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On personal and professional weather stations

Please allow me a bit of self indulgence here. As some of you may know, the technology of measuring and displaying weather is my specialty. I operate a business in this area. Once a year, like many other merchants in … Continue reading

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The Elusive Absolute Surface Air Temperature (SAT)

Here’s an interesting Q&A on issues with trying to determine the SAT of the Earth that I have not seen before. There’s a surprise at the end as to who wrote it.

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Which mercury reading in Mercury is the right one?

How can two stations less than 1/2 mile apart be so different? How can one set a new record and best it by two degrees while the other doesn’t? I was intrigued by this Record Event Report out of Las … Continue reading

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Aging weather stations contribute to high temperature records

New paper finds that aging weather stations record much higher daytime temperatures, 1.63°C higher than new stations While we are all watching the heat wave developing in the US southwest, here is something to consider. Albedo on the surfaces of … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 93: the hottest weather station in the UK cited by the BBC has some interesting exposure

Over at Tallbloke’s Talkshop, moderator Tim Channon wondered about this regularly hot station reported in the news: An often appearing name in the BBC news as the hottest place in the country is Gravesend but the true location of the … Continue reading

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New paper blames about half of global warming on weather station data homogenization

From the told ya so department, comes this recently presented paper at the European Geosciences Union meeting. Authors Steirou and Koutsoyiannis, after taking homogenization errors into account find global warming over the past century was only about one-half [0.42°C] of … Continue reading

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Some stuff I’ve been up to…Cellular Weather Station

As many people know, weather stations are my specialty. I’ve been busy with inventing a number of things as of late, trying to stay competitive. So thought I’d drop this out there in case anyone has a use for either … Continue reading

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RDU’s paint by numbers temperature and climate monitoring

After reviewing over 1000 USHCN stations in the United States as part of my surfacestations.org project, I have often thought that I can’t find anymore surprises in the train wreck that is our surface observing network. Apparently I’m wrong. Can … Continue reading

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Live blogging from the Weather Channel 30th anniversary

It has been a busy day for me. I chased the last remaining (yet to be surveyed) USHCN weather station in Georgia at Dahlonega, plus did historical reference interviews with TWC founder John Coleman and Director of Meteorology Joe D’Aleo … Continue reading

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Weather cows

This was the view from near my home today. Cows on Bidwell Ranch acting like a weather-vane…all pointed north, due to a strong south wind with stinging rain…and who needs stinging wind in your face?

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Citizen Science – an interactive map of wind visualization and temperature

Nicolas Garcia Belmonte has visualized wind motion in the USA, which I think is quite neat. On his weblog he writes: I’ve been working on a WebGL data visualization of wind motion patterns for a 72 hour period in the … Continue reading

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New paper and stunning video from the Space Station – UHI much?

Professor Ross McKitrick has just released a new paper on UHI, after reading it, it reminds me of this video from the space station. Weather stations exist in the points of light that define humanity at night, even in rural … Continue reading

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From Tom Nelson Email 600, Sept 2007: Watts expose makes NOAA want to change entire USA method Email 600

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Bitter cold records broken in Alaska – all time coldest record nearly broken, but Murphy’s Law intervenes

Jim River, AK closed in on the all time record coldest temperature of -80°F set in 1971, which is not only the Alaska all-time record, but the record for the entire United States. Unfortunately, it seems the battery died in … Continue reading

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Analysing the complete hadCRUT yields some surprising results

From The Reference Frame, 30 July 2011 via the GWPF HadCRUT3: 30% Of Stations Recorded A Cooling Trend In Their Whole History The warming recorded by the HadCRUT3 data is not global. Despite the fact that the average station records … Continue reading

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Crater Lake USHCN weather station – the GISS removal

Readers may recall I wrote in this article about my family memorial day excursion to Crater Lake: Crater Lake happens to have a USHCN weather station, and it is one of the few stations that GISS excludes (they have an … Continue reading

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Snowbound USHCN weather station at Crater Lake

Last weekend, I took my familiy on a trip to see the Lava Beds National Monument (the kids had a great time exploring the lava tube caves) and also a stop at Crater Lake. Crater Lake happens to have a … Continue reading

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The long awaited surfacestations paper

This summary is from Dr. Pielke at the University of Colorado in his words. I’ll have my own post on some detail not covered here, with links to the SI – data code, etc we are preparing in a day … Continue reading

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A personal note

I’ve been on the road for two weeks, and my blogging has been fairly erratic. Today I drove about 700 miles and surveyed 4 USHCN weather stations. I started early this morning in Dallas. let me give a shout out … Continue reading

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An analysis of Australian rural vs non-rural stations’ temperature trends

Guest post by Mike Jonas   Temperature change in Australia The rates of temperature change in Australia at rural and non-rural weather stations are compared. Over those periods in which there were increasing temperatures, the rural stations appear to have … Continue reading

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Guest Weblog: Ben Herman Of The University Of Arizona – Maximum Temperature Trends and the HO83

HO83 ASOS Hygrothermometer (temperature/dewpoint sensor) Note: This was originally posted on Dr. Roger Pielke Sr’s blog Climate Science at http://www.climatescience.org I’m reposting it here since we’ve had a number of posts on the HO83 thermometer inaccuracy and it’s impact on the surface … Continue reading

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How not to measure temperature, part 40

Rounding out a review of California weather stations this week we visit Gilroy, CA, the garlic capital. This COOP station has an MMTS temperature sensor on a pole just a few feet from a concrete slab. We’ve seen a lot of … Continue reading

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