threats the USA faces today is a serious shortage of energy. Vulnerabilities in our system have been made glaringly obvious several times; since the 1970’s the USA has had social and economic upheaval due to the actions of foreign oil producers, and two hurricanes in 2005 showed just how fragile our remaining domestic supplies of oil and natural gas are.”

The president recently reiterated a commitment to reducing our national oil consumption, and I hope that gets implemented as its really a good idea. Hybrids and electric vehicles are looking better and better. Chances are my next car will be one of these.

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