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Another known unknown – volcanic outgassing of CO2

It seems there’s really no complete measurements on how much CO2 is coming out of volcanoes, both active and inactive. From Livescience: Long Invisible, Research Shows Volcanic CO2 Levels Are Staggering (Op-Ed) … In 1992, it was thought that volcanic … Continue reading

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1815, 1816 and 1817; A POLAR PUZZLE

An attempt to stimulate discussion about the causes of an unexpected event which occurred after the huge eruption of Tambora Volcano in 1815 Guest Essay by Caleb Shaw Volcanoes cause cooling, right?  No. Having got your attention, I would like … Continue reading

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A link between climate, ice melt, and volcanic eruptions is found

When the ice melts, the Earth spews fire GEOMAR researchers discover a link between climate and volcanic eruptions It has long been known that volcanic activity can cause short-term variations in climate. Now, researchers at the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for … Continue reading

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The Neo Paleo Twitter war of Mann -vs- D’Arrigo

It seems that Columbia’s Rosanne D’Arrigo thinks Mann’s tree ring study isn’t representative proxies for volcanic eruptions, nor good for dendrochronology, though Mike Mann seems to think so. This Twitter interchange via Alexandra Witze from the AGU Chapman Conference on … Continue reading

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Mercury fingered in Permian-Triassic extinction

Hmmm. This sounds a bit like a sales pitch against “dirty coal” in support of the recent EPA Mercury ruling instead of regular geological research. I question this research claim because they only have evidence that there were spikes of … Continue reading

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Volcano found on the Moon’s farside

Non-mare silicic volcanism on the lunar farside at Compton–Belkovich Bradley L. Jolliff,Sandra A. Wiseman,Samuel J. Lawrence,Thanh N. Tran,Mark S. Robinson,Hiroyuki Sato,B. Ray Hawke,Frank Scholten,Jürgen Oberst,Harald Hiesinger, Carolyn H. van der Bogert,Benjamin T. Greenhagen,Timothy D. Glotch& David A. Paige Nature Geoscience … Continue reading

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Dramatic satellite images of the Ethiopian eruption

The MODIS/AQUA rapidfire website finally had a pass overhead online early this AM of the Ethiopian/Eritrean area volcanic eruption of Nabro, and I have them below. The plume stretches well over 1000 miles now. In the photo below, the Red … Continue reading

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Iceland volcano eruption not likely to disrupt air travel

STOCKHOLM, May 21 (Xinhua) — An eruption has started in Iceland’s most active volcano Grimsvotn, according to reports reaching here from Reykjavik on Saturday. The smoke from the eruption can be seen from many places in south Iceland, Iceland’s television … Continue reading

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The sound of ‘splode: volcanic frequency signature established

From Yale University and the University of British Columbia, an important step forward in being able to forecast explosive volcanic events. Before the explosion — volcano’s warning tremors explained New Haven, Ct. – No matter their size or shape, explosive … Continue reading

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